Vote for independence under the Law Society controlled SNP and you're even more likely to be made homeless and penniless. Ask Salmond's law society minders MacAskill and Sturgeon.

  • Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse(VIDEO)
  • Lawyer controlled SNP ensure homosexual rights a priority before heterosexual rights (positive discrimination dressed up as equality)
  • SNP sheeple flock to new leader 'lawyer' Sturgeon just like the Labour sheeple did with 'lawyer' Blair (Never trust a lawyer EVER)
  • Freemason / feminist / law society controlled SNP are only be interested in feminist view in run up to independence vote
  • Scottish independence under freemasons and the SNP? Mike Russell(a freemason) claims by 2016
  • In 2008 SNP Minister Mike Russell stepped down from the masons to avoid criticism
  • There’s more chance of winning the lottery than winning justice in Scotland(Ask anyone who has been a victim of the crooked freemason judges, lawyers and cops that run the system for their own self enrichment)
  • Law Society of Scotland ruthlessly silence dissent (as victims we know how they operate)
  • Scotland's judicial mafia ensure TRIAL BY JURY becoming a distant memory in another legal shake up (Freemasons increasing their grip in their dens of iniquity where supposed JUSTICE should take place aided by the political crooked at Holyrood)
  • How Scottish freemasons manipulated law legislation to steal men's property
  • Judicial complaints reviewer
  • Scottish law blog
  • Violate:The perverts club of the legal mafia in Scotland
  • How Scots masonic politicians use a facade of protection to STEAL men's property
  • Most Scottish religious hate crimes 'target Catholics'
  • Abandoned Scotland
  • Hollie Greig: How Scotlands legal mafia wage vendetta's against their opponents

  • hollie greig
    Scottish Elections 2016: Disturbing imbalance in the heterosexuals leading main political parties

    There has been disturbing evidence coming out of Scotland that heterosexual men and their families are being destroyed by policies instigated by a majority of lesbians and homosexuals operating inside the Holyrood mafia. Any man who has been dragged through the freemason controlled family courts knows the vicious persecution campaigns that are instigated thanks to those legal machinations manufactured by this mob. Despite this the controlled media seem to promote this nonsense as something worthy of praise and we wonder just who is behind that propaganda considering the fact media lawyers control their output.

    Partrick Harvie: Scottish Greens co-convenor (homosexual)

    Ruth Davidson: Scottish Conservative leader (lesbian)

    Kezia Dugdale: Scottish Labour leader (lesbian)

    Nicola Sturgeon: SNP leader (lawyer)

    Willie Rennie: Scottish Liberal Democrat leader

    David Coburn: UKIP Scotland leader (homosexual)

    David Mundell: Conservative and the secretary of state for Scotland (homosexual)

    As far back as 1992 homosexuals have been seen to interfere with Scottish justice

  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia controlled almost entirely by homosexuals and lesbians
  • Five Scottish party leaders in the same room specifically to discuss issues of concern to the LGBTI community
  • SNP's lawyer Sturgeon more interested in 'non-binary gender???' laws than heterosexual rights
  • A lawyer James Muir "embellished" claims for legal aid in family court cases for £2 million accusing fathers of abusing their children later committed suicide after the police began investigating
  • The Scottish legal aid racket controlled by homosexual and lesbian lawyers at the top
  • Scotland's Holyrood mafia controlled almost entirely by homosexuals and lesbians
    and why heterosexual males are being wiped out by their anti-family policies

    Kezia Dugdale reveals she is in a relationship with a woman (Lesbian/feminist run Guardian make this look like a GREAT idea)

    Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, has revealed for the first time that she is in a relationship with a woman, making her the fourth lesbian, gay or bisexual leader of a mainstream political party in Scotland.

    Speaking to the Fabian Review, Dugdale, 34, said: “I have a female partner. I don’t talk about it much because I don’t feel I need to.” Her decision to reveal the information was met with widespread support among Scottish politicians. Explaining her decision to keep her private life away from the spotlight since being elected to the Scottish parliament in 2011, Dugdale said: “There’s been something too about how meteoric my career has been. I am generally calm, almost serene. I don’t get easily stressed or battered. “But I need a bit of stability to do that and that means my private life is my private life. That’s the thing I just have to have that nobody gets to touch, and that gives me the strength to be calm elsewhere.”

    Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative party; Patrick Harvie, the leader of the Scottish Green party; and David Coburn, the leader of UKIP Scotland have also come out as LGB. Dugdale was also forced to clarify her stance on Scottish independence after saying in the same interview that “it’s not inconceivable” she could support a future yes vote if the UK leaves the EU. She said she would very much like Scotland to remain part of both the UK and the EU. Dugdale was asked where her loyalty would be if there was an overall vote to leave in the EU referendum but the majority of Scots wanted to remain. She said: “I’ve never contemplated that. I really wouldn’t like to choose, because what I want to do is the best possible thing for Scotland.”

    When pushed on the topic and asked if she would “argue, for Scotland’s sake, against the UK union”, Dugdale said: “Possibly. It’s not inconceivable.” She went on to say: “As I made clear in the leaders’ TV debate this week, Labour has ruled out a second independence referendum. We won’t introduce one in government and we would vote against one if it’s introduced by any other party. “I campaigned as hard as anybody to ensure that Scotland remained part of the UK. The collapse in the oil price showed that the best way to secure our public services is to stay in the UK. I would vote to stay in the UK in any future referendum.” Independence re-emerged as an election issue during a television debate this week. During the STV programme, Nicola Sturgeon said any future referendum decision was “in the hands of the people”, while Davidson accused the first minister of disrespecting the 2014 poll.

    Davidson also said Scottish Labour “simply cannot be trusted to defend the decision of 2 million Scots to stay part of the UK”. “The idea that Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom is in some way dependent on Britain’s membership of the EU is offensive,” she said. “Scotland helped build the UK and is an integral part of it – confirmed by the referendum vote just 18 months ago.” The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie, said: “Only the Scottish Liberal Democrats are now unambiguously in favour of Scotland’s place in the United Kingdom and the European Union. With Labour confusion over independence and the Conservative division over Europe, the SNP are rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of another independence debate.”

