AMNESTY is none other than a front for corporate illuminati power.
It has been of concern to our organisations for a very long time the press releases of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and BBC reporting .They are nothing but a front for the illuminati who are using the UN and Amnesty among many others to force upon us their ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.

They are like the BBC, MEMBERS of the Royal Institute of International affairs with a mile long list of multi national corporate THIEVES who are the foot soldiers for the illuminati master planners at CHATHAM house.

A quick look at the membership list on their annual account shows

MEMBERS (at 31.03.04)

American Express Bank Ltd
AstraZeneca plc
BAE Systems plc
Barclays Capital
BDO Stoy Hayward
BG Group
BHP Billiton plc
Bovis Lend Lease Ltd
BP plc
British Airways plc
British American Tobacco
British Nuclear Fuels plc
Clifford Chance
Commercial Intelligence
Se Asia Pte Ltd
Control Risks Group
Deutsche Bank
Diageo plc
Economist Group,The
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
Goldman Sachs International
Home Office
HSBC Holdings plc
International Development,
Department for
JETRO London
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
Ministry of Defence
N M Rothschild & Sons
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Group
Reuters Ltd
Rinku Group plc
Rio Tinto plc
Saudi Petroleum Overseas Ltd
Shell International Ltd
Standard Chartered Bank
Trade and Industry, Department of
Tyumen Oil Company
Unilever plc
United States of America, Embassy of
Universities Superannuation
Scheme Ltd
Vodafone Group Services Ltd
Yukos Oil Corporation

MEMBERS (at 31.03.04)

ABC News Intercontinental Inc
Al-Hayat (London)
Allianz Marine & Aviation
Amar International Charitable
Amerada Hess Ltd
Amnesty International
Anglo American plc
Arab-British Chamber of Commerce
Argentina, Embassy of
Asahi Shimbun (Europe)
Association of British Insurers
Association of Coffee
Producing Countries
Australia, High Commission of
Austria, Embassy of
Azerbaijan, Embassy of
Bahrain, Embassy of
Bank of England
Bank of Italy
Bank of Japan
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd
Baring Asset Management
BBC Monitoring Service
BBC News
BBC World
BBC World Service
Belgium, Embassy of
Belize, High Commission of
BMW Group
Booz Allen Hamilton
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Embassy of
Botswana, High Commission of
British Council
British North American
Research Association
Cabinet Office
Cable and Wireless plc
Canada, High Commission of
CBS News
Centre for Global Energy Studies
Chevron Texaco Ltd
Chile, Embassy of
China, Embassy of the
People’s Republic of
Chubb Investment Services Ltd
Chubu Electric Power Co Inc
Church of England
Citibank International plc
Civil Service College
Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton
CNR International (UK) Ltd
Commerzbank AG (London)
Commonwealth Business Council
Commonwealth Parliamentary
Commonwealth Secretariat
Conoco (UK) Ltd
Corriere della Sera
Croatia, Embassy of the Republic of
Crown Agents
CRU International Ltd
Cyprus, High Commission of
Czech Republic, Embassy of the
Daily Mail and General Trust
Daily Telegraph
De La Rue Currency
Denmark, Royal Embassy of
Development Bank of Japan
Diamond Trading Co (Pty) Ltd
Diplomatic Council
Egypt, Embassy of the Arab
Republic of
Energy Intelligence Group
Environment Food & Rural Affairs,
Department for the
Ernst & Young
Estonia, Embassy of
European Bank for Reconstruction
and Development
European Commission
European Parliament UK Office
Financial Services Authority
Financial Times
Finland, Embassy of
France, Embassy of
Fujisankei Communications Intl
Future Events News Service Ltd
GB Airways Ltd
GCHQ – Government
Communications Headquarters
Genesis Investment Management
Germany, Embassy of
Greece, Embassy of
Group 4 Securitas (International) BV
Guardian, The
Hansard Security Services
HM Treasury
Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
Hong Kong Trade
Development Council
House of Commons Library
House of Lords Library
Human Rights Watch
Hungary, Embassy of the Republic of
Iceland, Embassy of
Idemitsu International (Europe)
Inchcape plc
Independent Television News
India, High Commission of
Indonesia, Embassy of the Republic of
Industrial Bank of Japan
Insight Investment Management
Instinet International Ltd
International Grains Council
International Institute for
Strategic Studies
Investcorp International Ltd
Iran, Embassy of the Islamic
Republic of
Ireland, Embassy of
Israel, Embassy of
Italy, Embassy of
Jane’s Information Group
Japan Bank for International
Japan Centre for
International Finance
Japan, Embassy of
Japan Oil, Gas and Metals
National Corporation
JICA UK office
John Swire & Sons Ltd
Jordan Information Bureau
Kansai Electric Power Co Inc
Korea, Embassy of the Republic of
Kroll Associates
Kuwait, Embassy of the State of
Kuwait Information Centre
Kuwait Investment office
Kyodo News
Kyrgyzstan, Embassy of
League of Arab States
Lesotho, High Commission of the
Kingdom of
Lithuania, Embassy of the Republic of
Lloyd’s of London
Lloyds TSB Group plc
London Export Ltd
London Stock Exchange
Luxembourg, Embassy of
Macedonia, Embassy of
the Republic of
Malta, High Commission of
Marathon Oil UK Ltd
Marks & Spencer plc
Marubeni Europe plc
Matheson & Co Ltd
Matrix Research Ltd
Merrill Lynch Europe plc
Metropolitan Police Service
Mexico, Embassy of
Mitsubishi Corporation (UK) plc
Mitsui & Co UK plc
Morgan Stanley & Co
International Ltd
Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd
National Grid Transco Foundation
Netherlands, Royal Embassy of the
New Zealand, High Commission of
NHK Japan Broadcast Corporation
Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Nikkei Nihon Keizai Shimbun
Norinchukin Bank
Northrop Grumman Mission Systems
Norway, Royal Embassy of
Nuffield Trust
Oman, Embassy of the Sultanate of
Oxford Analytica Ltd
Pakistan, High Commission for the
Islamic Republic of
Poland, Embassy of the Republic of
Portugal, Embassy of
Powergen UK plc
Premier Oil plc
Prudential plc
Qatar, Embassy of the State of
Reader’s Digest, The
Reliance Europe Ltd
Riggs Bank Europe Ltd
Rolls-Royce plc
Romania, Embassy of
Royal Bank of Scotland
Saudi Arabia, Royal Embassy of
Schroders plc
Scottish Natural Heritage
Singapore, High Commission
for the Republic of
Slovak Republic, Embassy of the
Slovenia, Embassy of the Republic of
Sonatrach Petroleum Corporation
South Africa, High Commission for
the Republic of
Spain, Embassy of
State Street Bank & Trust Company
Statoil (Uk) Ltd
Stephenson Harwood
Stirling Ltd
Sudan, Embassy of the Republic of
Sumitomo Mitsui
Banking Corporation
Sweden, Embassy of
Switzerland, Embassy of
Taipei Representative Office
Tibet Information Network
Tigris Petroleum
Times Newspapers Ltd
Tokyo Electric Power
Toshiba of Europe Ltd
TotalFinaElf Holdings plc
Toyota Motor Corporation
Tunisia, Embassy of
Turkey, Embassy of the Republic of
UBS Warburg
Ukraine, Embassy of
United Arab Emirates,
Embassy of the
Uzbekistan, Embassy of
the Republic of
Venezuela, Embassy of the
Bolivarian Republic of
Wilmer Cutler and Pickering
Wilton Park
World Bank (London)
Yemen, Embassy of the Republic of
Yomiuri Shimbun

The UN,CFR & RIIA a front for the ILLUMINATI 31 July 2004

An illuminati one world government

In the final phases of the conspiracy, the one world government is to consist of a key dictator - the head of the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations (the Illuminati group in the U.S.), a few billionaires, the Communists, and scientists who have proven their devotion to the great conspiracy. All others are to be integrated into a vast conglomeration of monopolized humanity, becoming total slaves of the conspiracy.

