Freemasonry, Fraternities and Satanic Coercion
What hope is there for a society that is satanically possessed and doesn't have a clue? Freemasonry is the Church of Satan masquerading as a fraternal organization. It is in the final stages of creating a "New World Order" that turns truth on its head, i.e. "revolution." In Western society, Freemasons or their "useful idiots" control all positions of authority.

Below, an anonymous contributor with first-hand knowledge of Freemasonry, describes how they destroy people who resist their control. "Freemasonry operates as a covert enforcement agency, utilizing psychological weaponry and furtive saboteur tactics against targeted persons. The actions of Masonry are further orientated towards a larger agenda of global dominance by an "illuminated" elite." Recently, Rahul Manchanda described how he became a targeted individual. Freemasons control the justice system.

"The great strength of our Order lies in its concealment; let it never appear in any place in its own name, but always covered by another name, and another occupation. None is better than the three lower degrees of Free Masonry; the public is accustomed to it, expects little from it, and therefore takes little notice of it." - Adam Weishaupt (founder of the Bavarian Illuminati)

The Dark Design (Abridged by

Unfortunately the average citizen is unaware of what the fraternal system is truly representative of...

The majority of fraternities and sororities are actually Masonic institutions. [They] provide a discrete network of human resources for secretive elitist groups that seek to control the larger population through hidden means. The Greek system found on most college campuses was established by the Order of Freemasons to apply a direct influence upon society through its network of affiliated persons.

The rituals, esoteric symbols, and hand signs incorporated by collegiate fraternities and sororities are a clear indication of this connection. Greek brothers and sisters become part of a larger Masonic "family", and will work in collusion to support Masonic efforts. To help conceal the reality of this circuitous relationship, mainstream media wizardry (largely directed by Freemasons) has effectively served to condition the public's perception of fraternities as being merely harmless, juvenile pranksters. The fraternal Freemason system has been working to create a "new order of the ages", or the New World Order. This is no longer a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact.

The foundation of the New World Order has already been substantially established. Members of Masonic-based organizations ( including Greek Fraternities & Sororities, Eastern Stars, Shriners, Rotary Clubs, Elks Clubs, Lions Clubs, Knights of Columbus, etc.) comprise ground-level agents working for the NWO's platform in the United States of America. As a further deception, some members of the more entry-level affiliate organizations (such as Rotary and Lions Clubs) may not even be aware of their local group's association with Freemasonry.


So what exactly are the hidden strategies and tactics ... utilized by Freemasons to ... exert their will on others?

The basic methods which the Masonic "family" utilizes against targeted individuals include: focused harassment, group stalking, strategic social pressure, intimidation, and various other psychological influences. Persons may even be manipulated into performing lewd acts which are then recorded for later use as blackmail. In most cases, the victim is unaware that members of a fraternity/sorority are behind the deceptions and assaults... Someone as nondescript as the cashier at your neighborhood grocery store might be connected with the Masonic system. ... Consider the amount of information which could be gathered if a person was secretly monitored throughout their daily activities: school or work functions, social network, sales outlet visits, banking transactions, medical history, computer usage, likes, dislikes, and so forth. While such may begin to resemble a civilian or corporate spy network, in essence, this is exactly what exists within the construct of a widely-spread Masonic community.

In more severe cases of focused harassment, the Order will create long-term psychological disorders (including paranoia and other anxieties) within a marked person. The target may also possibly begin to believe that the unusual events they are experiencing [have] a supernatural origin. As a side note, Nazi Germany employed similar secretive methods of citizen conditioning and control, prior to establishing their totalitarian regime. The East German Stasi police likewise incorporated such use of covert harassment techniques under their "zersetzung" program (the reader is advised to further research Stasi zersetzung operations to gain a more detailed understanding of the aforementioned tactics.)


After an initiate's acceptance into the Organization, the respective fraternity or sorority chapter will typically down-play the psychological severity of Masonic manipulations as just a "right of passage", or way to "make the person better." However, a new member of the Order ... is conditioned to be fearful of "getting in trouble" with the "family." Submission & fidelity to the group is a key ideal in Freemasonry, [and is] continually expected of a member who has been "raised" by the Masonic system and sworn into the Order. The fraternal initiation concept is similar to that employed by street hoodlums, but with a more subtle, less-direct approach. Sadly, most members of fraternal organizations are mislead to believe that they are secretly working for the greater good of humanity, when in fact they are simply puppets of a "hidden hand" control system which has been cleverly concealed within the very constructs of society's daily workings.

While it is true that some fraternal organizations are also involved with a degree of charitable works, these philanthropic "front" operations are maintained to help hide the nefarious workings of the Masonic system, and may even provide a source of funding which can be diverted to undisclosed agencies. Fraternities have much more in common with organized gangs and cults than they do with honorable charities. The actions of Masonry are further orientated towards a larger agenda of global dominance by an "illuminated" elite, and many persons in positions of power or influence have been manipulated into working with Masonic organizations. Again, this is no longer conspiracy theory, but conspiracy truth. (There is a "lucid" reason why several of the nation's politicians are now waving a horned-hand sign, and they're most likely not fans of heavy metal music or the Texas Longhorns.)