  • Five Scottish party leaders in the same room specifically to discuss issues of concern to the LGBTI community (Holyrood scum on a satanic agenda and don't give a fuck about the damage being done to heterosexual families)
  • SNP's lunatic lawyer Sturgeon more interested in 'non-binary gender???' laws than heterosexual rights (Disturbing so called equality laws that are anything but equality and more to do with providing very warped agenda's for a twisted and disturbed self appointed elite. Rev David Robertson, said: "The SNP seem to be working on the unproven and somewhat bizarre notion that children get to choose their own gender and sexuality )
  • Tory henchman David Mundell, Scotland secretary, comes out as homosexual
  • Webchat question to Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
    As part of the inquiry into the legal mafia in Scotland we had provided evidence, along with many other victims, of a system of law that was stealing land and property from the unsuspecting public some who later committed suicide.

    Why does the legal system in Scotland, in which Nicola Sturgeon is part of as a trained lawyer, continue to massively abuse Scottish citizens under the SNP who seem more interested in protecting that enormous fraud and corruption and the lawyers and judges who manufacture the means to legislate CORRUPTION , than making the massive changes required to provide justice that both present and past victims still face on a daily basis in Scottish courts?

    We receive regular reports of how those crimes continue unabated despite an inquiry that Alex Salmond promised would resolve those, instead all that evidence was buried in a digital archive at the Scottish parliament after the SNP took power, and that any changes have done NOTHING to stop those abuses continuing and something we have been monitoring and exposing for over 20 years.

    We are also well aware that the BBC will likely dismiss this question as irrelevant but you are being given notice via this outlet that those issues are NOT repeat NOT going away and our presence globally will ensure they remain at the forefront of any political chicanery that continues to try and suppress what is and remains a form of despotic tyranny with the Speculative club providing the smokescreen to allow that to continue, at least for now.


    Put your questions to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon The Scottish National Party will be holding its spring conference in Glasgow this weekend. As part of BBC Scotland's coverage, leader Nicola Sturgeon will take part in a half-hour webcast in which she will answer your questions. Do you want to find out what her party's long-term plans are for Holyrood's new tax powers or how the SNP's approach to education differs from other parties?

    This is also your opportunity to quiz her on Europe, health, policing, crime and the state of Scotland's economy. If you have something to ask Ms Sturgeon, email

    Please put "webchat questions" in the message field of your email. You will be able to watch the one-to-one interview, hosted by BBC Scotland political editor Brian Taylor, via BBC Scotland's politics website.

  • Nicola Sturgeon Scotland's toxic troll
  • Law Society of Scotland terrorists in bed with the SNP house thieves
    While Britain's media have proclaimed the lawyer controlled SNP as some sort of miracle party spreading democratic bliss across the impoverished hovels of Scotland's worst housing estates we have ALWAYS been aware that beneath that facade of niceness there lurks the vile stench of blatant corruption and massive land and property theft. How do we know that? We just happen to be some of the many millions who have been persecuted by masonic forces so evil they will go to any lengths to steal your most important asset the very roof over your head.

    The SNP cannot deny they had plenty of evidence before they got into power about the biggest terror network in Scotland the Law Society who with their crooked judges and lawyers were amassing millions from the grand theft of Scottish land and property that had been sold previously to an unsuspecting public and who faced intense persecution , financial and psychological torture to wrench their estates from them using the most heinous of brutal machinations of the law that left many in an early grave.

    This evidence had all come out during the 1990's and we helped supply the vast data from many sources showing the Law Society of Scotland was right at the centre of a vast corrupt network of house thieves. Despite promises of CHANGE the SNP buried that evidence by removing it from Scotland's devolved parliamentary website and buried in a digital archive that even a genius would struggle to access. The SNP are governed by those evil forces in the guise of politicians whose main profession are lawyers and lackeys for the Law Society of Scotland. They have under their control every last national newspaper and tv station as MEDIA lawyers who vet everything prior to being broadcast. It is only now that the proverbial SHIT has hit the fan that some of this vast wall of corruption is finally seeping out. This is only the tip of an enormous iceberg that will sink the SNP mafia.

    Law Society of Scotland under pressure over MP's suspected mortgage fraud

    Law Society confirmed it took a year to alert prosecutors to case naming SNP MP Michelle Thomson

    The Law Society of Scotland is facing intense pressure over a year-long delay in alerting prosecutors to a case of suspected mortgage fraud linked to Scottish National party MP Michelle Thomson. The society, the governing body for the Scottish legal profession, confirmed that its head of financial compliance had seen an official disciplinary report that named Thomson in July 2014, but had taken until July 2015 before passing it to the Crown Office. Legal sources said the Crown Office first asked the Law Society for details and extra information about the case in December 2014 and again in April 2015, but was not told that Thomson was linked to the alleged fraud until two months after the general election.

    Thomson resigned on Tuesday as the SNP’s shadow business secretary at Westminster, and was suspended as an SNP member, after Police Scotland revealed they were investigating 13 dubious property sales that led to her property lawyer Christopher Hales being struck off for possible mortgage fraud in May last year. As further questions emerged about the role of another Law Society official who knew Thomson and was also a nationalist campaigner, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon made clear that the MP faced being drummed out of the party over the affair as she faced a barrage of questions at Holyrood. Sturgeon insisted that her former colleague, who played a key role in Sturgeon’s general election campaign and had co-founded the prominent independence campaign group Business for Scotland, was innocent until proven guilty. Thomson had also denied any wrongdoing.

    As she faced repeated questions from opposition leaders about the SNP’s candidate vetting procedures, the first minister insisted she had had no idea that her colleague was involved in the affair until she was named by the Sunday Times two weeks ago. Sturgeon then implied that had she known of the suspicions around Thomson’s property dealings, she would never have been selected to stand for the SNP. A large, full-colour photograph of Thomson was cut down from the window of the SNP’s Edinburgh West office on Wednesday. “It is ridiculous to suggest that any political party – the SNP or anybody else – would allow a candidate to go forward for selection knowing that there were serious problems about that candidate’s integrity,” Sturgeon said at first minister’s questions.

    Kezia Dugdale, the Scottish Labour leader, said she remained incredulous that no one in the SNP knew about the case before now. “A tribunal issued a damning verdict – that is a fact. A lawyer was struck off – that is a fact. The Crown Office was made aware of concerns – that is a fact. Vulnerable families lost out. “If the first minister is saying that no one at any level in the SNP knew about the nature of Michelle Thomson’s business dealings, does that mean that nobody asked Michelle Thomson?”

