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    hang em all
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    Benefit fraud or tax evasion: row over the Tories’ targets
    David Cameron was confronted in the Commons on Wednesday with figures showing that thousands more government inspectors are employed to tackle benefits fraud than deal with tax evasion by the wealthiest UK residents.

    Angus Robertson, the Scottish National party’s leader in Westminster, asked the prime minister why 3,250 department of work and pensions (DWP) staff have been assigned to investigate welfare fraud, while 300 specialise in dealing with the rich. “Surely we should care equally about people abusing the tax system and those abusing the benefit system?” Robertson asked during prime minister’s questions. “Why has this government had ten times more staff dealing often with the poorest in society abusing benefits than with the super-rich evading their taxes?” In fact the government confirmed on Wednesday that the ranks of DWP benefits investigators have swelled to 3,700 – a higher number than the one quoted by Robertson, and up from 2,600 in February last year.

    That compares with 700 people who work at HM Revenue and Customs in the two units whose job it is to investigate the wealthiest 500,000 people living in the UK. David Cameron was jeered when he admitted the figures cited by Robertson would need to be examined, but retorted “they sound to me entirely bogus”. He added: “The predominant job of the DWP is to make sure that people receive their benefits. The predominant job of HMRC is to make sure people pay their taxes”. Benefits fraud costs the government £1.3bn a year, according to official statistics, while the gap between tax owed and tax paid is put at £34bn a year by officials.

    MPs on the public accounts committee said this figure fails to take into account the losses to aggressive tax avoidance schemes of the kind previously criticised by the prime minister. Labour puts the tax gap at £120bn. Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has claimed much of the missing revenue could be collected if HMRC had more funding. However, the government says it is spending an extra £1.3bn on the HMRC, allowing it to acquire more data and invest in more technology and tools. A further £800m is to be spent on more expert analysts and on expanding compliance and fraud investigation teams to tackle tax dodgers more robustly. A spokesman for HMRC said that it had a total of 26,000 investigators and added that it was “absurd” to regard tax collectors focused on the richest Britons as working in isolation from the department’s thousands of investigators, lawyers and other experts.

    “The suggestion that only 300 HMRC people are working against evasion by the wealthy is plain wrong. We have over 26,000 people working right across the range of our enforcement and compliance business focused on stopping tax evasion, avoidance and fraud, day in, day out. The dedicated units referred to are important elements of that work but are far from the sum total.” Jeremy Corbyn opened prime minister’s questions by attacking the Conservative record on tax, with all six of his questions used to highlight issues raised by the Panama Papers, a leak of 11.5m documents published last week by the Guardian and other media partners around the world. “The number of people out there collecting taxes is important,” said the Labour leader. HMRC’s “affluent unit”, launched in October 2011, now employs 320 investigators, focusing on individuals with assets of more than £1m and income of more than £150,000 a year.

    The tax office’s “high net worth” unit, which has a further 400 investigators , focuses on the estimated 6,200 UK residents worth more than £20m in assets. Set up under Labour in 2009, the high net worth division advertised its arrival with welcome letters setting out details of how it aimed to provide an “enhanced relationship” with its “customers”. Its role, according to HMRC’s website, is to “build relationships to better understand these customers and make it easier for them to pay the right amount of tax,” by providing “a single point of contact and a holistic approach to their tax affairs”.

    Based on the Australian model, which was said to have raised large sums in additional revenues, the high net worth unit brought in an additional £414m last year, HMRC claims, taking the total since it was created to well over £1bn. Supporters describe the approach as friendly, but with a “sting in the tail”, while critics claim that the collaborative tone is simply a reflection of the fact that for the super-rich, the amount of tax paid has become to some extent a matter of personal choice. John Caudwell, the billionaire founder of retailer Phones4U, described the UK tax system last week as “open to be abused”. Reacting to the Panama Papers, Caudwell said the tax rules were “a little bit vague” and there were “grey areas” between acceptable tax reduction and aggressive avoidance.

    “What we need is very, very clear guidance from the government as to what tax avoidance will not be tolerated,” he told BBC radio. “You almost need a list of activity that is acceptable like ISAs and everything else being very heavily penalised for incorrect behaviour.” HMRC has slashed its headcount by half in the decade since the reorganisation that replaced the Inland Revenue, and now employs 56,000 people. With extra government funding from the Summer Budget 2015, HMRC added that it was acquiring more data, investing in more technology and tools, and spending £800m in recruiting more expert analysts.