Many individuals who have been repeatedly harassed at school, work, and other social situations may have in fact been unknowing victims of psychological attacks. In most cases, fraternities and sororities are no more than gangs with fancy titles who wrongly utilize their connections and influence to the benefit of the Organization. Given this knowledge, one can now begin to more fully understand the disturbing causes behind tragic events involving individuals "going postal", radical school shootings, and similar violent outbursts.


Freedom is merely an illusion when slavery is possible without chains, and torture is realizable without physical contact. Civilian phones are now being monitored by the government, and even your Smart TV can spy on you. Why do you think all of this personal information is being harvested and stored..? A Brave New World exists all around us, yet such is still cleverly concealed within a hidden system of clandestine NWO operations. Unfortunately, many Americans will simply deny the reality & gravity of this situation until it's too late. Will you?

The content of this article has been sourced directly from persons previously involved with Masonic activities. While Freemasonry claims to be a noble organization, the truth is quite contrary. Knowledge is both power & protection - by simply sharing this information with others, you can help to spread awareness of the fraternal gang problem and its increasing negative impact on society.

  • Jewish lawyer freemason homopaedo Janner's crimes covered up by freemason chief cop lodge buddy

    Freemason Greville Janner and freemason Chief Constable Michael Hirst

    Lord Janner was still director of his firm THREE WEEKS ago, it emerges as damning dossier alleges police chief allowed peer to molest young boys

    Lord Janner served as a company director until six days before being ruled too unwell to be tried for suspected child abuse. Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders sparked outrage when she said his dementia meant he could not understand what would happen in a courtroom.

    Yet less than a week earlier, the Labour peer was at the top of a list of company directors for his firm West Heath Road Seasons Ltd. In official documents lodged at Companies House, he listed his occupation as: ‘Working Peer, Writer, Lecturer.’ The company, which manages Janner’s £2million home and seven other flats in his luxury north London development, had reserves of £8,350, the latest accounts show.

    Janner, 86, stood down as a director of the company on April 10, six days before the chief prosecutor announced he would escape being charged with 22 child sex offences. It follows the revelation Janner transferred ownership of his apartment to his three children in the same month his Parliamentary office was searched by police last year, and four months after a similar raid on his home. Now it can also be revealed the alleged paedophile used his holiday home on the south coast to entertain teenage boys, according to former neighbours.

    The Labour grandee was a regular visitor to the flat in a discreet gated block with stunning sea views until it was sold last year. The peer bought his two-bedroom holiday apartment in the upmarket East Cliff area of Bournemouth in 1987. One former neighbour, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He was sometimes seen at the flat with much younger boys in their teens or early 20s.

    At the time it was definitely noticed, but no one talked about things like that in public back then.’ Janner’s flat was on the seventh floor of a large clifftop block with views over the sea and the building’s outdoor swimming pool. Neighbours said the peer, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2009, was seen ‘coming and going’ as recently as last year. A long-term resident said: ‘[Janner] was always in and out, in and out. Always in a hurry.

    ‘I last saw him in 2014. He seemed exactly the same, no difference to his health – very busy. There is a wonderful community here but I don’t think he made friends with anyone.’ Former Bournemouth mayor Anne Filer, who is a leading member of the town’s Jewish community, said she never heard even a ‘whisper’ of concerns about Janner’s behaviour. The peer owned a share of the freehold for the seaside flat until March 1996, when he transferred it to his wife Myra and daughter Marion, official records show.

    His wife died at the end of that year, and the apartment is thought to have passed into his daughter’s ownership before being sold in June last year for £300,000. Leicestershire Police declined to comment on whether they were looking into Janner’s activities in Bournemouth, saying only that their inquiry remained a ‘live investigation’. Meanwhile, the police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission, said it was carrying out its own investigation into Leicestershire Police’s response to complaints of abuse by Janner and others made in 1991, 2001 and 2006.

    Another of the peer’s alleged victims has come forward to describe how he was abused at a working men’s club in the 1970s. The man said Janner befriended him when he was eight by buying him ‘pop and crisps’ while his single mother was at work. But within months the then-Labour MP allegedly began sexually assaulting him in a ‘secret room’ at the club.

    The alleged victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the abuse continued until he went to secondary school aged 11. ‘I have flashbacks of things that happened. I can see his face and his smile and his smirk in my head. I can’t get it out of my head,’ he told BBC Radio 5 Live. Janner’s family have issued a statement insisting he is ‘entirely innocent of any wrongdoing’.

    Rape Of Justice

    Evidence doctored. Witnesses threatened. The damning child sex abuse dossier that alleges Lord Janner was allowed to molest young boys by one of Britain's highest ranking police chiefs

    The tale of corruption and criminality is so sinister that it might have been plucked from the plot of a late-night TV drama. At its heart is a famous politician with a dark secret: he has for years been living a vile double life as a prolific abuser of children. His crimes are known to the forces of law and order in the city that he represents. Yet the local police chief, a close friend and fellow Freemason, works to ensure that he is never brought to justice.

