• How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police
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    Sarah Reed (a victim of British cop thuggery) dies at Holloway prison VIDEO
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    UK stasi influenced cops even propose to activists they are spying on VIDEO

    Britain's freemason mafia infiltrated into law enforcement is the most sinister arm of tyranny

    An extraordinary story of Andrea - who says she is the victim of a state sponsored crime. She became engaged to a man who, entirely unknown to her, was for many years working undercover for the police. For more than two years he promised her a new life, a new family and marriage. Then he simply disappeared. She had no idea what had gone wrong until she started to understand that the whole relationship had been a sham. He was married, living a double life, and sent to infiltrate her group of friends who were being watched - it seems - for their political beliefs. She calls the entire relationship a government sanctioned lie.

    It's not the first time this has happened within the Metropolitan Police. At the end of last year Police chiefs made an unreserved apology to women who were deceived into similar relationships - and paid out substantial compensation. They thought they'd drawn a line under the abuse - but this investigation by Newsnight and The Guardian shows that the problems for the Met are far from over.
    Former British official blames police tactics for youth radicalization VIDEO
    What useful purpose does the IPPC serve?
    IPCC Britains 'Independent Police Complaints Commission' (which is FAR from independent)

    Any victim of malpractice in Orwellian Britain who dares to complain will soon learn that ALL Departments of the British State, ALL agencies of the British State, ALL Quangos, & ALL 'Independent'(??) watchdogs are run by Quislings. The 'purpose'(??) of the IPCC (like all such bodies) is to provide well paid 'jobs for the boys', the secondary purpose being to give the gullible the idea that there is a remedy for those who have suffered such malpractice.

    As for the British Legion! : Don't expect help from them! That is another outfit run by Quislings, not only nationally, but each local branch is run by cabals of Quislings. They PURPORT to help ALL ex-servicemen, but when I was under attack & sought help from them, they ran away as fast as their cowardly legs would take them. The Royal Naval Association & the Russian Convoy Club have been even worse, but I say no more at the moment. Poppy Day is State Propaganda, a glorification of war! And almost all the British people join in. All but a tiny few are afraid to be seen without one!

    Norman Scarth

    Veteran of the Arctic Convoys of World War 2.

    My exposure of corruption in the British courts & police brought 18 years of persecution. To escape more, at the age of 86 I was forced to flee the land of my birth for safety in the Republic of Ireland.
    Why are London’s Police travelling to Israel?
    Latest garb that now makes London's masonic mafia disguised as cops look like the military

    In the six month period from 1st March 2014 to 31st August 2014, Eighty of London’s Metropolitan Police staff travelled to Israel. This period coincides with Operation Protective Edge, the recent bombardment and massacre of of over 2000 Palestinians in Gaza.

    Recently it was revealed that the Israeli army is systematically training US police forced in tactics and strategy developed as an occupying army. Has the same or similar service been provided to European police forces?

    The Metropolitan Police will not reveal the purpose of the trips to Israel or the rank of the staff that travelled. A reason given for withholding the information is that it would “have the effect of compromising law enforcement tactics and strategies ”. However, If the Metropolitan Police are learning inappropriate tactics and strategy to use on London civilians then, it is for that very reason, that this information should be released into the public domain.

    “Israel’s excellence in weaponry, surveillance systems, containment strategies, biometric data collection, crowd control and psychological warfare are all marketable. Israeli know-how has become indispensable to the global appetite for “homeland security””?—?Jonathan Cook, Journalist

    If it’s the reverse and the police are teaching tactics and strategy to Israel in the context of its illegal occupation then it shows a level of involvement in the occupation that was hitherto hidden and may imply criminal behaviour according to international law.

    The recent events in Ferguson demonstrate the danger of an over militarised police. Do we want to see this in Europe? Eran Efrati warned that Israel’s training of American police is dangerous. Their methods are developed in a context, where the “citizens” are seen and treated as an enemy to be crushed. As he explains, “when your police come back, you become their enemy”.

  • Chilling new face of police in Britain: Female 'robocops' dressed in military fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles are new face of counter-terrorism
  • This is how the UK's masonic mafia disguised as cops act during reporting of crimes VIDEO

    Anyone who has crossed paths with Britain's corrupt murderous cop regime will know this is a common occurrence of them FAILING in their duty to firstly record a report of criminal activity and then THEY decide in their own wisdom to do nothing about the reported crime. They are to busy using their police time to help bailiff's steal land, business, property and children during divorce and separation where you will see lines of cop cars backing up the criminal activity of crooked masonic judges, lawyers, councils and bailiffs involved in mass seizure of men's estates through dodgy court orders.

