Does History Follow Rothschild Messiah Script?
This period cartoon illustrates the crowned heads of Europe -- the ostensible rulers of the day -- bowing before Lionel Rothschild on his throne of mortgages, loans and cash. In fact, this was the reality of the day, the effective fruition of the age-old Jewish dream of a New World Order -- a Jewish Utopia -- in which all other peoples of the planet would bow down and worship the Jewish people, the new rulers of the Earth. For good reason, indeed, Rothschild was known as the "king of kings." (Michael Collins Piper- The New Babylon)

Is self-serving Jewish prophesy the Illuminati game plan?
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Jewish Messianism: Cover for Khazar Imperialism?

The ideology behind the New World Order may be Jewish Messianism, the view that God has chosen "the King of the Jews" to rule the world. This "Messiah," or antichrist, will be selected from the ranks of the Rothschild family. This argument is espoused in a rare, suppressed book entitled "Elijah, Rothschilds and the Ark of the Covenant" by Tom Crotser & Jeremiah Patrick (Restoration Press, 1984.)

The book details the Rothschild's quest for and discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, a gold-covered box supposedly built by Moses to hold Aaron's Rod and the original Ten Commandment tablets. Apparently the Rothschilds intend to place this in Salomon's Temple in Jerusalem to legitimize their claim to be the Messiah. According to the authors, this bizarre vision rooted in Biblical prophesy is behind economic and political events today. The Zionist vision is much larger than a Jewish homeland. "The Messianic hope promises the establishment by the Jews of world power in Palestine to which all the nations of the earth will pay homage." (p. 29)

"This glorious age can only be affected by a man, a scion of the House of David" who will lead the Jews to "righteousness" and "regenerate" the human race. According to the Talmud, this Messiah from the seed of David shall subjugate the heathen nations and make Israel the world power.

Summarizing the Talmud, Rabbi Michael Higger wrote that: "All the treasures and natural resources of the world will eventually come in possession of the righteous." This, he said, would be in keeping, with thy prophecy of Isaiah: "In her gain and her hire shall be holiness to the Lord; it shall be not treasured nor laid out, for her gain shall be for them that dwell before the Lord, to eat their fill and for stately clothing." (The Jewish Utopia, 1932) Obviously, the majority of Jews are not informed of this plan, the easier to manipulate them.


The Rothschilds saw themselves in the role of Messiah-facilitator, if not Messiah.

As early as 1836, Anselm Meyer Rothschild received a letter from rabbi Hirsch Kalischer, who revealed to him the divine plan: "Let no one imagine that the Messiah will appear suddenly and amid miracles and wonders, lead the Israelites to their ancient inheritance. The beginning of the redemption will be in a natural way, by the desire of the Jews to settle in Palestine, and the willingness of the nations to help them in this work." When we consider that the Jewish holocaust was critical for the establishment of Israel, Messianism gives modern history a totally new twist. The holocaust likely was part of a plan to prepare the groundwork for the appearance of a Jewish Messiah. After Jews had returned to Palestine and the Temple was rebuilt, "then will God show them all the miracles in accordance with the description given by the prophets and the sages...God will send His prophet and his anointed king," Kalischer wrote. Albert Cohen, Edmund de Rothschild's tutor, shared Kalischer's views and imbued them in his pupil. As a result Edmund de Rothschild funded the Jewish colonization of Palestine in the 19th century.

Edmund de Rothschild engineered the famous Dreyfus Affair in order to create anti-Semitism and force Jews to support Israel as a refuge. He established his own administration in Palestine, set up agricultural colonies and bought all the produce at a fixed price. Between 1887 and 1899, he made three trips to his many far flung settlements.


The Rothschilds bend the nations to their will by means of debt. Moses relates the basic principle in Deuteronomy 15:6: "Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shalt not reign over thee." The authors write: "Note that this is not a suggestion given in the Scriptures. It is a command from the God of Israel. Lending upon usury is how to possess the land." (175)

"Lending on interest for consumer and emergency needs became a virtual Jewish monopoly in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries...As security, real estate was most preferred. In this way Jews acquired in pledge houses, vineyards, farms, villages, castles, towns, and even provinces. " (177) "The rise of absolute monarchies in Central Europe brought numbers of Jews into the influential position of negotiating loans for the various royal courts. The phenomenon of court Jews now continued into Europe. The most famous included Lehmann, Oppenheimer and Goldschmidt in Germany and Austria." (180)

"Jean Izolulet, a member of the Jewish Alliance Israelite Universal wrote in 1932: 'The meaning of history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all masters of lodges, rule the world." (183) "Vatican City came under Rothschild influence in the early 19th century...Pope John Paul II admitted the Roman Catholic Church is still tied to the Rothschilds...In Sept 1979, the Pope revealed the Church had $50 billion invested in various Rothschild banks..." (191)


Edmund de Rothschild was playing a role in a larger drama which would see his successor finally become the anti-Christ. This required that Jews return to Palestine, and that required a huge Rothschild-organized pogrom in Europe. (see "Hitler was a Godsend for Israel" ) The author of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion repeatedly refers to world conquest in terms of "when we have come into our kingdom." I am convinced he was a Rothschild.

