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  • The Guardian the feminazi's friend blaming all domestic violence and online trolling on men alone (The Guardian controlled by ultra rich feminist Amelia Fawcett named one of Fortune magazine's "50 most powerful women")
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  • Al Jazeera showing its extreme feminist agenda VIDEO

    We have been aware for some time of the man hating rhetoric
    coming from many female presenters on this supposed unbiased news outlet
    "House of Cards": Media Mask Masonic Control
    In western society, personal success depends on your complicity in a diabolical conspiracy and your willingness to betray your fellow citizens. But the mass media doesn't want you to know this.

    "We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    I devoured the second season of House of Cards like a box of chocolates. I was surprised to learn that the main character, Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is a Freemason. What? You didn't see that?

    Neither did I. That's my point. Most congress critters belong to this satanic secret society, but you can watch a series pretending to unveil Washington politics, and not hear the word "Freemason" mentioned once. (The second season also avoids any mention of Jews and Zionist influence.) Actually there is one Masonic reference, the upside down flag in the series logo is a Masonic sign of distress, perhaps a wink to people in the know. Search "How Many congressmen are Freemasons?" on Google and you'll find practically no information. Just a story about the Congressional stenographer who broke down last October blurted about Freemasons and the devil controlling Congress There's no reminder of the 2004 Bush-Kerry election where both men confessed to being members of the Masonic Skull and Bones, but couldn't talk about it because "it's a secret."

    How gullible can people get? Both Presidential candidates belong to a secret society. Nothing happening here. Move along folks. The watchdogs of freedom, the mass media, didn't even pull on their leash. (Another deception in House of Cards is the idea that the msm actually pursues the truth.) The pioneer on the subject of Masonic control is James Wardner in a 1996 book entitled Unholy Alliances. Here are 10 facts about their control of Congress and the Judiciary in the recent past. You can be sure that things have only gotten worse.

    1. Wardner lists names of 75 congressmen who were Freemasons in the 1980's but there were probably many more. These included both liberals and rednecks: Bob Dole, Jesse Helms, Mark Hatfield, Lloyd Bentsen, Robert Byrd and Arlen Specter. Presidents who were Freemasons: George Washington. James Monroe. Andrew Jackson, James Polk. James Buchanan. Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, William McKinley. Theodore Roosevelt, Howard Taft, Warren Harding, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, LBJ, Gerald Ford, G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

    2. In 1987, Freemason and Senator Alan Simpson (left) bragged that "Forty one members of the Federal Judiciary are presently Masons." (67)

    3. Masonic authority Henry Clausen boasted in the early 90's that Masons include "14 Presidents and 18 Vice-Presidents of the United States, a majority of the justices of the United States Supreme Court, of the Governors of the States, of the members of the Senate, and a large percentage of Congressmen. Five Chief Justices of the United States were Masons and two were Grand Masters." (67) Wardner adds that these two Grand Masters were John Marshall and Earl Warren who effectively ended prayer in schools.

    4. This is nothing new since Thaddeus Stevens, Pennsylvania's delegate to the 1830 Anti Masonic Convention noted that "though but one hundred thousand of these people of the United States are Freemasons, yet almost all the office of high profit and high honor are filled with gentlemen of that institution."

    5. Freemasons in Dwight Eisenhower's Cabinet included the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Commerce and Ike's Chief of Staff, Sherman Adams.

    6. Apart from President Truman himself,left, Masons include the Secretary of State, Commerce, Defense, Attorney General and his four Supreme Court appointments. Truman said, "Although I hold the highest civil honor in the world, I have always regarded my rank and title as a past grand Master (of the Grand Lodge of Missouri) as the highest honor that has ever comes to me." (61-63)

    7. FDR was an ardent Scottish Rite Mason. Masons in his Cabinet included the Vice President, the Secretary of the Treasury, War, Commerce, Attorney General and six of his eight Supreme Court appointments. No surprise that Empire State Mason boasted in Feb 1953 that if "World Masonry ever comes into being, historians will give much credit to when FDR was President."

