satanic eye by Henry Makow Ph.D.

At the end of the 19th Century, the Catholic church organized massive resistance to Illuminati Jewish domination of national life. World War One was partly designed to crush this opposition and punish Europe. Lenin defined "peace" as the end of resistance to Communist (i.e. Illuminati Jewish) despotism. After WWI and WWII, the League of Nations and the UN both promised to end wars. Indeed, Illuminati globalists always promise this--but we never realize they create the problems to extort our independence and freedom.

The Elders of Zion vowed to molest the nations until they accepted their "Superstate." "The recognition of our despot may also come ...when the peoples, utterly wearied by the irregularities and incompetence - a matter which we shall arrange for - of their rulers, will clamor: "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives." (Protocols of Zion, 10-18)

Of course, this applies to the current economic depression. Right on schedule, Henry Kissinger, CEO of the NWO, tells us: "the alternative to a new international order is chaos." The "E" in CEO stands for Extortion. "Please Mr. Kissinger, give us back our toys. We'll agree to anything you propose." We are under constant attack from their brain washers in the media and education. We need to shake off our complacency and realize this is not another recession. It is a life-and-death power grab. We are in the eighth inning of a long term conspiracy. A satanic cult, the Illuminati, has subverted all nations and religions and is now moving to consolidate its power. Our "leaders" (including Obama) belong to this cult. From their past record (in Russia & China), it is easy to predict the future: Conditions will deteriorate. There will be civil unrest. An assassination or some other contrived event will result in war or martial law. Anyone who has expressed opposition to their agenda, -- patriots, Christians, "anti Semites", you name it -- will be framed, put into concentration camps and possibly murdered. The war and suffering will be such the masses will accept the Illuminati sugar coated tyranny.

Who are the Illuminati? They are Satanists, Freemasons --both Jews and non-Jews-- who want to hog all the world's wealth, cull the human race, enslave it, mentally and spiritually, if not physically. They have been conspiring for thousands of years and we have the honor of seeing their victory. They are a hydra headed monster-operating under many fascades but the main ones today are socialism, communism, liberalism, feminism, zionism and neo conservatism. In a future article, I will discuss their record in Red China, so we have no illusions they are the devil's disciples. Today I will describe the Catholic church's opposition to the Illuminati. For centuries, until after World War Two, Catholicism was the bastion of Western civilization and main obstacle to Illuminati world control. The Illuminati were founded by Cabalistic Jewish bankers like the Rothschilds who used "anti Semitism" to brainwash and empower other Jews as their agents. But, as we have seen, they are ready to sacrifice these Jews to achieve their aims.

Recently, the Vatican opened their secret archives and revealed their centuries-long struggle to prevent the Illuminati (i.e. Masonic) Jewish stranglehold on European politics and culture. Jewish historian David Kertzer documents this struggle in his book "Popes Against the Jews" (2001) which of course he spins as the church's role in creating anti Semitism. Nevertheless the book contains a treasure trove of valuable information including a graphic account of the 1840 "Damascus Affair," the most famous instance of Satanic Jewish human ritual sacrifice. (pp.86 ff.) The salient points are 1. a prominent Italian Capuchin monk, father Tommaso was ritually slaughtered by prominent cabalist Jews. 2. They confessed and led authorities to his identifiable remains. 3. The Rothschilds sent a delegation of prominent English Jews to Damascus and pressured all concerned to say the confessions were extracted by torture. 4. The Pope, Gregory XVI, had reliable intelligence and refused to knuckle under. Nor did any future Pope. They also had the testimony of a Moldavian priest, a former Jewish rabbi, that detailed all the rituals, including the use of Christian blood in Passover matzoh.

Obviously these instances of human ritual sacrifice are relatively rare. The masses of Jews are not religious and genuinely want assimilation. Only satanists engage in this practice. Nonetheless, Jewish denials and cries of "blood libel" implicate all Jews. Satanists --Jewish or not--engage in human ritual sacrifice. The Illuminati do it regularly. In addition, they have been doing it to the human race for centuries through war. My point is that Jews are not satanists. But their leadership, the Illuminati bankers are. Similarly, in 1913, Illuminati bankers went to great length to whitewash the rape and murder of a 14-year-old girl in Atlanta Georgia by Leo Frank, the head of the local B'nai Brith lodge. They even bribed the jury and the governor. (See the account in Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, p. 707-729)

For these Illuminati Jews, lying and deception are the norm, what they call "magic." They have convinced their fellow Jews that anti Semitism is a sickness of the gentile mind, a delusion, when in fact it is resistance to the Satanic Illuminati agenda. Ordinary Jews will be sacrificed when the going gets tough unless they take a stand against their "leaders." The naivete of Jewish intellectuals is well illustrated by Kertzer himself. He portrays Vatican resistance to Masonic Jewish control as cliched, familiar, born of prejudice, resentment and envy. Yet at the same time he relates that both Bismark and Metternick, the Austrian Chancellor, were in the Rothschilds' pocket. Metternick depended on them for loans to keep his government afloat as well as "when members of his own family needed financial help." (80)

Kertzer quotes voluminously from Catholic newspapers: "The Jews will be Satan's preferred nation and his preferred instrument...The Jew Freemasons govern the Prussia of 642 bankers, 550 are Jews and in Germany, in Austria and in some parts of the Orient, the word invasion is no exaggeration to express their number, their audacity and their near-irresistable power." (172-3) Like most Jewish intellectuals, Kertzer is incapable of seeing the viewpoint of people his masters wish to despoil. He attributes Catholic grievances to prejudice and naively argues that Freemasonry was just a social group. (p.174) His book was partly sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Americans are not stupid and eventually they will figure out that the Rothschilds and their agents are responsible for the coming Depression and that Obama is their creation and puppet. They will discover that the Illuminati has waged war on humanity for centuries. They will realize that the mass media has been subverted long ago. Hopefully, they will remember that the Illuminati are also non Jewish. The Skull and Bones was founded in 1832 but didn't admit Jews until the 1950's. Their members dominated American life from inception. Now is the time for people to decide where they stand, with the Illuminati and the "peace" of slaves, or with their fellow citizens and freedom.


    This is the Official Theatrical Trailer for the new documentary series "The Cause of Effect", and its first Chapter, "Hijacking Humanity".

    People are waking up to the truth... from Free Energy to their Human Rights, from Secret Societies to Police Brutality, Politicians, Clergy, Executives, and Military leaders should know their secrets are being revealed to more and more people on a daily basis...
    Who wants to live in an elitest Police State or a North American Union?
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    If they had a webcam in the monkey house at the local zoo, would you watch it? Then why watch TV or go to the movies? Why cruise the Internet or listen to most music? It's the same thing: the chest pounding, screeching, defecating, and fornicating of monkeys. Of course we outdo monkeys with mindless killing and mayhem.

    Because of the mass media, the world increasingly resembles a hive, resonating at the same frequency. When the stock market is down, everyone is down. When money is the religion, an economic downturn signals a crisis of faith.

    But there are other causes for the pessimism: the spreading knowledge that our institutions have been subverted and society has no way of self-correcting. It feels like the world is a roller coaster and we are holding on for dear life. Perhaps we need to let go.

    I believe in upholding the truth as I see it but wonder if I would be more effective if I devoted more energy to my private life. It's as though the external world is negating my private world even though it hasn't physically impinged on it yet. I feel as though I have impoverished myself by my constant focus on the monkey house. I don't think I am alone in this. As Wordsworth said, sometimes the world is "too much with us" and we need to find balance. Our minds are like blotters, hoping to find a reflection of our ideals in the world. We need to turn the back of the mirror to the world, and spend more energy reflecting our ideals in our personal lives. I envy people who can make God, Jesus or Mohamed the focus of all their thoughts. I often resolve to read the lives and saying of mystics. Clearly I need another focus. Family. Sports. I consider taking up cooking and baking as a hobby. I'd like to hear from readers about how they change their focus.


    Recently feeling fatigued, I resolved to unplug the world for 24 hours. I would be Robinson Crusoe on an island of my soul! I put on a Gregorian chant and tried to meditate. It's all about where we direct our attention minute-by-minute, I told myself. I would focus on God. Order. Peace. Truth. Sanity. A calm came over me. At the same time, I had to resist temptations which floated to the surface of my consciousness like debris from a sunken ship. They made me realize how addicted I am to my computer terminal. Out of that monitor flows the encouraging email, the book sales, the stock quote etc. the corn niblets that come down my chute. I had to agree with the yogis who say all misery results from seeking satisfaction outside ourselves. Yet that's all we do: manipulate the world to do the things that make us feel good. When will we realize we cannot feel good unless we are good?

    How we hate to be alone with ourselves. That's why we are constantly talking on cell phones or watching TV. Why do we self-evade? As Paul Elmer More said, "we exhaust a great effort and expense to be poorly entertained." Let us enjoy our Selves. After about four hours, I was feeling quite detached and refreshed, and getting bored. So I broke down and checked my e-mail and the latest headlines on!