In the United States, immediately after World War I, the Illuminati set up what they called the Council on Foreign Relations, commonly referred to as the CFR. This CFR is actually the Illuminati now operating in the U.S. Its hierarchy, the mastermind control of the CFR, to a very great extent, are descendants of the original Illuminati conspirators, even though many of them have changed their names to conceal this fact.There is a similar establishment of the Illuminati in England, operating under the name of the British Institute of International Affairs.

There are similar secret Illuminati organizations in France, Germany, and other nations operating under different names. All of these organizations, including the CFR, continuously set up numerous subsidiary or front organizations that are infiltrated into every phase of the various nations affairs. But at all times, the operation of these organizations were and are masterminded and controlled by the Illuminati.


(a front for the iIluminati)



The Council, 2003-2004
The governance of the Institute is vested in its Council.The Council is elected by members of the Institute, in a secret ballot.  Council members serve for three years with the possibility of re-election for a further three years.  There are three Committees of Council with delegated authority; the Executive Committee, the Finance Committee and the Investment Committee.Communications to the Council should be addressed to
The Secretary to the Council, Lavinia Allison.

Council Members:DR DEANNE JULIUS  (Chairman)  E,F,I
PETER COOKE  (Deputy Chairman)  E,F,I
ADRIAN LAMB  (Hon. Treasurer) ex-officio  E,F,I

Business Director & Secretary to the Trustees:  LAVINIA ALLISON 
Staff Representative:  MARGARET MAY 

Annual report download

The Illuminati plan of operation 31 July 2004

The main features of the Weishaupt plan of operation required his Illuminati to do the following things to help them to accomplish their purpose:

1. Monetary and sex bribery was to be used to obtain control of men already in high places in the various levels of all governments and other fields of endeavor. Once influential persons had fallen for the lies, deceits, and temptations of the Illuminati, they were to be held in bondage by application of political and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial ruin, public exposure, and physical harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families.

2. The Illuminati who were on the faculty of colleges and universities were to cultivate students possessing exceptional mental ability and who belonged to well-bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for special training in Internationalism. Such training was to be provided by granting scholarships, like the Rhodes Scholarship, to those selected by the Illuminati. All such scholars were to be first persuaded and then convinced that men of special talent and brains had the right to rule those less gifted on the grounds that the masses do not know what is best for them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

3. All influential people who were trapped to come under the control of the Illuminati, plus the students who had been specially educated and trained, were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists. They would advise the top executives to adopt policies which would, in the long run, serve the secret plans of the Illuminati's one world conspiracy, and bring about the destruction of the governments and religions they were elected or appointed to serve.

4. They were to obtain absolute control of the press so that all news and information could be slanted to convince the masses that a one world government is the only solution to our many and varied problems. They were also to own and control all the national radio and TV channels.

After reading these four points of strategy, we have to admit that our mass communications media is controlled at all levels, and that at all levels our governments are also infiltrated and controlled, just like Weishaupt had planned back in the 1700's. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this fact, which is why they make little sense out of many of the world events that take place today.

Vatican attacks radical feminism 29 July 2004

The Vatican has published a document designed to address "distortions" generated by radical feminism. The document, approved by the Pope, says feminism has "inspired ideologies" that view men and women as enemies, and question family and marriage.

But the Pope has also called for more respect for working women, and taken a first step towards breaking the male hold on the Vatican bureaucracy.

Feminists have condemned the document as a step backwards.

Cultural relativism

The new document is a letter to Roman Catholic bishops entitled On the collaboration of men and women in the Church and the World.

In order to avoid the domination of one sex or the other, their differences tend to be denied
Vatican letter

It was signed by German cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - seen by some as a possible future Pope - and approved by John Paul II.

The BBC's David Willey in Rome says the document is an attempt by the Vatican to define the place of women in the Church and in the modern world.

It reaffirms the Church's opposition to gay marriage and trends in gender studies that obscure the difference between the sexes.

The letter says there is now a tendency to see women as opposed to men, and sex relegated to no more than a physical difference.

It says feminism's view of equality has inspired ideologies which "call into question the family, in its natural two-parent structure of mother and father, and to make homosexuality and heterosexuality virtually equivalent".

'Status quo'

Women should not be stigmatised if they do not have a job, the document says.

But it adds that those who choose to work outside the home should not be forced to "choose between relinquishing family life or enduring continual stress".

I don't think the Catholic Church - whose own priests and bishops cannot marry - is in a position to make such statements

Erin Pizzey
Women's Refuge Movement founder

The Vatican document supports a greater role for women in the governance of the Church - but without giving an inch on a relaxation of the ban on women priests.

As a token of this, an Italian nun has just been given a job for the first time at a senior level inside the Vatican's own foreign ministry.

Our correspondent says that like most Vatican documents, this letter is open to varying interpretations - although its basic theme uncompromisingly states what the Church views as basic differences between men and women.

Angela Phillips, a lecturer at London's Goldsmiths College says the condemnation of feminism "seems to be a worrying step back to a religious fundamentalism."

"Social changes are uncomfortable for people who are part of structures of a previous society, and so they try to maintain the status quo that women have fought against," she says.

Erin Pizzey, founder of the international women's refuge movement, told BBC News Online: "I don't think the Catholic Church - whose own priests and bishops cannot marry - is in a position to make such statements.

"It is one of the most emotionally illiterate organisations I know, and they need to put their own house in order first."

Son murdered by mother and internet boyfriend 29 July 2004

Date: 28/07/2004 14:10:36 GMT Standard Time
From: deangray61

This is about as much as I remember ...
July 02 my ex started chatting to this animal,I didn't find out about him till Sept 02 when I suggested she go away for the weekend to think about our marriage(she used the opportunity to meet up with him for the first time in Blackpool),I found a text msg on her mobile phone saying "I love u more babes",asked her about it and was told that he was only a friend....I'd never checked her phone til that point,I trusted her!!!.
Two days later after finding out more about the weekend she was away I left the house.

Up until Xmas 02 I was looking after my kids Mon,Wed and Fri evenings when she went to work,then in Jan 03 she went back to her usual job in the B A,hardly saw my kids after that.

Late January John came back from Manchester with his face bruised and his hair all shaved off,I went nuts and was then threatened by him via a text msg.All through this period I always said to her that if things got out of hand and she needed me to help in any way she could.Not once did she indicate that anything was wrong and that this guy was the best thing since sliced bread!!!

By February she had been taking my kids down south almost every weekend and I was worried so was her family and neighbours,she still kept going and took no advice from anyone.The beginning of March I picked my wee boy up from the childminder and he had a black eye.I confronted her and then I went to the local police station,where I was rebuffed,11 days later my wee boy was dead,beaten so badly that it was apparent that his injuries were non accidental.In April I travelled to Manchester and his body was released to me and I brought him home with the funeral director,I laid him to rest on the 3 May 2003 ,23 months to the day he was born!!!!

The rest you have read.

Dean Gray

Today I was informed that the CPS aren't going to appeal against the sentences and I've used the media contacts I have to let the nation know this.

I am going to appeal through the civil court,albeit very costly I'm trying to raise funds to start this.Thank you so much for your help..

£1m battle to see my son 27 July 2004

A West Midlands executive has described how his life has been devastated by a four-year custodial battle for his young son which has cost him more than £1 million.

Former head of one of the country's leading high-tech firms, the 42-year-old from Coventry said he had run up costs of £500,000, given up share options worth a further £500,000 and faced losing his £500,000-plus home after quitting his job because of the prolonged legal battle.

He has made more than two dozen court appearances to win increased access to his five year-old son - who cannot be identified - but has now been told by a High Court judge he can only see him one weekend every two months.

The father claimed his ex-wife, the boy's mother, had been served with contact orders nearly a dozen times and had been the subject of other legal orders but in the meantime he has had access to the boy cut.

"The last four years have been a waking and sleeping nightmare," he said.

"After what the High Court did to me, I was totally heart-broken and thought 'I have got to stop fighting now for the sake of my son and so I do not destroy myself'.

"I have not seen him for three months and then I got a late night phone call from him in which he cried for 15 minutes and asked 'Why are you not with me?'

"I had given up and was going to wait until he found me in ten years' time or so. But after that phone call, I have got to fight, I cannot let the child go through this."