    Thomson’s lawyer Aamer Anwar issued a statement stating: “Michelle Thomson maintains that she has always acted within the law. In the interests of her constituents and her party she thought it best if she voluntarily withdrew from the party whip. [She] did so in order to clear her name and return as quickly as possible to frontline politics.” The row over the official handling of the case deepened further after the Law Society confirmed that its head of investigations, Ian Messer, had received a detailed report from the Scottish Solicitors’ Discipline Tribunal (SSDT) naming Thomson, her husband Peter and Thomson’s business partner Frank Gilbride in July 2014. Messer first informally told the Crown Office in December 2014 that Hales had been struck off by the SSDT for suspected mortgage fraud, during a routine quarterly meeting between the two organisations. Crown Office lawyers asked Messer to provide them with detailed case files but failed to get them.

    At the next meeting on 28 April 2015 – a week before Thomson was elected as MP for Edinburgh West – the Crown Office asked again for the Hales case files. They were not submitted to the Crown Office until 3 July 2015; six days later, the Crown Office alerted fraud officers at Police Scotland, who launched a formal investigation. Those fresh details emerged when the Law Society’s chief executive, Lorna Jack, took the unusual step of arranging a hurried press conference to defend her organisation’s handling of the affair, and the conduct of Sheila Kirkwood, who is secretary to the society guarantee fund sub-committee which handled the Hales case but had delayed handing the papers over to the Crown Office. It emerged that Kirkwood was, with her husband and fellow solicitor Paul Kirkwood, a founder of the pro-independence campaign Lawyers for Yes, and as an active nationalist had attended dinners for Thomson’s pro-independence campaign Business for Scotland. Kirkwood had also “liked” Thomson on her Facebook page.

    Jack insisted that Kirkwood had had no direct say over the Law Society’s handling of the case against Hales, but she admitted that no independent investigation had yet taken place into whether Kirkwood was aware that Thomson was linked to Hales’s property dealings. Jack said she had taken Kirkwood at her word that she first became aware of that link when Thomson was named in the media earlier in September. “I want to stress that Law Society employee Sheila Kirkwood has not acted unprofessionally or inappropriately at any time,” Jack said. “Shelia is a hard-working, dedicated colleague. [I] am confident there was no conflict of interest in relation to Sheila’s role at the Law Society.”

    Although it took until July 2015 before the Crown Office and police were handed the case files against Hales, Jack confirmed that the Law Society first became alerted to Hales’s mortgage dealings with Thomson in July 2011 during a routine inspection of his firm’s books. He was suspended in September 2011 “to protect the public”, she said. “The Law Society’s No 1 regulatory priority is to protect the public from any wrongdoing by solicitors,” she added. Jack implied too that the Law Society would also have alerted the police to any suspicions because of its legal duties under the Proceeds of Crime Act, but she repeatedly refused to elaborate on whether and when that had been done with the Hales case.

    “Under the Proceeds of Crime Act, there is a duty on us as a regulator to report suspicious activity quickly to the appropriate authorities. Such reports and timings or information about the report are confidential by law,” she said.

  • Law Society of Scotland in bed with SNP lawyers pushing the independence vote (The ultimate goal was to give ever more power to the top masonic terrorist mafia and its insatiable greed for stealing property)
  • SNP finally exposed by their media buddies embroiled in property fraud
  • SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon denies knowledge of SNP MP's business dealings
  • Police probe into SNP MP Michelle Thomson property deals
  • Labour demands answers on SNP MP Michelle Thomson’s property deals (That is despite Labour under McConnell heavily embroiled in property theft on the grandest of scales when they controlled Scotland)
  • SNP finally exposed by their media buddies embroiled in property fraud
    Sturgeon with Thomson at the Forth Rail Bridge

    The SNP and their lawyer leader Sturgeon have been painted as a warm cosy glow right across Scotland when we as victims of the oppressive property theft regime instigated by lawyers have been saying the EXACT opposite.

    Today finally their media buddies expose the SNP's involvement in property fraud something we were well aware of as we know of thousands of Scots, including our group, who have lost millions in land and property fraud that the SNP knew about prior to being voted into power yet did NOTHING to stop the rape of Scottish citizens by crooked judges and lawyers masquerading as some sort of bona fide legal structure . Families destroyed by a vile regime who have been getting away with murder. This is the biggest criminal cartel that operates with total impunity sanctioned by the freemason / feminist mafia at Holyrood.

    Sturgeon claims she had “no knowledge” of SNP MP Michelle Thomson allegations

    NICOLA Sturgeon insisted yesterday that the SNP knew nothing about Michelle Thomson’s property deals as the party came under pressure to explain why the suspended MP was selected to stand for Westminster. The First Minister attempted to distance herself and the SNP from the scandal as more questions were raised about Mrs Thomson’s links to a series of property transactions currently under police investigation.

    The SNP is using ignorance as an excuse, as it so often does when suspicions arise around the party or its members

    Questioned about Mrs Thomson’s business affairs, Ms Sturgeon admitted “serious issues” had emerged this week. Mrs Thomson has resigned from the SNP front-bench at Westminster and her party membership has been suspended after it was announced that police were investigating deals conducted by her lawyer, who has since been struck off. Ms Sturgeon sought to limit the damage to the SNP by saying that she and the party had “no knowledge” of Mrs Thomson’s business activities until they were reported in newspapers.

    “Serious issues have been raised and those issues deserve to be fully and properly investigated. That’s what will happen,” Ms Sturgeon said. “I had no knowledge of this, the SNP had no knowledge of this. Allegations have been made, issues have been brought to light and it’s important that they’re investigated in the full and proper way. “Michelle Thomson maintains that all of her business dealings were entirely within the law. She herself, as I understand it, is not under investigation by police at this stage.

    “She’s decided, though, that she wants to step aside from the SNP until this investigation has concluded. I think that’s the thing for her.” Ms Sturgeon said it was not appropriate for her to elaborate on the detail of the claims while the police investigation was under way. “We now have to allow that investigation to take its course,” Ms Sturgeon added.

    Asked if the revelations were embarrassing for the party, the First Minister said: “I don’t want to be in a situation where any elected representative is stepping aside because there is an investigation of any nature into aspects of their business dealings – clearly that’s not a situation I would have chosen to have.” The police investigation relates to solicitor Christopher Hales who was struck off last year for professional misconduct. It has now emerged that all 13 of the transactions he was struck off for involved Ms Thomson or M&F Property Solutions, a firm in which she was said to be a partner.

    After a hearing in May 2014, the Scottish Solicitors’ Disciplinary Tribunal said Mr Hales failed to provide mortgage companies with key information used to prevent fraud and must have been aware that there was a possibility he was facilitating mortgage fraud, whether or not it occurred. In some cases, loans obtained for the properties were greater than the actual purchase price. Mrs Thomson, who was a key figure in Business for Scotland during the independence referendum campaign, and her husband Peter are believed to have built up a property portfolio worth about £1.7 million.