    If we are engaged in a spiritual war, perhaps detaching from the world for set periods of time is the way to fight it. They seem to want to degrade us and keep us in a state of high anxiety. They have been promising to invade Iran for six years. Is the real agenda to keep us at the edge of our seats? I'm all for fighting the good fight. But maybe we can partially win if we don't let the enemy into our homes and our hearts.

    baals The wizards of Madison Avenue and Hollywood use sex and perversion to subconsciously manipulate peoples' minds. Results in the marketplace tell us that sex sells, especially when presented in a psychically powerful subliminal or symbolic format. However, how many know that the Illuminati elite also use sexual symbology and sexual archetypes on an even grander scale to accomplish their dictatorial, utopian power schemes? This is being done via the powerful, transformative means of architecture. Across the planet, the elite have criss-crossed and interlaced the world with a network of phallic and other sexual monuments, statues and buildings. These objects are hidden in plain sight.

    Careful investigation proves conclusively that the men and women of the Illuminati and its secret societies are active participants in a gigantic, global-wide religious sex cult. Illuminati architects are regularly commissioned to erect phallic obelisks and towers and mammary-breast domed buildings, which serve as cultic idols of worship. These strange, monumental idols celebrate the ancient, pagan Mystery Religions to which the modern Illuminists subscribe. To an Illuminati Mystery religionist, the phallically designed Washington Monument—which is, in reality, an Egyptian obelisk—is held in the greatest esteem as an object of religious veneration and sexual desire. Christians have the cross, the Illuminists the phallic obelisk!

    My newest video, Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle (Available in DVD format only), is the first and only video that dare tackles this eye-opening topic. In it, you will discover why the unusually shaped architectural towers and buildings in Barcelona, Spain have earned for that city the dubious title of "Phallic Capital of the World." Noteworthy, too, is Florida's new state capitol building, recently acclaimed by architects as "The Most Phallic Building in the U.S.A." Also unmasked: the bizarre Egyptian and Babylonian religious doctrines which underlie America's thousands of obelisk monuments, the tallest of which is the Washington Monument, the gargantuan idol secretly designed by Masonic architects to commemorate the number of the Beast, 666.

    From Calcutta to Jerusalem, and from Bangkok to Rio de Janeiro, sexual monuments of the most obscene and grotesque nature dominate the landscape. Yet, few observers comprehend the hidden doctrine and meaning behind their erection and use. Why, for example, are four cities—Paris, Rome, London, and New York—each adorned by a towering Egyptian obelisk? Why are the Egyptian obelisks in London and New York both named "Cleopatra's Needle?" Why, also, are obelisks around the world often referred to as "Baal's Shaft?" In ancient Egypt, in Babylon and in classical Greece and Rome, sexual salons and temples flourished, places where holy priestesses (prostitutes) and priest-sodomites were ritually "yoked" with devoted believers. In these religions, sexual intercourse in a mysterious, esoteric, religious setting was considered highly desirable as a pathway to initiation, self-divinity, and spiritual advancement.

    The Light of Truth Universal Shrine (left), Yogaville, India, is designed as a many-breasted goddess dome. In India, even today the practice of tantric sexual ritual continues. Everywhere we discover sexual motifs in temple art and Hindu architecture, with the male and female sex organs venerated. Deeply concealed in Mystery symbols, coded language and theatrical guises, this same sexual worship is at the center of modern Masonic ritual in the U.S.A., Europe, and around the world. Sexual ritual is also a feature of the orgiastic ceremonies at California's annual Bohemian Grove conclave and of the occult rituals engaged in by initiates of Yale University's elitist Order of Skull & Bones.

    The "Vigeland Monolith" phallic monument is visited each year by millions of tourists in Oslo, Norway. I highly recommend you order your copy of my just-released, Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle video right away. Please know that while the subject is admittedly coarse and recommended for mature audiences only, the video does not present unwholesome scenes—sexual activity, etc. The topic is dramatic enough, and we do not want to offend anyone. Still, the awful truth of the Illuminati's darkest secrets deserve to be known. As the Apostle Paul wrote, "For we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil." Believe me, in viewing Baal's Shaft & Cleopatra's Needle, you will see just how amazing—and how decadent and depraved—the Illuminati Mystery religion really is. I promise: Never again will you view much of the world's most acclaimed architecture and monuments in exactly the same way.

    We Are Victims of an Illuminati Ponzi Scheme
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff Thursday for operating a self-described "Ponzi scheme" that bilked investors of $50 billion dollars made the TV network news. Curiously, a lawsuit the same day against Clinton Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin for defrauding Citibank shareholders of more than $122 billion, also described as a "Ponzi scheme," did not get any airplay whatsoever. As we shall see, Rubin, a Director of Citibank, is accused of engaging in the shady practices that have sent the world's economies into a tailspin.

    Rubin did not get the same publicity as Madoff because of Rubin's close connection to Barack Obama. Robert Rubin's son Jamie was Obama's main Wall Street fundraiser and is now one of his principal advisers. More significant, Obama's economic team consists of Rubin's proteges including Timothy Geithner, Treasury Secretary, Lawrence Summers, Senior Economic Adviser and Peter Orszag, Budget Director. The Times of London has already dubbed them the "Robert Rubin Memorial All Stars." Clearly the media doesn't want people to draw the obvious conclusion that the candidate of "Change" has chosen the people who profited from this calamity to be his "economic team." While in the Clinton White House, Rubin, with Summers, helped tear down the regulatory walls between banks, brokerages and insurance companies and freed them to trade in unregulated and little-understood derivatives worth trillions of dollars.


    In an article entitled "Ponzi Scheme at CITI," the New York Post reported: "A new Citigroup scandal is engulfing Robert Rubin and his former disciple Chuck Prince for their roles in an alleged Ponzi-style scheme that's now choking world banking. Director Rubin and ousted CEO Prince - and their lieutenants over the past five years - are named in a federal lawsuit for an alleged complex cover-up of toxic securities that spread across the globe, wiping out trillions of dollars in their destructive paths. Investor-plaintiffs in the suit accuse Citi management of overseeing the repackaging of unmarketable collateralized debt obligations (CDOs) that no one wanted - and then reselling them to Citi and hiding the poisonous exposure off the books in shell entities.

    The lawsuit said that when the bottom fell out of the shaky assets in the past year, Citi's stock collapsed, wiping out more than $122 billion of shareholder value. However, Rubin and other top insiders were able to keep Citi shares afloat until they could cash out more than $150 million for themselves in "suspicious" stock sales" calculated to maximize the personal benefits from undisclosed inside information," the lawsuit said. The latest troubles for Rubin, Prince and others emerged in a 500-page investigation by Citigroup investors represented by law firm Kirby McInerney.

    The probe was used to amend and add new details to a blanket investor lawsuit filed against Citigroup a year ago. The amended suit called the actions of Citi leaders "a quasi-Ponzi scheme" to hide troubles - and keep Citi stock afloat while insiders unloaded about 3 million shares between Jan. 1, 2004 and Feb. 22, 2008 for huge profits. In addition to Citigroup, Rubin and Prince, the complaint names Vice Chairman Lewis Kaden, ex-CFO Sallie Krawcheck and her successor CFO Gary Crittenden. Rubin cleared $30.6 million on his stock sales, while Prince got $26.5 million, former COO Robert Druskin got nearly $32 million and former Global Wealth Management unit chief Todd Thomson got $25.7 million, the suit said."


    In an article, "The Great American Ponzi Scheme," Robert Butche writes, "Little did people know that banking and finance had contracted a nasty disease -- one known in the grifter trade as a Ponzi Scheme -- in which sub-prime mortgages were securitized and traded based on an unsustainable promise to pay high returns to investors from monies obtained from subsequent investors." In the commentary to the NY Post article above, a Ph.D. in Physics explained that his fellow graduates all went to work for big banks, brokerages and Fannie May. They were "hired to do complicated calculations (loop level) borrowed from quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. They can take any number(s) as an input and produce any output as desired. Hence the banks hired at a much higher pay these people than they could earn in Universities or research institutes...Their bosses told them to inflate the value of anything to any number and these people did that." "No ordinary derivatives trader can ever understand any formula(e) to calculate the value of anything. These are too complicated but intentionally. But there are some conservation laws for energy, momentum etc in physics. Where every (loop level) calculation has to abide by them. In finance and banking there is no such conserved quantity as credit can be created from thin air and destroyed also to that. Hence the fiasco."


    Madoff was a pillar of Wall Street, one of the founders of the NASDAQ Exchange and a former Chairman. His private Investment business became known for delivering steady returns year after year and attracted billions. Little did anyone imagine that he was using new investments to provide returns on old ones. The house of cards came crashing down last week when he confessed to his sons, who promptly reported him. He had lost their money too. He had cheated family and friends. "Madoff's investors included captains of industry, corporations -- some of which are publicly traded -- that used Madoff almost as a high-yielding cash management account, endowments, universities, foundations and, importantly, many high-profile funds of funds," said Douglas Kass, who heads hedge fund Seabreeze Partners Management. "It appears that at least $15 billion of wealth, much of which was concentrated in southern Florida and New York City, has gone to 'money heaven,'" he said.