    At one point, when the ‘untouchable’ Parliamentarian is threatened with exposure, in a messy court case, local detectives falsify criminal evidence in an effort to protect him. Soon afterwards, the politician sends ‘heavies’ to knock on the doors of witnesses, in the hope of intimidating them into staying silent. Then allies in City Hall instruct staff to shred documents that might result in his repellent activities becoming public.

    Finally, the police chief launches an organised campaign to destroy the reputation of a brave whistle-blower who is attempting to expose the whole, stinking business. As a result, the abuse continues unchecked, on an industrial scale. Dozens, if not scores, more vulnerable children are abused. Many still bear the scars to this day. Corruption being a two-way street, the politician, meanwhile, helps funnel public money to the very police force whose bosses are helping him stay out of jail.

    Sounds appalling, doesn’t it? But these deeply disturbing events have not been taken from a fictitious crime novel or TV script. Instead, they are contained in a dossier of legal documents which outline events that took place in a British city during the 1980s and 1990s. That city is Leicester. And the politician is Greville Janner, the Labour Peer and former MP who has in recent weeks been accused of countless child sex crimes, over a career that spanned four decades. His family have strenuously denied any such wrong-doing.

    The fate of the 86-year-old is at the centre of a political storm after Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions, decided that he should never be tried for his alleged crimes, which include 16 indecent assaults, and six counts of buggery, against nine children, because he is suffering from dementia. In light of the ensuing controversy, which has seen more than 30 extra victims come forward, the aforementioned legal dossier, which I obtained a copy of this week, makes explosive reading. Comprising dozens of letters, affidavits, witness statements and hundreds of pages of court papers, it offers a contemporaneous take from someone close to the case on how he believed Janner both committed his vile crimes and got away with them.

    At the heart of the alleged conspiracy is a man called Michael Hirst. He was the Chief Constable of Leicestershire for much of the 1980s, and went on to become a director of the private security company Group 4. According to the legal papers, which date from the early 1990s, Mr Hirst just happened to be ‘very close friends’ with Greville Janner.

    Both men, the dossier alleges, were Freemasons.

    As a result of their relationship, it claims that Janner was protected from prosecution — even though his ‘activities with young boys’ were ‘well known by police’.

    Although they knew that the MP had ‘been at it for years,’ junior officers said he was ‘never arrested, because strings are always pulled up above’. In return, the documents claim, Janner repeatedly ‘stood up in Parliament asking for more money for Leicestershire constabulary.’ They also suggest that Janner’s criminal activities spanned several towns, regions and police jurisdictions. In the market town of Coalville, for example, he ‘was involved setting up young homosexuals with flats in Agar Nook [a deprived housing estate] with the East Midlands Housing Association, and then calling round for payment in kind’.

    At Leicester’s Holiday Inn, where the MP often stayed, the documents claim a witness ‘remembered the management closing the swimming pool to hotel guests, allowing Janner to swim in the pool with a young boy’. In London, where he lived with his wife and children, and spent most weeknights, the papers allege that ‘the Met [police] at Notting Hill have a file relating to Janner and young boys’. As far away as Scotland, an alleged victim approached staff at Edinburgh West Police Station in July 1991 and ‘made allegations of being buggered by Greville Janner while … on holiday for two weeks in Scotland alone with Janner’.

    At this point, it should be stressed that the incriminating version of events outlined in the papers was compiled by one man. Though it dovetails with much wider evidence about Janner’s alleged crimes, and seems at times to be forensically detailed (with statements and affidavits from multiple supporting witnesses), it was never properly tested in court. The author was Ian Henning, a legal investigator (and former police officer) who had once worked on the defence team of a notorious convicted paedophile called Frank Beck.

    Mr Beck, a former Liberal councillor and children’s home manager from Leicester, was, in 1991, given five life sentences, plus a further 24 years jail, for abusing youngsters in his care. Owing to the severity of the crimes (police claimed Beck had abused 200 victims), the evidence at his trial was deeply shocking. The trial also revealed a sensational side plot in which a witness claimed to have been repeatedly abused by Janner during the 1970s, when he’d been aged between 14 and 16.

    The witness, by the time of the court case a married father of three in his 30s, gave a credible account of being subjected to a terrifying sexual assault at the MP’s London home, while Janner’s wife and children were away. He claimed to have then had an illegal sexual relationship with Janner which lasted for almost two years.

    The man showed the jury affectionate letters from the MP, talked of being given expensive presents by him and told how he’d been taken to the Houses of Parliament, Labour HQ, and a string of expensive hotels. Their abusive relationship only ended, he claimed, when he moved into a home run by Beck, who forbade him from seeing the MP. Defence lawyers therefore attempted to use his testimony to argue that Beck was a protector, rather than abuser of boys. They described him as a ‘fall guy’ who was being prosecuted to protect the MP. The jury, of course, disagreed.

    But after the 1991 conviction, Ian Henning, an employee of Leicester law firm Greene D’Sa, remained convinced of Beck’s innocence, and Janner’s guilt. He began working on an appeal. It had the support of prisoners’ rights campaigner and Labour peer Lord Longford (who also believed in Beck’s innocence) and was to be handled in court by Anthony Scrivener, a QC famed for representing the Guildford Four (whose convictions were quashed after being wrongly jailed for 15 years for blowing up two pubs in the Surrey town in an IRA bombing campaign). The documents quoted on these pages were all produced by Henning for that appeal.