The father began his court action in 2000 after his wife left him for one of his colleagues.

He claims he was denied access and parental rights and decided the only way to try to win joint responsibility for his son was to quit his job and concentrate on the legal battle.

After a year of court appearances he decided to give up his lawyers and represent himself. He has now run up debts of £100,000.

"I would do it all again tomorrow. I fought and fought but I never see my son on his birthdays or Christmas, or have any idea about his schooling.

"The animosity that emerges in a marriage break-up is intense and in his mother's mind I am sure she thinks she is doing the right thing for him.

"I am no longer a parent, the courts have decided that for me, but if I can help other children and fathers that is something."

In protest at the latest judgment, he left his son's toys on the steps of the Royal Courts of Justice in London last week.

"It was heartbreaking for me but it was my way of protesting," he said.

The man now has a job as managing director of a Midland company.

"This is an example of what is really happening to honest, decent dads in their tens of thousands.

"The Government is trying to present a picture that there is nothing seriously wrong with family law but one in four children are not in contact with their natural fathers and this is increasing by 100 a day in the UK."


Family fury at couple's sentence
By Lori Campbell

RELATIVES fought in a court yesterday after a tragic toddler's evil mother and her internet lover were jailed for just five years each.A judge slammed Lorna Gray and James McEwan over the ordeal of tiny John Gray who suffered more than 200 injuries before he died.But the pair were acquitted of killing the 21-month-old boy after admitting a lesser charge of child cruelty.

Now no one will be blamed for John's death.Police had to be called in when Gray's relatives and members of her ex-husband's family traded punches in the court's reception area.Outside court, John's devastated dad Dean Gray said: 'My little boy's life was surely worth more than five years. It is an absolute disgrace.'Civil servant Gray, 30, from Steelend, Fife, left Dean for McEwan after falling for him in an internet chatroom.John suffered a series of beatings at McEwan's home in Manchester and died there in March last year.He had more then 200 injuries to 92 parts of his body. His liver had been ruptured, he had a fractured arm, broken ribs and injuries to his testicles.

As Gray and McEwan were sentenced at Manchester Crown Court yesterday, one relative shouted: 'We hope you rot in hell.'Passing sentence, Mr Justice McKinnon said: 'There had been the most serious ill treatment of young John over the last weekend of his life.'It is clear that the two of you, by very carefully keeping your own counsel until today about what truly happened, are guilty of the most serious cruelty to young John.'You failed to take early action to get him medical attention when it must have been obvious he was seriously ill.'It's not possible to choose between you - you must take joint responsibility in the sense you were both guilty of the most extreme cruelty.'Dean, 34, condemned the sentence as too lenient.

He said: 'It's unacceptable and I will fight to have it re-assessed through an appeal.'I hope John will find some peace in the future. Right now, he would not find peace and neither will my family because we did not get justice.'It's a travesty of the highest extent. He was my flesh and blood.'John was a miracle for Dean and Gray when he was born in 2001. They had lost a two-day-old son to a heart defect the year before.But their happiness was shattered after internet-obsessed Gray met McEwan, 27, in a chatroom. She embarked on a series of sexual encounters with McEwan, making round trips with her children to his home in Fallowfield, Manchester.Dean - who has a daughter Stephanie, six, with Gray - discovered the affair after finding a text message on Gray's phone.He left the family home and would see his children twice a week.

But he began to notice bruises on John when the boy returned from trips south.Once, John came home with a shaved head and black eye.Dean claims he contacted Fife Police with concerns for his child's safety but was told they were powerless if the child was injured in England.Dean - who has another girl, Natasha, eight, from an earlier relationship - was fighting to get custody when John died.He condemned the Child Protection Agency for failing to save his boy and called for a change in the law.Dean said: 'This case should be a lesson for the courts, they ignored my rights when I wanted to take custody of my children for their own safety.

'The justice system as it is is failing every child.'Dean's father Donald Gray, 53, also had suspicions about their relationship.He said: 'There was something not quite right about Lorna. She didn't seem to have the motherly instinct.'I didn't trust her in the slightest but Dean was so in love, there was nothing we could say or do.'After an earlier hearing, Dean voiced his hatred for his ex-wife.He said: 'She is not fit to be a mother. My son is dead because of her sick sexual fantasy.'

All children to go on ‘big brother’ computer 25 July 2004

The secret societies are behind all of this

All children to go on ‘big brother’ computer

A NATIONAL database containing confidential details about every child in
Britain is to be set up by the government. An identifying number will be
assigned to each child so that the authorities can access their records.
Details of the proposals — affecting all 13.5m children in Britain under the
age of 18 — are contained in cabinet papers leaked to The Sunday Times.
........ It will also include information on their families, such as whether
parents are divorced or separated. The database will be designed to identify
problem relatives, including aunts and uncles who have a history of
alcoholism or drug misuse. It will be filed under each child’s “unique
identifying number”.

The decision to create a “universal children’s database” was approved by the
ministerial committee on children, young people and families, chaired by
Charles Clarke, the education secretary, last month.

........ However, “restricted” minutes of a meeting reveal that ministers
have privately agreed to the national children’s database, rejecting
proposals for the system to cover only those children thought to be at risk.

The minutes record: “Turning to the question of who the database should
cover, the minister for children, young people and families (Margaret Hodge)
said that all children should be included. This fitted with the prevention
agenda and reduced the risk of stigmatisation. Information collected could
also be used to support service planning and delivery.”,,2761-1190990,00.html

Interpreting law 25 July 2004

If only judges and lawyers are competent to interpret the Constitution and the law, and all the rest of us are incompetent to do so, then despite the doctrine that "ignorance of the law is no excuse", all the rest of us can't be guilty of any crime by reason of incompetence.  It's not that we are "ignorant" of the law, but that we're such a hopeless bunch of dolts that we are "incompetent" to understand the law.  How could any of us be guilty of "unauthorized practice of law", if we are incompetent to understand the law? 
Thus the proposition that the law is such a subtle and sophisticated thing that only judges and lawyers can understand it, thus runs afoul of an internal contradiction, namely that the law can only apply to judges and lawyers, because they are the only ones who are competent to understand it.
But if you then grant judges and lawyers absolute immunity, it can't apply to them either.  Thus we would arrive at a bizarre situation where the rule of law applies to nobody at all, and we would have created a completely lawless society (which is pretty close to what we have).  Did "we the people" really "ordain and establish" the Constitution in order to create a completely lawless society?
Thinking along these lines, what is hard to understand is why judges and lawyers would pay any attention to a Constitution established by "the people", when they think that "the people" are completely incompetent to understand the Constitution.  Come to think of it, perhaps that's why some judges and lawyers pay so little attention to the Constitution.
What's also hard to understand is why, if judges and lawyers are the only ones competent to understand the Constitution and laws, they constantly disagree with each other about what it means?  Every time a case comes to court, lawyer A says the law means one thing, and lawyer B says it means something else.  Judge C flips a coin and agrees with lawyer B.  Lawyer A then appeals, and at the next level Judge D says Judge C was wrong and reverses.  Lawyer B then appeals, and at the next level Judge E says Judge D was wrong and reverses again, etc.  At a certain point the client of either lawyer A or lawyer B runs out of money, that's the end of the appeal process, and whatever the last decision was becomes "settled law."  I realize that as an incompetent lay person, I'm not qualified to understand what is going on here, but somehow I suspect that often it may not be quite as subtle and sophisticated as it's sometimes cracked up to be.  In fact, it may be often just a cheap con game.
Let's get real folks.  The doctrine that only judges can interpret the Constitution and the law is an utter absurdity.  In fact, all of us have not only a right, but an affirmative duty to understand and interpret the Constitution and the law.  And how can we hope to understand it, if we cannot discuss it amongst ourselves, offer opinions about its meaning, and listen to what others have to say in response?  That's how the process of education proceeds, and we have an affirmative duty to educate ourselves about the Constitution and the law.  My opinion is that the only time "unauthorized practice of law" should ever come into play, is if we take money for offering opinions about the law.  Other than that, we're just citizens going about our lawful business, part of which is educating ourselves about the law.
One part of the Constitution that some judges appear to have overlooked in their zeal to invent absolute immunity for themselves, is the power of impeachment.  Federal judges hold office during "good behavior."  I submit that when judges overreach themselves, it is not "good behavior", and Congress is the final judge of that.  The situation is similar in most if not all states. 
"The people" may have been a bit more clever than some judges give them credit for in establishing the power of impeachment of judges.  It's worth noting that the early history of impeachment was mostly impeachment of judges.  It may be necessary for Congress and state legislatures to re-assert that power to rein in an increasingly out-of-control judiciary.
David A. Roberts

A lost opportunity to give children their human rights 24 July 2004

By Bob Geldof

This document restates the discredited notion that fathers are feckless
and fickle

They have got the title right, but not an awful lot else. "Parental
Separation: Children's Needs and Parent's Responsibilities" is what the
Government has called the consultative document it issued yesterday on
what happens to children when a marriage breaks up.