  • Tory scumbag Cameron forced to spill the beans on his ultra affluent lifestyle VIDEO

    Meanwhile he and his vile henchmen create the legislation that
    has impoverished millions and caused the deaths of thousands of their victims.
    Is Britain's murderous tory leader about to be forced to resign?
    He has survived piggygate, the death by suicide of young tory activist Elliott Johnson and the resignation of his vile henchman Iain Duncan Smith who resided over the mass culling of the USELESS eaters using psychological and financial torture with a sanctioning system that could have easily fitted the agenda of the Gestapo. The question is will he try and hang on after the Panama Papers exposures?

    Cameron makes Maggie Thatcher look like an angel when he has resided over some of the most despicable murderous policies ever seen in British politics. He has made sure he has distanced himself from that ugly ideology by using his henchmen like Eton toff George Osborne, Chris Grayling and Iain Duncan Smith who set in motion policies that have seen the elderly die en masse in care homes and NHS hospitals due to outright neglect and seen young offenders dying en masse in prisons even though their supposed crimes are paltry compared with the London city crime ring of vast offshore taxation criminality.

    But worst of all is the endless trail of the dead thanks to their use of state assassins the DWP, ATOS and now Maximus as the vulnerable and sick like lemmings have been pushed over the cliff after their basic welfare needs were axed through draconian sanctioning .

    There are few political systems across the globe that have finished off more of their vulnerable citizens of late than the tory regime who are finally getting exposed for their utter hypocrisy, yet the media claim he should go on the strength of his involvement in his fathers tax dodging and NOT the long trail of the dead they are ultimately responsible for including the young tory activist bullied to death by the scum and filth who operate inside the tory mafia regime.

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  • Tory scumbag Cameron's family fortune: the Jersey, Panama and Geneva connection
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    Their own henchman Iain Duncan Smith exposed the vile cuts that financially and
    psychologically pushed thousands of the disabled and poor into suicide.(From 2.35)
    If only he showed the same sympathy when his Israeli buddies were bombing the hell of of Gaza?

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  • BBC ordered to stop filming disability benefit cuts protest in Parliament VIDEO

    Parliamentary authorities today halted a live BBC broadcast because of a disability benefit cuts protest shown in the background.

    BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith was interrupted by a parliamentary official and ordered to stop filming due to an ongoing protest by disability campaigners, who were chanting “Cameron killer”. The broadcaster told viewers: “There has been a protest by a number of disability protesters inside Central Lobby because of their anger,” before he was interrupted by the parliamentary worker.

    Appearing in shot, she said: “Sorry, you’re going to have to stop. You can’t film with this going on in the background. “It’s part of the rules and conditions of you using this area and you’re not allowed to film.” Mr Smith replied: “We’re not allowed to film this, why not?”, before agreeing to stop the broadcast mid-report.

    Dozens of protestors from groups including Disabled People Against the Cuts and Win Visible gathered inside Central Lobby near the House of Commons during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Government has made a U-turn on planned cuts to PIP but approved cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance benefit.

    A House of Commons spokesperson said: "Broadcasting in Central Lobby must be in the context of an interview with a Member or an introduction or commentary on specific business in the House that day. "These conditions were not being complied with, so the broadcasters were asked to suspend temporarily."

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    The tory scum bought and paid for with dirty money from zionist Israel
    Tory corruption potential for a nuclear disaster
    Today French company EDF announced is was extending the life of four of the eight nuclear plants it operates in Britain. EDF have been bankrolling the tory party into power. Here is a foreign company funding a murderous political mafia and vastly distorting the UK's so called democracy.

    Not only is that a dangerous precedent that should be investigated by the police but now they are seemingly getting away with running nuclear plants far longer than anticipated and the possibility that a nuclear disaster could occur when a now tory government turns a blind eye to blatant undermining of an already dangerous industry.

    That does not include the fact tory scumbag Osborne signed a deal with China for them to run and control a nuclear plant on British soil knowing the dire health and safety history of the Chinese. Britain is now not only seeing vast swathes of the population committing suicide through psychological and financial torture but the whole country is at risk of a nuclear meltdown thanks to a French energy company and a tory mafia scratching each others backs in a sea of vast corruption that could end in a very dangerous accident happening through dirty corrupt practices.

  • French energy firm EDF will extend the life of four of its eight NOW OBSOLETE nuclear power plants in Britain (A foreign company being allowed by a vile government to allow old and dangerous nuclear plants to continue operating. How much are EDF funding the tory party come election time?)
  • Tory SCUM are in the pocket of energy companies like French EDF (Due to tory corruption taking money from a foreign nuclear company that is extending the life of old plants British people's lives are being put at risk of a nuclear disaster. Meanwhile the National Crime Agency turn a blind eye to massive fraud and corruption by those in government)
  • Tory party is being fuelled by energy fatcat donations of £2.6m like French EDF (A foreign company being allowed to undermine democracy by funding a murderous tory regime then being allowed to run old nuclear plants into the dust)
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