    As well as advocating Beck’s innocence, they offer a hair-raising, first-hand take on both Greville Janner’s alleged involvement in the case and its purported cover-up. One of the papers is a witness statement written in 1993.

    In it, Henning claims that during the run-up to Beck’s 1991 trial, junior police officers repeatedly told him that they were also investigating Janner for alleged child abuse. ‘On more than one occasion, police officers said “you must be the only bloke in Leicester who doesn’t know what he [Janner] gets up to”,’ it reads. ‘Police officers would be challenging and vociferous in making remarks such as “oh, it’s well known,” or “I’ve known about him for years”.’ The same police officers also claimed the MP was being protected by Chief Constable Hirst, Henning states.

    Often, they would remark that ‘Janner and the chief constable are close personal friends’, or ask: ‘Why do you think that he [Janner] keeps standing up in Parliament asking for more money for Leicestershire Constabulary? No other Leicester MP does. Sir Loader appalled at decision to not prosecute Janner (related) ‘One remark repeatedly made to me by numerous police officers while referring to Janner was “you’re in Leicester now and anything to do with Greville Janner will be covered up”.’ And so it proved.

    Elsewhere in the 1993 document, which runs to 38 pages, Henning tells how, on May 11, 1990, detectives visited the home of Jennifer Lesiakowski, a former care home resident who alleged that she had been raped by Frank Beck. They took a statement, and persuaded her to give evidence for the prosecution at his trial. ‘In her statement, [Lesiakowski] made reference to Greville Janner MP,’ Henning writes. ‘However, on May 17, 1990, the police officers returned to Lesiakowski with a typed copy of her original statement in which all reference to Greville Janner had been edited out.’

    The documents also talk of how murky efforts began to be made to silence the alleged male Janner victim who intended to speak for the defence at the 1991 trial (and was by then living in Barnsley, South Yorkshire). ‘[He] was approached on two occasions by people who stated that they were representatives of Greville Janner and warned of the consequences for the witness, his wife and three young children if he attended any court hearing,’ Henning’s statement continues. Henning says: ‘I assisted the witness to report these threats to the South Yorkshire and Leicestershire constabularies, as it was a deliberate attempt to pervert the course of justice and frightened [the victim] and his family.’

    As a result of the sinister visits, the victim moved home. But attempts to intimidate him continued. ‘During October 1991, [the victim] told me [Henning] that the tenants who moved into his old address answered a knock at their front door to two men who stated that they had been sent by Greville Janner to warn [the victim] not to give evidence in the Beck trial.’ These shady figures weren’t the only people apparently attempting to protect Janner in the run-up to Beck’s trial, however. So, too, were Leicester social services, in whose homes many of Janner’s purported victims had lived.

    With regard to the man intended to testifty in court, Henning claims that ‘all mention of Greville Janner had been removed from [his] Social Services file.’ ‘The “Befriender” record, which regulations require be affixed to the inside of the front cover of all Social Service files, detailing any period a child spends away from the Children’s Home with a “befriender”, was missing.’ Other files which might have exposed Janner’s abuse of other children were simply destroyed.

    ‘In early February 1991, I received information that files relating to the children who had attended the Beeches Children’s Home during the “Beck era” had been taken by the gardener to County Hall, where a council employee ... had shredded them,’ Henning writes. Eventually, two of the relatively junior detectives working on the case — named as Mick Creedon and Kelvyn Ashby — were told by their superiors to drop all inquiries into the MP. ‘There is no doubt in my mind that initially both Detective Inspector Ashby and Detective Sergeant Creedon intended to arrest Greville Janner,’ reads a different legal paper, compiled by Henning in 1991. ‘But as time progressed, using their own words, “we were prevented from doing so by higher ranking officers”.’

    Both Ashby and Creedon have recently confirmed that version of events. Creedon — now Chief Constable of Derbyshire — says the decision to stop investigating Janner ‘was taken by people more senior than me’. Did those ‘senior’ people include Chief Constable Hirst? Creedon has so far declined to name names to the Press, though he may be more forthcoming to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which is believed to be investigating this affair. As for Hirst, he is unable to pass comment, having died. But his widow, Ruth, denies that he was either a Freemason or a particularly close friend of the MP.

    ‘I think Michael thought Janner was guilty,’ she said this week. ‘I don’t know who made the decision not to arrest [Janner] but I suspect it was somebody higher up than Michael.’ One thing Hirst certainly did preside over, however, was a bizarre and — in retrospect — very sinister attempt to silence Ian Henning in the months and years that followed the Beck trial. It began in late 1991, when Leicestershire police announced that Henning would no longer be considered a ‘suitable person to attend an interview of a suspect or person in custody at a police station’.

    In a letter to Henning’s law firm Greene D’Sa, they added that the force had written to both the Law Society and the Solicitors Complaints Bureau to have Henning struck off, on the grounds that (among other things) he’d improperly briefed the media about Janner’s involvement in the Beck case. Henning, who denied that allegation, was then arrested. His house was searched and several documents and items of evidence relating to Janner seized, never to be seen again. It took ten months for police to announce that no charges would actually be filed against him. In the meantime, he won leave to seek a judicial review of the decision to ban him from doing legal work in police stations.