The Green Paper is a huge disappointment. It makes a lot of fine
statements about both parents being needed to bring up their children
after divorce. But it offers little that is not already covered by the
1989 Children's Act. The Government's tinkering has failed to address
the fundamental injustice at the heart of the present system.

The document speaks about helping parents to resolve disagreements
through mediation rather than litigation. It hopes to speed up courtroom
appearances. It proposes that one judge should see cases through to the
end to ensure continuity. But it does not grasp the nettle of giving
parents equal access to their children. And it continues to treat
fathers differently to mothers.

The minister responsible, Lord Falconer, rather patronisingly sought to
justify this failure yesterday by saying that there could not be an
automatic presumption that access should be split between parents,
50:50. "Children cannot be divided like the CD collection," he said.

Such statements are shallow and unhelpful. What is at stake is not the
needs of adults, but of children.

Children need fathers. The empirical proof is that children are hugely
damaged by having their fathers effectively removed from their
day-to-day lives. Indeed, some experts have argued that is, in fact, a
form of child abuse to deprive children of their father. What is
involved is a human rights issue for the child, something which is
recognised in countries like Denmark, Sweden and some US states, where a
50:50 access split is the norm.

The Green Paper enshrines a hoary old belief. Though it announces that
the law is gender neutral in intent - which is nonsense, as can be seen
from the plain fact that in 93 per cent of cases it is the woman who
gets the children - it perpetuates the outdated notion of bread-winning
men and child-rearing women. The facts give the lie to this. More than
half of the national workforce are women now (51 per cent at the last
count). Yet the Green Paper insists that 50:50 access "would not work in
practical terms, owing to living arrangements or work commitments".

What this adds up to is a restating of the discredited notion that women
are the ones with the emotional intelligence, and that men are
restricted to the analytical sphere. Mothers are nurturers, while
fathers are feckless, fickle and incapable of emotional engagement with
their children. This is the contemporary restatement of the prejudice
that branded women as the hysterical sex who could not be given the vote
for fear they might have to exercise it at the wrong time of the month.
Small wonder that angry fathers used the suffragette colour - purple -
for the flour bombs with which they bombarded the Prime Minister.

Ministers say that 90 per cent of parents who split arrange access
without recourse to the courts. But that disguises a systemic bias. Many
fathers do not resort to the courts because they know that they are
unlikely to win, and that a court case will only upset their children
and waste their money. That there is a far larger constituency of angry
people who want fundamental changes to the law was brought home to me
recently when I addressed the annual conference of Townswomen's Guild on
the subject of giving fathers more access to their children. Many
elderly women spoke in tears at the way the law prevented them from
seeing their own grandchildren.

I am not convinced that the Children and Family Court Advisory and
Support Service is the right body to supervise the process of mediation.
(The parents are already in litigious mode by the time they enter the
court building.) And it's not clear why the Green Paper's proposals for
parenting plans should work any better than they have in the past - they
have been around since the 1990s and are rarely used.

Nor is it clear why it would work to give courts powers to impose
community-based orders, such as voluntary work, on recalcitrant mothers
who repeatedly flout the access arrangements the court has imposed. At
present, tens of thousands of fathers each spend thousands of pounds
trying to enforce court orders which their ex-wives just ignore.
Although judges have the power to impose prison sentences for persistent
and deliberate breaches. they rarely believe it is in the interests of
the child to send a mother to prison. They do, however, send 40 women to
jail a year for not paying their TV licence. What price the kids then?

Nor is it clear, in a week when the Prime Minister and the Home
Secretary have made such play on boorishness, yob culture and social
misbehaviour, why they have missed the clear link between fatherlessness
and the explosion in young offending. What was needed was for the
Government to send a clear message about the equal, but different,
importance of the mother and father in the upbringing of children. They
have missed their chance.

Daddy’s girl 23 July 2004

A FATHER’S role in the family is far more important than just being the breadwinner and male authority figure. There is a consensus among the experts in child and family studies that the father’s role in the family affects his children’s development.

Another interesting note is that women who are successful in sports usually had an involved father who encouraged and supported their athletic pursuits.

Dr Ross Parke, an authority on fathering, studied the role that fathers play in the family and observed that men give greater freedom to their infants to explore. This helps to develop their sense of independence.

Dr Parke’s research also stressed that fathers who were actively involved in their children’s play helped promote greater self-control in children and gave them more opportunities to learn emotional cues.

A father who is involved in his daughter’s growing up shares a special bond with her. It is agreed that girls who have a good relationship with their fathers tend to be more confident and have a good self-image.

Many young girls, as they approach puberty, tend to lack self-assurance and have low self-esteem. If their fathers acknowledge them as capable and beautiful individuals, they grow up knowing that they are loved for who they are.

According to Dr Michael Gurian who wrote The Wonder of Girls, the father-daughter relationship is unlike a mother and daughter relationship. Fathers have to make an effort to bond with their children.

A new father has to watch how his wife feeds and changes his baby and learns to do the same. He will eventually, like his wife, care for and nurture his baby in daily routines. He begins to follow his instincts, and does what is best for his child. This is attachment parenting.

To balance work and family, many fathers need to do a good job at work and still find time to be with his children. To do this, fathers need to keep healthy in both mind and body.

Having a positive attitude towards work can greatly reduce job stress. A committed worker can make his working environment more flexible and conducive to family life. Statistics show that workers who have a happy family life are more efficient and reported less absenteeism.

As for keeping a healthy body, fathers should do physical exercises and take glucose-based, energy-boosting drinks to cope with both work and family demands.

It would be better if the father and daughter engaged in physical workouts together. Many successful sportswomen contribute their achievements to the many hours spent with their fathers training in a sport that both love.

Fathers who take the time to listen to their daughters find that they can communicate better with them.

This open channel of communication between father and daughter will lead to greater benefits in later life. The young child will grow into an articulate person with strong opinions. Looking at the many examples of great women today, we know this to be true.

Fathers can impart many valuable skills to their daughters. For instance, a father can help his daughter learn car maintenance even at a young age. Girls can learn skills that are deemed technical in nature. This will encourage girls to value and respect themselves for being capable of doing many things. Fathers are often adept in helping daughters with problem-solving skills and risk-taking.

Here are some activities that fathers and daughters can do together to build a strong relationship.

Practise a regular exercise regime with your young daughter. Father-daughter workouts are fun and help to secure a stronger bond between the two. Through sports activities, fathers can help their daughters feel confident about themselves. Fathers can also bond with their daughters by relaxing together and consuming a glucosed-based energy drink after completing their exercise regimen.

Get involved in your daughter’s hobbies and interests. Fathers can learn a great deal about their little girls and how interesting they are as individuals when they participate in their daughters’ activities. In a report in The Hawaiian Post, fathers joined in a ballet dance class for a special father-and-daughter session. The little ballerinas were proud that they had the opportunity to partner their dads in a dance recital.

Shop and cook together with your daughter.

Show the ropes to your child. Fathers should take their daughters to work. Let your daughter know about working life and finances. She can learn about working opportunities and the facts of earning a living.

Take up a cause with your daughter. Many strong women activists were inspired at an early age to make a difference in the lives of those they fought for. Women equality is one issue that still needs much attention and support. Teach your daughter to stand up for her rights. Fathers who make a difference in the lives of their daughters can change the world. Women who have positive relationships with their fathers tend to be high achievers and are able to choose life partners who will respect and value them for who they are.