  • Madoff's $50 billion scam is being described as the largest in history. But it pales in comparison with what Robert Rubin and his ilk have inflicted on the world. With the possible exception of Ponzi himself, all these scamsters are Jewish. A consolation to anti-Semites, the biggest victims probably also are Jews. One Jewish Foundation, which gave away $1.5 million to Jewish causes, closed its doors and laid off its employees. All its money was invested with Madoff. "This guy [has] killed more Jews then Hitler," one wag said in a forum. "Wait till you read the formal complaint from the SEC and FBI." Then he added facetiously, "Now that the Jew has been thrown down the well, is our country free?" Thankfully Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich is not Jewish, but Obama's Jewish Chief of Staff, Rahm Emmanuel is implicated in the Governor's plan to sell Obama's Senate Seat. Obama was put in power by Illuminati Jews and Masons and there is going to be plenty of corruption.

    Just as there was collateral damage when Illuminati Jews and Masons put Hitler into power, (the loss of 60 million people) Jews today have got to break rank with the bankers and their political puppets. We're not responsible for their machinations and Jews suffer as much as anyone. Moreover, Jews are going to be blamed unless we join in exposing and opposing the Illuminati, (i.e. the highest rank of Freemasonry consisting of Jews and non-Jews.) At the same time, we need to ask ourselves whether there is some flaw in Jewish culture that makes so many Jews sacrifice personal integrity for financial success and power. Organized Jewry and many individual Jews are witting and unwitting instruments of the Illuminati bankers' plan for totalitarian world government. Finally, wars and depressions don't happen by accident. They are planned by the Illuminati in advance. They are designed to engineer social and political change. See my "Illuminati Bankers Seek "Revolution" by Economic Means" and "Credit Crunch: Occult Colonization of the Developed World?" The media is controlled by the Illuminati and advances their agenda. We see this in their focus on Bernard Madoff to the exclusion of Robert Rubin.



    new world order new world order new world order
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    Brilliant video hilariously exposing the secret controllers across the globe and how they are f*cking with our minds .

    Non secret myonist conspiracy plot to spread selfishness and Reality confusion world leaders stimulate the Economy with genital touch er gentle touch. In the UK Queens speech marred by presence of heriditary royal fascists Hello delusional debt slaves , welcome to the FKN Newz Im the new world order , here are tonights top stories..

    Centuries of a self appointed elite and the mechanisms used to enslave and enrich themselves from the tyrannical abuse of the masses.

    Masonic slave masters throughout history have used devious means to capture the fruits of enslaved mens labour.

    The matrix describes or rewrites history as alternative to those the ruling classes view as hero's. They are anything but hero's as they used tyranny to rule over the long suffering citizens across the globe.

    Are these distractions stopping you from questioning why politicians lied,... sacrificing innocent lives, ... to make you safe?

    The shadow governments that are really behind the preselected dupes and goons doing the dirty work for the REAL secretive controllers of the world like the Rothschilds and Rockerfellers.

    A complicit mass media that has been lying and psychologically brainwashing the sheeple to ensure enslavement for the New World Order mafia.
    A grey-haired man, known on the streets as the General, stood in front of a liquor store with a stack of newspapers and a crumpled Tim Hortons cup, watching the passing customers through an artsy pair of glasses.

    Most passed without eye contact. Some looked sheepish, even scared, or they shrugged to say they had no spare change. A few read the headline: “Beachers’ White Racist Hate Attacks Expanding!!” And like every day at countless street corners across Toronto, the General sold three issues in a midafternoon hour, making $6, nearly minimum wage, and sparing himself the indignity of begging. Since the passage 10 years ago of the Safe Streets Act with its strict controls on panhandling, the Street News has become a popular alternative, selling 4,000 copies every two weeks across Toronto. Homeless people pay a nominal fee at various collection points, then sell it for $2 an issue.

    But under this guise of charity, it has become the city’s most prominent vehicle for hate propaganda, outrageous conspiracy theories, blatant plagiarism and libellous personal attacks, though virtually nothing about the homeless, all published at the whim of a man who lives a two-hour drive away in Ontario’s farm belt. In the past year, the paper has claimed Liberal MP Bob Rae’s name was changed from Levine to hide his Jewishness and that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s secret true birthday is the same as Adolf Hitler’s, which “looks good on a résumé” for “New World Order types.”

    It has claimed a police officer covered up racist attacks on a shopkeeper, and even the editor admits one article was an illegal incitement to genocide against Jews. Ads are rare to non-existent, and often unpaid. “It’s a little left wing,” the General said. “Real out there.”

    Barbara Hall, chief commissioner of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, calls it an “unpleasant rant,” full of anti-Semitism and senseless paranoia that is contrary to the spirit, if not the letter, of human rights law. “I don’t like it. It’s offensive,” she said. “I suspect that a large number of people who open it would very quickly do what I did, which is say, ‘This is scurrilous stuff’ and throw it away.… This is just using a group of vulnerable people to put out an offensive message, which is making them even more vulnerable.” “It strikes me that it’s better than begging,” said Mel Sufrin, executive secretary of the Ontario Press Council. At the same time, he said it fails almost every conceivable test for membership in his council.

    The Canadian Jewish Congress has a longstanding file on the Street News, and in the past year has brought a hate speech complaint to the police, since settled without charges, and a human rights complaint against a columnist, now referred to a tribunal. But even though the editor and publisher of the Street News apologized for a story that urged the killing of all “Jew bankers,” he remains unrepentant.

    “For a homeless paper, I can get away with it, and have done that for 10 years,” said Victor Fletcher, 63, who calls himself a “one-man charity,” though not a registered one, and a “hands-on reporter.” “I have the rare luxury of sounding off any way I want. I’m just amazed that people go out there and buy it. If they didn’t want to buy the paper, they can give the homeless guy two bucks. But they don’t, they want the paper, so there is an audience out there. It’s amazing to me.” That audience, he said, is “upscale communities and a lot of women.”

    The story of the Toronto Street News is one of great compassion poorly focused. It involves a family feud, a massive fraud, a price war, a terminal illness, and a decade’s worth of paranoid delusions. But at its heart, it is the story of Mr. Fletcher, a watchmaker’s apprentice who came to work in high-tech weapons assembly, and had a crisis of conscience when he realized that the world is controlled by a cabal of Masons and Zionists. As penance, he turned to the radical underground press, and eventually, thanks to the charity of Toronto’s pedestrians and the salesmanship of its homeless, plus a lot of his own money, became the city’s most prolific and persistent propagandist.

    With the Quantum of Solace getting so much publicity we rerun a previous article on the BOND facade.

    Roger Moore recently knighted by the Queen ,Sean Connery previously knighted and likely Pierce Brosnan will be next in line for the ceremony. All have played James Bond ,the suave, debonair defender of justice, yes as far as the film makers are concerned ,but if you live in the UK you may have a very different perspective of what on the surface seems a good idea to have a good looking ,well funded,gadget freak working for QUEEN and country. However the myth perpetrated by this Illuminati funded dinosaur is so very far from the truth. If you compare BOND with the movie "THE SKULLS" about the secret society fraternity at Yale University you will see the same sinister connections with the establishment were money,women and fast cars corrupt those so called elite few who can afford the funding to get to Yale and who are later used when in high positions of office to aid the hold the Illuminati have over much of Western society .

    Bond does not truly fight for JUSTICE ,he fights to protect an illusion and the Illuminati hold on the Western world by corrupt state assassins(Legal and political with royal assent)who will use any means possible to destroy those who expose their devious ,corrupt and brutal ways. A country that has the arrogance to call itself GREAT Britain and the British Empire , built on rape and pillage by the British establishment , lost then renamed the COMMONWEALTH makes you wonder what kind of mentality that elite have in using absurdities to promote their very warped perspective of life.

    The mass media brainwashing is cleverly seen in James Bond films were the suggestion is , if you protect the establishment you can expect some of those material rewards .Unfortunately living in the UK and watching that machine rob its citizens daily makes that notion seem even more absurd.

    Every boys dream of having those material rewards psychologically brainwashes them at an early age to serve that system in the hope of the utopia it suggests will come from that service. MEN eventually realise, in time, this is the very opposite of what happens after being enslaved by it and that by keeping such a system,indeed protecting it, will allow the continued barbarous acts to be perpetrated in the lie they promote. Many men having fallen to it when their home ,family and life is stolen from them by judicial crooks protected by that illusion of fairness. James Bond is a blunt tool of the illuminati to foster false assumptions of the decadence that can flow from supporting such an EVIL system.


  • EARTH 2008-- A WORLD OF SLAVES (Part 2 of 6)
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    Curse of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games

    QUOTE "Equipped with such limitless resources, the directors of the New Underworld Order have now amassed sufficient finance to bribe every leader, ruler, policymaker, intelligence operative and political figure worldwide, for the rest of this century, in pursuit of their aims.

    The New Underworld Order addresses the greatest crisis the world has ever faced – namely, the globalisation of criminalism. What this means is that governments, and the revolutionary New World Order cabal seeking global governance (or control), are increasingly in the hands of criminal gangs and corrupt power cliques that hide behind formal government positions.