Jewish Messianism throws both historical and current events into new perspective. Through debt, the Rothschild syndicate is bending the nations of the world to their will. Through the "Arab Spring" and the destruction of Libya and Syria, stragglers are brought into line. Finally, Iran may be brought to heel in a war pitting Rothschild's NATO client states against Iran and possibly Russia and China, also client states. The Cabalist Jewish bankers (the Illuminati) have a long-range plan for the ascendance of their "Messiah." Actually the antichrist, he will be "the King of the Jews" to be selected from the House of Rothschild. Unfortunately, the "Messiah" who will emerge from this turmoil will not redeem the world. Rather he will condemn mankind to centuries of suffering and darkness. Most Jews are not privy to this plan.

We have the dubious honor of witnessing the consummation of a centuries-old plan for world tyranny based on satanic megalomania and demented Biblical prophesies.

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    Jewish Rabbi being sued for accidentally SEVERING newborn baby boy's penis during a circumcision
    rabbi mordechai rosenberg Sick and disturbing mutilation of baby boys under the guise of some sort of religious bunkum. Why are the authorities allowing these sick fucks to get away with these barbaric practices ? For fear of being classed anti-semetic??????????

    A rabbi from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is being sued for severing a newborn baby's penis during a botched Bris ceremony.

    Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg, who is also a mohel, performed the ceremony at The Tree Of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill earlier this year on April 28. The parents have remained anonymous to protect the identity of their son. The newborn baby boy had to be rushed to Children's Hospital where doctors performed an emergency micro-surgery to reattach the dismembered penis. The boy needed six blood transfusions and was hospitalized for two months. The delicate surgery took about eight hours long. Doctor Joe Losee says about the process of micro surgery. 'If your finger, your thumb was cut off and was put back on, that is pretty exciting,'

    'Sometimes, it doesn’t always work,' he says. “When you’re reattaching a portion where you include nerves, sometimes the nerves don’t heal well beyond where you reattached it. So there are limitations for sure.' The baby's microsurgery was reported 'successful', but whether or not the baby will have problems later on in life is still unknown. Despite the gruesome incident, the rabbi still practices as a mohel.

    CBS spoke with attorney David Llewellyn who handles cases pertaining to botched circumcisions by either a mohel or a doctor. That is extraordinarily serious and is extraordinarily rare,' said attorney David Llewellyn. He spoke of how Bris services are usually unregulated.

    'There’s virtually no regulation of this any place in the United States that I know of,' Llewellyn said. 'I think the government probably should require some sort of training if this is going to be done.' 'Your average pediatric urologist probably spends about 20 percent of his or her time repairing children who have been circumcised,' Llewellyn told CBS. According to Rosenberg's website, 'The Bris must be performed by a Jewish person who understands, upholds, and practices the tenets of the Jewish religion, and is specially trained to function as a mohel.' Rosenberg claims he is well trained in circumcision and calls this case a 'tragic accident.'

    He also claims that receiving a Bris in a hospital may not be recognized under Jewish law. Mayor Bloomberg has spoken out about medical circumcision following 11 herpes outbreaks in 2001 in New York in an ultra-Orthodox Jewish circumcision ritual called metzitzah b’peh — or oral suction — in which the mohel puts his mouth directly on the newborn’s circumcised penis and sucks out the blood. The mohel had transmitted herpes to the children. Bloomberg wrote an open letter to mohel's asking them to move away from the ceremony.

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    zionists lobby parliament
    British NAzionists planning and plotting propaganda including none to cosy trips to the Houses of Parliament
    UK zionists Date Event Details

    5th November Annual Balfour Lecture
    6th November VIP Breakfast
    7th November Tribute to Israel event with Bridges for Peace
    12th November Young ZED F Talks
    13th November ZF sponsored film at UKJFF: It is no dream; the life of Herzl
    13th November Alan Melkman speaking to activists in Bournemouth
    14th November ZF Spokesperson graduate training session
    18th November ZCC Manchester AGM
    20th November Audience with MP Anne McGuire - for Young Professionals
    24th November Israel Connect Annual Shwarma Showdown - for Young Professionals
    24th November Israel Connect in Israel Shuk Tour
    28th November UN Partition Plan with Prof. Colin Shindler

    5th December ZF Chairman, Paul Charney speaking at Oxford Union debate

    8th December Advocacy Training Day in Brighton
    11th December ELAL CEO Eliezer Shkedi speaking in North London
    18th December ZF Spokesperson graduate training session
    19th-23rd December Israel Trip

    5th February Annual ZF & CFI Lobby of Parliament

    9-14 February Annual ZF Science Week
    13th February London Community Evening Science Event
    23rd March Annual ZF Gala Dinner
    28-30 March Israel Connect European Young Leadership Alumni Seminar - Basle
    5th May Young Professionals Yom Ha'atzmaut Party
    6th May Community Yom Ha'atzmaut Event
    22nd-26th May ZF Israel Trip
    Zionists at work across the UK
    zionist advert
    Judaism is a "Political Project"
    "The "peace" which Israel intends to confer is no more and no less than "genocide," the warrant for the execution of all humanity - except for those allowed to live as culture-less slaves." - Herve Ryssen

    Through their control of credit and the banking system, "Israel" (Cabalist Judaism, Illuminati) is rapidly advancing to their goal, the "peace" of their world government. Thanks to Freemasonry, the Gentile establishment is largely their proxy. Nevertheless, ordinary Jews and non-Jews need to understand why the world is the way it is, and why we have "terrorism," NSA surveillance, "Homeland Security" and endless war.
    by Herve Ryssen

    "The Psychopathology of Judaism" (2007)
    (Translated by John de Nugent --Edited/abridged by henrymakow.com to highlight the central point.)