Bonding with your child may require lots of time and energy. But in the long run, this strengthening of the relationship between a father and daughter pays off.

A father’s love for his daughter accentuates her self-value and defines her as worthy person. – Article courtesy of Glucolin

The secret society that ties Bush and Kerry 20 July 2004

Revelations that leading candidates for the US presidency were "Skull and Bones" members have provoked claims of elitism. Charles Laurence reports from New York

The "tomb" stands dark and hulking at the heart of the Yale University campus, almost windowless, and shuttered and padlocked in the thick snow of winter storms.

Built to mimic a Greco-Egyptian temple, it is the headquarters of the Order of the Skull and Bones, America's most elite and elusive secret society - and it has become the unlikely focus of this year's presidential election. It turns out that four leading contestants for the White House in November's election were 1960s undergraduates at Yale: President Bush and Democratic rivals Governor Howard Dean, Sen John Kerry and Sen Joseph Lieberman.

What is more, two are "Bonesmen". Both Sen Kerry, now the Democrat front runner, and President Bush belong to the 172-year-old society, which aims to get its members into positions of power. This presidential election seems destined to become the first in history to pit one Skull and Bones member against another.

The phenomenon of the "Yalies", as Yale alumni are known, has provoked an intense debate over apparent elitism among Americans amazed that - in a democracy of almost 300 million people - the battle for power should be waged among candidates drawn from the 4,000 who graduated from Yale in four different years of the 1960s.

"To today's Yale undergraduates it seems quite extraordinary," said Jacob Leibenluft, a student and a reporter on the Yale Daily News, the campus newspaper. "For some it's a source of pride, to others it's a source of shame."

In fact Yale, with annual tuition fees of $28,400 (£16,000), has long sent graduates to the top of all professions from the campus in New Haven, Connecticut, where it was founded in 1731.

The Skull and Bones is the most exclusive organisation on campus. Members have ranged from President William Taft to Henry Luce, the founder of the Time-Life magazine empire, and from Averill Harriman, the businessman and diplomat, to the first President George Bush.

Alexandra Robbins, a Yale graduate and author of a book on the Skull and Bones, Secrets of the Tomb, said: "It is staggering that so many of the candidates are from Yale, and even more so that we are looking at a presidential face-off between two members of the Skull and Bones. It is a tiny club with only 800 living members and 15 new members a year.

"But there has always been a sentiment at Yale to push students into public service, an ethos of the elite making their way through the corridors of power - and the sole purpose of the Bones is power."

The four candidates' time at Yale spans the period from 1960, when Sen Lieberman began his studies, through Sen Kerry's arrival in 1962 and Mr Bush's two years later, to 1971, when Mr Dean graduated - a period that swung through the bright hopes of the Kennedy presidency to tumult and bitterness over Vietnam.

Mr Lieberman and Mr Kerry served on the same committee to oppose resistance to the Vietnam war draft, but otherwise the four appear not to have known each other at the time. They all studied history and political science, however, and had some of the same professors and academic mentors.

Robert Dahl, the then head of the political science department, said: "Many of us had the sense we were preparing future leaders, but I don't think any of us had any idea we were teaching so many presidential candidates."

While at Yale all four showed hints of the varying character traits that would eventually propel them, on different paths, towards the top of American politics.

Mr Lieberman, the grandson of immigrants, arrived from a state school, probably a beneficiary of an unofficial 10 per cent quota of places for Jews that Yale then operated. Politically ambitious, he chaired the Yale Daily News, the most sought-after student position on campus.

Sen Kerry is remembered as "running for president since freshman year". One of his contemporaries said: "He was obsessed by politics to the exclusion of all else. At that age, it's a bit creepy." He dated Janet Auchincloss, the half-sister of Jackie Kennedy, the First Lady, won the presidency of the Yale Political Union, and was initiated into the Skull and Bones before joining the United States Navy for service in Vietnam.

In laid-back contrast, Mr Bush achieved only a "C" grade academically and took little interest in politics. He joined a "sports jock" fraternity and followed his father into the Skull and Bones.

By the time Mr Dean arrived in 1967, Yale was admitting women and setting more store by applicants' academic merit than their social background. The future Vermont governor showed a disdain for Yale politics and resigned from a fraternity order in a dispute over a coffee bar.

Whether the four men's Yale backgrounds is a plus with voters is uncertain. Mr Dean seems embarrassed, once saying he studied "in New Haven, Connecticut" to avoid mentioning Yale by name. Mr Bush makes light of his student years, apparently revelling in his reputation for socialising, not studying.

The Skull and Bones connection is more troublesome. Mr Kerry laughed nervously when questioned about his and Mr Bush's membership on television. "You both were members of the Skull and Bones; what does that tell us?" he was asked. "Yup. Not much," he replied.

Not surprisingly, the club's rituals fascinate many Americans. Robbins's book describes a social club with arcane rules, a hoard of relics ranging from Hitler's silver collection to the skull of the Indian chief Geronimo - plus a resident prostitute.

She says initiation rites include a mud-wrestling bout, receiving a beating and the recitation by a new member of his sexual history - delivered while he lies naked in a coffin. Elevation of a Bonesman creates opportunities for his fellows, and Robbins says that President Bush has appointed 10 members to his administration, including the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

She recently surveyed 100 of the estimated 800 living Bonesmen on their preferred election winner - Sen Kerry or President Bush. Perhaps not surprisingly, given that both are pledged to advance the interests of fellow Bonesmen, "They answered that they didn't care. Whichever way it went, it was a win-win for them."

Plan To Screen All U.S. Citizens For Mental Illness 19 July 2004


The House Appropriations Committee Funds President’s
New Freedom Commission Initiative That Includes Plan To
Screen All U.S. Citizens For Mental Illness –


Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved $20 million in new federal dollars to begin implementation of the plans set forth by the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health (NFC) to get every man, woman and child in America “screened” for “mental illness.”

Amidst broad public concern that many of the antidepressants being prescribed to Americans are under federal investigation for causing suicidal reactions, the New Freedom on Mental Health Commission’s campaign for national mental health “screening” – will result in millions more Americans being diagnosed with fraudulent and unscientific mental disorders, and prescribed dangerous and deadly psychiatric drugs.

Now, $20 million has been approved by the House Appropriations Committee for “State Incentive Transformation Grants,” in order to begin nationwide implementation of the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health’s plan. It’s the beginning of a “Brave New World” should the Senate fund this.

The Commission based its entire findings on the definition of mental illness as defined by psychiatry’s billing bible, the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The methods of mental health “screening” recommended by the New Freedom Commission are lists of arbitrary questions based on this DSM. If this “sweeping mental health initiative” is implemented, millions more American’s will certainly be diagnosed and drugged given the subjective diagnoses.

Ø The New Freedom Commission on Mental Health’s report states that “mental illnesses are shockingly common,” but neglects to address or even mention the fact that there is no medical or scientific means by which to diagnose mental “illnesses.” Psychiatrists and mental health proponents promote psychiatric “disorders” as a disease, or an illness that can be diagnosed in the same manner as real physical illness. This is a fraud. There are no blood tests, brain scans or chemical imbalance tests to validate any mental disorder as an illness or “disease.” With no scientific/medical criteria to substantiate these claims, anyone could be diagnosed as mentally ill based solely on a checklist of behaviors.
Ø The DSM contains hundreds of psychiatric mental “disorders” which are a list of behavioral symptoms that are literally voted into existence and inserted into the DSM. Such diagnoses include “Caffeine-Related Disorder,” “Mathematics Disorder,” “Disorder of Written Expression,” and the all-encompassing “Phase of Life Problem.” These “disorders” are simply a classification of symptoms that are drastically different from, and foreign to, anything in medicine.
Ø The New Freedom Commission is blatantly promoting the coercive and manipulative tactics that have led to millions of children being falsely labeled with mental disorders in our public schools. Schools have become mental health clinics where children are diagnosed based on subjective questionnaires, instead of given proven educational solutions. This fact was substantiated by a report from the President’s Commission on Excellence in Special Education, which found that 2.4 million children had been diagnosed with mental “disorders” and placed in Special Education, when in fact these children had simply not been taught to read.
Ø The issue of coerced child drugging in public schools has become so prevalent that the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Child Medication Safety Act in May 2003, to prevent schools from forcing a parent to drug their child as a condition of attending school.
Ø Due to psychiatric influence, parents have been reported to Child Protective Services and charged with medical neglect for refusing to give their child a psychiatric drug, such as those currently under investigation for causing suicidal reactions. Parents have been charged with “medical neglect” for refusing psychiatric treatment – despite the fact that there is no scientific proof that there is anything medically wrong with the child.
Ø In a recent report by Allen Jones, a former investigator in the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General (OIG), Bureau of Special Investigations, condemning the New Freedom Commission (NFC), he states, “Despite a nearly 500% increase in American children being prescribed mental health drugs during the past 6 years, the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health found that not enough adolescents are benefiting from mental health treatment. The NFC recommendations prominently call for mandatory mental health screening for all high school students, with follow-up ‘treatment’ as required – this means more kids on mind-altering and potentially lethal psychiatric drugs.”