    ‘My arrest was a response by the Leicestershire Constabulary to bully, threaten and intimidate me into silence,’ he wrote in papers prepared for that case. ‘Why are the Leicestershire Constabulary so interested in the welfare of Greville Janner. Is he a client of the constabulary?’ A good question. But one that would, sadly, never be asked in court.

    In May 1994, Frank Beck suffered a fatal heart attack at Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire, forcing his appeal to be abandoned. To this day, many friends believe Beck was innocent, and Janner guilty — though others say there is ample evidence that both men were guilty, and were in fact accomplices. Eighteen months later, Henning’s judicial review was also abandoned.

    He, too, died suddenly and unexpectedly, in a road accident in December 1995, aged 57, before the case could be heard. ‘Ian never saw justice,’ his widow, Dee, told me this week. ‘He had absolutely no doubt of Janner’s involvement in paedophilia, and believed to the end that things had been covered up, and covered up far too easily. ‘We don’t know how many children suffered as a result of that cover up. But at least we are finally starting to see his crimes laid bare in print. Janner may never be prosecuted, but I think Ian would see that as the next best thing.’

  • Freemasons Control the "Justice" System
    (The Sinister Freemason has replaced the Goddess with the impartial scales of Justice)

    Speaking from personal experience, Rahul Manchanda describes how the Illuminati use the justice system to persecute political dissidents. He says domestic violence, child support and hate crime laws are applied selectively to entangle and defeat people who resist NWO tyranny. As the situation worsens, more people may find themselves in his position.
    "The real aim of Freemasonry is to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution." Illuminati insider Christian Rakowsky.

    by Rahul Manchanda and Henry Makow (

    Not all frontline judges in the US are Freemasons but senior judges are. They ensure Freemasons are favored and verdicts follow the agenda.

    A judge will often blanch when he sees a Masonic ring on a lawyer's finger and will rule in his favor. Masons also network using secret passwords, hand signs and handshakes. Women judges are often members of the Eastern Star. The feminist agenda is synonymous with Freemasonry.

    Freemasons / Illuminati generally hand-pick federal and state judges. The federal judiciary is swollen with former senior law partners whose main clients were the big banks and corporations. These judges are often placed on cases involving judicial or governmental abuse. They are generally wealthy white or Jewish males who went to elite schools with no real interest in civil and human rights violations. Similarly, small state court judges are selected by Feminist and Race-Baiting movements, who function as a type of legally sanctioned mafia, intimidating those few honest judges and opposing counsel routinely. They go after political dissenters and opposition, silencing those US Citizens whom they deem to be antithetical or enemies of the state.

    Masons choose minority candidates as judges because, like President Obama, it is virtually impossible to accuse a minority judge of racism, discrimination, violating ones civil liberties and human rights etc.


    The federal and state law enforcement operates in almost the same manner. While the lower level field agents and beat cops are normally 100% sympathetic with the plights of the downtrodden, their superiors are selected to be exactly the opposite. Their superiors are Masons. Their betrayal of American principles is the sole factor in deciding whether they are promoted.

    Statutes such as the Violence Against Womens Act ("VAWA"), the Child Support Enforcement Act, the Hate Crimes Act, and other dubious federal and state enacted laws which violate the US Constitution, allow the Masons to persecute political dissidents. This is in complete and total violation of their 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 13th Amendment Rights. Their targets are denied due process of law, or any methods with which to defend their innocence. Similarly the local Child Protective Services ("CPS") will seize the children of targeted individuals with complete and total impunity. Often those children will wind up in the global sex trade.

    Judges then deny routine motions, humiliate dissidents in open court with ridicule, abuse and derision, giving legal advice to their opposition while denying their victims the same benefit, allowing the opposition to arbitrarily miss court appearances while threatening their targeted victim with arrest if they don't show up due to being sick or injured. As a dissident, your fate has already been determined by the Freemasons/Illuminati, and these "court procedures" are simply a cover for political persecution.

    If you try to complain to the various watchdog agencies charged with investigating misconduct by the police, (District and US attorneys, Judges, and Prosecutors such as the local Police Internal Affairs Bureau, the FBI or DOJ Civil Rights or Public Corruption Units, the Commission on Judicial Conduct boards, or the Departmental Disciplinary Committees regulating prosecutor attorneys,) you will quickly discover that even though the lower level investigators may be highly sympathetic, the higher ups in those organizations invariably have been pre-selected by the Freemasons/Illuminati. They will surely "shitcan" your complaints and investigations. They will most assuredly report your audacity to the offending officials who will most assuredly further retaliate more aggressively than before, digging your legal hole even deeper.

    This is how it works, and it is only going to get worse as time passes if the people don't do something about it. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." This has never been more true than now.

