Dubai's police chief said on Monday that travelers suspected of being Israeli will not be allowed into the United Arab Emirates even if they arrive with alternative passports.

    Lt. Gen. Dahi Khalfan Tamim says the move comes after the killing of a Hamas operative in Dubai, blamed by the Emirates authorities on Israel's Mossad spy agency. Tamim said a 26-member team used European and Australian passports to enter the country in January and kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.

    "We will not allow those who hold Israeli passports into the UAE no matter what other passport they have," Tamim said. He did not explain what procedures would be used to identify the Israeli visitors, except that the police will "develop skills" to recognize Israelis by "physical features and the way they speak." It was also unclear if the measure would apply to Israeli athletes competing in international sports events in the Emirates and how it could affect Israel's participation in international meetings here.

    It was unclear if the measure would apply to Israeli athletes competing in international sports events being held there, such as tennis player Shahar Peer, a recent semifinalist in the local WTA tennis tournament. The comment came as earlier, Tamim had charged Mossad with insulting Dubai as well as countries whose forged passports were used by its agents in the assassination of a Hamas military commander last month. The Dubai police chief also said a 27th member of the team that killed Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in his hotel room last month had been identified, saying only that she was a woman. "Mossad shouldn't come to us. We haven't done anything to Israel. This is an insult to us, to Britain, to Australia, to Germany and to New Zealand and it's shameful," Tamim told reporters in Dubai, a member of the United Arab Emirates.

    Israel has not confirmed or denied it played any role but Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said there was nothing to link it to the killing. Hamas says Mabhouh played a role in smuggling weapons from Iran into the Gaza Strip, which Hamas runs. The UAE, an Arab state that backs Palestinians seeking an independent state, has no diplomatic relations with Israel. But it has established low-level political and trade links in recent years, with some Israeli officials attending events in the Gulf Arab state. Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer competed in the Dubai Championships last month.

    Tamim said dual passport holders with Israeli nationality would face extra security procedures in future and predicted the alleged hit team would have problems traveling outside Israel. "In the future, those we suspect of carrying dual nationality [including Israeli] will be treated very carefully," he said. "If Israel and Mossad mistreated Europeans, we will not... Our treatment of Europeans will not be affected." People with the same names as many of the suspects live in Israel and say their identities were stolen. The passport abuse has drawn criticism from the European Union, and some of the governments involved have summoned the Israeli ambassadors to their countries to protest. Dubai police said on Sunday the killers drugged Mabhouh with a muscle relaxant before suffocating him.


    rothschilds The more people like me speak out about this, the more will scratch their heads and go, “No way!” or “You’re an idiot, Garner!” or, worst of all, “You’re not an American!”

    I’ve heard this crap before, and it always comes from ignorant souls who just don’t understand how the political and economic systems work in the western world. After more than 30 years of anecdotal research, connecting thousands of dots across an endless sky, a distinct pattern begins to emerge, something I’ll share a bit with you here. First, there’re other brave souls out there who also have researched this contentious topic, and have drawn similar conclusions. And we’ve all done so independently, which makes our conclusions all the more striking. I’ve said this before and it bears repeating: the evil family Rothschild, which controls what I term The First Sphere of Influence in the western world, hides in plain sight. They even flaunt their wealth and control and power over us with such arrogance and contempt that it cannot be ignored, even by like-minded people as they.

    Where shall I start?

    The U.S. income tax was a long sought-after tax the Rothschilds had attempted to bring on since the late 1770s, but it was strongly resisted by Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison and John Adams, among other less-known (to contemporary audiences) American Patriots. Traitor Alexander Hamilton, a bastard child born in the warm Caribbean, was our first Secretary of the Treasury, sent to the US by the Rothschilds to establish the first central bank. Hamilton had been groomed from the start by the Rothschilds, although few people actually knew of his true identity. Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s killer, knew of his background and often chided and bullied him over it, until Burr finally slapped Hamilton across the face with a leather glove, thus issuing the challenge that killed Hamilton. While Thomas Jefferson vehemently fought against the creation of such a bank, George Washington believed that Hamilton knew what he was doing and thus must be correct. They bank was started . . . and suddenly plunged the nascent United States into debt. When the central bank’s charter expired, it was not renewed, so the Rothschilds punished the “Colonies” by having the British attack the US again to commence the War of 1812. When the US “won” the war, once again expelling the RedCoats from our lands, the Rothschilds reveled in their own victory, having established yet another central bank that drained the US taxpayers of their Personal Income.

    When this bank’s charter ran its course, the whole Rothschild-US President [Fill In The Blank] battle started again, with one side winning a victory over the other in the ensuing 70 years. Without dredging up reams of references from our beloved annals of history, please note that President Andrew Jackson was instrumental in fighting the Rothschilds, although they tried on numerous occasions to assassinate him. It wasn’t until 1913 that Senator Nelson Aldrich and his fascist “American Rothschilds” managed to sneak through a bill, during the winter break of the House of Representatives, that imposed a formal personal income tax on all Americans. Our notion that our personal income taxes go to paying for our country’s infrastructure, social services, military, etc. is inaccurate, to say the least. Our personal income taxes first are collected by the US Treasury via the Internal Revenue Service, which sends the funds to the Federal Reserve, which is NOT a federal bank of any sort. The privately owned Federal Reserve, which is owned by the Rothschilds and, to a smaller extent, other banking families, then sends our tax dollars to its own Bank of England, which is located in the sovereign area of London called The City of London. Interestingly, The City of London has its own laws, security forces and military, completely independent of the rest of London and the entire United Kingdom. It is considered the most elite banking and economic center in the western world.

    The Bank of England, again, owned by the Rothschilds, sends our tax dollars to other central banks, all privately owned, and located in Europe. Why do we even pay this illegal personal income tax, when our own government can operate without it? Because our government borrows heavily from the Rothschilds and must pay interest on these loans. Our personal income tax offsets these interest payments. All usurious, of course. And all illegal.

    In the coming months, I’ll share more with you. I realize that this information is hard to take, given we’ve been raised on the notion that we live in a free and democratic society, and our hard-earned money goes toward our benevolent US government. In effect, my fellow Americans, it is all a lie.

    The good news is that these bare facts are now more visible than ever and, with sufficient time and effort, people like me will get this word out. We have already seen the power of the American people against the healthcare reform bills: a stunning backlash against the Brzezinski Cartel and The First Sphere of Influence. Backlashes like we’re seeing now are just the beginning of a new American Revolution, one that we actually win. This time.