    Many of the the main Illuminati figures on the world stage today are compromised or vulnerable to blackmail and other ‘Black Ops’ forms of control. During the giga-fund-raising operation, truly unbelievable sums of money were stolen, misrouted or ‘misappropriated’. Indeed, the ransacking and pillaging that took place was so colossal, and the impasse while this was occurring so extended (in 1989-91), that the international banking and financial systems nearly collapsed. Other funding resources resulting from creative Financial Warfare and scamming operations are hidden in accounts held by offshore corporations controlled by international intelligence, which is extensively criminalised and thus increasingly engaged in mafia-style global ‘gangland warfare’.

    A brilliant light is focused by the Author into this contemporary universe of darkness. Christopher Story’s sensational new exposé provides chapter and verse on the dark forces behind the New Underworld Order, gives detailed financial audit trails showing where and how colossal sums have vanished, identifies the international institutions that have had their trust abused by globalist criminalists or have themselves been corrupted by them, shows how secret Financial Warfare operations and scams conducted by the Great Powers are driving the world to catastrophe, and generally lifts the veil covering the global financial intelligence war which the pressured ‘mainstream’ media declines to monitor and report.

    In fact, when a distinguished journalist advised a leading London newspaper at the highest level about this Author’s research, the publication’s management showed keen interest – but reverted 24 hours later with the message that they wouldn’t touch this subject ‘with a thousand-foot bargepole’. So exposure of these matters is obviously overdue: The New Underworld Order performs this needed forensic function, revealing dark actors playing games. Please note that price breaks are NOT AVAILABLE for this very large book. Price: $95.00
    ISBN: 1-899798-05-6
    Published in: 2007
    Author: Christopher Story FRSA

    Triumph of Criminalism: Dark Actors Playing Games: The global hegemony of geomasonic intelligence and Illuminati criminalism.
    This article below lays out the background to the theft and abduction of children across the world. British judges most, if not all of them MASONS, are aiding and abetting the abduction of children using OUR courts(NEVER JURIES) to remove them from good parents ,with trumped up charges of abuse , and place them in homes like Haut de le Garenne in Jersey
    for the rich and their perverted and depraved lifestyles.

    see also
    (How many of those yachtsmen British judges and their friends?)

    This is what the UK's complicit media have been protecting for far to long. Those owners and editors of papers are effectively silencing both those abused and horrifically treated and those who have faced the tyranny in British courts before the high level masons given positions of judicial power that have been getting away , not only away with utter murder, but given platforms regularly in the UK's mass media to justify the thousands of children kidnapped and abused by these MONSTERS of human beings that the British media protect and treat with such high regard.

    We have a MASS MEDIA in the UK now looking more and more PART of a network that is protecting EVIL acts against OUR children but also the families who have had their wealth as well as their children stolen in draconian courts .Those civil /family courts seldom if ever see a mass media presence and only the victims uniting and given the technological tools to EXPOSE this, would the UK media continue to bury these horrific acts.
    The world's media but especially the UK's and USA's are protecting this evil agenda and are part of the satanic order that has taken over all the major positions of control and power across the Western world .

    Meditation on "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit"
    by E. Michael Jones

    E. Michael Jones has written a 1200-page book "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History" that documents the subversive role played by organized Jewry throughout history. The book will be available in two weeks here.

    According to Jones, this role is subversive in the profoundest sense, overturning the Will of God, the inherent Design and Purpose of Creation, hijacking mankind and arresting its development according to Cabalistic and Talmudic dictates. The true "Jewish revolutionary spirit" is "to overturn" God and replace Him with Lucifer who represents the self-interest of the Illuminati (i.e. central bankers, Organized Jewry and Freemasonry.) This also was confirmed by Christian Rakowsky in his KGB interrogation.

    Thus, organized Jewry, through its Freemasonic arm, has always sabotaged society by undermining race, religion, nation and family. They have caused wars (like Iraq Afghanistan and soon Iran) revolutions, division and corruption and sought to normalize dysfunction and deviance. All to prove that the salutary and natural order represented by Christian ideals is corrupt and hypocritical, and must be replaced by man made "gods," i.e. their "progressive," "liberal," "socialist" and ultimately "Communist" NWO test tube alternatives. Their goal is a "1984"-like police state which is emerging under the pretext of a phony "war on terror."

    Thus, to the mortification of decent Jews like myself, Jews are typically on the vanguard when it comes to trashing Christian mores and human dignity, and creating dysfunction whether its undermining gender and marriage or selling promiscuity, por_nography or abortion. For example, here is a recent music video of a 50-year-old French Jewish singer and his adolescent daughter normalizing incest. Too many Hollywood movies made by Jews are filthy, vulgar and degrading.

    We are reminded of a soldier marching out-of-step in a parade who has the chutzpah, money and media to convince the other marchers that it is they who are out-of- step. Extrapolate this image to a cosmic level and you will understand the New World Order.


    Social programs offered in the name of "reform" were proffered to gull the masses and to assume control. This is the real meaning of "progress" i.e. movement toward Luciferian and occult control. This is what they mean by "changing the world." Obama's "Change" is a tip off. Organized Jewry has sought to portray man as inhabiting a mechanistic universe devoid of inherent design and meaning. In this view, God is an impotent fool who neglects His creation, and Christianity is fogbound superstition. Where Communists have held power, they have banned Christianity outright and persecuted believers. Jews who accept Christ's teaching are persecuted in Israel today.

    God is a relatively easy concept to understand. He represents a moral and spiritual dimension where spiritual ideals like love, peace, beauty, harmony, truth, goodness and justice are absolute and self evident. All humans, Jew and non-Jew, are gifted with a Divine spirit that recognizes and aspires to these ideals. Organized Jewry has used our idealism to deceive us with Socialism, Communism and Zionism. But to warn Jews of this deceit now constitutes "anti-Semitism." Surely, the Jewish leaders who start wars are the real anti-Semites. They create anti-Semitism to keep ordinary Jews in line.


    Jones quotes Leon Trotsky: "Pogroms in which the rank-and-file of the Jewish nation suffer serve the useful purpose of keeping them in absolute dependence on their leaders." Jones: "This is another way of saying the Trotskys promote revolution and the Braunsteins suffer for it." The Talmud was created to keep Jews in bondage to Jewish leaders," Jones say. The supreme authority in Judaism, it creates anti-Semitism. Quoting the Jewish Encyclopedia Jones says the Talmud is "a systematic deformation of the Bible" in which "The pride of race with the idea of universal domination is therein exalted to the point of folly....With regard to the Goyim (non-Jews) everything is allowed: robbery, fraud, perjury, murder...."

    The Talmud influences Jewish leadership but I doubt if 10% of ordinary Jews have read it. Indeed I wonder if a religion that holds the Talmud supreme can call itself a religion. True religion is otherworldly, eschewing power, wealth and sex. The Talmud seems to embrace these things. It's as though Christians chose the after world, and Jews said "we'll take this one, thank you very much." In the Talmudic perspective, anyone who resists Jewish hegemony is an anti-Semite; and anyone who points this fact out is also one. Like the boy who cried "wolf" too many times, the term "anti Semite" has lost its power. People are realizing that it is a Pavlovian ploy, that very few "anti Semites" hate all Jews. If it describes resistance to the out-sized Jewish role in the NWO, it could become a badge of honor worn with pride.

    A healthy individual will listen to criticism courteously, acknowledge if it is valid, and mend his ways accordingly. This is the way a man makes friends of his enemies. This is how he corrects his course and grows. (See my "How to Reduce Anti-Semitism") He does not accuse them of harboring an irrational hate. That's how a child or someone suffering from arrested development reacts. The only explanation for the conventional response is that Jewish leadership knows it is at fault, but that is irrelevant to the agenda. It will turn the world-upside-down so that fault becomes virtue, and victim becomes aggressor.


    Jones, a traditional Catholic, is a former English professor who was run out of Notre Dame for opposing abortion. The Editor of the journal "Culture Wars" and author of ten other books, including "Libido Dominandi," the definitive history of the sexual revolution from 1773 to the present, Jones is the foremost scholar of our time and predicament. This is because he studies the masterful Masonic-Jewish takeover of Western civilization now almost complete. "For the past 2000 years, history has been a struggle between the two groups of Jews: those who accepted Jesus Christ as the Messiah and those who rejected him." Jones writes. "The Jews who accept Christ become the new Israel, otherwise known as the Church. They are the two children of Abraham and Moses. Those who reject Christ become the "Jews" or followers of Satan."

    Jones believes the "chosen people" idea has led Jewish leadership to espouse "humanism" and the idea that they collectively represent God. "Fantasies of racial superiority alternate with contradictory fantasies of universal brotherhood," Jones writes. "The great ideal of Judaism," the Jewish World announced Feb. 9, 1883 " is that the whole world shall be imbued with Jewish teaching and that in a Universal Brotherhood of Nations -a greater Judaism in fact--all the separate races and religions shall disappear." If you think this sounds ominously like "diversity" you are right. For a complete history of the New World Order from its inception over 2000 years ago, I recommend "The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit."


    I am a product of the "Jewish revolutionary" brainwashing myself. I used to look askance at the satisfaction Christians got from normal life. I used to feel that normal was boring. I remember reading Paul Krassner's "The Realist" where he depicted Snow White having sex with the Seven Dwarfs and thinking "yes!" this exposes the hypocrisy of the US, then at war in Vietnam. Now I realize that this left-right, imperialist /anti-imperialist media matrix is all a charade, that the people behind anti-war are the people behind the war. That the game has bigger stakes: gradually grinding down the human race by depriving people of race, religion (God,) nation and family identification.