    Judaism is not merely a "religion," as many Jews are overt atheists or agnostics, and they do not consider themselves less Jewish for all that. Jewry is also not a race even if a "trained eye," can usually recognize a Jewish appearance, that is to say, a characteristic pattern which is the result of their strict observance of endogamy for centuries. Jews see themselves as the "chosen ones" of God, and marriage outside the community is strictly frowned upon...

    Judaism is essentially a political project. It is important for Jews to work toward the emergence of a world at "peace," a peace meant to be universal and permanent. It is therefore not a coincidence that this word "peace" (shalom in Hebrew) is found frequently in Jewish discourse worldwide. In the perfect world that they are building, all conflicts will disappear between the nations. This is why Jews have been militating tirelessly for many years for the abolition of all borders, the dissolution of national identities and the establishment of a global empire of "peace." The very existence of separate nations is considered to be responsible for the triggering of wars and turmoil. so they must be weakened and eventually replaced by a world government, a "one world government," a "New World Order," one single world-ruling authority that will permit happiness and prosperity to reign, under Jewish domination, on earth... [Makow- Of course they initiate the wars that serves as the rationale for this one world government.]

    The members of the Jewish sect are the most proselytizing people on earth, but unlike Christians or Muslims, who dream of converting all peoples of all races to their faith, the Jews have no plan to convert the world to their own faith, Judaism, but simply to encourage other nationalities to give up their national and religious identities - and live only for the goal of "tolerance." The unceasing campaigns to blame all Whites for slavery, colonialism, the plundering of the Third World or for Auschwitz have no other purpose than putting the opponent on the defensive, and getting him on his knees not by violence but via guilt. When the Jews are the only people left on earth who are keeping their faith and their traditions, they will finally be recognized by everyone as God's "chosen people."

    Their "mission" (and Jews frequently use this term "mission") is to disarm the other peoples, to dissolve anything which is not Jewish or Jewish-controlled, to grind the people down to a powder for making a new identity-free work force, and thus to favor a universal "peace" among the peoples who have no more "divisive" identities. As their prophet Isaiah said: "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the tiger will rest with the kid, the lion and the ram shall live together, and a young child will lead them" (Isaiah 11: 6-9).

    The Messiah, coming from Israel, and awaited for three thousands years, will establish anew the kingdom of David and will give the Jews an empire over all the earth. And certain Jewish texts explicitly call for this. Jews are therefore continuously encouraged to campaign, in whatever society they inhabit, in order to promote the unification of the world - and thus to also hasten the arrival of their promised and cherished Messiah. Propaganda is a Jewish specialty, and it is no coincidence that Jews become so influential in all the media. In their hands, the concepts of "tolerance" and "human rights" have become incredibly efficient weapons of white guilt and accusation against the majority culture. In fact, it is not through Jewish-sounding names or a Jewish physical appearance that we can best recognize Jews, but rather from what they write and say wherever they are on earth...


    In fact, the only tangible results of this moral "liberation" was the systematic demoralization and criminalization of the white man, who is denounced tirelessly in movies, literature and history as the cause of all the planet's ills and of the collapse of the West. The appeal of egalitarianism - as intended by Jewry - tends to level all ethnic differences and identities and brings about their slow destruction. Yitzhak Attia, director of French-language seminars at the Yad Vashem Holocaust institute in Tel Aviv wrote in Israel magazine: "Even if reason shouts outs the very absurdity of this confrontation between the small and insignificant people of Israel [i.e, all Jewry worldwide, not just "the State of Israel"] and the rest of humanity... as absurd, as incoherent and as monstrous as it may seem, we are engaged in close combat between Israel and the Nations - and it can only be genocidal and total because it is about our and their identities." (April 2003)

    You read it right : Between the Jewish people and the rest of humanity the struggle can only be "genocidal and total." The "peace" which Israel intends to confer is no more and no less than "genocide," the warrant for the execution of all humanity - except for those allowed to live as culture-less slaves. The question is whether the aggressiveness of Judaism can be neutralized in order to save humanity from its evils, evils that could prove even more serious than Marxism such as psychoanalysis and the ideology of globalism. First of all, we must face the facts: After all these centuries of mutual misunderstanding, the antisemitic Christians, the Muslims, and Hitler have all failed to resolve the Jewish question. The fact is that the Jews feed on and grow off the hatred they have engendered among all the peoples of this world. This hatred, it must be said, is vital for their survival and for their spiritual genetics. It has allowed them for many centuries now to close ranks within their community against an external enemy, while other civilizations have disappeared.

    For their part, the rabbis spare no efforts to keep their gene pool Jewish. And so even a renegade Jew remains a Jew, and therefore it is perfectly useless to attempt to leave the Jewish prison community. Judaism is indeed a prison. Claiming that a Jew cannot ever stop being Jewish works in favor of Jewry's survival. Our mission must be to accommodate these sick among us, because the Jews are not "perfidious" people as much as they are sick people to be cured.

    Jews are to be loved individually and sincerely in order to free them from the prison in which they are locked. Only then will they become free from the cult's grip - and from the threat they pose to themselves and to all humanity. Only then we will become free from this grip, and at the same time, they will free themselves from the evil inside them that threatens all mankind.