  • The Rothschild Dynasty
  • The Jewish hand behind Internet

    Israel's Tehran connection

    Israel, while supposedly observing an ironclad boycott of all things Iranian, is happily buying Iranian oil.

    If you've ever wondered about the definition of hypocrisy you'll find the answer right here. Last month the Swiss foreign minister visited Iran and, together with President Ahmadinejad, attended the signing of a multi-billion euro contract for Iran to supply Switzerland with large amounts of natural gas over the next 25 years. The US State Department immediately condemned the deal and said it would be investigating whether it breached the Iran Sanctions Act. Israel complained too, describing the Swiss minister's visit to Tehran as an "act unfriendly to Israel". Various Jewish groups also joined in the protests, including the World Jewish Congress.

    This righteous indignation was entirely predictable but more than a little odd nevertheless. On March 30, the Swiss newspaper Sonntag retaliated with the revelation that Israel, supposedly observing an ironclad boycott of all things Iranian, has been buying Iranian oil for years. The story is in German but Israeli journalist Shraga Elam has provided me with a translation which I'll quote from here.

    "Israel imports Iranian oil on a large scale even though contacts with Iran and purchasing of its products are officially boycotted by Israel. Israel gets around the boycott by having the oil delivered via Europe. A reliable Israeli energy newsletter, EnergiaNews, reported this last week [March 18] ... "EnergiaNews got the information about the Iran trade from sources with ties to the management of Israeli Oil Refineries Ltd ... According to EnergiaNews the Iranian oil is liked in Israel because its quality is better than other crude oils. "The report by EnergiaNews editor Moshe Shalev states that the Iranian oil reaches various European ports, mainly in Rotterdam. It is bought by Israelis and the necessary European bill of lading and insurance papers are supplied. Then it is transported to Haifa in Israel. The importer is the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC), which keeps its oil sources secret."

    EAPC was established in 1968 as a joint Israeli-Iranian company to transport oil from Iran to Europe. After the fall of the Shah, Iran ceased to play an active role in its affairs and there are ongoing legal disputes between the two partners. The Swiss report continued:

    "It is not clear if the Iranian exporters know about Israeli purchases of their oil. At the other end, the Israeli buyers and governmental offices are well aware of where the high-grade oil comes from, although it is a blatant defiance of the boycott. The EnergiaNews article even made it through Israeli censorship, which asked only for some changes in the text. The fact that the report cleared the censors increases the credibility of the information. In the past, such reports were forbidden. "When questioned by Sonntag, an energy expert of one of the leading Israeli papers confirmed the EnergiaNews report: Israel has been importing Iranian oil for many years. The expert stressed, however, that the purchases were made on the free market and not directly from Iran."

    Sonntag quoted a spokesman for Oil Refineries Ltd as denying that his company imports and processes Iranian oil. However, Sonntag pointed to a report in Haaretz newspaper last October which said that an Israeli energy company called Paz would be refining Iranian oil and supplying it to the Palestinian Authority from the start of this year. This begs the question: if Iran is, as Bibi Netanyahu argues, an existential threat to Israel, why does the government allow such trade? Would Israel have the US attack Iran's nuclear programme and provoke a potential region-wide conflict while it cannot seem to wean itself from high quality Iranian crude? You'd think if Israelis are cowering in fear from an Iranian bomb and the arch antisemite Ahmadinejad, they wouldn't want to trade with such an enemy.

    When is a boycott not a boycott? When it's in your naked economic interest to circumvent it, apparently. But one should ask: if Israel doesn't honour its self-declared boycott of Iran, why should the rest of the world honour its boycott of Hamas and Gaza? If Israel doesn't honour its own boycott, then why should members of Congress vote with AIPAC when it proposes a measure that even Israel honours only in the breach? It's interesting to note from a discussion (in Hebrew) on the Kedma website that Israel does not formally define Iran as an "enemy nation" and therefore in a strictly legal sense such trade is permissible. Ironically, Iran too has a boycott against Israel in place and is violating its own measures in that regard. Furthermore, the same commenter notes that Israel last week dismissed attempts to engage Syria in a diplomatic process as a failure because Syria refuses to renounce its ties with Iran. Do I hear the word "hypocrisy"?





    netanyahu Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized in early January the assassination of Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, according to the Sunday Times. Based on information obtained from "sources with knowledge of Mossad," the newspaper reported that th Israeli leader gave Mossad chief Meir Dagan the green light for the Dubai operation during a meeting at the intelligence agency's headquarters in the northern suburbs of Tel Aviv.

    The sources added that the Mossad hit squad trained for the Dubai mission by secretly rehearsing in a Tel Aviv hotel. Meanwhile, German authorities are examining the identity of Michael Bodenheimer, the name that appeared on a genuine German passport allegedly used in last month's assassination. The authorities in the city of Cologne, where the passport was issued, launched a probe, and federal authorities are now considering a move of their own. According to German weekly Der Spiegel, Bodenheimer, an Israeli, applied for a German passport from the Cologne authorities. The German passport was issued on June 18, 2009. That document was used by one of the assassination suspects in Dubai on January 19, a day before the killing.



  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) -- Dubai authorities issued an international arrest warrant Tuesday for suspects in last month's slaying of a top Hamas official, according to a written statement.

    Police Monday identified 11 people -- 10 men and a woman -- suspected in the killing of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a founding member of Hamas' military wing who had survived at least three other attempts More..on his life. Al-Mabhouh was killed in his hotel room January 19 hours after he arrived in Dubai from Syria. Dubai Deputy Attorney General Issam Issa Homeidan said in a statement the warrant was issued "against all the killers of Mabhouh since they committed a premeditated murder on Dubai soil." The warrant was issued based on United Arab Emirates law and treaties with the suspects' countries of origin, the statement said. "The UAE has an agreement with these nations to hand over any criminal once they are arrested."

    Dubai police said Monday the 11 suspects had valid European passports -- one from France, three from Ireland, six from Britain, and one from Germany. But the British Foreign Office said in a statement Tuesday: "We believe the passports used were fraudulent and have begun our own investigation." The office said it has offered its "assistance and support" to the investigatators in Dubai.

    And the Irish Foreign Ministry said it "was unable to find any record of Irish passports having been issued with details corresponding to the details published today in a number of UAE newspapers. "We are in ongoing contact with the UAE authorities to try to ascertain the exact facts of the case," ministry spokesman Derek Lambe said in a statement. "To date, we have received no evidence that any Irish nationals were involved." The French Foreign Ministry said it "is not in position to confirm the authenticity of the French identity document that would be held by one of the suspects in this case."