    In one case explored in detail by the tribunal, Mrs Thomson bought a three-bedroomed terraced house near Aberdeen for £245,000 and on the same day in June 2010 sold it for £315,000 to a person to whom she was “connected”. The tribunal ruled that the quick sale or “back-to-back transaction” was not disclosed by Mr Hales to the mortgage lender, in this case Birmingham Midshires. Mrs Thomson, the MP for Edinburgh West, insists she has always acted within the law and will fight to clear her name.

    Yesterday Labour wrote to SNP chief executive Peter Murrell, urging him to explain what action party officials took to satisfy themselves that Mrs Thomson would make a suitable MP. Jackie Baillie, Labour’s public services spokeswoman, has outlined her concerns about the SNP’s vetting procedures in a letter to Mr Murrell, who is also the husband of Ms Sturgeon. In her letter, Ms Baillie said: “At the heart of this scandal are vulnerable families who have been taken advantage of by an SNP politician more interested in making money than helping people. In public the SNP talked about helping those in need whilst in private one of their leading voices on business was making life miserable for vulnerable families.

    “We need to know from the SNP who knew what and when. At what point did Nicola Sturgeon and senior SNP officials first become aware of this situation and what did they do about it? “The reputation of politics isn’t high at the best of times. We need full transparency from the SNP on this scandal.” Last night the Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: “The SNP is using ignorance as an excuse, as it so often does when suspicions arise around the party or its members. But the public will find it hard to believe something so serious slipped under the radar of such a professional and lavishly funded outfit.”

    In a separate move, Ms Baillie has called on the Lord Advocate, Scotland’s most senior law officer, to make an urgent statement to Holyrood on the matter. Ms Baillie said the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland needed to make a statement to address concerns about the Crown Office’s handling of the case and why it had only become public now. Ms Baillie wants to know if there was any delay between when the Crown Office was first made aware of the Law Society’s concerns about the property deals in December 2014 and the instruction to get Police Scotland to investigate.

    The Crown Office has said it was not made aware of Mrs Thompson’s involvement until July this year and the police were called within a week.

  • SNP lawyer Nicola Sturgeon denies knowledge of SNP MP's business dealings
  • Police probe into SNP MP Michelle Thomson property deals
  • Labour demands answers on SNP MP Michelle Thomson’s property deals (That is despite Labour under McConnell heavily embroiled in property theft on the grandest of scales when they controlled Scotland)
  • Scotland's homopaedo judicial mafia blocked abuse charge against jewish lawyer Janner

    Lawyer Blair with jewish lawyer Janner

    Anyone who has faced Scotland's evil judges knows the lengths they will go to protect their own while thieving with impunity. They are the devil reincarnated at their top freemason haunt the Speculative club.

    'Judges saved Janner from child sex inquiry': Cover-up fears over Labour peers link to senior legal figures

    A ‘magic circle’ of top legal figures may have protected Lord Janner when he faced a police probe over an alleged child sex offence, it was claimed last night. The Labour peer is at the centre of an investigation into claims he abused a teenage boy in Scotland in the 1970s. Today it can be revealed that senior personnel running the Scottish judicial and prosecution service at the time the complaint was made against the peer were key figures in the so-called ‘magic circle’ scandal of the early 1990s.

    It centred around claims that top Scottish judges, sheriffs and advocates had been compromised by gay liaisons. But this is now believed to have been a smokescreen for a paedophile ring operating in the heart of Edinburgh’s legal establishment – claims which are also under police investigation. Police in Scotland have launched a probe into whether a complaint made against Lord Janner in 1991 was properly dealt with. It yesterday piled pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service in England to reconsider a decision not to charge him with other alleged child sex crimes, on the grounds he has dementia. Lord Janner’s family have issued a statement insisting he is ‘entirely innocent of any wrongdoing’.

    One of his alleged victims claimed the ex-MP took him to Scotland in the 1970s, and that during the trip he was subjected to serious sexual assaults. That alleged victim made a report at an Edinburgh police station in 1991. But the Crown Office – Scotland’s prosecution service – maintains that its officials did not receive a report about the claims. Yesterday police in Scotland spent several weeks combing through archives and have now found documents relating to the case – sparking a renewed investigation.


    Sir William Sutherland, 81, who was in charge of the now-defunct Lothian and Borders Police at that time of the Scottish inquiry, told the Mail last night that he could not recall the complaint, adding: ‘When I retired, that door was closed.’ Under Sir William’s command, the force was rocked by the ‘Fettesgate’ controversy, which saw a highly sensitive report on the magic circle scandal stolen from the force headquarters. Lord Janner, 86, has been told that if it were not for his illness, he would have been charged with 22 historical child sex offences.

    Some of the central figures in charge of police and prosecution service at the time of the Lord Janner complaint in Scotland were to become mired in the ‘magic circle’ scandal. Lord Rodger, later Scotland’s top judge, announced an inquiry into the magic circle allegations in 1992, after he had become Lord Advocate.

    That inquiry ultimately found there was no evidence to support claims of a conspiracy in the justice system.

  • If the case against jewish lawyer Lord Janner's still not heard in court, British justice is rotten to the core, writes MP Simon Danczuk
  • Speculative society
  • Scotland's judicial mafia let Murdoch lackey walk away from perjury charge VIDEO
    Scottish pressure mounts to scrap Trident VIDEO
    Scottish Labour's TOP toxic trolls hammered by the SNP's toxic troll Sturgeon VIDEO
    Nicola Sturgeon Scotland's toxic troll

    Sturgeon swearing to kiss the royal arse

    There's a big chasm between TRUE Scottish Independence and the vile lawyer controlled SNP. Scots have been fooled into believing that the SNP will provide the utopia for a Scottish people who have been kept in their place for centuries by an English crown to feed the greed of the Royal parasites and her evil little helpers in the disguise of freemasons.

    Sturgeon is a lawyer and first and foremost works for the top terrorist gang in Scotland the law society who control ALL of Scotland's major media outlets. The main reason the SNP get so much good publicity from the very rags they totally and utterly control. The SNP have jumped on the bandwagon of independence as a way of wooing the Scottish peasants who are unaware of the importance of Sturgeon, MacAskill and the many lawyers within the ranks of the SNP. How do we know ? We just happen to be the survivors of the vicious persecution campaigns going on every day in Scottish courts controlled by hand picked freemason lackeys for the royal parasite herself. This to ensure they can help themselves to the land and property of the thousands of men being fleeced of their livelihoods by a far bigger terrorist threat than any their media manufacture.