    Autumn 2007 Source: http://storage.canalblog.com/88/46/516490/47626479.pdf

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    zionists at work
    Jewish Branch Of Al Qaeda Issues NEW Terrorist Threats! VIDEO
    Jews: The Unloved People
    We grow from the seedbed of family. A recent family reunion reminded me of factors that Influenced my early life, factors that cause Jews to be overachievers.

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    They say, "You can choose your friends. You can't choose your family."

    I wondered why a recent family reunion was not more relaxed and enjoyable. I felt I was under a microscope. My siblings and in-laws scrutinized my every word and deed, anxious to provide unsolicited help. My nephews seemed to show off and need praise. My nieces were struggling. I concluded that feelings of inferiority and insecurity run in the family. Everyone bares the scars of a period of emotional deprivation. Is this characteristic of just my family or Jews in general? Is it universal? I felt "unloved" when I was younger. There were some family-specific factors. As a baby, my dad wouldn't let my mother feed me except at designated meal times. He read it in some book. He was training a wild animal, and so let a hungry baby cry. In general, dad wasn't emotionally ready for family responsibility so soon after surviving the war. He did his best but some children have an insatiable need for love and affirmation, especially when they don't feel it.

    My mother loved us unconditionally. But the father's role is crucial in the development of a child's psyche. He channels God's love in terms of building character and self confidence. You can't phone it in. We listened to the news at supper; my dad would be lost in thought. Now, almost 90, his mind is somewhere else most of the time. But he has never been sweeter and more good natured.


    In Jewish families, love must be earned. The Jewish God is demanding and vengeful, more of a wily business partner than a benevolent deity. "Obey me and you will rule the world." Jewish children cannot count on unconditional love. They must earn it by "being successful" -- amassing money, social status and power. This is why Jews often are overachievers. I recall my aunt telling my cousins and I, "Be successful children." And in material terms, we were. Doctor. Dentist. Lawyer etc.

    Except my nieces who could not handle the pressure "to succeed." In another age, it would have been enough for these attractive girls to have gotten married. But now they had to become brain surgeons instead. In the Jewish tradition, worldly success is seen as proof of God's blessing. In contrast, the Christian God is Love. Christ is merciful. He loved the lepers. Christian children don't have to be successful to be loved. Do they?


    This may come as a surprise but many Jews have an inferiority complex. It's why they boast about how superior they are. When I was a child I had an inferiority complex, and I suspect my family did as well. We always undervalued ourselves. Feelings of inferiority seem to feed the compulsion to overacheive. The inferiority was partly due to being told "Jews are hated for no reason." Most Jews don't know the reason they are disliked. Not told of bankers' plan for humanity, or the many other legitimate reasons for antisemitism, they chalk it up to "envy." It's a puzzle to them. But it has the natural effect of giving many an inferiority complex. It would be more healthy for them if Jews could be truthful about antisemitism. This "hatred for nor reason" is not abstract. Although my family didn't suffer from antisemitism in Canada, my grandparents and an aunt all perished in the holocaust. My siblings and I are the children of orphans.

    In general, Organized Jewry can best manipulate Jews if they feel weak and vulnerable, under constant threat of annihilation. So we have Jews fearing Gentiles at the same time as Gentiles fear Jews. Jews don't know that Judaism is Luciferian. (This means making evil seem good, and vice versa; healthy seem sick; truth seem falsity etc.) Because of it, they have been both social and metaphysical outcasts. Their leadership has placed Jews in opposition to God. Lucifer has turned the tables on God. Now, God is banished from society and replaced by an Illuminati cult consisting of elite Jews, homosexuals and Freemasons. Welcome to the NWO.

    In any case, the subtle sense of always being in revolt against what is natural, healthy and good exacts a psychological price. There is an insecurity that comes from being perverted and used unwittingly to subvert society. Of course, I am referring to the disproportionate Jewish role in Satanism, Communism, socialism, liberalism, feminism, sexual liberation, abortion, pornography, gay "rights" and "progressive" (if you're a Luciferan) causes in general.


    The lesson is that if you deny the primacy of a loving God, you will be unloved. And no amount of "success" -- money, sex or power -- will compensate. But getting back to my family, I hear of other families that are not even on talking terms. I am grateful that, after some ups and downs, our relations are respectful and cordial.

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    They THINK money will buy everybody
  • Modern Anti-semitism is being defined as Anti-Israel! VIDEO
    Real Disraeli was a Destroyer
    benjamin disraeli (left, Benjamin Disraeli, 1804--1881, Prime Minister 1874-1880)

    Benjamin Disraeli's career is a reminder that the British Empire was a creation of the Illuminati Jewish bankers. Indeed, the bankers' hidden agenda (to enslave humanity) defines the course of modern history. Instead of defending the Rothschilds, ordinary Jews need to disown them or else, accept the blame for the NWO, with Freemasonry.

    DISRAELI the DESTROYER (dates from 1920's or early 1930's) by Arnold S. LEESE (1878-1955)(Edited/abridged by henrymakow.com)

    Disraeli was commissioned to achieve the following principal Jewish objects:--

    1. To strengthen the British Nation to carry out Rothschildian policy.
    2. To use Britain to oppose the might of the enemy of Judah, Russia, and to reduce the prestige of the Romanovs.
    3. To introduce the poison of Liberalism into the Conservative machine, the results of which policy are now obvious in the attitude of Mr. Baldwin, the "Conservative" leader.
    4. To push forward the ideas of democracy by Reform Acts so that Britain would later be an easy prey for Government by Jewish Finance.
    5. To further the emancipation of the Jews in Britain.