    My point is that I wasn't a bad person, just a dupe. Similarly the Jews and non-Jews who have been duped by Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Feminism and Zionism. They're good people who have been mislead by the NWO systems of indoctrination. The NWO works by sowing division. We can win by joining together --"Left and Right" to oppose the agenda of the satanic cult that runs the world, the Masonic central bankers and their minions.

    E. Michael Jones will be my Internet radio guest June 29 at 10 pm CT at

    Never before have the American people been in such terrible danger as they are now. On every side, the elite have created fire-breathing dragons that are steadily advancing and threatening to destroy us.

    First, there is the hocus-pocus, contrived energy crisis. The establishment story is that we are fast running out of oil. The earth's petroleum stores are almost depleted—supplies are peaking and now economic and human tragedy is at our doorstep. Predictably, the price of gasoline has rocketed into the stratosphere, leaving the ordinary working public terribly depleted of income and financially up against the wall.

    Are we really running out of oil? No! Of course not. In fact, the planet is awash with the gooey black stuff. Earth is truly Planet Petroleum. Recent drilling successes in Brazilian waters, in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Bakken oil region of North and South Dakota, in Canada and Alaska, and around the globe prove that mankind will never run out of oil. Never!—Never!—Never! The unscientific theories of "fossil" fuel depletion and hoax of "Peak Oil" are absurd nonsense, lies designed by oil corporation hucksters and their paid shills to justify their highway robbery of the American and world consumer.

    And More Contrived Crises
    The contrived crises of "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" are similar scams. The entire environmentalist movement was founded—and funded—by the huge multinational oil corporations: Exxon, Mobil, Shell, etc. They want the Mother Earth crazies to act-up. It gives the greedy oil potentates an excuse to shelve most of the world's oil that is discovered and cap-off tens of thousands of producing oil wells. It also provides the elite an excuse for their failure to build new gasoline refineries and pipelines.

    Remember: It was President Richard Nixon, a supposedly "conservative" Republican, who created Big Brother's energy bureaucracy in Washington that today is in bed with the oil companies. It was Nixon who gave us the unconstitutional Endangered Species Act and Environmental Protection Act with their goal of taking away the citizen's private property rights. And it was during Nixon's ill-fated presidency that we had our first taste of long lines of autos waiting desperately at gas station pumps for "limited" and expensive gasoline for their tanks. Regrettably, we now have con-artists like former Vice President Al Gore out on the hustings, pimping for the oil companies with his pretentious, undocumented and preposterous claims of "Global Warming." The Gore family—Al, Jr. and his corrupt father before him, Albert Gore, Sr.—were and are shills for Occidental Petroleum, owned by Communist/Capitalist (I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but it's the truth!) greedster, Armand Hammer. Gore's ambition is to become a billionaire and he doesn't intend to let a little thing like "truth" hold him back from achieving that aim.

    Everyone Will Go Hungry
    There is now also the new "scare"—the global shortage of food and the outrageous runup in the prices of commodities such as corn, wheat, rice, and other staples. Again, this is a contrived crisis designed to line the pocketbooks of corporate Mafia. Yes, the food riots by angry and hungry mobs of starving people in countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Bangladesh, and Indonesia are real. And the pictures of hungry emaciated children in Africa are, too. There is a food crisis—but it's an artificial crisis. The fact is, new technologies in agriculture have increased production potential 100-fold in the past quarter of a century. Like the oil situation, the planet is awash in food.

    Thus, while the poverty-stricken masses overseas are begging for crumbs and some shortages are beginning to rear up even in the U.S.A. and developed nations, the distribution warehouses of the agribusiness corporations are bursting at the seams with surplus grains and other foodstocks. No one, anywhere, should be going hungry. So, why the crisis? Look, at what has been happening on the commodity markets in Chicago and you'll find the answer. The well-fed Illuminati billionaires have bid up the "futures" prices for soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, cattle and every other product to ridiculously high levels. Now, to get their market manipulation to pay off, they must engineer global food shortages to drive prices through the roof. The fat cats are getting more and more wealthy off the misery of the hungry, fear-filled masses.

    The Coming Great Thirst
    Water is also an area where the rich are scamming the citizenry. There is a reason why Maurice Strong, former head of the UN's Environmental Program, owns most of the underground water reservoirs in Colorado and New Mexico, and has water interests in Canada, and why billionaires like T. Boone Pickens are investors in water supplies. Water is going to join oil and food as scarce resources so that, once again, the average person is scalped. I predict that within a few short years the price of water will escalate so much and shortages will be so severe that convenience stores won't even have bottled water to sell and restaurants will start charging customers $2, $3, or more for a small glass of H2O! And when the water crunch comes, don't even think about watering your lawn or using scarce water supplies to grow your home garden. Satellites overhead will be monitoring backyards to catch "violators" of new water regulations that are already on the drawing boards.

    Schemes to Soak the Public
    In the State of Texas, they've been working on a plan to tax citizens according to the amount of rain that annually falls on a person's property. That's right, if it is a wet year and you own even a postage stamp-sized suburban home, you could get socked with a new "rain use" tax of hundreds or thousands of dollars. That'll teach you to have the audacity to build your home in a place where it rains. Taxing for the rain that falls on a person's property is only one of countless sinister methods being cooked up by the elite to plunder individual citizens of their hard-earned income and drive the masses into abject screaming poverty.

    The United Nations has a scheme to charge every person who operates a tractor, a lawn mower, auto, power tool, or any other energy-using device a "carbon tax." A punishing tax will also hit homeowners and businesses that have air conditioning systems. Meanwhile, a global pollution tax will be placed on every gallon of gas you buy for vehicles.

    The contrived food crisis gives the elite many golden opportunities to rip us off financially and consolidate their Big Brother police state control of the people. The UN has erected a gigantic building in Europe to house its new globalist agency, the World Agriculture and Food Organization. From this gargantuan complex, bureaucrats will tell farmers in the U.S.A. and around the world what and when to plant. No one will be able to buy or sell food not approved by the global organization. This is the reason why the U.S. Department of Agriculture is demanding that every farm animal—horses, cows, sheep, goats—be microchipped and tagged and that ranchers and farmers maintain exhaustive records of the birth, death, and life of each and every animal. Soon, you will not be able to own livestock or any other farm animal without obtaining a government permit. Not even a single cow. This is similar to what the oil industry is doing to keep mavericks and independents from drilling for and producing oil. Anyone who tries finds that they must first obtain a thousand permits from the "authorities" and face a blizzard of environmental and energy regulations. Only the multinationals—the Exxons and Mobils—are allowed to make money by bilking the public.

    The New Reality
    The Illuminati elite are processing and pushing humanity psychologically into a New Reality. Their goal is to force us all to accept this New Reality and to willingly enter their artificially created, new Age of Scarcity. Naturally, they, the High Priests, claim to have the solutions necessary to fix each and every crisis. If, however, we do not accept their prefabricated solutions, we will be crushed—the whole world will grind to a halt due to lack of oil, and we will all starve and thirst to death. What monstrous beasts and liars these elitist human devils are!

    What You and I Can Do

    I encourage you to obtain some of the resources—books, audios, and videos—we offer this month. My pivotal book, Days of Hunger, Days of Chaos, remains the classic text exposing the plot of the globalist elite and the government to control our food and bring forth panic and food chaos. My video and audio, The Coming Great Thirst (available on Tape or VHS or DVD), predicted the current squeeze and contrived crisis in water supplies, and my recent audiotapes/CDs, Planet Petroleum (available on Tape or CD) and Everyone Will Go Hungry (available on Tape or CD), provide extensive facts about our current predicament. Please order these resources, stay informed, then go forth and educate others. Only by spreading the truth far and wide do we have any hope at all of defeating the sick, disastrous schemes of the elite and their media cohorts who are Satan's allies. With God's help, we will prevail.

    A leading global energy monitor fears there may not be enough oil out there to slake the world`s thirst -- and is preparing a landmark forecast that could reverberate through the global economy even as major companies announce fuel-related cutbacks. The International Energy Agency is studying depletion rates at about 400 oil fields in a first-of-its-kind study of world oil supply, chief economist Fatih Birol said.

    "We are entering a new world energy order, " Birol told Associated Press.

    The New World Order brigade consisting of the Zionist/Masonic/Illuminati plot to create a WORLD government has at its centre the Star of David representing many facets of groups actively engaged in taking over and enslaving the world.

    No matter what analysis explains the history of the Star of David there is a clear structure within the two pyramids that describes the compilation of the world as it presently stands.

    The first pyramid with the apex at the top represents the small group of self appointed elite who are controlling the vast majority of the people at the bottom.

    The second pyramid with the apex at the bottom represents the massive inequality of the wealth distribution with 90% of the worlds wealth owned by less than 10% of the world's population.