    As soon as Sturgeon was voted in after Salmond stepped down , to ensure lawyers totally dominate SNP policy, she swore immediate allegiance to the Queen at Scotlands evil den of iniquity the Court of Session in Edinburgh before the biggest crooks in Scotland the judges who also swear allegiance ONLY to the world's top parasite and who act solely in her best interests . Meanwhile helping themselves to the thousands of Scots shafted in HER courts every day thanks to a tyranny so vast none of her controlled rags dare expose the truth of what is actually going on. Even south of the border the media are jumping on the SNP Sturgeon bandwagon and purely because they are also controlled by the law society to further their agenda . Every last one of them with a media lawyer at the helm dictating what will and wont get exposed in their vile rags, like the Daily Mail and Express usually as far right wing as you can possibly get are promoting Sturgeon despite her supposed left leaning rants.

    She is like the other lawyer Tony Blair who lied his way into power and backed the mass murder across the Middle East and showed how the legal mafia not only dominate all aspects of the law and write them to ensure excuses to fleece the public but also have to ensure they dominate politics to get the legislation passed that allows a terrorist gang to legally steal trillions with impunity just like the phony wars Blair and Bush created to help them steal across the Middle East and used as a good distraction from the mass fleecing of the peasants at home.

  • Tough upbringing? NOTHING compares with the murderous scum running the world
    We highly recommend the film THE WEE MAN (2013) with Martin Compston as gangster Paul Ferris who was part of the gang culture of Glasgow.


    Based on the true life story of Glasgow gangster Paul Ferris. The film follows Ferris's life as a young boy growing up on the tough streets of Blackhill. After he suffered relentless bullying at the hands of a local gang "The Banks Brothers" who terrorized the local community and witnessing Police corruption, he soon learned to become a Lion and fight back.

    At The age of 16 the worm turned and Ferris quickly made a name for himself on the streets after single handily taking on and dispatching the gang he despised as a child. He is taken under the wing of Arthur Thompson "The God Father" and soon rises up the ranks only to be bitterly betrayed by the people he respected and trusted. The lines are drawn and Glasgow's most notorious Gangland War in it's history is about to erupt.

    Now for anyone unfamiliar with the tough streets of Glasgow and the west coast of Scotland this film would very quickly make them aware that Scottish cops have a lot to answer for. To survive in a culture where cops continually fail in their duty of care to children leads to thuggery running rife to the point that decent kids either die or survive by joining the gangs that ensure some sort of protection as they wont be getting any from the twisted bastards employed to keep the peasants in their place.

    Recently Scots have been fooled by a media controlled by terrorists into believing that the SNP (run by lawyers) would bring utopia to a country that has been controlled for centuries by the freemason mafia whose psychopathic goons have been embedded in the judiciary, lawyers, political system and cops. THE WEE MAN shows how when you leave a country in the hands of the scum and filth who manipulate society to take away the spotlight from their vast criminal empire instead concentrating their controlled media on the wee neds that evolve from a failure to keep the bully boys in check in the deprived schemes that ensure only crime and crime alone will save many from an early grave.

    There is no exaggeration in the fact that there is a master plan in operation into keeping the peasants fighting among themselves while the slimebags at the top are fleecing the country of its resources and any child brought up in such an environment is seldom aware that master plan keeps the few living in vast opulence. This while the rest are enslaved by a devious manipulation of the law that fails children at an early age and provides the fodder to keep a diabolical machine turning with youngsters who are marked at a young age as only worthy of the most menial of existence and who will rot in the same destitution that their forefathers had to endure.

    The film may show the gang culture that system creates but again it fails to show the controllers who make the gang members look like angels compared with their own form of thuggery and psychological torture used regularly to relieve men who found a route out of the jungle and who lifted themselves out of the gutter only to find judges and lawyers will very quickly put them back where, in their eyes, THEY BELONG.

    Until Scotland rises up against a wickedness so evil you would never imagine all of this continues while the SNP's controlled media spin some sort of fantasy that to this day much of what is portrayed in that film continues but masks the REAL gangsters busily helping themselves to land and property sold to an unsuspecting public under false pretences.

    A wee ned might be able to steal your tv or video but it is ONLY crooked judges and lawyers along with their lackeys sheriff officers and cops who can help themselves to your home with impunity. Many decent men who fought their way out of poverty, ingrained destitution and gangs while young only to find in adulthood a more sinister force of the freemason mafia ready to help themselves to your life's work using Scottish courts and the law to bleed those men dry. The same wee neds also have legal aid funded lawyers hanging on to their coat tails as serial criminality is the biggest money spinner for the crooks running the show and one major reason the system remains as it is. Poverty ensures a steady flow of low level criminals are manufactured in sink estates to feed the greed of the legal mafia.

    The SNP are a wolf in sheep's clothing who will continue to allow the world's biggest terrorists the Law Society of Scotland and its global offshoots to continue to terrorize men and their families unaware , thanks to a conspiracy of the media, of the future outcome of their lives while these evil bastards are getting away with murder. Everything portrayed in THE WEE MAN pales next to the ruling self appointed elite who have instigated the very system of control that breeds permanent destitution for anyone with the ability to dig themselves out of the gutter. A media that continues to spin the utter nonsense that things are changing when NOTHING absolutely NOTHING will change while these monsters remain in charge.

  • The Wee Man IMDB
  • Masons framed my son for Orkney waiter murder, says disgraced dad
  • Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK justice system(VIDEO)
  • How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
  • 'Scrap Trident!': Massive protests at Scottish naval base hosting controversial nuclear system VIDEO
    Lawyer / feminist / freemason controlled SNP erase dads from family life
    Second legal watchdog says Scottish judges' refusal to support register of interests looks suspicious
    Scotlands head of the judicial mafia Lord Gill wants to protect FREEMASON judges from a register of interests.

    NEW judicial complaints reviewer Gillian Thompon has given backing for register despite protests from Scotland's top judge, Lord Gill.

    A LEGAL watchdog who quit after supporting a register of interest for judges has been backed by the woman who replaced her. Moi Ali was appointed as the country’s first judicial complaints reviewer in 2011 but resigned last year claiming she had no power and got no co-operation from law chiefs.

    She was also criticised by Scotland’s top judge, Lord Gill, over her support for a register of interest for judges. But her successor Gillian Thompson has also given her backing for a register. Holyrood’s petitions committee are considering a submission by legal campaigner Peter Cherbi for a judicial register of interests which could details gifts, hospitality and links to outside bodies such as law firms.