    Previously ACPO now NPCC (National Police Chiefs' Council) are infested with freemasons only to happy to support criminal activity instigated by Britain's terrorists at the law society who make ALL OTHER crime pale next to the trillions they thieve through divorce actions funded by the legal aid board another arm of the law society.
    Freemason thugs masquerading as cops 'blackmailing' drivers out of millions to attend speed awareness courses
    Police forces are pocketing tens of millions of pounds by ‘blackmailing’ motorists to attend speed awareness courses, it has been revealed.

    They received £54 million last year alone by sending more than 1.3 million drivers on the controversial one-day sessions. The startling figures explode the myth that chief constables have no interest in snaring motorists because all fines go directly to the Treasury. Instead, they are quietly making millions by undercutting the Government-imposed fine and offering tempting places on ‘touchy-feely’ courses at hotels instead.

    Details of the lucrative ‘industry’ emerged amid a furious row over the role of roadside cameras, with a senior police leader threatening to permanently switch on cameras on a busy stretch of the M1 to raise £1 million. Olly Martins, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire Police, threatened to strictly enforce the 70mph limit, raising the prospect of motorists being fined for travelling just a few miles an hour faster. Many drivers attend a course because it means they escape getting points on their licence – which could increase their insurance premium – and it is often cheaper than paying the speeding fine. The number of attendees has almost trebled in just five years.

    Roger Lawson, of the Alliance of British Drivers, said: ‘This shows what an enormous amount of money the police are generating from this scam, which will of course be used to finance yet more speed cameras and more prosecutions. ‘Drivers are being blackmailed into taking an education course – pay up or incur an even larger fine. Why should the police be making £54 million a year from blackmail?’ Government figures yesterday raced to slap down Mr Martins, saying cameras should be used only to ensure the safety of road users. Downing Street attacked the proposal and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said it would be a flagrant breach of official guidelines.

    Other Police and Crime Commissioners quickly distanced themselves from the move, saying that ‘speed cameras are there to make people safe’.

    Speed cameras are there to make people safe

    In private, many said they did not believe Mr Martins would go through with his threat, saying it was simply a politically motivated ‘PR stunt’ to grab public attention. Essex leader Nick Alston said all money from motoring prosecutions should be ploughed into safety schemes, not used as a fund for other problems. But the controversy showed no sign of going away as Mr Martins explained how his force would profit from the crackdown.

    He revealed that although fines from speeding drivers go to the Government, individual forces profit from speed awareness courses. Last year, 1,355,796 drivers undertook the safety courses, according to the National Driver Offending Retraining Scheme, which oversees them. The majority – 1,185,860 – attended speed awareness courses. Others attended sessions aimed at careless drivers, those who did not use a seatbelt and motorcyclists. Police forces receive £40 for each attendee in most cases as a ‘cost recovery element’, with chief constables able to spend the money in any way they see fit.

    The courses, which cost drivers between £79 and £200, often involve watching videos, role-playing workshops and presentations. There is no test to pass and adverts promise a ‘relaxing environment’. Official figures show a sharp increase in the numbers taking the courses from the 467,601 in 2010, when the scheme was in its infancy. The National Driver Retraining Scheme is owned and overseen by a private firm, NDORS Ltd, which registered a £44 million turnover in March 2014. One director is former South Yorkshire Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, who was once responsible for national roads policing. The courses are run by private providers selected by each individual force. They include private companies, including one formed by the AA, road safety partnerships and even county councils.

    All of the courses are run to a nationally agreed model to ensure drivers have a similar experience. In its most recent accounts, the firm appears to acknowledge its controversial business model could be vulnerable if the views of ministers change. It warned of a potential change in policy about its role as a ‘politically acceptable model for diversion of road traffic offences to education as opposed to prosecution’.

    But the directors said the most recent figures show police forces remain enthusiastic about the courses and that driver numbers were increasing. ‘Forces and partners recognise the value added to road safety by the secure and efficient administration of the scheme and new forces continue to join each year,’ they added. Downing Street yesterday appeared to fall foul of the confusion which surrounds where cash from speed cameras ends up.