    8. President Warren Harding (1921-1923) was a Mason and by 1923, 300 of the 435 members of the US House of Representatives (69%) and 30 of the 48 Senators (63%) were Freemasons. In 1929, 67% of Congress were Masons. (p. 56)

    9. Leon de Poncins wrote that the First World War was contrived to create a Masonic Super State in the form of the League of Nations. The Treaty of Versailles deliberately led to revolutionary unrest in Germany, the Civil War in Spain and finally to the Second World War. "It is a frightening thought that an occult organization ...can direct the course of European politics, without anyone being aware of the fact." (p.55)

    10. In 1834, a report to the Massachusetts Legislature concluded that Freemasonry was "a distinct independent government within our own government, and beyond the control of the laws of the land by means of its secrecy and the oaths and regulations which its subjects are bound to obey." (p.54)

    Wardner concludes that the tentacles of the Masonic lodge pervade society. There are at least 160 different organizations that require its members to be Masons, including higher ranks of the US military.(p.70) In 1950, Masons estimated that nearly 10 million adults were directly linked to Freemasonry through the nation's three million Master Masons.


    Clearly, Freemasonry (Cabalism, Satanism) is the secret religion of the West. This is the real party and we're not invited. We have to make do with an ersatz version of democracy, freedom and culture. No wonder vapid white men with pinched pussy faces run the country; no wonder people are so artificial and false and we have constant scandal, corruption and war. Clearly, the whole Gentile establishment is complicit in the subversion of humanity. Anti-Semitism is a diversion. How many of the Internet anti-Semites every mention Freemasonry? Of course the Jewish leadership is also guilty. Almost all leadership is. How much easier for Freemasons to slough off the blame on ordinary Jews who are just as clueless as ordinary Gentiles.

    Clueless because they watch House of Cards and think it actually depicts political reality.

  • Proof the gutter press and TV concentrate all their efforts on a limited number of political parties

    Only those endorsed by the establishment that keeps every other party out of the race

    Nigel Farage won a significant victory on Monday with media watchdog Ofcom's decision to rank Ukip as a major party deserving of equal broadcast status with the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats before the European elections.

    The move affords Farage's party more coverage in that campaign and boosts his argument that he deserves to be included in television debates with the three main party leaders in the runup to the 2015 general election. David Cameron is anxious to avoid this outcome, which would give extra exposure and credibility to Farage, but Ukip called on the broadcasters to reflect on the "new patterns of support" for political parties when devising their coverage in general. Although the ruling relates only to May's European contest, Ofcom also said it would keep Ukip's status "under review" with regard to the 2015 general election and reconsider the matter this autumn if there were reason to do so. The regulator made the decision after taking account of growing public support for Ukip in England and Wales, where it is now polling about 20% or more in opinion surveys about the European elections. The decision does not apply to Scotland, where Ukip does not have much support.

    The decision means all commercial channels will have to give a fair share of editorial coverage to Farage's party in news and current affairs programmes before the European vote, while ITV and Channel 5 will have to show at least two election broadcasts. The BBC follows its own guidelines but Ofcom's backing still hands Ukip a rare taste of official recognition. In past elections, it has been given one broadcast in recognition of the number of candidates it has fielded, so the ruling will increase its exposure. However, the real political significance will be in the knock-on impact on the general election, giving Farage a platform to argue that he should be included in television debates and given equal coverage in May next year. ITV and Sky News have said Ofcom's advice is likely to be a factor when they decide whether Farage should be included in any leaders' general election debates.

    Farage has already taken up a challenge from he Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, to debate the issue of Britain's membership of the EU in the runup to May. Clegg has said he is "not fussed" if Farage joins him, Ed Miliband and Cameron for televised debates, which took place for the first time before the last election. However, Cameron is anxious to avoid giving a platform to Farage's eurosceptic party, which is considered a major threat to the Conservatives' chances.