    The tyrants throughout history have relied on secret societies to protect their elated positions. This has to be rectified and exposed, the devious and destructive ploys being used to enslave our planets people.
    For anyone unfamiliar with the GOG and MAGOG images that directly relate to SATANIC worship and zionist masonic links here is one of only many images taken at the Lord Mayor of London's parade. Are many of those in the procession aware they are dragging images of Satanic worship through the streets of London?

    Hear Texe Marrs explain the latest revelations about Bush's visit to Israel and calling Bush the new GOG.

  • Gog, Magog, and the Scroll of Bush (AUDIO)
  • Satanic Gog And Magog London images
  • Satanic Gog and Magog in the Lord Mayors’ Show
  • Israel's Golem Stalks the World
  • Synagogue of Satan
  • Gog and Magog
  • Rothschilds and the Holy Grail

    Where the NWO indoctrination begins

    This is the amazing and shocking testimony of Debra Hunter Pitts, who grew up in Butler County, Missouri in the 50s and 60s - a major Satanic part of the United States at that time, where human sacrifice was happening every day. Debra grew up with her Satanic step-father, Jack and her step-mother, Helen, and she was beaten bloody on a daily basis by her step-mother for years and years for no other reason than looking at her. All this trauma had her develop manic depression, which she is fighting against up to this day.

    The only person decent enough to try and help her was her grandfather, whom did everything in his power to make police and authorities pay attention and have this insanity stop, but there was nowhere to turn, because police and Government on high levels were involved in this Satanic cult as well, and therefore no one wanted the truth to come out.


    This sculpture was on display at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.An art gallery regularly frequented by parents and their children.

    If you look closely at the almost por_nographic nature of the satanic image with the three pronged genital area and the description plaque quotes "Bright ,playful,bold and expressive"

    You wonder what sick minds at Glasgow council thought fit to display this in a public gallery .Unless they didn't find it strange coming from the satanic secret society clubs most of them join to get into positions of power.This is the rather sinister and sick way these evil bastards get into the psyche of the general population and the young minds that will view these images.

    Anyone walking through Thorpe Park London can't fail to recognise the huge ride dressed up as an illuminati symbol of a pyramid.They even went to the lengths to name the ride after the New World Order naming it No Way Out.Doesn't take much to work out what they are trying to tell us.

    An obsession with creating symbolism that ultimately represents the satanic cult that controls the world via the banking dynasties .Allowing only their masonic associates to raise the funding required to build huge structures and parks so no competition.

  • No Way Out
  • Galveston Moody gardens ILLUMINATI pyramids
    The continued failures of the British media to expose the Zionist/masonic/illuminati plans shows the lengths THEY are prepared to go to assist satanists in destroying the people of this world with their evil plans.

    How the Banksters Ensured WWII US Intervention (Encore)
    By Henry Makow Ph.D.

    How Americans were Hoodwinked Once Again(Slightly Revised From March 2006)

    After Britain's humiliating retreat from Dunkirk June 4, 1940, Winston Churchill defiantly declared, "We shall fight on the beaches...we shall never surrender..." His confidence was based on his certain knowledge the United States would back Britain to the hilt. The vast majority of Americans were against intervention. But a covert British propaganda and "dirty tricks" campaign, employing almost 1000 people in NYC (mostly Brits and Canadians), had hijacked democracy with the full cooperation of the FDR administration. It illustrates how London-based central bankers control the American people to this day. The Republican Party was against intervention. Thanks to the British, the Republican Presidential nomination June 28, 1940 went to an unknown pro-intervention pro-conscription "internationalist" Wendell Wilkie, a lifetime Democrat who had never held public office.

    On the eve of the costliest war in US history, (one million dead or maimed, $2 trillion in 1990 dollars), Americans were not given a choice. There wasn't an anti-war candidate. Does this remind you of 2004 or 2008? More than propaganda was involved. The organizer of the Republican convention, Ralph Williams, an "isolationist" (doublespeak for nationalist) conveniently died May 16 and was replaced by a lifelong British agent Sam Pryor who packed the convention with Wilkie delegations and supporters shouting, "We want Wilkie." True, Williams was 70 years old. But historian Thomas Mahl says that the British mandate included murder and he implies this took place. Heinrich Muller, the Chief of the Gestapo who worked for the CIA during the Truman administration confirms that the British killed many Americans who got in the way. (See Gregory Douglas, The CIA Covenant, Nazis in Washington, at p.107) " [Wilkie's] nomination exempted President Franklin Roosevelt from the normal pressures of an election campaign," Mahl writes in his explosive book "Desperate Deception: British Covert Operations in the US, 1939-44." (1998)

    Walter Lippmann wrote, "the sudden rise and nomination of Wendell Wilkie was the decisive event, perhaps providential, which made it possible to rally the free world...Under any other leadership but his, the Republican Party would ... have turned its back on Great Britain..." (164) If a Republican nationalist like Robert Taft had won the nomination, Churchill was prepared to make peace with Hitler and abandon Stalin to his fate. The Jewish holocaust wouldn't have occurred because of Hitler's wish for good relations with England. In a repeat of World War One, American intervention prolonged the war with disastrous consequences for mankind. The Illuminati game plan was for a long two-front war that the Nazis would lose. Although Mahl doesn't mention the Illuminati by name, his book exposes its modus operandi, which I will detail later.

    To recapitulate for new readers, the Illuminati is the highest echelon of Freemasonry. Since its foundation in 1776, it has pursued the enslavement of humanity using world government or "internationalism" as an artifice. Based in the City of London, the Illuminati represents the families that own the world's central banks. Through intermarriage, this clique combines Jewish finance and European/ American aristocracy in the pursuit of money, the occult, and its own supremacy. It must enslave humanity to protect its monopoly over credit. The government does not create money. It borrows it from the central bankers who create it out of nothing and charge interest. Their aim to colonize the whole world is the real meaning of Western imperialism and the essence of the New World Order. Nations (like the US and England) movements (Communism, Feminism, Zionism and Fascism) and peoples (Jews and Arabs) are all sacrificial pawns in a multi-generational plan to create a Luciferian world dictatorship. Central to the plan are wars contrived to distract, demoralize and destroy humanity. Each war increases Illuminati power and wealth and makes mankind accept banker domination. World War Two was no exception.


    The Rockefeller and Morgan empires are part of the central banking cartel. At the highest level, all intelligence agencies (MI-6, CIA, Mossad, KGB) answer to this cartel, not to their national governments. "British Security Coordination," (BSC) part of MI-6 handled the Illuminati campaign to frog march the USA into World War Two. It was financed by the Rockefellers and Morgans and housed rent-free on the 38th Floor of the "International Building" of Rockefeller Center. "This was a convenient address," Mahl writes. "Several British agencies promoting intervention were also housed here. The British Press Service was located on the 44th Floor. The British intelligence front group Fight for Freedom located its operations on the 22nd floor in the same building, also rent free." (11) Wendell Wilkie had been an organizer at numerous Democratic conventions. He was the President of a Morgan-controlled insurance company and a member of the "Fight for Freedom" executive. His whole campaign was financed and organized by the Morgans and British intelligence but made to look homespun.

    After losing the 1940 election, Wilkie worked closely with FDR to sabotage nationalist Republicans and was briefly considered for FDR's VP in 1944. Instead, his usefulness apparently at an end, he conveniently died in that year at age 52 of a "streptococcic throat infection" contracted in hospital. The BSC's minions might be forgiven for thinking the Rockefellers were opponents of Fascism. In fact, the central banking cartel brought Hitler to power. The Rockefellers provided the Nazis with oil and owned part of Germany's largest industrial concern, I.G. Farben. They provided the Nazis with indispensable technology and materiel before and during the war, at the expense of the US war effort. Charles Higham's book "Trading with the Enemy" demonstrates that the central bankers had an intimate economic relationship with the Nazis through corporations like Standard Oil, General Motors, Ford, ITT and the Chase Bank. Defeating Nazism was not the immediate goal of American intervention. The goal was to have a long, devastating and lucrative war, leading to greater concentration of power in their hands through the Cold War and world government (the European Union and the United Nations.)


    In the 1930's the American people learned how the bankers had maneouvred the US into World War One for great profit. Congress passed a battery of legislation to prevent this from happening again. British PM Neville Chamberlain called the US Congress "pig headed and self righteous nobodies." Thus the Illuminati had to change public opinion before FDR could commit the US to war. Their main weapon was the mass media, literally owned by the central bankers or controlled by advertising from their cartels. In 1940, publications owned by the central bankers and their front men included The New York Herald Tribune, The New York Times, PM, The Chicago Sun, The Cowles Group (Look), Time Life, The Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun. All were decidedly for intervention. Hollywood also produced war propaganda. Alexander Korda, director of "Lady Hamiliton" and "The Lion has Wings" was a British agent. Journalists achieved success as spokesmen for British Intelligence. They included Walter Winchell, Drew Pearson, Dorothy Thompson, Walter Lippmann, James Reston and Hubert Bayard Swope.