    David Cameron’s official spokesman said: ‘We are very clear that speed cameras should be about safety, not about raising cash. The point we would make to those thinking about using them for other means is that it is important to note that revenue generated from speeding offences doesn’t go to police forces, it goes to a central fund.’ Mr McLoughlin added: ‘Speed cameras are for safety and reducing dangerous driving, not raising cash.

    ‘They should be located where there is likely to be a risk. This is yet another example of a Labour politician punishing drivers as a first resort.’ Sources at the Department for Transport accused Mr Martins of ‘crying wolf’ as they published statistics revealing our roads are the safest they have been for a decade.

    The RAC said the majority of motorists saw speed cameras primarily as a money-making scheme for the police. Chief engineer David Bizley said: ‘It appears that the Bedfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner harbours this view too. Enforcement needs to be prioritised in terms of road safety benefits and not in terms of the value of the revenues generated.’

  • Met's masonic cops used 'mole to spy on defendants so they could tamper with evidence'
    Daniel Morgan murdered with an axe through his head for trying to expose cops dealing in drugs and his freemason boss Rees who used his masonic lodge buddies inside the Met to help the Murdoch mafia get exclusives.

    'Former detective was paid £21,000 to pass on secret details of legal cases while working undercover for the Met'

    Police have been accused of paying an undercover mole to spy on private legal meetings before court cases – and in at least one instance allegedly changed key evidence to ensure an unfairly obtained conviction.

    A former detective was paid £21,000 to pass on confidential details of defendants’ legal cases while secretly working for the Metropolitan Police, an official inquiry into undercover policing has been told. At least one conviction is being reviewed as a potential miscarriage of justice over claims the alleged spying undermined the defendant’s right to a fair trial. The bombshell claim has been made in written submissions to Lord Justice Pitchford, chairman of the undercover policing inquiry set up by Home Secretary Theresa May and due to begin next year.

    If proved to be true, the revelations could lead to more criminals coming forward and potentially seeing their convictions overturned. Lawyers told Lord Justice Pitchford that Derek Haslam, a former Met detective, became a ‘covert human intelligence source’ while employed at a private detective agency. Haslam – who mostly carried out work on behalf of defendants in court cases – was given access to legally privileged material such as witness statements and transcripts, and is believed to have given his Scotland Yard handlers copies of the sensitive material ahead of several criminal trials.

    As well as breaching the legal protocol that private correspondence and meetings between defendants and their lawyers should remain confidential, in one case – a drugs prosecution – it is claimed his information ‘enabled the police changing their evidence’ when it came to court. The defendant in that case, John Elliott, was jailed for 14 years for possession of 60,000 ecstasy tablets with intent to supply. He denied the offences and has always insisted he was set up. His case is due to be investigated by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which deals with potential miscarriages of justice.

    Lawyers in another case said Haslam’s involvement was ‘a fundamental abuse of the process of the court’. For nearly nine years, from 1998 to 2006 – when his cover was blown – Haslam was working for the Met’s covert anti-corruption unit, known as CIB3.

    His handlers had given him the task of infiltrating a South London detective agency with alleged links to corrupt detectives. It was run by Jonathan Rees, then a suspect in the notorious 1987 murder of his business partner, Daniel Morgan, in South London, whose body was discovered with an axe in the back of his head. The crime has never been solved. Haslam, an old friend of Rees, joined the firm to try to gather evidence against him.

    Bugs were planted in Rees’s offices which resulted in the private detective being jailed for unrelated offences of conspiring to plant drugs on a client’s wife in 2000. At a preliminary hearing last week, Rees, who was cleared of involvement in Morgan’s murder in 2011, told Lord Justice Pitchford that Haslam explained to him that he wanted ‘to come back into the fold and join my company’. Rees’s work involved assisting solicitors and barristers with defence work and it was decided his expertise would prove useful.

    Although he didn’t name Haslam in court, Rees told the hearing: ‘Through that work, he [Haslam] would become involved in clients’ cases and, obviously, in that position he would be privy to their confidential legal privileged information.’ Nigel Shepherd, a solicitor representing Elliott and Rees, made the allegations about Haslam – which he vehemently denies – in a letter to the inquiry. In it, he formally requested ‘core participant status’ for several clients, allowing them to cross examine witnesses. Elliott, a publican, has outlined Haslam’s role in his case in a written statement to the CCRC. A CCRC spokesman said last night it expected to begin a ‘substantive review of his case’ soon.