    According to police, the suspects arrived in Dubai the day before the killing. Five of them carried out the crime while the remaining six served as lookouts, police said. Police identified a man from France as the logistical mastermind. Police allege the man stayed at a luxury hotel in Dubai, but also booked a room at the al Bustan Rotana hotel where al-Mabhouh was killed. The French suspect requested room 237 -- directly across from where al-Mabhouh was staying in room 230, police say, but the suspect apparently never stayed there. Instead, police say the rest of the group used the room to plot the killing and the alleged mastermind left the country before it was carried out. Footage on security cameras at Dubai International Airport show one of the suspects following al-Mabhouh after he landed, police said. Two others followed him once he arrived at the hotel, police said, taking the same elevator and ensuring al-Mabhouh was staying in room 230.

    Police said they believe the suspects entered al-Mabhouh's room about 8 p.m. local time after the hotel cleaning crew finished their rotation on the floor, using an electronic device to gain entry. Al-Mabhouh entered his room at 8:25 p.m., hotel security cameras and an electronic read-out of his room key show. Police say the killing took no more than ten minutes before the suspects left the room and headed immediately to the airport where they boarded flights to various cities in Europe and Asia, police said. Before leaving, police said, the group took great care to make sure the room looked orderly, removing anything that might indicate a struggle. The suspects also deliberately turned the safety lock on the room door from the inside in order to suggest the death was normal, police said.

    Police did not provide details about the nature of the killing in their statement Monday, but authorities have told al-Mabhouh's family that there were signs of five or six electric shocks on his legs, behind his ears, on his genitals and over his heart. Blood on a pillow led police to believe he was suffocated. Dubai authorities started investigating immediately, Homeidan said in the statement Tuesday, and ordered an autopsy be conducted on al-Mabhouh. A number of witnesses have been interviewed. The investigation was ongoing, he said, and more details will be forthcoming. On Monday, Dubai police chief Dahi Khalfan said in a statement that, "The United Arab Emirates does not accept the notion that its land can be used as a battlefield for settling scores no matter what the causes or affiliations of these involved perpetrators can be."

    He warned that anyone who tries to "tamper with the country's security or the safety of any resident or visitor of its community will be subject to prosecution and accountability." At al-Mabhouh's funeral in January in Damascus, Syria, where he spent the last years of his life, mourners speculated that Israel's intelligence unit, Mossad, was behind the assassination. Al-Mabhouh was behind the kidnapping and killing of two Israeli soldiers in 1989, according to Hamas. Israeli security sources have told CNN that al-Mabhouh was a key link between Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas and he was involved in smuggling arms to Gaza. The same sources also pointed out an arms dealer could have many enemies, not just Israel.

    Israel has a stated policy on security matters of neither confirming nor denying involvement. Just after al-Mabhouh died, Hamas said in a statement his death was an "assassination." Government officials in Israel declined to comment on that statement.


    jenny tonge Lib Dem health spokeswoman sacked
    Baroness Tonge made her comments to the Jewish Chronicle

    The Liberal Democrat leader has sacked his health spokeswoman in the House of Lords after comments she made about alleged organ trafficking in Haiti. Jenny Tonge told the Jewish Chronicle there should be an inquiry into claims that Israeli troops sent there after the earthquake were trafficking organs.

    Nick Clegg said the comments were "wrong, distasteful and provocative" and dismissed her from her post. He said she apologised "unreservedly" for any offence she had caused. The peer is a patron of the news website, the Palestine Telegraph, which printed the allegations. It claimed that members of the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), sent to help with the humanitarian effort after Haiti's devastating quake, were selling human organs.

    'Highly offensive'

    Baroness Tonge told the Jewish Chronicle: "To prevent allegations such as these - which have already been posted on You Tube - going any further, the IDF and the Israeli Medical Association should establish an independent inquiry immediately to clear the names of the team in Haiti." If I had to live in that situation... I might just consider becoming one myself Jenny Tonge, speaking about Palestinian suicide bombers in 2004

    In a statement released on Friday evening, Nick Clegg said the allegations were "highly offensive". "The comments were wrong, distasteful and provocative and I recognise the deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community," he said. "While I do not believe that Jenny Tonge is anti-semitic or racist, I regard her comments as wholly unacceptable.

    "Jenny Tonge apologises unreservedly for the offence she has caused." It is not the first time that Baroness Tonge has been dismissed from a party post. In 2004, when she was still an MP, then Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy asked her to quit as children's spokeswoman following remarks she made about Palestinian suicide bombers.

    She told a pro-Palestinian lobby group: "If I had to live in that situation - and I say that advisedly - I might just consider becoming one myself." She retired as an MP after the incident, but entered the House of Lords. In 2006, she was reprimanded by Lib Dem whips after saying the party was "probably in the grip" of the pro-Israel lobby.


    itai pinkas Yoav and Itai will ask State to allow them to become parents through surrogacy. According to them, law is out-dated and discriminatory. 'There is no reason we shouldn't enjoy parenthood like any other couple,' they say

    A same-sex couple will petition the High Court on Wednesday with a request that the State be ordered to allow them to become parents through surrogacy. The two men, Yoav Arad Pinkas and Itai Pinkas, both 37, will ask the court to order the committee for authorizing fetus carrying arrangements within the Health Ministry to recognize them as parents under the Surrogacy Law. In their petition, they will claim that despite having all medical authorizations, the committee refused to recognize them because the Surrogacy Law stipulates that parents are necessarily a man and a woman.

    According to their claim, there is no essential reason not to interpret the law as being applicable to man and man as well. "The language of the law was born of an archaic reality that has undergone a comprehensive change in the past decade and a half that have passed since the law was legislated," they wrote in their petition, which will be submitted through Attorney Dori Spivak, from the Tel Aviv University's law department. In the past five years, the couple has tried various methods of becoming parents, many of which have required significant resources. A number of years ago, they tried to have a child with a woman. However, after about a year of in-vitro fertilization treatments, she had a miscarriage.

    Regarding the option of using a surrogate mother from abroad, the couple will claim in their indictment that "this is a track riddled with hardships that is possible only for those with significant resources while depriving a couple from a low socio-economic level." The two said on Tuesday that because of the hurdles in their path, they are left with no other choice but to turn to the High Court: "We are petitioning the High Court in order to rectify the wanton discrimination against us. There is no reason that as a married couple recognized by the State that we should not enjoy parenthood like any other couple." The Pinkas' will ask the court to hold an early hearing on the issue because even if their petition is accepted by the court, they still face a long road until they will be able to exercise their right to become parents. They will claim in their case that because of their age, a delay of even a few months will cause them great suffering in light of their strong desire to be parents.