1) Oppose any federal, state, or local plans for universal mental health screening. Contact the White House (202-456-1111), the Speaker of the House (Rep. Hastert at 202-225-2976) and the Senate Leader (Senator Frist at 202-224-3344), your own Members of Congress (go to, the House Education and Workforce Committee Chairman John Boehner at 202-225-6205, and the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee Chairman Judd Gregg at 202-224-3324 and tell them to STOP funding this New Freedom Commission on Mental Health plan in the Labor/HHS appropriations bill. Alert your state legislators and oppose school board initiatives to add psychiatric screening programs.

2) Support the Child Medication Act (S. 1390) currently stalled in the Senate by Senator Edward Kennedy - This legislation prohibits schools from coercing parents to place their children on psychiatric medications that are on the controlled substances list. Senator Kennedy, with large support from pharmaceutical companies, has not let this very modest proposal even receive a hearing, saying that it needs more study. Senator Kennedy (202-224-4543) as well as Senator Gregg (202-224-3324) the Committee chairman, and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (202-224-3344) need to hear from the public.

3) Check to see if your state has a provision in state special education law that prohibits a school district from overriding parental refusal to submit their child to a special education or mental health evaluation. If yes, alert other parents, and if not, work for one.

Peter Dockx
Government Affairs
CCHR International

The Third Reich vs. the Fourth Reich 19 July 2004


The Third Reich vs. the Fourth Reich
(Hitler Youth compared to Children’s Protective Services)

“Heil Hitler!” Do these words send waves of icy-cold chills through your body? Do you become angry, while your body starts to tense? Do visions of terror, pain, torture, or war engulf your thoughts?

“Children’s Protective Services!” Do you feel the same icy chills? Do thoughts of anger and terror take over? Are you envisioning terror, pain, torture and war? Over 400,000 children and families feel this way daily in the United States. At the end of this essay you may feel the same way too.

Through my research and own personal experiences I am going to show you that the principles, dynamics, and tactics that went into creating one of history’s evilest regimes exists here in the United States. History is repeating itself.

As with both the Nazi Youth (Wandervögel) and Children’s Protective Services, their intent was based on genuine care for the children. “Before the Nazi Party was founded, a strong youth movement already existed in Germany. It began in the 1890’s and was known as the Wandervögel, a male-only movement featuring a back-to-nature theme.’ - (Beginnings, p1)

It is when these organizations begin to grow into self-sustaining machines without a conscience, that the end result should be feared. “The Hitler Youth organization had grown from 80 branches with 700 members in 1926 to about 450 branches with 13,000 members in 1929.” - (Road to Power, p3)

Children’s Protective Services was also established with good intentions. “A young girl was found tied to a bed like an animal, neglected and brutally beaten by her foster parents. In 1874, animals were legally protected from inhumane treatment, children weren’t. Child abuse and neglect was considered a family matter and there was no one to intervene on behalf of the child. That is until a small group of concerned citizens in New York organized the first child protective institution in the world—The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to children (NYSPCC).” - (NYSPCC, p3)

But again, we see a huge uprising in a short amount of time laying the foundation for corruption. “In Sacramento, California, during 1997, Child Protective Services caseworkers were removing children from their homes at an estimated rate of 400 per month—up from a previous level of 200 per month during the previous year. Authorities were reviewing cases, which in some instances stemmed from five-year-old reports, and conducting random sweeps of homes late at night, without search warrants.

The majority of the children removed in these midnight raids were not necessarily abused or neglected, rather they were determined to be “at risk” of abuse or neglect at some point in the future. The Sacramento Bee uncritically reported on these events as if to suggest that they make for sound public policy, having sent reporters to cover the raids in the company of police and social workers.” - (Thoma, p1)

Often, corruption and greed can seep in through the guise of best interest. When an establishment has weakened and allowed those seeds of evil to take an active role in its establishment, the ideals on which the establishments were founded blur. From these seeds sprout a special interest machine, under the blanket of protection and best interest.

For Hitler the blanket was the best interest of Pure German Youth. For Children’s Protective Services it is the best interest of the less fortunate American youth.

Hitler’s youth camps were established in July 1926 with Kurt Gruber as its leader. Parental separation/alienation was first and foremost. Indoctrination into the Nazi Youth Party had to start by enforcing Hitler’s ideals of what a “German” should be. “When an opponent declares, ‘I will not come over to your side,’ I say calmly, ‘Your child belongs to us already…What are you? You will pass on, Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community’.” - Adolf Hitler, (Timeline, p5)

Part of conforming was to become alienated from your parents. “While the summer camping program was impaired, the HJ (Hitler Jugend) took on an even larger program, the KLV. The Kinderlandverschickung (KLV) was a massive Nazi program to evacuate children from cities targeted by the Allied bombing campaign. About 2.5 million children were involved. They were housed in HJ youth camps and many other facilities in rural areas throughout the Reich. This meant year-round care, not just during the summer.”

These same tactics are used in the Children’s Protective services procedures and everyday operations. “We enter the new millennium with well over 500,000 of our children in one or another form of state-provided alternative care. An estimated 365,000 of our children are removed from their homes for their "protection" each year in these United States. They find themselves warehoused in foster homes, group homes, and Institutions. When there is no room for them at the proverbial inn, they find themselves warehoused in prisons.” - (Thoma, p1)

In these KLV camps children can rise in rank. More elite stature was gained by following requirements without hesitation. The more the youth conformed, the more privileges bestowed upon them.

While being introduced to this new way of life, a level system or reward system was emplaced. “Vocational training was also emphasized as Schirach and Nazi labor leader Robert Ley initiated the annual National Vocational Competition for Hitler Youth in which teens learning various trades were judged and rewarded, with the winners in each category getting to meet Hitler.” This same source goes on to quote “One case involved a teenaged HJ (Hitler Youth Party) member named Walter Hess who turned in his father for calling Hitler a crazed Nazi maniac, His father was then hauled off to Dachau under Schutzhaft (protective custody). For setting such an example, Hess was promoted to a higher rank.” - (Prelude, p3)

So armed with isolation, authority and rewards Hitler began his organization. As these examples show Hitler needed all authority, other than his own, removed from the child’s environment. A new environment was then introduced to the child whereas the child did not have a choice but to conform. Any and all family culture and tradition that did not coincide with the teachings and beliefs of the Third Reich was replaced with Hitler’s idea of what a “German” upbringing will consist of. Rewards were given for those who excelled in conforming.

I have been told that every organization has its recipe. The first ingredient is isolation. The police, together with SCF, surrounded the Christine motor home, conducted an illegal search and interrogation of the Christine children, accused Brian and Ruth of child abuse and seized all three of their beautiful little girls. Brian was arrested for abuse because he acknowledged having physically disciplined one of his children as a part of her toilet training. Brian and Ruth were somewhat put out at this intrusion into their personal affairs and, distrustful of both the system and lawyers, represented themselves and their children during the ensuing year, growing increasingly demanding and resentful. SCF does not like having its nose tweaked, so it refused to give in and eventually moved to take the children permanently from the Christines.