    All these he did.


    Disraeli had ... a love of display; shameless bare-faced effrontery of the type which puts white men who come into contact with it, entirely out of their calculations; a purely materialist outlook; and an intellect trained, as all slave-races are trained, by observa­tion on the lower aspects of human nature in others. He had Semitic obstinacy, which assisted him in his ambition to shine by his intellect its spite of racial handicaps. Utterly insincere in action, because he had no motives beyond personal advancement and his duties as a destructive Rothschild agent, he turned upon his colleagues as it suited him. Disraeli was baptized as a Christian when a boy but he was not religious. He regarded Christianity as a continuation of Judaism, and lumped the two religions together under the obscure phrase, "Semitic principle."

    He was often heavily in debt and never seems to have stood on his own legs, financially. He married a widow 15 years older than himself, but possessed of a large fortune. He was nevertheless always in the hands of money-lenders. Disraeli's father was a Jew of means and a student, indifferent to Judaism; his wealth gave his son an easy entry into a certain class of fast society in London, where Disraeli associated with many friends of revolutionaries on the Continent, and also with such characters as Count D'Orsay and Lady Blessington. Disraeli was intimate with Lionel Rothschild in his adolescence, and reveals, in letters to his sister, how Lionel gave him advice and financial assistance.

    To gain his ends, he wormed his way into the favor of Queen Victoria, but that Sovereign, although influenced by him, kept him at a distance. He was unable to control the great lady as Rasputin in our time controlled the Tsarina.


    During the life of Disraeli, the Rothschilds used England as their principal tool, knowing that her policy had been favourable to Jewish loans and encouraged more. The Jews' weapons were not turned against England during this period, or, rather, not for her immediate destruction. That is why the name of England stood high among the nations during Disraeli's political career. The poison instilled was a slow one. The might of Britain was brought into opposition to Russia over a miserable dispute on a matter of no concern to us as a nation, a squabble between the Greek Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholics in Palestine.

    As a Rothschild agent, Disraeli used his friendship with Napoleon III to bring France and Britain together against Russia, so that the two nations might do the Rothschilds' dirty work and help to separate the West from Russia. Thus, Britain was brought into the Crimean War. Even during this war, Disraeli did all he could to embarrass the Government until the Prince Consort had to appeal for goodwill in case Constitutional Government failed in the throes of the nation's crisis. In 1876, the Turks excited indignation in the Western Nations by atrocities against Bulgarian Christians; those atrocities may easily have been excited by the judicious payment of Rothschild money to the Turks; but a new war was due, to make profit for the Jews.

    Disraeli did all he could to "pooh-pooh" these outrages so as to bring England into opposition with Russia and on the side of the Turk. Russia, the natural protector of the Balkan Christians, went to the relief of the Bulgarians and soon forced the Turks to accept surrender under the Treaty of San Stefano, which allowed for a Greater Bulgaria. Had Britain, under Disraeli, not backed the wrong horse, she would not only have gained Cyprus for the Empire, but Egypt and Crete as well.


    Let Mr. T. P. O'Connor describe the triumphal return of Disraeli from this Jewish victory for which he received the Order of the Garter:-- "This picture is certainly one of the strangest, if not the saddest. Here were these multitudes of free English Christians cheering the man who had given back more than a million of Christians to the most degrading slavery, as if he had conferred an everlasting honour upon the name of England, and had most at heart the interests of Christendom.

    "To those benighted beings, the acquisition of Cyprus and the protectorate of Asia Minor were the great interests of the hour; but to the future historian a little episode, of which these cheering multitudes knew nothing, will probably appear the most interesting. "Sir Moses Montefiore, at the advanced age of 95, had come out to meet the Premier. Introduced by Lord Henry Lennox, the Prime Minister grasped him warmly by the hand, and seemed delighted with the kindly veteran's welcome. By that small scene the meaning of this apotheosis of Lord Beaconsfield by a Christian people is written to letters of light. That day represented the triumph, not of England, not of an English policy, not of an Englishman. It was the triumph of Judaea, a Jewish policy, a Jew. The Hebrew who drove those crowds to Downing Street was dragging the whole of Christendom behind the Juggernaut car over the rights of the Turkish Christians, of which he was the charioteer. 'I have brought you,' he said at Downing Street, 'peace with honour.' I think I am anticipating the verdict of a very near posterity when I say that what Lord Beaconsfield that day brought to England was war with shame."...


    Disraeli from an early age had a complete knowledge of the Jew world power and could not help boasting about it. His novel "Coningsby" portrays Rothschild under the name of "Sidonia," as follows:-- "During the Peninsular War, a cadet of the younger Branch of this family made a large fortune by military contracts and supplying the commissariat of the DIFFERENT armies. He had established a brother or a near relative in most of the principal capitals. He was Lord and Master of the Money-Market of the world, and, of course, virtually Lord and Master of everything else. There was not an adventurer in Europe with whom he was not familiar. No Minister of State had such communication with secret agents and political spies as Sidonia. He held relations with all the clever outcasts of the world. The catalog of his acquaintances . . . would throw a curious light on those subterranean agencies of which the world in general knows so little . . . The secret history of the world was his pastime. His great pleasure was to contrast the hidden motive with the public pretext of transactions." After describing how Sidonia meets Jews in key positions in every foreign court he visits, Disraeli puts the following words into his mouth:-- "So you see, my dear Coningsby, that the world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes."