    Public opinion polls were rigged or edited to give Americans the impression they favored intervention. For example, a British agent David Ogilvy put out the Gallup polls. Nationalist politicians like Hamilton Fish, Martin Dies and Burton Wheeler were smeared as pro-Nazi and anti Semitic. They were hounded with false charges and eventually defeated. One, Senator Arthur Vandenburg changed his mind with the help of beautiful socialites working for British Intelligence. The British manufactured German atrocity photos and a phony map purporting to be a Nazi plan to divide South America. This map helped FDR overturn the last remaining neutrality legislation. Phony horoscopes fore casted ruin for Hitler and American "isolationists." Like the Communists, the British formed numerous groups that masqueraded as grass roots organizations. They included "Friends of Democracy," "The League for Human Rights," the "Fight for Freedom Committee." After the war, the Rockefeller's Council on Foreign Relations ensured that official histories of American intervention were written. They did not want a repeat of the embarrassing revelations of how the US was tricked into World War One.


    The British would have abandoned Stalin only as a last resort. British Freemasonry (i.e. the central bankers) was behind the Bolshevik Revolution but by pretending to be opposed, Britain was able to betray their allies, the nationalist White Russians. The bankers later created Nazi Germany because Stalin had become too nationalistic himself. The bankers were going to let the two titans fight it out like monsters in a Japanese B-movie but Hitler had to lose because Germany represented a much greater threat to their plans than Russia. Mahl's book provides glimpses into this confluence between the central bankers, the British, Jewish leaders, and the USSR.

    For example, the BSC subsidized the Overseas News Agency, which was a branch of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, founded by Jacob Landau. Banker Felix Warburg also subsidized the JTA, whose job was to publicize persecution of Jews. Landau was also on the executive of "Fight for Freedom." Decrypted VENONA messages (wires between the Soviet embassy and Moscow) reveal that Landau was working for both the British and the Soviets. He traveled to Mexico City in 1943 and had several meetings with the Soviet ambassador. Mahl writes: "the VENONA messages reveal...Soviet secret intelligence had thoroughly penetrated BSC and its offspring OSS" (which became the CIA.) (49) William Stephenson headed BSC. His Second -in- Command was Col. Charles "Dick" Ellis a member of MI-6 who organized and ran the future CIA. According to Mahl, Ellis was "also suspected of working for German and Soviet intelligence services." (194) (Neither men were Jewish.) This picture is consistent with the view that the central bankers control all Intelligence agencies and wars are just a charade. See my "Are World Wars Orchestrated?"


    Freud's nephew Edward Bernays helped manipulate the masses for the Illuminati. In his book "Propaganda," he wrote: "The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country."

    Clearly democracy and freedom itself is an illusion. There is room for popular choice but the Illuminati manipulates the process to produce the desired outcome. Ultimately it serves to legitimize illegitimate power. Wars are orchestrated to eventually produce Illuminati world government. As the Masonic leader Albert Pike wrote in 1871, the third world war will be between the "political Zionists and Islam." Translated, that means the US and Israel versus Iran and possibly China and Russia. Americans are being frogmarched to the next world war. The present period might be compared to the 1930's when both sides armed and rehearsed. The final conflagration, possibly in 2010-2012, would eliminate a large number of "useless eaters."

    by Henry Makow Ph.D

    The world is set to drop into the central bankers' outstretched hand like a ripe peach from a tree. Illuminati bankers are harvesting the fruit of their centuries-old plot to destroy Christian Civilization and trap humanity on a treadmill of greed, sex, violence, trivia and political correctness. They have succeeded because we have no leaders. They select obedient blackmailed perverts to execute their design. I always marveled that Bill Clinton betrayed the dignity of his office and the trust of 300 million people for a blow job. But, in retrospect, a sex addict is the rule rather than the exception when it comes to our "leaders" (i.e. managers.)

    "President Clinton has been very helpful to us," a banker confided in 1998. "We knew of what character he was before we placed him as president. Exposing him was very helpful in adjusting the moral habits of the youth downward. This is to our advantage. Even more agreeable to us were the vain efforts of those who thought they could remove him against our will. He is useful to us and he will not be removed by anyone until we are ready to have him removed."


    Rabbi Stephen Wise was the most prominent American Zionist and Jewish leader from the 1920's until his death in 1949. On the Rockefeller- PBS website he is commemorated as "one of the greatest fighters for democracy and human rights of our generation." In her book, "Stranger at the Party " Helen Lawrenson describes how, as a 23-year-old reporter for the Syracuse Journal in 1930, she was sent to interview "the most famous rabbi in America."

    She made the mistake of saying she admired him: "The next thing I knew he had toppled me backward on the sofa and was making love to me...Before I knew what had hit me, it was over and not a split second too soon either as someone was knocking at the door and calling his name. "My God!" cried Rabbi Wise, "it's Rabbi Bienenfeld," leaping up and buttoning his fly. And so it was, not only the leading Syracuse rabbi , but with him was Mrs. Wise who fortunately didn't have her hotel key." (p.44) Later, Wise lured her back to his room and forced her to her knees before him saying, "Kneel before me in prayerful attitude, my darling."

    Her worship did not include un-zippering him "at that time" but she assumed "he acted in the same way in every city he visited" and she wondered if he wasn't afraid of scandal. He replied that "every dynamic man had a powerful sex drive and should make the most of it." Three years later, they crossed paths in the course of her work for Vanity Fair and she found herself "on my back again, this time on the long table in his office, with Wise reciting in Hebrew,"Lift up your heads oh ye gates; and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of Glory shall come in." (45)

    Apparently this is a Sabbatean (Illuminati) prayer after sex. The "King of Glory" is obviously the penis. The Sabbateans were a heretical Jewish Satanic cult that morphed into Illuminism, Communism, Freemasonry, Feminism, Zionism and "sexual liberation." They were ostracized by Torah Jews for sex orgies and other forms of adultery in the 17th and 18th Century. The rulers of the world--Jewish and non-Jewish- belong to this pagan sex cult, and in the name of "progress," inducted society into it. They were responsible for WWII and for the Jewish holocaust. Rabbi Wise was feckless in rescuing his fellow Jews from this calamity but better at thwarting the efforts of others.

    Helen Lawrenson (1907-1982) was a good-hearted, literate, Leftist dupe of the kind the Illuminati liked to have around. The point is she is completely credible. She became the Managing Editor of Vanity Fair, and the lover and lifelong friend of both Conde Naste and Bernard Baruch. She and her husband, labor organizer Jack Lawrenson, were regular house guests of Clare and Henry Luce. Her book was published by Random House in 1975.


    According to Alan Stang's courageous groundbreaking book, "Not Holier Than Thou: How Queer is Bush?" (2007) organized homosexuality, with its belief in sex-for-its-own-sake, is an important Illuminati control mechanism. Stang speculates that Bush is a homosexual and demonstrates that, despite his Christian family pretensions, he has advanced the homo-sexualization of society and "given organized sodomy considerable control over the federal government." (66)

    Stang documents that a well-known male prostitute, Jeff Gannon, made dozens of visits to the Bush White House in 2003 and 2004 often staying over night. Apparently the President could be easily blackmailed. And this doesn't even include Margie Schrodinger, the black Texan housewife whose name has disappeared down the memory hole. She formally charged the President with rape (about 2002) and then conveniently "committed suicide."

    Stang's book is a thorough laundry list of homosexual activism within the Republican Party. It came out before Mark Foley and the Congressional Pages, Larry Craig and the 'wide stance." It tears the veil off the media's feel-good, sugar-coated image of homosexuality. It is hard to stomach but must be read. Why? Because some homosexuals, by their own admission, hate society and have no morality. Thus these particular homosexuals are perfect agents of Illuminati subversion. Alan Stang is one of the most important journalists in America and I highly recommend his book. I hope he writes another about the Democrats. By now, you should know that Barrack Obama has a homosexual past. Listen to this interview with Larry Sinclair by Jeff Rense. Sinclair who claims he had sex with Obama is being ignored by the mass media, but you can bet that if BO started to steer an independent course, Larry Sinclair would suddenly be in great demand. I could go on about Hillary's threesomes but enough...


    The media ritual of choosing a new President is in full swing. The masses choose which Illuminati sex addict or stooge they want and feel they are living in a democracy. The Illuminati banker just smiles: "Excuse me if I seem to be mocking your system of beliefs, but they are rather outdated. Have you no eyes to see your vain liberties and your righteous pontifications are nothing before us? ...We place our proposed leader before you and you vote for what we want. In that way we give you the vain voting exercise in the belief you had something to do with placing your president in office."

    The bankers can't have it both ways. They can subvert politics, culture, education and media but they can't make us believe in them, or participate, or buy their products. They can destroy a belief system that tried to elevate humanity in the image of God but they won't like the world any more than we do.

    Into Pyramid’s Shadow: At War with Ourselves
    by Manuel Valenzuela

    Like Taking Candy from a Baby

    As natural as the end of summer giving way to cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the trees, the vast machinations of the military-energy industrial complex has yet again begun to spin in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections, using the myriad number of tools at its disposal to manipulate the electorate into once more voting against its own interests, into voting for the interests of the elite few. Knowing the absolute ignorance, gullibility and lack of critical thinking of the American masses, those in power are able, once more, in what has become all too familiar throughout the annals of history, to skew the decision, mentality and vote of large segments of the population by simply reaching to the primitive instincts of human nature and manipulating emotions, psychology and the instinct of survival prevalent in every living organism.