At the time of the beginning of this saga, Ruth was 8 months pregnant. SCF demanded that child, too, so she disappeared for a time, had her child and left it in the custody of Brian’s mother, Teri Christine, back home in Indiana. Teri Christine has long since been designated the permanent guardian of baby Olivia. Teri Christine tried repeatedly to have Oregon’s SCF give the three older girls to her, too, under guardianship, but was continually rebuffed and ignored while those children were placed with strangers.- (Christine, p1)

Back up the isolation with overall authority and a reward/level system for conforming and you have yourself the makings of America’s own little storm troopers. “Crossroads Treatment Center places a strong emphasis on behavior modification using a point and color-coded system. The colors purple, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green are used to represent a resident’s current level of behavior and responsibilities and privileges. The system uses colors, thereby eliminating a hierarchical position among the residents and increased competitiveness often found with numerical level systems. The color-coded system is designated to enhance self-esteem, responsibility, and motivate residents to move to a different color status offering increased privileges and autonomy.” – (Point & Level System, p1). Again, the similarity with this is “Who decides what the infrastructure of the rules will be?”

Hitler and his youth groups mastered the art of breaking children. They use these very same tactics at Crossroads Treatment Center. At this particular group home a two week blackout period from the child’s family and friends is required. The group home staff, appointed by the county govt., is the point of authority. The child is in the “System” and their behavior is now governed by Children’s Protective Services. Resistance is futile. “At the end of each time period, staff will conduct a behavioral point group with all the residents present. The purpose of the group is to identify, reward, and document on the point chart positive behavior. The behavioral point group will occur four times a day, seven days a week.” - (Point & Level System, p1)

So why do these children conform? With isolation, the evil seeds of corruption are easily planted into a child’s mind. A technique used by Hitler to assure conforming was to remove the children from their families when they were young and place them in HJ camps. “On Dec. 1, 1936, Hitler decreed 'The Law concerning the Hitler Youth' which mandated that all young Germans (excluding Jews) would “be educated physically, intellectually and morally in the spirit of National Socialism” though the Hitler Youth from the age of ten onward.” - (Prelude, p6)

Psychological warfare, propaganda, association with capture (later to be named Stockholm Syndrome), brainwashing, these are all very powerful tools. Hitler knew that young minds could be molded like clay in any direction. Hitler put into place “experts” in the medical field to help with this task. “Many of the young men who were converted to Nazi ideology during their membership in the HJ absorbed the poison of Jew hatred through their training and activities, and when they grew up became agents of the “Final Solution” –murderers by conviction.” - (Encyclopedia, p377).

The thought of medical experimenting on children sparks images of pain and terror. Some of Hitler’s concentration camps were set up specifically for medical experimentation. Hitler’s “Experts”, used many forms of experimenting. Another type of experimenting was also being forced upon their own, the German youth. This was in the form of manipulation of a child’s mind. “Nor can Schirach escape responsibility for his assistance in implanting in youth the Nazi ideology, with its tenets of a master race, "sub-human" peoples, and world domination. For such notions were the psychological prerequisites for the instigation and toleration of the atrocities which zealous Nazis committed throughout Germany and the occupied countries.” - (Nizkor, p889)

A lot of people think of propaganda as poster boards and slogans. Propaganda can be used in several ways as a form of mind control. It can be disseminated through the media. It can be taught in schools. Repeatedly telling a child something is right or wrong is a form of mind manipulation.

When an organization decides what is “standard” for everyone, the methods of ingraining this idea can come in various forms. The point is to make the child believe what you believe, by any means necessary, to further your cause. “In their desire to establish a total state, the Nazis understood the importance of “selling” their ideology to the youth. Daily life in Nazi Germany was manipulated from the beginning of Nazi rule. Propaganda dominated popular culture and entertainment. Anti-intellectualism was used to prevent the people from thinking and feeding into their strong sense of national and military pride. Finally, Hitler and the party realized the possibilities of controlling Germany’s youth as a means of continuing the Reich, and insuring total control over a future generation.” - (Mengel, p1)

But whose ideology is being taught? Is it the parents', the people who have the most vested interest of the child? Are the teachers, doctors, leaders qualified to decide your belief system? Under the Nazi regime, your values were dictated by appointed representatives of the Nazi Party (National Socialism). With Children’s Protective Services your child’s belief system is dictated by representatives of our own government (Social Services). Are you starting to see the connection yet?

Isolation, complete authority, rewards, throw in some mind manipulation and you are right on track with Hitler’s recipe for storm troopers. That can’t be happening in the United States right? We are the ones who set the “Standard” for the world. We have already denounced Hitler and his tactics, why would we then repeat his actions? “There is a holocaust going on in California. Please help me and thousands of other Americans who had their children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. I have personally witnessed my son and other small children at the Children’s Shelter on Union Avenue in San Jose, and Eastfield Ming Quong Facility in Los Gatos, California, being severely abused both physically and emotionally by "counselors". I had seen severe bruising on my son’s face and called 911 in Los Gatos, but the police never came. My son was hospitalized in the Emergency Room at Santa Clara County Medical Center many, many times for injuries sustained at those facilities. I personally witnessed a 200-lb. "counselor" physically restrain a small boy who was slammed face down on the concrete and kneed in the back while his tiny arms were twisted behind him. The next time I saw that little boy, "Danny", his arm was in a sling. Children in this facility are very intelligent and warm and loving children. Every time I visited the facility, they all hovered around me to tell me about the torture they endured. Many times these children knew enough to pull the fire alarm so that the police and fire rescue would come. I have heard many, many children screaming and crying that they want to kill themselves. Besides being brutally restrained physically, they are also chemically restrained with mind-altering pharmaceuticals. My son was totally normal physically and mentally before the Santa Clara County apprehended him. I noticed his mental and physical health seriously deteriorate week after week as a result of being drugged at these "care" facilities.” - (Booth, p1)

Who is doing the brainwashing? For what purpose will it serve?

“Their system is set up for the (BIG Trick) what they do under the false ruse for protection for the child, get the child, instead of you, this way they KNOW that they can terrorize and traumatize the child just by getting their hands on them, then on the way to DFACS there already steadily brainwashing them by the use of leading and repeated questions then bribing the child for a disclosure by saying, just say this, then you can go home, you have to tell the judge this!, then you can go home. Now when we get there you have to tell this lady here what you said! So you can get back home. Next, they make the parent look bad in the child’s eyes by repeated phrases like THAT MAN, what did that man do to you (in a loud voice) you know he’s BAD, The Reason you're here is because THEY don't Love You, another (TRICK) is to say there’s no room to put you anywhere, so we're going to have to stay here in the back of the DACFS office overnight or over the weekend until we can find a place for you. This way they have overnight to drill the kid or KIDS some more with leading and repeated questions, now they have what they want, telling the kid they have to tell “everyone” this, in order to go back, never mind the fact the Children will often recant once removed from the duress imposed on them by the relentless questioning, but will be made out to be a liar in court, often saying there protecting there parent's, in other words, they want to go by the statement that best fulfills it’s existence of involvement and to benefit from rewards designed by our present day locally governed social infrastructure.” - (Sale, p1)

As in comparison with Hitler’s Youth organization, Children’s Protective Services also mandates the Therapist, counselors, foster parents, schools, and placement of children under their control. “Those that were able to retain their children were placed in the position of extreme financial hardship for years to come, and usually required to pay for long term weekly counseling by a state approved therapist. The dictated counseling is little more than a hostage release requirement enforced by agencies with little or no accountability.” - (Coffman, p1)

You probably never imagined the amount of propaganda that is forced upon your child daily here in the United States. “Different cultures are also suspect as exampled in Washington, where two pre-school children were removed from their Swedish parents when the weekly family saunas were uncovered in a "good touch - bad touch" training session at the children's pre-school. The children were unaware of their peril in responding affirmatively to the question "Has anybody seen their parents without clothing? In this case the children were severely traumatized by the mandated immediate removal and multi-week separation from their parents. Ultimately the family fled back to their native Sweden to prevent further repercussions.”