    Should any reader of this pamphlet make the objection that these extracts are not to be taken seriously as coming from a Novel, let us quote from one of Disraeli's works on history, "The Life of Lord George Bentinck" written in 1852; the quotation is as easily applicable in 1934. "The influence of the Jews," he writes, "may be traced in the last outbreak of the destructive principle in Europe. An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the Secret Societies which form Provisional Governments and men of Jewish Race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co-operate with atheists; the most skilful accumul­ators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen Race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure."


    In 1875, the Khedive of Egypt, forced by financial stringency, was anxious to sell his interest in the Suez Canal. Disraeli must have known of this at once through his friend and master Rothschild. A Mr. F. Greenwood, Editor of the Pall Mall Gazette, received private advices that the shares might be acquired for England, and patriotically refusing to make a journalistic "scoop" of the information, hastened to Lord Derby with the news. Lord Derby consulted with his Hebrew Prime Minister, and the latter then bought the shares. Parliament was not sitting at the time, and Disraeli borrowed £4,000,000 from his colleagues the Rothschilds, who made a profit of about £500,000, which no doubt earned for Disraeli a considerable commission. It was, of course, to the Jewish interest that Britain should hold the Suez Canal (until the Jews got Palestine out of the Great War). Disraeli had written to the Queen saying, "We have scarcely time to breathe, we must carry the matter through." He was very, very anxious that Rothschilds should handle the loan! Now, read this extract from a letter from the Hon. G. M. Kinnaird to The Times dated 20th March, 1930.

    "When Disraeli announced to the House his purchase of Suez Canal Shares, my father, the Hon. Arthur Kinnaird, M.P. for Perth was seated next to the Governor of the Bank of England. On hearing Disraeli's statement that he had gone to the only people who could have advanced the money, the Governor of the Bank of England whispered to my father, 'What a lie! I could have given it to him in a minute.'" Thus, we now know that the money was available all the time at home, and the deal could have been put through without the help of Jewish money at all.


    Lady Gwendolen Cecil in "The Life of Robert, Marquess of Salisbury" summarized Disraeli's character as follows:

    "In all that is disputable in Mr. Disraeli's character--his lack of scruple as to the methods he thought permissible is beyond question. He was always making use of convictions which he did not share, pursuing objects which he could not avow, maneuvering his Party into alliances which although unobjectionable from his own standpoint, were discreditable and indefensible from theirs. It was an atmosphere of pervading falseness which involved his Party as well as himself and which culminated in the cynical audacity of 1867."

    Similarly, T. P. O'Connor in "The Life of Lord Beaconsfield," writes: "That whole character is complete in its selfishness, the whole career is uniform in its dishonesty. Throughout his whole life, I do not find even on a single occasion, a generous emotion, one self-sacrificing act, a moment of sincere conviction except that of the almighty perfection of himself. I find him uniform in all his dealings with his fellow man, and behind every word he utters I can only seethe ever-vigilant custodian of his own interest.

    There is, throughout the same selfishness, calm, patient, unhasting, unresting. Such a man the myriads of this mighty Empire accept as chief ruler; for such a man, millions of pure hearts beat with genuine emotion; to such a man is given to sway, by his single will, your fortunes and mine, and even those of countless generations to come. Which shall a near posterity most wonder at, the audacity of the imposter, or the blindness of the dupe? The immensity of the worship or the pettiness of the idol?"

  • A Jew Rejects Talmud's Duplicity
    talmud I was raised as a Jew and I harbor no malice to the Jewish people. I feel obligated to tell this personal story. I believe that we will be accountable to the God in Heaven for our actions in this life and on this world.


    "Unfortunately, due to the abysmal ignorance of our day, the widespread "Judeo-Christian" notion is that the Old Testament is the supreme book of Judaism. But this is not so. The Pharisees teach for doctrine the commandments of rabbis, not God. The Talmudic commentary on the Bible is their supreme law, and not the Bible itself. That commentary does indeed, as Jesus said, void the laws of God, not uphold them. As students of the Talmud, we know this to be true."

    -Michael Hoffman II from "Judaism's Strange Gods"

    by Rich S(henrymakow.com)

    One 'tract' in the Talmud recently grabbed my attention. It seemed to leap from the page and strike at the core of what it means to be Jewish: "To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly." Libbre David 37

    The key point is: ' If they ever find out what we are up to, they'll be enraged and will kill us . As a Jew I found this very disturbing. Is Judaism a religion or a conspiracy against man and God? I checked for authenticity and the exact source of the above passage. I got online and found a searchable Babylonian Talmud. I could locate many similar themed tracts, but not this one, I also asked another friend about the 'tract' and my thoughts on it.

    He went and asked a Talmudic scholar about it. We learned that the 'tract' above is a sort of 'mash-up' compound of several quotes. The common theme does indeed relate to the 'dire' importance of keeping Jewish 'religious relations' out of the earshot of a goy. What affected me was the part " if they knew what we teach about them", we'd be killed out in the open. I felt that I realized a basic truth about Judaism. It is a religion that puts man before God, and Talmud before Torah. If a religion chooses fallen mankind's word above that of the Divine, is it a Religion of God? I believe that this ultimate act of hubris sealed the fate of the Jewish reputation and fate.