  • Freemasons using thugs to steal property and land (cops turn a blind eye) VIDEO

    This is going on every day right across Britain crooked masonic judges and lawyers use their bully boys and cops to steal property on a grand scale with the political and police mafia's protecting the law society legal mafia from their vast criminality.
    13 Blocks - The Kabbalistic roots of Freemasonry VIDEO
    A Dark Look Into Freemasons VIDEO
    Watch THIS Before Joining Freemasonry! EVERYTHING EXPOSED! VIDEO

  • The Deadly Deception: Freemasonry Exposed by One of Its Top Leaders
  • Power of the masons - Myth or a Menace?

    Click to view enlarged article Sunday People, 13th July 1986
    My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons
    The first obligation of government is to ensure that society isn't taken over by a satanic cult. Our government itself has been taken over. Freemasonry deliberately corrupts and subverts society and makes every non-Mason a second-class citizen. In a seven-part series, first posted in 2010, Roger Barbour describes how this works at street level.

    Roger Barbour describes his "lifelong contest of wills with a very elusive foe."

    Makow Comment: Ever wonder why so many white men seem so cold and soul-less? Society has been subverted by this satanic cult which literally steals souls, one at a time. Ultimately the conspiracy is spiritual in character.

    by Roger Barbour (for

    As a toddler living in the remote reaches of Oregon, I had limited contact with other children. My closest friend was my dog Trinket.

    By age four, my father let me roam freely through the surrounding forests and fields with our trusty canine. Under his tutelage, I attuned myself to the sights, sounds and smells of nature as well as imbibing the dog's instinct for sensing danger and imbalance. Little did I know at the time that these basic skills would develop into the ability to perceive what was lurking in the minds of those I would meet during my life. My school years included the normal peer pressures associated with growing up. I quickly learned to avoid certain people and came to understand that there were various social cliques where I was not welcome. In the eighth grade, I befriended a lad I'll call Bob G. His father was the caretaker of a very large estate and after school, I'd spend the afternoons helping Bob with his chores.

    For some reason I always had the feeling that something was out of balance with Bob's dad. Although I helped Bob as a favor, his dad never acknowledged my presence and referred to me in the third person. The situation with his mother was somewhat similar and even though she was civil to me, I got the feeling that I was a square peg in a round hole when either of his parents was there. One Friday, I invited Bob to go skating with me the next day and he told me that his Saturdays were reserved for something called DeMolay. Puzzled I asked my dad about this. In my eyes he was a war hero, teacher and sage all rolled into one. That evening, after supper, I said, "Hey dad, what's DeMolay?"

    To my surprise, he seemed to turn into a pillar of salt for about thirty seconds then, he looked me straight in the eye and asked, "Where did you hear that?" At that point, I knew for sure I was in for one of dad's serial styled lectures.

    That night's introduction to Freemasonry covered the basic aspects of secret societies in general as well as the deleterious reasons for their existence. Although not a Mason himself, his knowledge of their passwords, signs and handshakes was quite expansive. When I inquired as to how he knew all this "stuff", his answer made it quite plain that he'd learned it "the hard way", primarily from being on the "wrong end of the stick" as he put it. I went to bed with a million thoughts bouncing around in my head. True to fashion, during the subsequent weeks and months, my dad would pick up the discussion of Masonry whenever something we passed on the road triggered his thoughts.

    One time he pointed out a window sticker on a car ahead of us and explained that the funny symbol shaped like a golf club with a ball on each side of it was a secret Masonic sign indicating that the owner was a member. Suddenly Masonic signs and emblems seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere at all unless you knew what to look for. Masonic Temples and Lodges, cloaked in windowless anonymity, melded seamlessly into their environment. Members of the organization seemed to be everywhere; government, the clergy, the trades, business, sports and law. Each one of them appeared to be the same as any other man unless you could detect the subtle spoken phrases that passed between them or the fleeting, seemingly innocuous gesture.

    A simple handshake, if watched closely, seemed to have a completely different meaning when shared between Masons. For the observant non-Mason, the act of a handshake with a member of a Lodge could be quite revealing. All of this information and more came to me at the ripe old age of thirteen. Further study and reading prompted by events that took place later in my life have given me a measure of insight into what I can only describe as a conspiracy of the grandest proportions. My eternal thanks to my late dad are in order at this point. Without his insight and his willingness to pass it on to me, I would never have been able to assemble the arsenal of knowledge required to survive in a world where the Masons seem to hold sway.

  • 2. My First Experience of Freemasons
  • 3. Advancement Hinged on a Hand Sign
  • 4. Freemasons Control Local Commerce
  • 5. Outwitting Local Freemasons
  • 6. Freemasonry- Racketeering Run Amok
  • 7. Why I Didn't Join the Masons
  • Milton Keynes: Tainted with the vile stench of freemasonry

  • Milton Keynes: Tainted with the vile stench of freemasonry
  • BBC promoting freemason built (MK)Milton Keynes as best city in Britain? (VIDEO)
  • Secrets of Milton Keynes- Part 1 (VIDEO)
  • Secrets of Milton Keynes- Part 2(VIDEO)
  • Milton Keynes(MK): Secrets In Plain Sight
  • Getting the world's sheeple to sing freemason Burns Auld Lang Syne is a masonic ruse
    Cryptic satanic mumbo jumbo forced onto the world by the hold the masonic mafia have over the mass media who continue to promote these false prophets as some sort of influential figures instead of the masonic lackeys they really are. None of it by coincidence.