  • U.S., February 10, 2010 (Pal Telegraph) -Twelve people were arrested during a raucous lecture at UC Irvine, California, where Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren came to talk about U.S.-Israel relations.

    Oren was interrupted 10 times while trying to give his speech to 500 people at the UCI Student Center, where there was heavy security. Oren took a 20-minute break after the fourth protest, asked for hospitality and resumed his speech, only to be interrupted again by young men yelling at him every few minutes. Many members of the audience also applauded Oren. After the 10th interruption, several dozen students who opposed Oren got up and walked out to stage a protest outside. Oren continued talking, completing his speech at 6:42 p.m. Originally, he planned to take questions from the audience. But that was canceled after the repeated protests. UCI Police Chief Paul Henisey said it is not clear whether any of the protesters were UCI students. UCI Chancellor Michael Drake told the audience he was embarrassed by the outburst. Drake was booed by many people, and applauded by others.

    Hours earlier, UCI's Muslim Student Union said in an email today that its members "condemn and oppose the presence of Michael Oren, the ambassador of Israel to the United States, on our campus today. We resent that the Law School and the Political Science Department on our campus have agreed to cosponsor a public figure who represents a state that continues to break international and humanitarian law and is condemned by more UN Human Rights Council resolutions than all other countries in the world combined." The Jewish Federation Orange County said earlier in the day that it had been informed that Oren's speech at UC Irvine late today might be disrupted by protestors.

    This was not the first time there has been confrontation at a political lecture at UCI. In January 2007, Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum was interrupted by protesters at UCI while giving a speech titled "The Threat to Israel's Existence." The protesters ended up getting into a brief shouting match with some members of the audience.


    The principal of Tel Aviv's prestigious Gymnasia Herzliya High School attempted to explain on Sunday his decision not to take part in a joint army-Education Ministry program; which angered Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenzi.

    "The idea that the army will educate teachers casts major doubt on the work the teachers do, all day all the time. It damages one of the most basic foundations of our profession. I am not against the army, I am against the blurring of boundaries, when officer come to teach teachers how to educate,' the principal, Dr. Zeev Dagani, said. Dagani said he has received death threats and condemnation ever since he announced that the school would not be taking part in the program, which began last month in some 270 high schools throughout the country. The program brings officers with the rank of lieutenant colonel and colonel to the schools to instruct teachers how to encourage young people to join the army and sign up for combat roles. Increasing draft rates is one of the goals of the Education Ministry; Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar is overseeing the program.

    The Education Ministry said the goal of the program is "educational and values-related dialogue between educators and commanders to raise dilemmas and questions of values and morals with which educators and commanders deal." Dagani cited pedagogical reasons in his decision not to take part. Participation in the program is at the discretion of each principal.

    On Sunday, the Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported that Ashkenazi, an alumnus of Gymnasia Herzliya, said "I am ashamed of the school where I studied." According to Gymnasia Herzliya figures, 96.2 percent of its male graduates go into the army. It has a Gadna paramilitary course and a specialized Gadna course with increased Arabic studies. Soldiers in uniform conduct a draft-preparation course in the school and senior reserve officers are invited on a regular basis for lectures on various subjects. Dagani said the responses he has received on his decision show extreme intolerance.

    "It would have been much easier for me to have agreed to the program. But the little that is left to us educators is the right to work according to out conscience and our pedagogic understanding. The responses are depressing and very frightening," he said. Last week, officers from the Paratroops Brigade visited the Gymnasia Realit school in Rishon Lezion. The principal, Shosh Vinter, said the experience was very positive. "The meeting was an opportunity for the faculty to learn about educational activities in the army and learn how the military complements our educational work," she said.

    Numerous Herzliya Gymnasia students signed a letter to Ashkenazi, which stated: "We do not believe that obedience to the military should be required of various systems, particularly the education system, which promotes individualistic thinking." "We have the right not to follow what everyone else does like a herd," one student, Dana Sandal said. However, another student, Meron Manzin, said: "They should let the officers come, so the teachers can get us psyched up about going into the army. It's the teachers' job to train us for military life."

    The Education Ministry said: "The quota for participation in the program has been filled and no school was obligated to participate. Schools were very willing and satisfied with the program." The ministry also said Dagani's remarks were "unfortunate" but also noted the school's programs to encourage service in the IDF.






  • The 1st Firewall the Terrorist State of Israel uses to block information did not go so well in this case. What the Israelis are doing in the vid is Collective Punishment. This takes various forms of indiscriminate shelling, kidnapping youth enmasse, turning off utilities, destroying crops and demolishing whole neighborhoods. Collective Punishment is a Crime Against Humanity per Nuremburg Precedent. Nazis were executed for these same acts.



    America is dying, inflicted with a fatal, terminal disease. Few understand this. Most citizens are in denial. The glories of yesteryear—the halcyon days of Washington, Jefferson, Audie Murphy, and John Wayne—will return, the die-hard optimists say—"Just you wait and see."

    But these bright-eyed people are wrong. No dreaded disease can be conquered by the misguided patient who fails to realize he is sick and dying. Knowledge leads to victory, and in America today, the people perish for lack of knowledge.

    Cut Off From Our Roots

    The reason why America is dying is simple. We have been cut off from our roots, including our Christian moorings, our Bill of Rights, and our patriotic heritage. All plants cut off at the roots eventually die, from lack of nutrition. The life force ebbs from their branches and leaves, and their limbs and vines atrophy and dissipate. So, too, do the limbs and constituent parts of nations die when separated from the nurturing substances that give them life. America’s terminal illness is not an accident of fate. It is a planned event. This is the working out of "Rothschild’s Plan for America," a plan which I detail at length in my CD/audiotape offering of the same title (Order your copy today by clicking Tape or CD). The greedy Rothschild is a thief, a global thief, and as Jesus told us, "The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy."

    America Battered by "Creative Destruction"

    The Illuminati elite are deeply complicit in Rothschild’s thieving and murderous plan. They are willing tools of our destruction. Alan Greenspan, the crafty Jewish financier who served Rothschild and the elite cryptocracy as head of the Federal Reserve banking cartel during the administrations of both Presidents Bush (the younger George W. and the elder George H. W.) as well as President Clinton, significantly helped in the fulfillment of this heinous plot. Interestingly, Greg Kaza, in Chronicles journal (Jan. 2010), notes that Greenspan referred to America’s diminishing status twelve times during his reign as Fed Chairman, each time using the carefully crafted catch-phrase "creative destruction" first invented by Harvard’s economist, Joseph Schumpeter, in his 1942 book, Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy.