    The offensive nature of these tracts about Jews dealing with Non -Jews are nothing less than an ideology of Jewish Supremacy. Certain tracts reveal a deep seated contempt often aimed at non-Jews known as 'goyim' or cattle. There are others which are much more tasteless. In 2010, Israel's Sephardi leader Rabbi Ovadi Yosef invoked the ire of non-Jew and Jew alike with his pronouncement, " Non-Jews exist to serve Jews. goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel." The cat was out of the bag - the truth about the Talmud was blown wide open in the 21st century, for all of the world to see. Sadly, the story was destined for the back pages and had some minor talk radio buzz. Here are a few of the Talmudic tracts:

    " How to interpret the word ' robbery '. A goy is forbidden to steal, rob, or take women slaves, etc., from a goy or from a Jew, but he (a Jew) is not forbidden to do all this to a goy. " Tosefta, Aboda Zara, viii,5. "If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed." -Sanhedrin 58b.. "Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile." Baba Kamma 113a.


    In my early 20's,I met a lot of new people at the university. That's when I really started to listen to the conversations . What I was hearing about Jews was very negative, different than what I had known. A Jew was referred to as a con-artist, greedy, and responsible for Christ's being killed . I learned ' Jew ' could be a verb; I was 'jewed' in the deal."

    A Christian friend who knew I was seeking the truth, befriended me.. I heard about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, and a few months later I was given a copy as a gift, along with a Ryrie KJV Bible w/ Concordance. I am eternally grateful for the Bible and his friendship. I checked out the history books and the library to find out more. I wanted to REALLY know why the Jews were scattered across the earth, after Babylonian captivity, and destruction of the temple and the revolt against the Romans. Was there something pathological about Judaism. It seems there is a disconnect between the rest of the world, and the Tribe. Seems like the Jews have been wandering the earth after the Crucifixion, and were expelled from nearly 100 countries for causing problems.


    In my early thirties, I moved up east to work for a Jewish family in a scrap metal yard. After a couple of years I was called in to see the boss. I was being offered a promotion,charge of a rigged weigh scale. I would have an office, salary increase, with the promise of more increases to come. Near the end of the meeting, boss quoted something from the Talmud about 'buying something from a goy', insinuating it was 'our little secret'. I'd made a Faustian deal. My non Jewish co-workers to treat me different, they did not want to associate with me. On the other hands, the Jewish co-workers all congratulated me. I had made a Faustian deal, and it was I was the last to catch on. Even as I drove around town I believed that people knew about what I was doing. and I was neck deep in a corrupt business enterprise.

    The Book of Bismillah in the Talmud which is concerned with money and property dealings contains a phrase which most closely corroberates the quote my employer had used that day: "Bismallah,4. Deception in business: It is a grave sin to practice any kind of deception whatsoever against a Jew. Against a Gentile it is only forbidden to practice direct deception. Indirect deception is allowed, unless it is likely to cause hostility towards Jews or insult to the Jewish religion. The paradigmatic example is mistaken calculation of the price during purchase."

    I was ashamed of what I'd become, and knew that I could no longer keep the job. I decided to leave, and the boss acted as if I betrayed him. I saw him in a new light that day. I left the job but I spend years searching for my redemption. It was already given to me free, by Christ, and I didn't have to live that way any more. The truth can be ugly and painful at first, like lancing an infected wound. The truth is protected by God, as what is hidden now, will one day be shouted from the rooftops.

  • Disturbing degree zionism has its iron grip over the world

    zionist burning It's like waking from a dream into a surreal nightmare world where EVERYTHING, virtually everything, is being controlled by zionist lunatics from its Israeli stronghold . They have designed a race of inbreed scum and filth who have bought every single politician of any importance , every press baron of any importance, every film maker of any importance, every judge is in their pocket , all the lawyers globally are controlled by these evil bastards, the police the military. The list goes on and on the degree to which this conspiracy encompasses the globe with its evil tentacles of power, greed and control.

    The sheeple are being blindly led by a gruesome force that will go to any lengths to fuck up the lives of as many as they can so that they can harness the energy and wealth created by individuals as they go through life failing to recognise the evil force that binds these bastards together FREEMASONRY. The goyim they use to oppress are blackmailed and controlled using satanic threats if they DARE cross the line in exposing their agenda of global domination. They spout anti-semitic chants if anyone dares mention the fact the zionist jewish hand is behind every major event that constantly creates the chaos then the solutions that their minions plot to show them as some sort of saviours of the world when they are the instigators of the troubles that have led to vast swathes of the population living in dire poverty while the trillionaires within their ranks can buy the loyalty of every last bastard that has sold their soul to the devil and who carry out their plans to the letter.

    Without breaking this enormous zionist chain enslaving the peasants who they have machined into the small cogs of a massive mechanism that ensures these evil bastards remain forever living in vast opulence feeding from the enormous trough they have created for themselves and with their minions getting a slice of the pie to keep them sweet. Meanwhile their victims are unaware of the racketeering they have built on an illusion of democracy that has led to the colossal imbalance in how the worlds wealth is distributed on a global scale. Recognising the importance of how this has all come together can initiate the unraveling of the mystery of how these gangsters have gotten away with this for so very long and were finally the internet is presently breaking its vile back.

  • "The Jewish Question" No Longer Asked
  • Zionist Federation marks Israel’s Elections

    We get feedback from some quarters about our constant attention to detail regarding how freemasons identify themselves. One particular point is the chequered tie brigade that regularly feature on the BBC and most other media networks.