    The inquiry judge: Lord Justice Pitchford, who is heading the three-year inquiry into undercover policing. Lawyers for Rees alerted him to allegations of spying by the Met (see below) Elliott said he was asked in early 1999 by an acquaintance to collect a Vauxhall Cavalier from a hotel next to Brands Hatch racetrack in Kent. Soon after picking it up, he was stopped and arrested. Police found 7,448g of ecstasy in the boot, which Elliott insists he didn’t know was there. Later, his solicitors were assisted in preparing his defence by Rees, his colleague, former Met detective Sid Fillery, and Haslam.

    They examined evidence from officers ‘present at Brands Hatch as a result of information received’, and claim they crucially undermined it. In a statement, the officers specified the number of the room in which they said they watched Elliott load the Cavalier with drugs.

    But when Rees and his team visited the hotel – The Thistle at Brands Hatch – they found Room 223 didn’t overlook the car park but was on a different side of the hotel. ‘There were other things we found out that took the case apart and the legal team was delighted,’ said Rees. But when the case came to court he said the mistakes had been omitted from the prosecution evidence.

    And earlier, according to Elliott, he was warned by Haslam – ostensibly working on his defence case – not to repeat his belief in court that he had been framed as ‘juries did not like such allegations’. Mr Shepherd said: ‘In about March 1999, Haslam was involved in enquiries... on behalf of a Mr John Elliott, and is believed to have passed to the police information about the defence in his case which enabled the police changing their evidence.’ In particular, Rees recalled that when the case came to court, the prosecution said the surveillance officer had been mistaken about seeing Elliott from Room 223.

    Elliott says in his statement: ‘I cannot show police tailored their evidence because they were aware my lawyers had discovered it was not possible to see much from Room 223... but I am advised if my meetings... were covered by legal professional privilege then any participation in them by a police agent should have been disclosed.’ One of the other cases Haslam worked on involved suspected corrupt policemen, Tom Kingston, Tom Reynolds and Terry O’Connell, who were convicted of a conspiracy to supply £7,500 worth of amphetamine sulphate in 2000. Lawyers for the men claimed that during their appeal – which they lost – the Met used Mr Haslam as a ‘spy in the defence camp’ that amounted to a ‘fundamental abuse of the process of the court’.

    Karen Todner, a solicitor, representing the three former officers said yesterday that they also wish to take part in the inquiry. ‘We have made an application for them to be core witnesses,’ she said. ‘They felt the other side was one step ahead of them in the appeal and they could never understand it.’ The Pitchford inquiry was set up by the Home Office following disclosures Scotland Yard spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence after his 1993 murder.

    There have also been concerns over undercover officers having sexual relationships with women involved in campaign groups, and the use of dead infants’ names to create fake identities. Last night Mr Haslam said he had no knowledge of John Elliott’s case and denied claims he passed on privileged information to his handlers. He added: ‘When I was doing that [undercover role] I signed the Official Secrets Act. I was well aware of the legality of everything and the one thing I was aware of was client confidentiality.

    ‘In one case, I did some work because if I had refused... it would have shown me out to Rees and blown what I was trying to do on behalf of the MPS. I explained it to my handlers fully. ‘We had a meeting and it was agreed that yes, I could carry on with [assisting a defence case] providing I didn’t pass any information to them and they didn’t ask me anything. I have never ever passed any client details.’ Scotland Yard declined to discuss the claims ahead of the inquiry.

  • Murdoch's News of the World 'undermined axe murder inquiry'exposing corrupt cops
  • Freemasonry the evil that binds corrupt murdering British cops
  • Trust in police 'severely shaken' by corruption
  • Masonic Met betrayed my brother: cop corruption link Stephen Lawrence and Daniel Morgan murders
  • Judge(freemason?) to probe axe murder of private detective: Notorious corruption case dates back 26 years
  • Jonathan Rees: Freemason private investigator who ran empire of tabloid corruption
  • Britain's masonic racist cops use NWO cattle prods(tasers) on far more black victims VIDEO

  • Main Scottish cop involved in the restraint of a black man who died in custody is a violent racist thug

  • Murderous masonic met cops forced to pay out thousands to student protesters VIDEO

    Evil tory scum use same murderous cop tactics against protesting students as they did with the miners
    The axe murder of Daniel Morgan, the masonic met and Murdoch mafia VIDEO

    Police watchdog expands inquiry into cover-up of elite homopaedo network
    The IPCC full of retired cops only interested in protecting their lodge buddies behind the massive cover up of abuse.