    Ukip's director of communications, Patrick O'Flynn, said the decision was a "fairly obvious one given the success of Ukip over the past few years". "We hope that all broadcast outlets will reflect on the fact that patterns of support in British politics are changing very quickly and that more and more people are supporting and voting for Ukip," he said. "It makes no sense for patterns of coverage to be based on patterns of electoral support that pertained four years ago. Ukip is a major player in British politics now."

  • Gutter press used photo of 'murder by cop' Mark Duggan at daughter’s funeral cropped to paint him a gangster

    The Mark Duggan photograph used by most of the GUTTER press – which supposedly shows him as a hard-faced gangster – was actually cropped from a photograph taken of him mourning his dead daughter. The following photograph was used regularly by tabloids like the Daily Express and the Daily Mail to accompany their articles painting Mark Duggan as a tough gangster.

    But what the tabloids didn’t tell you is that Mark’s grim expression in the photograph is because at the time it was taken he was at his daughter’s funeral. Here’s the uncropped version:

    That’s not a ‘tough-guy’ expression on his face. It’s grief.

  • UK journalists call for free press in Egypt (As if the UK media isn't already controlled) VIDEO
    Gutter press barons malicious and deliberate demonization of the poorest peasants VIDEO
    ONLY People That Get Killed By Marijuana Are Because Of COPS! CUT HIS MIC! CUT IT!" VIDEO
    The Guardian' Editors Destroying Computers Containing Snowden NSA Files VIDEO
    D-notice system to be reviewed in wake of Edward Snowden revelations
    Inquiry into future of system that warns media not to publish stories leads to fears that compliance may become compulsory

    Officials are planning to review the historic D-notice system, which warns the media not to publish intelligence that might damage security, in the wake of the Guardian's stories about mass surveillance by the security services based on leaks from the US whistleblower Edward Snowden. Sources said Jon Thompson, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Defence, was setting up an inquiry into the future of the committee, raising fears that the voluntary censorship system also known as the DA-notice could be made compulsory.

    The committee is supposed to be consulted when news organisations are considering publishing material relating to secret intelligence or the military. It is staffed by senior civil servants and media representatives, who give advice on the publication of sensitive stories. The MoD declined to say why the future of the committee was being considered, but minutes of its latest meeting say: "The events of the last few months had undoubtedly raised questions in some minds about the system's future usefulness."

    In his latest report, its secretary, Air Vice-Marshal Andrew Vallance, raised concerns about the parallel publication of Snowden's revelations by newspapers around the world, noting that at the outset the Guardian had "avoided engaging with the DA-notice system before publishing the first tranche of information". However, giving evidence to MPs in December, Alan Rusbridger, the editor of the Guardian, said the D-notice committee had found nothing published by the paper that put British lives at risk. He said the Guardian had consulted government officials and intelligence agencies – including the FBI, GCHQ, the White House and the Cabinet Office – on more than 100 occasions before the publication of stories. On only one occasion was there no consultation with the UK government before publication, when the editor feared an injunction could be sought, he said.

    Compliance with D-notices is not compulsory, but there are fears the system could become more draconian after a review. Simon Bucks, associate editor at Sky News and the D-notice committee's media vice-chairman, told the Sunday Times: "Any suggestion that the current system be abolished would potentially be a precursor of a coercive system, which I believe the entire British media would oppose." A spokesman for the MoD said the department was "considering a review of the system", but no decisions had been made. There are currently five standing D-notices relating to military operations, nuclear weapons, ciphers and secure communications, sensitive installations and the security services.

  • Mass Media or Gutter Press masonic controlled v Internet news uncontrolled
    gutter press WHY oh WHY is there a MASSIVE disparity between what the scumbag press barons spout and what you can read right across the internet? The mass media has been controlled from the beginning, right from the start of publishing books to the present day printing presses churning out the enormous pile of SHIT that masquerades as some sort of NEWS.