    We located a zionist leaning t-shirt website that promotes all things zionist / israel and shows clearly the distinct mark of how chequered ties are used to identify not only zionists but their lackeys the global network of freemasons controlled by old Lizzie and her head henchman the Duke of Kunt.

    zionist propaganda t shirts

    israeli tie t shirts

  • Chequered tie t-shirt the mark of a zionist / freemason lackey
  • B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews
    A reader today: "Just an idea. You should get some articles on the [B'nai Brith] Anti Defamation League and their involvement with the conspiracy."

    The B'nai Brith masquerades as a "human rights" organization. In fact, it is a satanic secret society dedicated to enslaving humanity by stigmatizing resistance to their tyranny as "hate."

    By Henry Makow, Ph.D. from Oct 28 2005

    While claiming to represent "the interests of the worldwide Jewish Community" the B'nai B'rith is in fact a Masonic Order that represents British Freemasonry and shifts blame for its Luciferian "world government" agenda onto Jews in general. Thus, while pretending to fight anti-Semitism, it actually exacerbates it and puts Jews in jeopardy.

    The B'nai B'rith has no mandate to represent the Jewish people. But by equating opposition to the globalist agenda with anti-Semitism, it ensures that Jews are blamed for the emerging New World Order. For example, recently a forum posted an item about B'nai B'rith advocacy of "Hate Laws" and Internet censorship. A member of the forum responded, "Those Jews are setting themselves up for extermination again."

    Thus "Jews" become the scapegoat for the Freemason agenda despite the fact that about half of American Jews avoid Jewish organizations and religion, and in fact intermarry. Yes, other Jews who are ignorant of the Masonic plan naively subscribe to Zionism and the phony "War on Terror." They might be surprised to learn that the Star of David featured on the Israeli flag is an occult symbol and was never a Jewish symbol in the Old Testament; that most Israeli leaders, like American Presidents, are Freemasons; and that the Israeli Supreme Court is loaded with Masonic symbolism, and is located along Satanic "ley" lines. Financed and designed by the Rothschilds, it will be the court of the New World Order.

    The B'nai B'rith-ADL is probably active in your city. It approaches local schools, private companies, and professional associations offering indoctrination in "diversity" and "hate crimes." It trains the local police in political crimes. "Hate" is anything or anyone that interferes with the world government agenda, partly listed on the ADL website . The B'nai B'rith is part of the Masonic Scottish Rite Order established in 1843. It's militant arm, the "Anti Defamation League" (ADL) was formed in 1913, the same year as the US Federal Reserve.

    According to The Ugly Truth About the ADL (1992) by the Executive Intelligence Review, the B'nai B'rith has always played a leading role in returning the US to the Masonic control of the British Crown. (a.k.a The New World Order.) "Not only is the ADL emphatically not a Jewish civil rights lobby; the ADL and its parent agency B'nai B'rith have been from their inception, arms of the British secret intelligence services and secret societies that are sworn enemies of the United States. The B'nai B'rith and the ADL have used their nominal Jewishness to conceal their actual allegiance and agenda." (Ugly Truth,p.3)

    The B'nai B'rith/ Scottish Rite was instrumental in starting the Ku Klux Klan and causing the US Civil War, which destroyed the flower of American manhood. A B'nai B'rith leader, Simon Wolf, was a Confederate spy and was implicated in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the first of many such coup d'etats (i.e. the assassinations of Presidents Garfield, McKinley, Kennedy.) The book goes on to detail ADL links to organized crime, drugs and prostitution, domestic spying, the purchase of the US Congress and the removal of Christianity from public institutions. It says the ADL fought Texas legislation to prosecute satanic ritual crimes and lost numerous libel suits for defaming critics as "anti-Semites."


    As I have said, the mainspring of the New World Order is the private central bankers' need to translate their unlimited financial power, derived from their control of your government's credit, into permanent world institutions of political and social control. Millions of non-Jews and a disproportionate number of Jews have sold their souls to these Lucifer-loving bankers. Led by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the banking cartel is behind the Sept. 11 attacks, the Iraq war and the phony "War on Terror."

    They are behind the B'nai B'rith-ADL. Take their "Diversity" program for example. You cannot work for a large corporation or government today without receiving this insulting Stalinist indoctrination which forces us to embrace human "differences" regardless of their merit. A measure of the Masonic control of Western society is that "Diversity" was never debated or put to a vote. It became the official ideology as if by magic. Particularly distasteful is the ADL's "early childhood initiative" which targets 3-5 year-olds for indoctrination. They hide behind a smokescreen of platitudes but the net effect is that youngsters of European origin do not learn pride in their national or cultural heritage. The ADL boasts that 375,000 teachers and 12 million students have participated in these programs.

    In the workplace, "Diversity" discriminates against Europeans, and particularly white heterosexual males by favoring women, coloreds and homosexuals. People are chosen on the basis of this political profile instead of their competence, which would be truly non-discriminatory and fair, not-to-mention efficient. The purpose is to fragment society and destabilize the family so there is no coherent basis for resistance to world government. At the same time, the ADL actively promotes Zionist education and consciousness, including free trips to Israel for Jewish youth. Thus Jews are indoctrinated to promote the Masonic agenda and to take the fall when the time comes.

    The B'nai B'rith-ADL doesn't represent Jews. It represents Masonic Jewish Bankers, who plot the demise of Western Civilization.

  • Why Jews Push Gay Marriage VIDEO