    To the corporatists and elites steering the nation, this exercise is like taking candy from a baby, for having a citizenry devoid of reason, logic and common sense has its privileges. Unaware that their lives are in firm control by the elite, not knowing the level of manipulation they are subjected to, ignorant to their incessant brainwashing practically from birth, the American masses are like sheep being herded from pasture to slaughter, unable to understand the control over their lives, unwilling to confront the malignancy that festers in their midst, and subservient to the wolves disguised as shepherds that lead them up the ramp of mirages into the corral of complete manipulation.

    Indeed, the energy/petroleum industry, already morbidly obese with record breaking revenues, with each conglomerate literally making tens of billions of dollars in profits in multiple fiscal years, all at the expense of the average American consumer, has seemingly made the decision to sacrifice one fiscal quarter, or three months of revenues, choosing to break even instead of raking in billions in profits. This decision, of course, is to help ensure that the vital mid-term elections are decided in the direction most favorable to the industry. It has been the corporatist Republican Party, after all, that has in the last six years enabled the industry to lay claim to unimaginable levels of profit, power and control, both over the citizenry and the course of the nation.

    Those at the helm of these oil multinationals have become our overlords, in the process making the government, now more than ever before, their instrument of domination. It was at their behest, their demand, that Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and occupied, that the nation’s institutions have been infiltrated by the industry’s executives and lawyers, that the nation’s tax laws were rewritten so as to exclude the elite and appease the corporate world, that America’s environmental laws and regulations have been gutted, and the reason the American consumer has for six years been fleeced at the gas pump, with ever increasing prices becoming the new normal, so much so that if the price of gas drops fifty cents, as it is today, we think it wonderful, even though today’s discounted prices are much higher than those two years ago.

    So profitable has having absolute control over all levels of governance been for the industry that the sacrifice of one fiscal quarter of its enormous profits to insure its interests are retained will have no ill-effect on the corporations. To these giants of petroleum, breaking even for three months is the price of doing business, of assuring themselves the unbridled opportunity to once again fleece the American consumer at the pump. After the election, with a little patience, after a small pause in momentum and through a minute restraint on greed, the rape and pillage of the population’s bank accounts can continue unabatedly, once again using the full force of the state and the corporate world to methodically subjugate the people. For while the energy/petroleum industry is forced by necessity and realism to think in the long-term, the American people have no such inclination, or desire. Rather, they think exclusively in terms of the here and now, of the selfish ego of wallet and security. The genius of the industry’s manipulation, of course, is that the People are as unaware of what is being done to them as a lemming is to the periodic migration that will eventually cost it its life. Nobody seems to worry, nobody seems to care.

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    What is the Solar Pyramid?
    (More illuminati symbolism being built in UK)

    The Walter Pyramid

    The Louvre pyramid

    Memphis Pyramid Arena

    Federal pyramid

    The obsession with building Pyramids

    Tama-Re pyramid

    TransAmerica Pyramid

    Las Vegas Pyramid

    Smith Tower pyramid

    Maeva Le Baronnet pyramids
    David Livingstone, 41, author of "Terrorism and the Illuminati- A Three Thousand Year History" (2007) says Cabalists determined to be God have hijacked mankind. "The Cabala states that God created man to know Himself," says Livingstone. "Cabalists take this to mean they can usurp the role of God. They don’t have to meet an absolute moral standard first."

    Livingstone says that all occult movements originate in the Cabala (which dates to 6th century B.C. Babylon.) Cabalism is a Jewish heresy because it does not uphold the universal moral standards enunciated by Moses. Livingstone maintains that most Illuminati bloodlines, including European royalty, are heretical Jews, crypto Jews and wannabe Jews. ("Crypto Jews" are Jews who usually pretend they are Christians, Muslims or other religions.)

    In his book, Livingstone traces the genealogies of these Khazar bloodlines, which include the Rothschilds, the Hapsburgs, the Sinclairs, the Stuarts, the Merovingians, the Lusignans, and the Windsors. "The great secret of history is this story of the ascent of heretical Cabalists to world power," says Livingstone. "Ordinary Jews and people in general have no idea how they are being manipulated." "These Cabalists believe Lucifer is the true God. They care nothing for their own nations. Their whole aim in life is to humiliate and degrade mankind, and prove to God that the human experiment is an abject failure. They are achieving this through their control of education, the media and government."


    David Livingstone was born in 1966 of a Jamaican father and French Canadian mother in Montreal. When he was seven, he asked his parents who Plato and Socrates were. Told they were truth seekers, he was shocked. "You mean people don’t know what the truth is?" He resolved to find it out. Livingstone studied history as an undergraduate but dropped out in 1992 when he realized he was being indoctrinated."When I read that the Indo European [Aryan] race emerged from the Caucuses, out of nowhere, I got suspicious, and began the 13 years of research that led to my first book, "The Dying God – The Hidden History of Western Civilization."

    In this book, Livingstone deconstructed the myth of Western Civilization, which tries to portray progress in terms of the rejection of religion and the adoption of the secular, which is really a mask for the occult, i.e. the cabala and godlessness. (See my "Lucifer is Secret God of Secular Society") While writing this book, Livingstone paid the bills by planting trees in British Columbia and upholstering furniture in Montreal. Raised as an agnostic, he converted to Islam in 1992 after making a study of the major world religions. He got married in 2000 and has three children, all under the age of six.


    Livingstone's latest book, six years in the making, is available free online or as a handsome 300 page book from Amazon. It traces the 2500-year Cabala Conspiracy from ancient times to the present day and is full of interesting new information. For example, the Illuminati Order was preceded in the 1500's in Spain by the "Alumbrados," a Christian heresy started by crypto Jews called "Marranos." The founder of the Jesuit Order, Ignatius of Loyola, was a Marrano . (114) Thus when people today argue whether it is the Jesuits or the Illuminati who are responsible for our troubles, they are really talking about the same beast.

    Cabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria was a follower of Loyola's who enunciated the principle that they must work actively to bring about prophesy, i.e. redemption through the coming of the Messiah and the rule of the Illuminati. This meant "manipulating the course of fate through the use of magic, and finally, of preparing the necessary political and moral circumstances to receive [the Messiah i.e.Anti Christ's] coming, that is a New World Order." (115) With the mass media and the education system in the hands of these cabalists it is easy to work this "magic." It is easy to convince millions that passenger jets hits the Pentagon and Shanksville PA, even though there was no wreckage, and the World Trade Center fell due to "fires."

    The Sabbatean and Frankist heresies of the 1600's succeeded the Adumbrados and led directly to the Illuminati in the 1700's. Livingstone writes: "The Frankists were bent not only on the eradication and humiliation of the majority of the Jewish community, who refused to accept their deviations...but of all religions, and they exploited the Zionist ideals to disguise their quest for world domination. The Frankists believed that...all that had been prohibited [by the Torah] was now permitted, or even mandatory. This included prohibited sexual unions, orgies and incest...." "Despite the fact that they were outwardly religious, the Frankists sought the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief, and they dreamed of a general revolution that would sweep away the past in a single stroke so that the world may be rebuilt...for Jacob Frank, anarchic destruction represented all the Luciferian radiance, all the tones and overtones, of the word Life." (125)

    It is easy to recognize the origin of Communism and Anarchism in this demented philosophy. It is easy to recognize the terror of the French and Bolshevik revolutions, the Soviet Gulags and Nazis Concentration Camps, the killing fields of Cambodia and China, the "Shock and Awe" of Iraq. The majority of Jews, and people in general, were tricked by the Communist promise of economic equality and public ownership. This is what the Cabalist mean by "magic"—lying. The Rothschilds and most of the Jewish banking establishment were Frankists. Intermarrying with indigenous elites, they were responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution and for the First and Second World Wars. Unfortunately they are also planning a Third World War that will pit Islam against "Zionism."

    Livingstone goes into detail about how the Cabalists, operating through their control of Saudi Arabia, the Bank of England and British/American Imperialism, conspired to break up the Ottoman Empire and keep the Middle East backward. He also explains how they used a variety of cults like Wahhabism (1700's) and Salafi (1900's), and Masonic secret societies like the Muslim Brotherhood (1930's) to divide Islam, create fanatical fundamentalism and foster terror in preparation for the coming "War of Civilizations." "The lowest [terrorist] ranks may sincerely believe they are defending Islam and confronting "Western Imperialism." However [they] serve the same Illuminati cause...their channels penetrate to the upper reaches of power in the British and American governments, and outward into the nether regions of the criminal and occult undergrounds." (241)

    Livingstone does not believe the curent Iranian regime is independent of the Illuminati. They created it when they deposed the Shah and installed Ayatollah Khomeni. In every war, the Illuminati controlled both sides of the conflict, and the Third World War will not be an exception.


    David Livingstone has qualities that are increasingly rare in this decadent era: a courageous independent spirit and a keen analytical brain. He has an encyclopedic capacity for detail. His only shortcoming is that he is shy about making the grand generalizations that are necessary to understand why he is presenting so much information. Perhaps this article will partly fulfill this function. One of the rewards of my work is knowing great spirits like David Livingstone. I urge you to support his selfless work by getting his new book from Amazon. Few works offer so much insight into the true frightening character of the world we inhabit.