    Its hard to believe that a few media lawyers / freemason lackeys have been able to control the printing presses for so long, as anyone NOT abiding by their NWO agenda would have been quickly shut down using a myriad of tools such as bankruptcy, libel or tax evasion charges. They have been able to censor every other media outlet in this way for so long they had forgotten that technological advances have come on much faster than their ability to manufacture dodgy laws that can block resistance to the murdering mafia that has been and remains getting away with murder for far to long.

    The gutter press are determined to push their MASTERS NWO agenda by more extreme reporting that continues to smear heterosexual men not part of their satanic cult while pushing a feminist / homosexual agenda in direct contradiction to the eternal laws of nature by trying to remove men as the head of their homes. Younger men unaware of this agenda to weaken ALL men not part of this sinister plot need to learn the ropes so that they can protect their future estates from decimation by forces that can ONLY grow stronger through the asset stripping taking place in divorce courts right across the world whose main intention is to weaken the men that can put a stop to this diabolical agenda with all its inherent repercussions for future generations.

  • The poison of inequality was behind last summer's riots
  • A list of the press scums top ten
    Ever Notice How Television "Journalists" Have A BLOODLUST VIDEO
    Daniel Ellsberg Explains Why Edward Snowden asked To Join Freedom Of The Press Foundation VIDEO
    Britain's press barons failures in response to NSA spying VIDEO
    Mainstream Media's Vilification Of Edward Snowden And Glenn Greenwald VIDEO
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    The Daily Rat owner Harmsworth's New York socialite calendar from 2005
    'the royal arse kissing' HARMSWORTH

    rothermere shops

    Buying priceless art using his vast inherited wealth

    rothermere con

  • Full nauseating article here


    Rotheremere and Hitler
    Old Rothermere's hero Hitler

    rothermere black shirts

    The Rothermere's also supported the Fascist Black shirts
    and Oswald Mosely's British Union of Fascists
    What percentage of articles do the media rats have to dedicate to royalist stories?

    Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express and Star ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

    All the gutter press in Britain are licenced but very few fully understand what licencing really creates, a lapdog media with no teeth.

    A licence is given only if the press mafia abide by the rules laid down by the ruling elite and ensure that little or NO dissent is shown towards the royal parasites and their freemason henchmen or that licence will be withdrawn. They also use their legal henchmen to raise outrageous legal actions against any rag that dares to criticise the ruling mafia and why so much lies and propaganda are generated by the gutter press to ensure they fully abide by the licencing for fear of being shut down.

    They ALL bow to the royal mafia with trivia being produced en masse to fulfill their commitment to turn these vile parasites into some sort of superstars when their only claim to fame is being descendants of murdering thieving despots. At the last count old Lizzie 'owned' one sixth of the world's land mass or at least controls that land after her forefathers raped and pillaged to steal it from the natives who previously had access to all areas before maps and legal scams were instigated using their twisted laws and courts to help themselves. They are still doing the same thing today as many who have been kicked onto the street know after they thought they had BOUGHT a home. Their compliant media have been expert at protecting that form of theft the biggest terrorist threat to men right across the planet.

    So the few press barons in the UK spend all their time manufacturing shite to create some sort of godly persona for the brats of murdering despots and to conceal their real intent . Even today dissenting victims are disappearing silently into psychiatric gulags never to be heard of again and how they silently murder anyone that gives these evil bastards a hard time and for daring to stand up to a tyranny so vast , so evil and so all consuming via freemasonry no one truly knows the extent these evil bastards are having on all our lives. But we know there are victims every day finding out the true cost of this system when they are are left homeless and destitute thanks to HER judicial mafia and the vast plundering of estates hiding behind manufactured terrorists threats that suggest they themselves are protecting us all from the BAD guys when it is the royalist state rendering machine that is the much bigger concern.