    It was Greenspan and his cronies-in-crime, Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who oversaw the massive "credit bubble" brought on by the repeal of the depression era Glass-Steagall Act. This ingenious bit of Rothschild-generated treachery enabled the huge multinational banks and institutions (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Lazard, Bank of America, AIG, et al) to create and pocket trillions of dollars of instant cash in the form of shadowy mortgage debt swaps and derivatives. Whack! In one fell swoop the Jewish and Israeli bankers harvested a bonanza and profit windfall, while the unsuspecting American worker was abruptly and violently sucked down the vortex of the banking toilet and into a cesspool of financial despair and panic. All this mess was foreknown by Rothschild and associates. After all, they engineered it. It’s a masterful part of the classic process of Hegelian dialecticism played out, pitting the two great opposing forces of social progress, Capitalism and Communism, against each other in a devastating contest of efficiency and will.

    Barack Obama Created For This Time

    Barack Obama was created for just such a time as this. He will go down in history as the Great Hero who put the final touches on Rothschild’s diabolical Master Plan—the leader who put the nails in the coffin of Capitalism while enhancing the efficiency of the Big Brother Police State. The end result of this contest—the historical tug of war between Capitalism and Communism, the synthesis that is going to occur after all the blood is shed and society undergoes a drenching, stormy downpour of consummate evil—is that an entire new system of government, social life, and culture will be installed. Already, if we look clear-mindedly and objectively at the grotesque future that even now is pulling up at our doorsteps, we can make out the dim lines of the horror that shall shortly confront us.

    Neither classic, pure Capitalism nor the Marxist/Leninist system of Communism is acceptable to the elite. Capitalism, therefore, is being quickly discarded, and Communism, having abjectly failed, is also thrown out. From, however, the rotting carcasses of these two outmoded systems, Capitalism and Communism, Rothschild and his associates are now ushering in a ruthlessly barbaric system for which I have coined the descriptive catch-word, Zio-Mammonism. It means the smashing of individual rights, the exaltation of Jewish supremacism, and the triumph of crass materialism (Mammon) over spiritual principles. Rothschild’s Plan for America will vault our once great nation to the very pinnacle of greed, hatred, and narcissism.

    America Being Torn Down and Rebuilt

    Greenspan, in a September 4, 1998 speech at the University of California, Berkley, informed his audience that the traditional American way, the now discredited Capitalism, is "being torn down and rebuilt." On December 4, 2008, another of the establishment’s favored pied-piper spokesmen, columnist George Will, wrote that Schumpeter’s "creative destruction" was underway, with the economy necessarily "losing tens of millions of jobs." Both Mr. Greenspan and Mr. Will are big cheerleaders for the debilitating process of creative destruction.

    Even conservative columnist Thomas Sowell, an avid supporter of the Rothschild/ Limbaugh/ Reagan/ Bush/ Cheney/ Rockefeller Free Trade agenda, joined in this historically corrupt quest for economic pick-pocketing, writing on December 17, 2008, that "creative destruction"—a good thing, he insists—means that American automakers and other manufacturers will just have to die and be replaced, having “outlived their usefulness.” What of the millions of American workers left destitute? So what, say the "creative destruction" wrecking crew. "All’s well that ends well." But, just how will it all end? What is the end-game of this destructive process? The often overlooked fact is that Schumpeter was a Marxist! And he, like Marx, foresaw the end of Capitalism and its replacement. The dialectical process would continue: evolution and revolution would eventually see to the demise of both Capitalism and it’s opposite, Communism.

    Everything Must Change

    But—and this is vital and important—it is not only the economy of America that is "being torn down and rebuilt." Zio-Mammonism, the new social system now being implemented as our nation is "rebuilt," requires that our Christian values must go, our morality and ethical systems must be deep-sixed, our whole way of life must be gutted. Satanism is the ultimate endgame. Satanism is slated to rise triumphant, like the fabled Phoenix rising from the embers and ashes of a consuming fire. To insure this satanic end-victory, everything must change. The Washington-Jeffersonian constitutional model is abandoned, the Rothschild-Zionist Plan is installed and made operative. Hell on earth must be created. Death must be served.

    No More Bridges to the Past

    Bill Clinton saw it coming. He understood the vision. In 1996, the murderously lying and conniving adulterer Clinton told America, "We do not need a bridge to the past, we need to build a bridge to the future." So the links to the past were jettisoned, and the bridge to the future was built, and now this bridge to the future is in its final stages of construction. Soon comes the ribbon-cutting and then... No more heritage, no more yesterday, no more past. It all goes into the Orwellian black hole of ancient history. Thus, we can see why Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 1992 Democratic National Convention motto and anthem was the musical refrain from that witchy group Fleetwood Mac’s hit song, "Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow."

    The New Paradigm: Zio-Mammonism

    Yes, America is to have a new paradigm, Zio-Mammonism, designed by Jewish rabbinical philosophers and brought about by "creative destruction." It’s out with the old (the outmoded and valueless U.S. Constitution, Christian truth, freedom and liberty, etc.) and in with the new. Our future will become the numbing, godless insanity of a Talmudic culture ruthlessly guided and policed by Judeo-fascist elitism. Rothschild’s Plan of Zio-Mammonism is being implemented. Only the old-fashioned fuddy-duddies like you and me will resist. The ignorant masses are clueless. Can we save things? Turn back the clock? I am not sure we can, but we must try. It will be difficult, however, to put the genie back into the bottle. Our future does, indeed, look grim. Satan is grinning, his kingdom is at hand and the deliriously joyful congregation of the Synagogue of Satan is applauding. Storm clouds are gathering. As that famous tune by Bob Dylan so sagely warned us, "It’s a hard rain’s gonna fall." One last thought: "The death of America equals the birth of the Jewish Utopia." Is that what has long been heralded as the "New Order of the Ages?"




  • Part 2 Part 3





    Stuart Littlewood comments on the latest display of arrogance by suspected Israeli war criminals who insist on being allowed into the UK without fear of prosecution, and on the cowardice of British ministers, including Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who say they will change the law to accommodate Israeli war crimes suspects.

    ” What is absurd is that murderous Israelis, with the stench of mega-deaths on them, expect to be let into the UK... ”Israel itself was happy to use ‘universal jurisdiction’ to try Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961. The principle, let us remember, is that there can be no hiding place for those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, extrajudicial executions, war crimes, torture and forced disappearances...