    In a letter to the committee, Thompson wrote: “We live in an age in which transparency about interests and activities of those in the public eye is regarded as good practice. “There is a perception that anything less is the result of attempts to hide things. “In the case of judges, it is clear that court users and the public more widely seek reassurances of fairness and impartiality.”

    Lord Gill has repeatedly dismissed calls for a register of interests. But Cherbi said: “Two judicial complaints reviewers in a row have supported a register while Lord Gill suspiciously clings to secrecy and refuses to accept transparency must be applied equally to judges as it is to everyone else in public life.”

  • Clash over probe into allegations of bullying in Scotland's (in)justice system
    moi ali Moi Ali who recently stood down from her post as judicial watchdog. She did her best to expose some of the crimes of Scotland's judicial mafia but had little power to do anything to rein in Scotland's crooked freemason judges from stealing mens estates with impunity

    TWO of Scotland's key legal bodies have clashed over an investigation into a member of the judiciary.

    The fight is between the Judicial Office for Scotland (JOS) - headed by the country's top judge - and the watchdog responsible for holding it to account. The legal watchdog attacked the JOS for its handling of a probe into claims a judicial office-holder was guilty of bullying and of making covert recordings. Complaints against judges, ­sheriffs and justices of the peace are handled by the JOS, which provides support to the Lord President. The investigations are carried out by fellow members of the judiciary.

    If a complainant is still unhappy, the Judicial Complaints Reviewer (JCR) can examine whether the probe complied with the rules. Moi Ali, who recently stood down as the JCR after saying she did not have adequate powers, published her final annual report last week. She produced details of an extraordinary case in which the JOS dealt with allegations of impropriety by a judicial office-holder. An unnamed organisation that "works closely with the courts" complained of bullying by a member of the judiciary, adding that the same figure had made secret recordings. The organisation was not satisfied with the JOS probe into the case and contacted Ali.

    On the bullying allegation, Ali said she was hampered after the "nominated judge" who carried out the first investigation failed to put all correspondence in the complaints file. After the complainant asked for all tapes and transcripts obtained during the probe, the request was initially rejected. Ali described this response a "an unnecessary lack of transparency that could damage external confidence in the investigation process". She also described as a "lack of even-handedness" the fact that the judicial officer-holder under investigation received an ­apology for delays in the case, but the complainant did not. The organisation's witnesses were also not interviewed.

    The original complaint was not upheld by the JOS, but Ali concluded: "I was concerned about how the conclusion was reached that the allegations could not be substantiated in light of the evidence that I saw in the complaints file." On the recordings allegation, the judicial office-holder under investigation had said the tapes were not made "in any secret way", although permission was not sought. Ali believed this complaint should have been included as part of the other probe, or referred anew to the JOS, but she said: "Neither path was followed. The complaint was never investigated. No explanation was offered as to why not." In the two reviews Ali carried out, she found seven rule breaches.

    Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: "In almost no other walk of life do you have an organisation which is only accountable to itself in instances like these. "The public expectation is that - when there's a case to answer - an independent or separate authority should be asking the questions." Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said: "Moi Ali has previously reported weaknesses in the systems through which the public can complain about the conduct of the judiciary and seek redress.

    "Some of the incidents reported suggest that those involved in the complaints process were more concerned with stopping Moi Ali from doing her job than behaving responsibly and responding to the issues that had been raised." A spokesperson for the ­Judicial Office said the recordings were made in court, not during meetings, adding: "The Judicial Office does not comment on individual complaints as the information is confidential. All complaints are fully investigated in accordance with the relevant rules. "In respect of recording in court, it is open to the court to have proceedings recorded where it considers it to be appropriate."

  • SNP lawyer Sturgeon swears allegiance to kissing the royal arse before the judicial mafia VIDEO

    Scotland's SNP sheeple have been duped into believing a political party run by lawyer lackeys
    all part of the biggest terrorist group on the planet the Law Society can be trusted.

  • SNP sheeple flock to new leader 'lawyer' Sturgeon just like the Labour sheeple
    did with 'lawyer' Blair (Never trust a fucking lawyer EVER)
  • Justice for Survivors of Child Abuse
    News from Scottish Labour

    Scottish Labour’s Spokesperson for Justice, Graeme Pearson, has called for justice for the survivors of Child Abuse in Scotland, saying: “Theresa May has apologised this week to survivors for resignations relating to her Public Inquiry into historical child abuse. “Meanwhile the Scottish Government continues duck and weave on the issue, refusing our demands to hold a public inquiry to enable us all to know what is the situation here in Scotland, and how can we protect vulnerable young people in our care today.

    “Survivors have bravely fought for years to be heard and Scottish Labour has supported their calls for an inquiry. The SNP declare they stand for social justice in Scotland – if so why don’t they initiate a public inquiry now into historical child abuse? “The buck has been repeatedly passed in Scotland between Mr Macaskill, Mr Russell and Ms Cunningham in the Scottish government. The time for justice is now. It is time someone in government acted in this matter.”

    The UK Government is holding a public inquiry into child sex abuse. This inquiry will not extend to Scotland because these issues are devolved. The Scottish Government has not committed to holding a public inquiry. Rather, Mike Russell at the end of last month said there should be “a review of the added value of carrying out a national inquiry into historic abuse” – no commitment to an inquiry at all.

    Scottish Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry and held a member’s debate led by Graeme Pearson on this on 30th April this year. The motion Scottish Labour brought forward for debate was:

    “That the Parliament acknowledges the continuing efforts of survivors of historic institutional child abuse, including those in South Scotland, to access justice; recognises that many survivors continue to suffer from the legacy of the abuse that they experienced; believes that, while some steps have been taken to address historic child abuse, much more needs to be done; notes the deliberations of the Public Petitions Committee in its consideration of Petition PE1351.

    Time for all to be heard, since it was lodged in August 2010; welcomes the publication by the Scottish Human Rights Commission of its Action Plan on Justice for Victims of Historic Abuse of Children in Care; notes that the main aims of the action plan are to achieve acknowledgement and accountability for historical institutional child abuse; further notes that a number of options exist for improving accountability, including a full public inquiry, the establishment of a survivors' support fund and tackling the barrier of the time bar in allowing survivors access to justice, and notes calls for action to improve support for survivors of historic institutional child abuse and allow them access to justice”

  • Top freemason Stephen House behind arming police prior to devolution vote
    stephen house One very good reason for stopping SNP lawyers taking control of Scotland

    Police chief Sir Stephen House has far too much power

    ADVOCATE General speaks out after senior officers within Scotland's new unified force bring in armed police policy without consulting MSPs.