    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    and never brought to mind?
    Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
    and auld lang syne*?

    For auld lang syne, my jo,
    for auld lang syne,
    we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.

    And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp!
    and surely I’ll be mine!
    And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
    for auld lang syne.


    We twa hae run about the braes,
    and pu’d the gowans fine;
    But we’ve wander’d mony a weary fit,
    sin auld lang syne.


    We twa hae paidl’d i' the burn,
    frae morning sun till dine;
    But seas between us braid hae roar’d
    sin auld lang syne.


    And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!
    and gie's a hand o’ thine!
    And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught,
    for auld lang syne.


  • Rabbie Burns' Auld Lang Syne sung by crowds at the big New Year finale in Bangkok and Beijing
  • Keats, Hermeticism, and the Secret Societies
  • Dylan Thomas found a place on Keats's “Immortal freemasonry" of major poets (Would they be so famous without a step up in the arts by the masonic mafia promoting their own lodge buddies?)
  • Robert Burns as a Freemason (All the sheeple around the world FOOLED into chanting 'Auld Lang Syne' at New Year are uttering the words of a satanist)
  • Burns Auld Lang Syne in detail
  • In July 1929 the Foundation Stone of the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre at Stratford-upon-Avon was laid with full Masonic ritual by Lord Ampthill
  • Celebrities Shill for Globalist (Masonic Jewish) Tyranny
  • Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK justice system VIDEO

  • Freemasonry, the British Monarchy, and Queen Elizabeth II
  • The Royal parasites command the British Army, the Masons and a LOT more..
  • Freemason goes deep undercover
    spot the freemason
    Freemasonry is a Jewish organization - Jerusalem regarded as the birthplace of Freemasonry VIDEO
    Corrupt Freemasons: Inside The Brotherhood Martin Short Granada TV Manchester VIDEO
    Henry Makow on Satanism, Judaism and Freemasonry VIDEO
    Dyke teacher at freemason school admits having sex with pupil she taught at all girls private school
    A games teacher has admitted having sex with a pupil she taught at an all girls private school.

    Emily Fox, from Bath, pleaded guilty at St Albans Crown Court to four counts of sexual activity with a 15-year-old girl while in a position of trust. The offences took place in 2012-13, when Fox, 26, was a teacher at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Fox was released on bail and is due to return for sentencing on 5 September.

    Fox, of Alfred Street, is not allowed to attend the school or have contact with anyone aged under 16. She will also be added to the sex offenders register. The Royal Masonic School for Girls was founded in 1788 in east London to teach the daughters of Freemasons. It moved to its current site in 1934 and has a mixture of day and boarding pupils.

  • The revenue gathering streams of bastard freemasonry
    Britannia waives the rules
    She's always playing the joker

    Consider the world as an island and a small group have taken control of that island through devious secretive scams.

    Lets look at some of the lesser revenue streams that add to a massive mountain of fraud and corruption that circumnavigates the globe in an unending trail of greed. Plenty of dupes fall into the trap of believing the propaganda pumped out to justify the mass fleecing of the population. Parking is maybe one of the latest forms of freemason revenue gathering that comes under the guise that THEY have to keep our roads clear for OUR benefit. Look at the places you CANNOT park and see whether that is to keep the roads clear or to fleece the long suffering motorist?

    When they instigated parking charges way way back the average charge for a fine if caught was less than a pound . Now they have jacked this up to £100's and if ignored £1,000's and even to the point were they can thieve your home to pay for their vast criminality. The instigators of these deceitful fines and charges are the local councils with chief executives all part of the masonic hierarchy who write their own personal salaries and who ultimately fund the freemasons through their wealth and through the malicious statutes that allow them to fleece with impunity.

    In Britain they claim you need a myriad of documents to drive on the road. If you cannot produce those documents you can be heavily fined. So is the primary reason for having them to make the roads safer? When you look at just who manufactures the legislation that forces drivers to concede ever more money in keeping a car on the road legally and the cost of fines for daring to challenge the enormity of what that entails you can be sure the bastard freemasons are behind every last scam and NEVER to ensure safety but to ensure the lining of the pockets of the CROWN powers and their merry band of nasty little freemason thugs who enforce that legislation to line their bottomless coffers.

    What is now becoming crystal clear is that virtually every government across the planet has their lackeys sitting in judgement and passing legislation under the guise of making us all safer when in reality, as would happen on an island, that small group are conspiring to make a killing from fleecing the dupes who believe these gangsters have their best interests at heart. These are the same bastards prepared to use public money into the trillions to buy the armaments that are used to murder the populations of any country that do not abide by their form of control.

    But the ultimate fleecing, and one that regularly slips under the radar of their controlled media, is the mass fleecing of men due to divorce a multi trillion dollar industry. These bastards stick their chest out while stating they have given themselves the power to attack any man they see fit to fleece of their livelihoods under the guise that they are protecting the poor wee ex wife or partner of any man about to lose his home, assets and children through their judicial mafia .