    “The British public’s message to Israel meanwhile is simple. If you must come here, make sure your hands are clean. War criminals are not welcome.”

    While the Viva Palestina convoy drama was being played out, a delegation of senior Israeli military officers cancelled a planned visit to the UK for fear of being arrested over alleged war crimes in Gaza. With the insufferable arrogance we have come to expect from Israelis, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon demanded from Britain's attorney-general, Baroness Scotland, an immediate solution to the "intolerable" situation. "If the British law remains unchanged, this would undermine the good relations between the two countries who share common values and interests. The British must bear in mind that these visits serve both countries,” Ayalon is reported as saying.

    "This legislation is often misused," he added. "It initially targeted Nazi criminals, but terrorist organizations like Hamas are today using it to take democracies hostage. We have to put an end to this absurdity...” That is typical Israeli “crapaganda”. Britain does not share Israel’s racist and criminal values. In fact, we have nothing in common worth mentioning. And of course Hamas is no more a terrorist organization than the Israeli regime itself. What is absurd is that murderous Israelis, with the stench of mega-deaths on them, expect to be let into the UK.

    Last month, Tzipi Livni, now leader of Israel's main opposition party but foreign minister at the time of the blitzkrieg against Gaza, cancelled a visit to Britain after an arrest warrant was issued by a British court. An Israeli spokesperson said: "Only actions can put an end to this absurd situation, which would have seemed a comedy of errors were it not so serious." The errors are all Livni’s. Her appalling crimes are not funny. Yet British Prime Minister Gordon Brown insists that she is welcome and says he’ll change the law that allows British courts to issue warrants for alleged war crimes suspects. According to Baroness Scotland, speaking at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israeli leaders should not face arrest for war crimes under the law of universal jurisdiction. “The government is looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed to avoid this situation arising again. Israel's leaders should always be able to travel freely to the UK."

    And David Miliband, Foreign Secretary, says the British government is determined that arrest threats against visitors of Ms Livni's stature won’t happen again. "Israel is a strategic partner and a close friend of the United Kingdom. We are determined to protect and develop these ties. Israeli leaders – like leaders from other countries – must be able to visit and have a proper dialogue with the British government." Livni, referring to the slaughter she oversaw in Gaza a year ago, had the gall to say: "I would make the same decisions all over again." So Miliband seems happy for even the vilest foreign criminals to walk the streets of our capital. However, Livni is no longer a serving minister so why should even the most twisted minds in the British government consider rolling out the red carpet for her?

    Israel itself was happy to use “universal jurisdiction” to try Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961. The principle, let us remember, is that there can be no hiding place for those accused of genocide, crimes against humanity, extrajudicial executions, war crimes, torture and forced disappearances. But it seems Brown and Miliband will go to any lengths, even as far as dismantling our solemn obligations under international law, in order to protect their unsavoury friends. They need reminding that states which are party to the Geneva Conventions are obliged to seek out and either prosecute or extradite those suspected of having committed grave breaches of the conventions: "Each High Contracting Party shall be under the obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts..."

    "Grave breaches" means willful killing, torture or inhuman treatment, causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health, and other serious violations of the laws of war… all the atrocities committed by Israel in the Gaza Strip. Instead of making Britain an even bigger laughing-stock, Brown, Miliband and Scotland should get busy and do their duty, not duck it. The British public’s message to Israel meanwhile is simple. If you must come here, make sure your hands are clean. War criminals are not welcome.




  • Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

    israeli military The Israeli military has admitted harvesting organs from dead Palestinians after an interview conducted over the issue in 2000 was broadcast again.

    Over the weekend, Israel's Channel 2 TV broadcast an interview conducted in 2000 with the then-head of Israel's Abu Kabir forensic institute, Dr. Jehuda Hiss who revealed that forensic pathologists harvested organs from dead bodies, including Palestinian corpses in the 1990s, the Associated Press reported.

    "We started to harvest corneas ... Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family," said the doctor. According to the report, the forensic specialists harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from the bodies of Israeli soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers, often without seeking permission from relatives.

    Hiss also described how his doctors would cover up the removal of corneas from bodies. "We'd glue the eyelid shut," he said, adding that "We wouldn't take corneas from families we knew would open the eyelids." In response to the broadcast, the Israeli military confirmed the report in a statement but said, "This activity ended a decade ago and does not happen any longer."

    The report was released after an article by Swedish journalist Donald Bostrom, accusing Israel of killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs, caused a huge controversy. The article, entitled They plunder the organs of our sons, published by the Swedish daily Aftonbladet, sparked outrage among Israeli officials, who called it "groundless," "outrageous" and "anti-Semitic." Bostrom, however, said the purpose of his opinion article was to call for an investigation into numerous claims in the 1990s that such activity was going on.

  • Israel Harvested Organs in '90s Without Permission
  • Israel admits harvesting organs without OK
  • Israel Harvested Organs Without Families' Permission
  • Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs


    Spy thriller from Bat Yam takes Egypt by storm

    'Cousins' stars ugly, racist Israeli as Jewish state is depicted as arch enemy No. 1. Despite box office craze, some think script is bad and Tel Aviv is as glamorous as ever

    The movie "Cousins" ("Welad Ela'am") has won huge popularity in Egypt. Even three weeks after its debut, it's nearly impossible to get tickets to the movie in Cairo and its surroundings. The spy thriller, which takes place in Tel Aviv and compares Israelis to Nazis, is a hot topic on talk shows and has its stars putting in many long hours of interviews with the Arab media. Though the production studio is miffed that sales figures have been distorted in favor of the comedy "Amir the Sailor," the movie's main competitor on the charts. However, the company is proud of the record income of 14.4 million Egyptian liras (about $2.5 million) it raked in within just the first two weeks.

    At the beginning of the movie, we see an Egyptian father taking his wife and two children sailing off the shores of Egypt. In the middle of the sailing trip, the true story comes forth. The father, Daniel (Sharif Munir), is a Mossad agent who decided to kidnap his wife Selwa (Mona Zaki) and two children to Israel. He injects his wife with sedatives and brings her and the children to Israel. A short time later, the family wakes up in a luxurious home in the "Bat Yam neighborhood" of Tel Aviv and opens the window to see a huge Israeli flag. Selwa understands that she has awoken into a "nightmare" and has been duped all these years by her husband. Daniel presents Selwa with a choice: return on her own to Egypt and leave her two small children behind or continue to live with him in Israel. Left with no choice, Selwa agrees to stay in Israel, but finds out she is unable "to live with the racist people." Religious issues are also raised in the movie, as Selwa feels religion forbids her to live with a Jew. The plot is further complicated when Egyptian intelligence decides it is unwilling to turn a blind eye to the kidnapping. An Egyptian agent is sent to Israel to help Selwa and her children return to Egypt. Together, he and Selwa try to set up Daniel.