    The police watchdog is to broaden its investigation into claims Scotland Yard covered up a network of high-profile paedophiles dating back to the 1970s, after a significant increase in allegations made by retired officers.

    The Independent Police Complaints Commission is examining 30 allegations of police corruption in the handling of child abuse claims, including allegations that special branch and senior police officers intervened to block investigations into VIPs and politicians. The IPCC announced 12 more investigations into the Metropolitan police’s handling of abuse claims on Wednesday, adding to 17 that were announced earlier this year. Another allegation has been made against Essex police, bringing the total to 3o. The majority of the investigations stem from allegations made by retired Met officers, the watchdog said. Among the new investigations, one concerns allegations that a prosecution against a government official over child sexual abuse images was dropped on the instructions of senior officers and lawyers.

    Another concerns allegations that high-ranking officers prematurely shut down an investigation into a south-west London paedophile ring in the 1970s. A separate investigation has been launched into claims that an MP was arrested and then released without charge following an inquiry into a south London paedophile ring in the 80s. It is alleged that officers were threatened with breaking the Official Secrets Act if they spoke of the events. The investigations are to be conducted by the internal professional standards departments at the Met and the Essex force but will be overseen by the IPCC. However, Scotland Yard revealed a further 18 allegations have been referred to the police watchdog and the force is waiting on a decision.

    “We would encourage anyone who has information or knowledge of how these historical cases were investigated to come forward and assist with the investigations,” a spokeswoman for the Met said. Among the most recent wave of allegations to be looked at by the IPCC is that evidence relating to child abuse at a youth club in the 1980s and 90s that involved politicians and council officers went missing from a London police station. Another claim alleges that an MP was charged with specimen child sex offences and not more numerous or serious offences. It has also been alleged that special branch made attempts in the 70s to interfere in an investigation that would have revealed an MP’s involvement in child sex offences.

    A further claim contends that an allegation of child sex abuse in central London in the 80s was halted when it became apparent that an MP was involved. Other allegations referred to the watchdog in March arose during Operation Fairbank, Scotland Yard’s investigation into allegations that establishment figures abused children at Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, during the 70s and 80s. Investigators are also examining claims that Essex police failed to examine intelligence provided by a witness that an MP was involved in child sexual abuse.

    Separately, the future of Operation Midland, Scotland Yard’s investigation into an alleged ring of high-profile paedophiles, is in the balance. The force is considering the findings of a review of the inquiry, and there have been reports that the evidence of its key witness may be in doubt. The operation was set up by the Met nearly a year ago to examine claims that boys were systematically abused in the 70s and 80s by figures from politics, the military and security services at locations across southern England, including the Dolphin Square estate in south-west London. Detectives have faced calls to shelve Midland, which is based on the testimony of one witness, known only as Nick, once described by police as “credible and true”. Recent reports have suggested faith in his evidence has weakened.

    It has now emerged that Scotland Yard launched a review of Midland in April. The review concluded at the end of last month and the findings are now being considered. A Met spokesman said: “An internal review of Operation Midland was commissioned on 8 April 2015. It is routine for investigations of this nature to be reviewed in this way. The review was carried out, with the full report submitted on 25 August. The product of this review is under consideration. “We are not prepared to comment on the review in any detail at this time as Midland is an ongoing investigation.”

    On Tuesday, Ken Macdonald QC, the former director of public prosecutions, said detectives investigating historical child abuse allegations should not indulge “narcissists and fantasists”. Nigel Evans MP, the former Commons deputy speaker who was acquitted of rape and sexual assault charges last year, criticised police for playing “judge and jury” over Nick’s allegations before the investigation had concluded. Nick’s claims formed part of the allegations put to Harvey Proctor, the former Conservative MP, during a police interview. At a press conference last month Proctor said he was completely innocent and accused police of a witch-hunt against homosexuals.

    He disclosed that he had been questioned about his alleged involvement in a paedophile ring with the former prime minister Edward Heath and the former home secretary Leon Brittan. Nick has claimed MPs and other high-profile figures were linked to the alleged murder of three children aged seven to 16 between the mid-70s and mid-80s, including that of a child who was run down by a car. At a press conference last year, DS Kenny McDonald, who heads up Operation Midland, said he believed Nick’s evidence to be “credible and true”. But McDonald in recent weeks has faced criticism for having expressed this view, and the police force is now reportedly unprepared to back the testimony in such certain terms.

  • Masonic met in multiple cover ups of establishment homopaedo's VIDEO
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