    ONE of Scotland’s top lawmen has warned that Chief Constable Sir Stephen House has too much power.

    Advocate General for Scotland Jim Wallace spoke out days after Police Scotland were forced to reverse their decision to put armed officers on the beat. Senior officers were slated for bringing in the policy without consulting MSPs or the police watchdog or even telling them. Lord Wallace, who as Liberal Democrat justice secretary was responsible for eight forces between 1999 and 2003, said: “When I was ­justice ­minister, I rejected proposals put to me for a national police force. “Many of us predicted a lack of proper accountability and I fear that has been borne out.”

    In May, we revealed House had secretly authorised 275 ­firearms officers to carry their handguns in a ­holster while on ­normal duties, even when there was no obvious threat to them or the public. Previously, officers had to collect weapons from a locked safe in an armed response vehicle under authorisation.

    In the face of criticism, last week House reversed the policy and said armed police would only be used in ­firearms incidents and where there was a threat to life. Edinburgh human rights lawyer Niall McCluskey branded the situation a “fiasco”. In an article for today’s Sunday Mail, he accuses the force of “heavy handed” policing.

    scotlands cop guns Sunday Mail front page in May highlighted how armed officers were routinely on the streets

    McCluskey – who works with human rights group Amnesty International – criticised policies such as stop and search – 640,699 of which were carried out in the year to March. The figure was three times higher than that of by ­London’s Metropolitan force.

    Police Scotland’s wave of raids on Edinburgh’s sex saunas was also accused of endangering trust between law enforcers and women in the trade. A former goverment advisor added to the pressure by calling for a review of Police Scotland. Professor of criminology Peter Squires, 60, was a member of the Home Office Firearms ­Consultative Committee. He said: “The Scottish Government needs to establish the exact powers of the new force and its chief constable and to say how much control ­Parliament has. It is clear the new force was set up without any clear idea of its powers.”

    But David O’Connor, former president of the Association of Scottish Police Superintendents defended the firearms policy. He added: “I thought the ­original policy to deploy armed response officers on routine patrols was proportionate and a sensible use of resources.” Deputy Chief Constable Iain ­Livingstone said: “We have ­balanced our duty to keep people safe with consideration of the views expressed about the ­perception of armed officers ­supporting policing activities.”

  • SNP's top LAWYER MacAskill refuses to resign over arming scots masonic thug cops
  • SNP lawyer Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill faces demands for his resignation after gun totting freemasons cops climb down
  • Petition to force Scotland's judicial mafia to come clean on interests affecting impartiality VIDEO
    SNP lawyer MacAskill pressured to resign over arming Scotland's freemason thug cops
    macaskill cops Lawyer MacAskill with his cop buddies. ONE very good reason for Scotland NOT getting independence under the law society controlled SNP

    Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill faces demands for his resignation after police climb down over arming officers

    SNP ministers came under fire himself after announcement that officers will no longer carry guns on routine patrol.

    JUSTICE Secretary Kenny MacAskill was in the firing line yesterday amid demands for his resignation over the armed police shambles. The SNP minister came under fierce attack at Holyrood just 24 hours after a humiliating climbdown that means officers will no longer carry guns on routine patrol. Police Scotland announced that from now on, armed officers will only be deployed when “firearms offences are taking place, or where there is a threat to life”.

    There had been growing concern in recent months as more police with guns were spotted on our streets after Chief Constable Stephen House decided to arm officers without consulting MSPs or the public. The saga proved a major embarrassment for MacAskill, who had previously said there was public support for the move. Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats Willie Rennie, Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

    And yesterday Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie - who led the campaign against armed police - demanded his resignation. To gales of laughter in the Holyrood chamber he asked soon to step down First Minister Alex Salmond: “When you go, can you take Kenny MacAskill with you?” A stony-faced Salmond simply replied: “No.”

    But Rennie pressed the SNP leader further and stressed it was just the latest in a long line of blunders from MacAskill in the justice brief. MacAskill has also been criticised for plans to scrap the law of corroboration, close courts and his decision to release the Lockerbie bomber from jail early. Rennie said: “Surely [Salmond] has had enough of defending the Justice Secretary?

    “The First Minister said that he was comfortable with stopping and searching children just before the policy was abandoned.

    “He rallied to his (Mr MacAskill’s) defence on the abolition of corroboration before it was put on hold. “He stood on that very spot lecturing me that it was for public safety reasons the police were armed routinely: now that has gone too.” Scottish Labour also called for MacAskill to be fired.

    Justice spokesman Graeme Pearson said: “Kenny McAskill’s charge sheet of incompetence is growing longer than some of the people he used to represent in court. “The people of Scotland can corroborate that he is not up to the job and Alex Salmond should show clemency and give him early release from ministerial office. “If Alex Salmond doesn’t sack him, then Nicola Sturgeon surely will.” But Salmond dismissed Rennie’s calls.

    He said: “Crime in Scotland is at a 39-year low. That’s why this Justice Secretary is on a high.” The controversy over armed cops erupted earlier this year after officers with Glock 17 semi-automatic pistols were seen on the city’s Argyle Street despite no reports of anything more sinister than the driver braking too sharply. In the same month, shoppers in Inverness were shocked to see officers with holstered weapons mingling with people out enjoying the summer sunshine.

    A review by House has now concluded that the 275 officers attached to armed response vehicles will retain the standing authority to carry arms but will be not be dispatched to routine incidents. Opposition MSPs also attacked the oversight of Scotland’s single police force during First Minister’s Questions at Holyrood yesterday. Pearson said the civilian oversight body, the Scottish Police Authority, should have examined the options for armed policing before any decision was taken on the controversial issue.

    The former senior police officer argued that in the absence of that, MacAskill should have stepped in and called on SPA members to “take steps at a much earlier stage to allay justified public concerns”. But Salmond defended how the episode was handled.

    “I think the process that we’ve gone through on this issue has been a very good one,” he said. “I think when a police service responds to public concern in a constructive way, I think it should be applauded for doing that and I would have thought that this process has come to a conclusion which I hope and believe that people think is satisfactory. “Therefore, I think protecting the operational independence of the chief constable and his ability to deploy the resources he has to best effect to keep the people of Scotland safe from harm is something that should be strongly protected.”