    Hatred and analogy to Nazis

    Despite the acclaim the film has received among Egyptian audiences, the film is saturated with venom and hatred towards Israel and its citizens. The movie's message is loud and clear – Israel is the enemy. The movie addresses the Palestinian issue and flaunts "the atrocities" being committed by Israel. For instance, the Egyptian agent accompanies a group of Palestinian worker and is exposed to their harsh reality of their daily lives: fighter jets that regularly bomb Palestinian villages, convoys of refugees moving along the sides of the roads asking for asylum, Israeli bad guys shoving elderly Palestinian women, Israelis destroying Palestinian homes, and other images that look as though they were taken straight out of a Holocaust movie. On the subject of the Holocaust, the movie makes an explicit comparison between Israel's actions and those committed by the Nazis. For instance, the Egyptian intelligence operative created a cover story for himself that he works in a pharmacy in Bat Yam. One day, he hears the memorial sirens blaring on Holocaust Remembrance Day. When his employer, an Egyptian-born Jew, explains to him the significance of the siren, the agent is dumbstruck that Israel commemorates the memory of the Holocaust while perpetrating "a holocaust" on the Palestinian people.

    Israel is presented in the movie as Egypt's No. 1 enemy. Upon Daniel's return to Israel, he briefs his operators that many Israeli spy rings are active in Egypt despite the peace agreement between the two countries. The movie demonizes the average Israeli. Throughout the movie, Israeli figures are typified as inhumane, not just towards Palestinians but also among themselves. Israeli society is portrayed as corrupt and violent, and hateful towards foreigners. The only positive Israeli character in the movie is the one of the Egyptian-born Jew, but even he declares that he "is not a Zionist."

    'Script is weak, but Tel Aviv is glamorous'

    The movie's script, according to reports in the Arab media, was authorized by Egypt's culture and information ministries (led, by the way, by Farouk Hosni, who ran for the position of UNESCO chief and lost). The Egyptian defense establishment and the Egyptian regulatory board for movies also gave the movie their blessing. The movie, which was filmed in South Africa, presents viewers with a supposed view of what Tel Aviv looks like today. In addition, a number of sentences in Hebrew were woven throughout the text in order to give the movie an "authentic landscape." Even those who didn't watch the movie could soak up its anti-Israel message via the interviews its headliners gave to the media.

    "There is no call for normalization with Israel in the movie," said Mona Zaki in an interview with London-based Arabic-language newspaper al-Sharq al-Awsat. "Until now, the Jews are the ones call us their 'cousins.' However, there are people who combine the Jew and the Zionist when there is in fact a big difference between the two. I am not against Jews because the Jews belong to a monotheistic faith. But I am against Zionism. Even the real Jews themselves are against Zionism. There is no call for normalization in the movie, and whoever sees the film will realize this." Despite the films popularity, not everyone is singing its praises. For example, a review in Dubai-based newspaper al-Bayan deemed the movie weak and unrealistic. "Despite the general weakness of the script, director Sharif Arafaa succeeded in a depicting quite a glamorous picture of life in Tel Aviv, where most of the movie's scenes take place," the review claimed. One way or another, when it comes to Egyptian blockbusters, there is nothing like kicking Israel in order to make the charts and fill movie seats.


    elias elia Credit card firm boss failed to pay £15m he pledged days before Flyglobespan's collapse

    THE boss of a firm who owed Flyglobespan £36million pledged to hand over £15million just days before the airline collapsed. Elias Elia made the promise last week in front of aviation industry regulators and Globespan chiefs. Yesterday, as passengers continued to battle for flights home, pressure was mounting on Elia to explain why his firm failed to cough up the cash which could have saved the airline. Finance secretary John Swinney said the airline were "badly let down" when credit card payment firm E-Clear didn't pay what they owed. Elia, 39, is chief executive of E-Clear - who act as middlemen between customers and businesses. E-Clear owed Globespan more than twice what the airline owed to creditors.

    And of the £36million E-Clear held back, £20million was for journeys which had already been completed. Swinney said: "Flyglobespan have been badly let down by the fact that a private company handling bookings on their behalf have not paid them money that they were due. "That is the inescapable commercial reality of what has been faced here. If they had actually passed on to Flyglobespan the money that company were entitled to have from members of the travelling public who had flown and landed again and there was no risk about their tickets, the company would have had a better chance of survival.

    "£20million of that money, without a word of question, should have been in Flyglobespan's account and that would have assisted their liquidity problems." Meanwhile, 27 of the airline's crew - now jobless - were still stranded abroad yesterday in the Muslim holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia. Some 3400 Globespan tourists are having to book new flights home and try to claim back their cost on insurance.

    Another 1100 package customers will be flown home free under the Civil Aviation Authority's ATOL guarantee scheme. Officials from the CAA were at talks last week between E-Clear boss Elia and cash-starved Globespan. A source said Elia told the meeting that £15million would be plugged into Globespan by Halcyon Investments, a Jersey-based company controlled by E-Clear. But the money failed to arrive by Wednesday and airline bosses say they had no option but to fold the business.

    Our source said: "They had no money left and it would have been breaking the law to carry on trading insolvently. "You can imagine how shocked, bitterly disappointed and upset the directors are.

    "The firm's founder, Tom Dalrymple, has dedicated his life to travel and spent more than 30 years building up his company from nothing to the extent that it had become a household name." London-based E-Clear, owned by a parent company in Cyprus, were involved with tour operators XL and Scots-based Zoom Airlines before they crashed. They were also pursued by administrators to Slovak budget airline SkyEurope, who went bust in June. E-Clear have so far failed to explain why the millions were not paid to Globespan.

    A statement from their directors said: "E-Clear are committed to working closely with the administrators of The Globespan Group to clarify and address the various complexities around the airline's financial position so that matters may be resolved as quickly as possible." Chief executive Elia added: "As one of the world's leading payment card processing companies, we have many years' experience in the airline industry and we will bring this expertise to bear in pursuit of an equable solution that reflects the interests of all parties." Last night, after a passenger helpline was jammed with over 15,000 calls, two new emergency numbers were set up on 0141 332 3233 and 0131 466 7612 /7607.