The Author goes on to quote, “Children are becoming increasingly aware of their power over parents; they learn from peers and schools just exactly what they do and don't have to do. In many states, Florida, Washington, Colorado, and Oregon being key examples, children cannot be required by their parents to do anything, from washing dishes to going to school. Testimony offered before the 1993 session of the Oregon legislature documented a sharply increasing number of cases where teenagers made false reports on their parents, simply because they were angry about a parental restriction. In every case known to the author, the teenagers were removed from their families, sometimes permanently, and to their great sorrow. It is not possible to reference by name or case the families affected, due to the potential for repercussions against them by the Children Services Division.” - (Coffman, p1)

Children are promised to be reunited with their parents if they “just tell the truth”. If there is nothing to report Children’s Protective Services will “help” children with their story. This is a dilemma that was also faced by the Hitler Youth. Like the Hitler Youth who was rewarded for “turning his father in”.

The striking comparisons between Hitler’s Youth Party and Children’s Protective Services are alarming. If graphed side by side, “Tactics to Conform”, the results may be startling. We fought as a nation to rid the world of such crimes against humanity. Why are we now so readily accepting of these crimes in our own backyard?

When will it all stop? When will we as a nation stand together and say “Enough! Our children are not a commodity that the US govt. can do with as they please. These are our children; this is my country, why should we feel like the Jews who were in a concentration camp? I thought the US resented Hitler and his actions?

Although I did not commit a crime, the govt. put me in jail and put my daughters in foster care. To me this is the same as tying my hands behind my back and tearing my heart out with their bare hands. The family court system is my Gestapo. My daughters were forced to live with monsters that physically, mentally and sexually abused them. Foster care is their concentration camp. They are forced to take medications to control them. They are forced to follow rules designed by our government. They are forced to visit with Children’s Protective Service’s “Experts” for “therapy”.

Children’s Protective Services! Do you feel the chill now?

Secret Societies 17 July 2004

Secret Societies control the world. That's all there is to it. They always have and until people wake up and learn their secrets and how they control us, they alwayswill. There are many secret societies in the world today and not all of them are on the same side. Some secret societies create BOTH SIDES, and really work together although it would not appear so on the surface. Probably, the most secret, mysterious, oldest and most powerful secret society is the Priory Of Sion. This is only an estimation, not an accusation. I would not assume they are the most dangerous, although I cannot say for sure either way.

They are definitely near the top of the research ladder. I do not consider Leonardo Da Vinci or Sir Isaac Newton to be Evil Men, on the contrary, they were probably wise benevolent Illuminated Rosicrusions. One thing for sure, they were Rosicrusions and both members of the Royal Society and their knowledge did not come from inside them. It was passed on to them . They were Both Grand Masters of the Priory Of Sion.

From the earliest times of Egypt and the bricklayers of the pyramids, the MASONS have been a storehouse of information. To protect their trade and to retain the secrets of the sacred geometry sciences, they revealed little information. Later in England, Spain, France and Germany, and on the Continental United States, the lodges were the perfect opportunity to meet together, discuss business, share secrets, and recruit members. Freemasonry in general poses the greatest threat to the world. This does not mean all Freemasons are bad. Some are very good, the only problem is the good ones don't seem to live too long.

Secret Societies maintain their power over members through "RITUAL"  programming and members are required to share deep, personal secrets with the other members which are used to blackmail members who would choose to leave or reveal the secrets. In the Case of Captain William Morgan Author of the book "Illustrations of Freemasonry", they just killed him, slit his
throat from ear to ear and left his body floating in the river. This act caused an outrage in America in the 1830's and the first third party in the American political system was created, "The Anti-Masons Party". There are literally hundreds of books published throughout Europe spanning several centuries revealing the dangerous existence of these groups and exposing their plans. The Masons themselves claim to be victims of persecution by the catholic church over the centuries, which indeed is the way it would seem on the surface, but a deeper investigation reveals the Vatican to be an element of secret societies.

    In 1776, when Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati in Bavaria, he had a plan to draft his organization onto freemasonry and use the secrecy of the Masonic lodges to recruit members from within freemasonry into the Illuminati by telling them that it was he who held the key to the higher degrees. His plan was to create a secret organization that would control the world behind the scenes for the ultimate "benefit" of humanity by making wars obsolete, the poor wealthy, removing racial and national boundaries, removing the responsibilty of the parents to raise their children and forming a communist one-world government, but the only problem was first he would have to create a few wars, abolish religion, and many people would have to die in the process. Well, this was o.k. to Weishaupt because " THE ENDS JUSTIFIED THE MEANS" as he was quoted to
say. So he figured he wouldn't tell anyone the bad part until later as they climbed the latter and would put up with more in order to retain their position and power in society. Weishaupt went to work to recruit the leaders of society as well as the rich and prestigious. Within a few short years there were hundreds of  "Illuminated Lodges" in Europe and dozens in America. At the time of the Revolutionary War and the signing of the Declaration of Independance, the Illuminati were rumored to be working to destroy the republic. George Washington wrote about them in his diaries and discussed the possible links to the Eastern Banking Establishment as well as the dissention in his ranks being possibly attributed to their propaganda.

    The Illuminati seized on their opportunity to grab power in 1789 in France during the French Revolution. Sentiments against religion and the Monarchy were spread by the Illuminati controlled printing presses and the booksellers pushed all kinds of new propaganda to incite the people to revolution. When it was all over and the people thought they had taken the power for themselves, "SURPRISE", the Illuminati secretly held the reigns of new power in the French Assembly.

The Jesuits :
The Freemasons :
The Illuminati :
Skull & Bones :
The Knights Templar :
The Priory of Sion :
The Rosicrucians :
Ordo Templi Orientis :
The Golden Dawn :
The Club of Rome :
The Bilderburgs :
The Knights of Malta :
The Bohemian Grove :
The Hashishans or Assassins :
The Trilateral Commission :
The Council on Foreign Relations :

Judean People's Front : The Most Important, Secretive, highly organized and dangerous secret society of them all. Don't even "Click Here" or they will know. (And not to be confused with the prissy, powerless, wanna-be group called the "People's Front of Judea", and also not to be confused with the "People's Popular Front", or the "Popular Peoples") This is the only known picture to exist of this elusive, highly powerful, highly secretive society.

Guardian writer Polly Toynbee and HATE male propaganda 14 July 2004

Polly Toynbee Radical feminist and MALE hate perpetrator.
We should have new laws to STOP this evil BILE One of the most venomous attacks on fathers with the extreme radical feminist HATE messages ingrained in the text.

If this had been said about ANY other group in society she would have been hung drawn and quartered for her evil BILE,5673,1260862,00.html

Women have no choice now but to halt this backlash
This is far from being a post-feminist era - the battle is only half-won

By Polly Toynbee

Other threats loom, such as the aggressive fathers' rights movement. Read their house magazine McKenzie to see the depth of their misogyny and desire for revenge against women. They are right that mothers should be forced to comply with access orders. But Michael Howard, grasping at any passing hot cause, wants courts to grant automatic equal rights to fathers. However, children are not chattels: ask King Solomon.

Courts must always put the child's interests first. Until some distant day when fathers do as much childcare as mothers, most children will choose the one who has nurtured them most. As ever with women's rights, men get their backlash in first. They were slamming doors in women's faces to give them a taste of "women's lib" before women ever gained a shred more equality. Here we go again: you want men to do more childcare? Then give fathers rights before they've earned them. Having followed up some fathers' cases, many of the angriest turn out to be wife-beaters.

Few had shown previous interest in childcare, many failed to show up for access visits and other only asserted rights in retaliation for CSA maintenance demands. These are straws in the wind, but they all need challenging, one by one. There is no woman's movement to pull together these strands, but it is needed as much as ever. The pay gap still yawns too wide for most women to be breadwinners for their families.

Domestic violence and the failure of rape cases is only now getting political attention, due to Harriet Harman. Motherhood is only now starting to get the help it needs from the state, thanks to Margaret Hodge. Women make up the great majority of the poor, from motherhood through to old age. So in next week's expected reshuffle, the cabinet had better be filled with women determined to put this right.