  • Senior Scottish nationalist warns BP it could face nationalization in case of split VIDEO
    Paedo's dumped in deprived areas putting children from poor backgrounds at higher risk
    There would be an outcry if these perverts were housed in posh areas of towns

    Fury as sex offenders are dumped in our most deprived communities.

    A housing chief has quit in protest at a policy that dumps dangerous sex offenders in the most deprived communities. Outraged Michael Carberry says it is a scandal poor estates are being flooded with an unfair quota of sex offenders and has warned it is only a matter of time before a child is killed as a result of the policy.

    He has walked out of his key role with a housing authority in disgust at what he sees as a terrible social injustice forced on Scotland’s schemes. Other disgruntled colleagues look set to follow his lead and quit too. In his hard-hitting resignation letter Mr Carberry accused the authorities of taking a “softly-softly” approach which is putting children at risk. And he warns that a youngster could lose their life simply for growing up under the wrong postcode – just as eight-year-old Mark Cummings was murdered by a sex offender in a Glasgow high-rise 10 years ago.

    At present the Scottish Government’s strategy for housing sex offenders in the community urges social landlords to sign a deal which sees them swap information with police and social workers, so volatile criminals can be found a home without giving away their identity. However fears are growing over the way it is implemented to the extent The Sunday Post understands scores of disgruntled housing chiefs are expected to join a rebellion against them. And leading disquiet against the strategy is Mr Carberry.

    He says: “Our tenants, our communities, are carrying an unreasonable risk. While professional officers develop a culture of ‘Defensible Decision Making’, one of our communities will suffer the same catastrophic event that affected Royston in 2004 [the Mark Cummings killing]. “A victim, or a victim’s family, will challenge the process that placed the offender in that community. “The process is being extended to include accommodating violent and mentally ill offenders, as well as sex offenders. Trying to protect the interests of our communities with a softly, softly, diplomatic approach is not appropriate.” He added: “Our concern is about dangerous offenders being placed into the poorest communities.

    “It’s about the process being fundamentally flawed and unable to protect our tenants. It’s about our tenants living with that risk every day. “And it’s about our officers, who have knowledge of these arrangements, carrying that with them every day. “With every decision we should ask the question: What is in the best interests of the people who live in our communities?”

    Mr Carberry has stood down from the board of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations (GWSF), an influential umbrella group which represents 69 social landlords with 60,000 tenants across the region. Most of its members have signed up to a new information sharing protocol which means they will work more closely with police and social services to secretly accommodate sex offenders in the community. But Mr Carberry’s Blochairn Housing Association and more than a dozen others have refused to co-operate – and more resignations may now follow. A GWSF source revealed: “This row has been festering for some time. The fact is that disadvantaged areas are being used as a dumping ground for the worst type of offenders.

    “Glasgow and the west of Scotland have a lot more of these neighbourhoods so it’s no surprise a rebellion’s kicked off here first, but you can imagine other housing associations in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh asking the same questions and refusing to accept what they’re given. “Nobody’s pretending there are easy answers but it’s time Scottish Government ministers confronted this problem instead of pretending it will go away. It won’t – it will just come back to haunt us again and again. “Why should a child from a poorer background be put at greater risk simply because of their postcode? And why should that child’s family be kept in the dark ? “These are not values that the majority of Scots will recognise or accept.”

    Last night, Mr Carberry’s stance won support from campaigner Margaret-Ann Cummings – mother of murder victim Mark. She said: “The system didn’t protect my boy and it’s still failing now. It needs pulling apart and a fresh start made. “The Government strategy says sex offenders should be housed in a way that will safeguard children. “It says sex offenders should be prevented from creating networks, yet they house them in the same areas.

    “Poor areas are the very worst places to put these people. There are more children and schools packed into small districts. “In the holidays, there are kids playing out all the time because their parents don’t have the money to go away for breaks. “And there are families moving in and out of the area all the time so youngsters aren’t as wary of strangers. Sex offenders are allowed to hide in plain sight.” Mrs Cummings, 38, added: “Thank God Michael Carberry had the guts to speak out.”

    Tory housing spokesman Alex Johnstone said it is clear “sex offenders have to be housed somewhere”, but he said “it’s concerning that someone so prominent has raised such serious fears about the process”. He called on the Scottish Government to examine the scandal “as a matter of urgency”. He said: “The situation appears to be that normal, law-abiding tenants are being placed side-by-side with dangerous individuals and that is an appalling situation.” GWSF director David Bookbinder admits poor neighbourhoods are bearing the brunt.

    He said: “I think that is true and there’s a simple reason for that – when the authorities look to house sex offenders they reach a realisation there is more chance of doing deals with councils and housing associations than with private landlords. “And council and social housing is predominantly situated in more deprived areas. Michael’s right. But the question is whether sex offenders should be housed in the community. If you don’t make other arrangements then this is the policy we have to live with. Nothing is risk-free. But if they are housed in a particular place then you know where they are and you’ve got half a chance. “We have suggested to the Scottish Government that as yet there is not enough clear evidence of the benefits of sex offenders being housed in the community.

    “The general view of ministers is that this is the best approach. Is that a source of frustration for us? Yes – and we would welcome more evidence so the research picture becomes more convincing.” Last night, Mr Carberry said: “I can confirm that I have resigned from the forum board, but I cannot comment further at this time.” Last night the Scottish Government defended its position. “The Care Inspectorate and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland are working together to review how well the public is protected from RSOs,” their spokeswoman said. “This forthcoming study during the summer of 2015 will provide a valuable opportunity to reassess where improvements in public protection can be made.”

    The Facts: Framework to monitor offenders

    Scotland had 4,032 Registered Sex Offenders (RSOs) at the last count in 2013, of which 3,335 were living in the community and 494 were subject to additional monitoring because of the extra risk they pose. The police, council social workers and the prison service co-ordinate their efforts through a set of procedures called Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA). These rules, introduced in 2007, are supposed to ensure that officials are properly prepared and swap crucial information and intelligence so that RSOs are effectively monitored.

    Part of MAPPA is the National Accommodation Strategy for Sex Offenders (NASSO), which gives guidance on how to safely house sex offenders when they are released from jail while still keeping their identity a secret. Under NASSO, so-called environmental scans are meant to pick up on any vulnerable people living nearby the target property along with local schools, play parks and other RSOs. Council housing officers and housing associations are expected to sign an Information Sharing Protocol (ISP) which sets out how they will play their part in the process.

    But critics claim that MAPPA is so complex and creates so many duties that it’s impossible for officials to perform them properly, so corners are cut and potentially-lethal lower-level offenders go unmonitored.