  • E-clear credit card transactions are failing to forward money to their customers
  • E-clear fancy Mayfair address despite being behind the collapse of airlines
  • Short video of Zionist Elias Elia discussing airlines connected with his company


    israeli war crimes In May of this year, the United Nations Committee Against Torture bought up the issue of Facility 1391, a clandestine Israeli prison where Palestinian, Lebanese, and other Arab prisoners are detained and subjected to torture. The committee called upon Israel to grant the International Committee of the Red Cross access to this prison and demanded to know if there were other secret prisons in Israel.

    The existence of Facility 1391 came to light in 2002, purely by accident. An Israeli human rights group, Hamoked, which provides assistance to Palestinian prisoners, demanded to know where Bashar and Mohammed Jadallah, two Palestinian cousins who could not be traced by their families after their arrest by the Israeli army, were being held. The Israeli authorities were forced to admit that they were in a secret prison. The location of that prison was also discovered accidentally a short time later. In 2003, Gad Kroizer, an Israeli historian, was researching old police buildings from the time of the British Mandate, when he came across a 70 year old map displaying 62 such buildings. He discovered that one of the buildings shown, called Meretz, could not be seen on any modern Israeli maps, and was not referred to in any of the literature relating to Israeli security compounds. He soon put two and two together. The Israeli authorities had done a thorough job in wiping away any trace of the facility from maps. It is however, visible on Google Earth today. The facility is located near the town of Pardes Hanna-Karkur. The coordinates are 32°28'11.93"N 35° 1'20.74"E.

    The facility is inside a military base controlled by Unit 504, a secret unit of the Intelligence Corps which is responsible for gathering "human intelligence" outside Israel. This unit runs a network of collaborators in Lebanon and Facility 1391 started out as a detention centre for prisoners captured or kidnapped by the Israelis in Lebanon in the 1980s. Among the abductees held there were Sheikh Abdul Karim Obeid, a Hizbullah leader seized from his home in Southern Lebanon in 1989 and Mustafa Dirani, head of security of the Amal Movement, who was kidnapped in 1994. The prisoners also included people who the Israelis said were abducted in order to be exchanged for the Israeli air force pilot Ron Arad who was captured by Amal in Lebanon in 1986. These included Hashem Fahaf, a 20 year old who was visiting Sheikh Obeid on the night he was abducted and who spent the next 11 years in Facility 1391, and two youths, one aged 16 and the other 17. Following the outbreak of the second Palestinian intifada in 2000, Unit 504 began to operate in the Palestinian territories and Israel began to detain Palestinians in Facility 1391 for the first time. Marwan Barghouthi, a prominent leader of the intifada, is perhaps the best known Palestinian to spend time in the secret prison. Facility 1391 has often been called "Israel's Guantanamo". However the situation there is even worse than in Guantanamo in at least one way. While the Red Cross has access to the notorious American detention centre, it has never been allowed to visit Facility 1391, neither has any other international organisation. Even members of the Israeli Knesset have been denied access to it by Israeli courts. Practically all the information about the facility comes from the testimony of prisoners held there. A former Israeli justice minister, David Libai, claimed to know nothing about Facility 1391 when interviewed.

    This secrecy surrounding the prison plays a key role in the torture of the prisoners held there, most of which is psychological. Prisoners arriving in Facility 1391 were led blindfolded into their cells. They were told by their captors that they were "outside the borders of Israel", "in a submarine", "in Honolulu", or "on the moon". The prisoners were held in cells with no windows. The lighting provided was barely equivalent to that of a candle. It was so dark that they had difficulty seeing their own hands. A repetitive and deafening sound, given off by a fan was constantly present. The cells there were of varying sizes but most were 2x2metres. Some cells, used to hold prisoners who were still under interrogation were only 1.25x1.25 metres. One prisoner reported being held in a cell no wider than a mattress. Prisoners were given sacks on arrival in the prison and told that they must place them on their heads any time a guard entered their cell or gave them food. They were threatened with dire consequences if they failed to follow this instruction or glimpsed a soldier's face. The use of beatings, sleep deprivation, and force feeding was routine. Toilet facilities consisted of a bucket placed in each of the tiny cells and emptied every few days. In most of the cells there was no running water; "luxury" cells had running water but this was under the control of the guards. One prisoner, Raed Bader, says of the sanitary conditions in Facility 1391, "On the ninth consecutive day in the stench-filled cell, one of the soldiers was supposed to come and take me out. He almost vomited and rushed out of the cell," because of the smell of the unemptied bucket. Bader also speaks of the role isolation played in his torture, "I spent many days in that solitary confinement cell and in others like it, and hour after hour I would talk to myself and feel that I was going crazy, or find myself laughing to myself." Another Palestinian held in 1391, Hassan Rawajbeh, mentioned that he had been in six Israeli prisons before "but these experiences were like five star hotels compared to 1391" He said that for four months the only people he saw were his interrogators and that he was kept naked for days on end. It seems that the technique of using the taboos of Arab culture and Islam concerning nudity against prisoners, which was later employed in Abu Ghraib in Iraq, was pioneered in this prison. Prisoners were not only forced to remain naked, they were photographed in this state as well.

    They were also subjected to sexual abuse and rape. Mustafa Dirani filed a lawsuit against the Israeli authorities, stating that he was raped by four soldiers on the orders of an officer known only as Major George. On another occasion, Major George himself raped Dirani with a stick. Dirani's account is backed up by one of the interrogators who worked in the facility who says that it was common practice to threaten prisoners with the insertion of a stick if they did not talk. In his defence Major George, who was later dismissed from the army, stated that everything he had done was in accordance with the standard practice of Unit 504. Sixty other officers signed a petition in his support confirming this. Human rights activists have a very simple explanation for the existence of Facility 1391. Manal Hazzan, a human rights lawyer working with Hamoked says, "Our main conclusion is that it exists to make torture possible - a particular kind of torture that creates progressive states of dread, dependency, debility. The law gives the army enough authority already to hide prisoners, so why do they need a secret facility?" Hamoked has also stated that, "The detention conditions... are not proper for holding a human being, and are liable to cause physical and psychological injury, which may even be irreversible". Indeed, Ghassan Dirani, a relative of Mustafa Dirani, developed catatonic schizophrenia as a result of his incarceration. It is widely believed that Facility 1391 is only one of several secret prisons in Israel. Palestinians captured in Israel's war on Gaza last December and January were held as "illegal combatants". It is very possible that they are being held in similar conditions to those that exist in Facility 1391.