    Above are only a small selection of the global conspiracies that see freemasons fleece men under the guise of legislation whose only goal is to make these bastards richer while removing the power from men caught up in their fraud and corruption. How much longer do they think they can get away with these massive scams remains to be seen and as to how quickly the men, not part of their satanic network, can waken up to the reality that until their system is smashed men will continue to face the enormity of the damage inflicted on each and every one targeted by these evil bastards. If you don't think you have as yet just watch this space.

    Their trail of destruction leads right to the door of the Dukey Kent the lead persecutor and spymaster operating on behalf of Britain's royal parasites and the biggest terrorists on this planet by far. But you would never guess so from reading their controlled media. Every last one of them charged with promoting gangsters as some sort of godly creatures the sheeple are primed to show deference to. Their island paradise is in fact a living hell for every last man caught up in their vicious global traps.

  • 500 council bosses (freemasons) earn more than the PM: Fat cats given huge salaries including officials in charge of school budgets, social housing and bin collections
  • Dangers of Cults - The Masons VIDEO
    Why most stately homes in Britain have a checkered (past) entrance
    stately home checkered hallways

    Britain's landed gentry are all part of a global freemason mafia who use the law to ensure THEY alone can increase their property portfolio's while the peasants either rely on council sink holes or try buying into property only to find they become short term tenants ready to be kicked out of the homes they thought they purchased but find out they are merely temporary tenants who will be evicted and made homeless once a reasonable amount of equity builds up allowing the house thieves to move in and help themselves.

    The landed gentry have their freemason judicial mafia ruling over the courts to ensure they will NEVER find themselves being sued through civil courts that could harm their property holdings and like the royal parasites cannot be TOUCHED as long as freemasons control the law or how the law is manipulated always in favour of the ruling royal parasites and their masonic henchmen. Ex wives of these bastards will find the same thing happens to them as most men not part of their creepy satanic network of abuse.

    There are still dupes who believe the myth of the property ladder and while they admire the country lanes with the mansions and opulent surroundings of the of the self appointed dukes, earls and squires they are totally unaware how their land and property is protected while the peasants will ALWAYS, in time, lose their so called estates from the law society terrorists whose main objective is to ensure the vast bulk of Britain's land and property remains in the hands of the few while the rest are properties sold to an unsuspecting public only to find themselves homeless while another dupe is sold the home they thought THEY owned.

    Walk around any country estate and you'll see the mark of the devil on many of the entrances to their estates that mark their territory. Just like the masonic monoliths disguised as war memorials and like wild animals used to mark the areas they presently control. Only by men rising up and crushing these evil bastards will a more equal society be created as they will continue their centuries old system of domination until their schemes are fully exposed and the internet is doing a damn good job of waking up the sheeple still in a masonic slumber from victims of their corrupt multi-trillion dollar house theft.

  • Royal parasites finances under scrutiny with calls to end privileges (VIDEO)
  • Monty Python does freemasonry VIDEO
    5,000,000 Freemasons walk among us VIDEO
    Fascists and Freemasonry
    oswald mosley

    British Union of Fascists Sir Oswald Mosley (right) gives Oswald Pirow (left)
    of South Africa's New Order Movement a masonic handshake
    Stodley Pike another disguised freemason monolith
    stoodley pike

    You will see similar monoliths dominating the landscape of every town and city right across the UK suggesting these are to commemorate wars or something or other but it is always an excuse to push the freemasonic symbolism like dogs marking their territory. Also a good excuse to try and prevent vandalism if the truth of what these stand for was fully opened up.

    Stoodley Pike is a 1,300-foot (400 m) hill in the south Pennines, noted for the 121 feet (37 m) Stoodley Pike Monument at its summit, which dominates the moors above Todmorden in West Yorkshire, England. The monument was designed in 1854 by local architect James Green, and completed in 1856 at the end of the Crimean War.

    The monument replaced an earlier structure, started in 1814 and commemorating the defeat of Napoleon and the surrender of Paris. It was completed in 1815, after the Battle of Waterloo (Napoleonic Wars), but collapsed in 1854 after an earlier lightning strike, and decades of weathering. Its replacement was therefore built slightly further from the edge of the hill. During repair work in 1889 a lightning conductor was added, and although the tower has since been struck by lightning on numerous occasions, no notable structural damage is evident. There is evidence to suggest that some sort of structure existed on the site before even this earlier structure was built. The inscription above the entrance is worn and covered with lichen but it is legible and reads:


    The site is accessible on well defined Right of Way footpaths and the moor surrounding it is on Access Land. There is no vehicular or bicycle access to the monument. The Pike stands on Langfield Common, and therefore is the responsibility of Calderdale Council. Langfield Common is a true moor and an SSSI. Stoodley Pike Monument contains a spiral staircase of 39 steps, accessed from its north side. During repairs in 1889 a grill was added to the top step, allowing more light in, so that only 6 or 7 steps are in darkness. There are no windows. The entrance to the balcony, the highest point that can be reached, and some 40 feet above ground level, is on the west face.

    Being accessible by Right of Way footpaths and Access Land restrictions, the site serves primarily as a destination for hikers & fell-runners. Being close to Mankinholes Youth Hostel and the Top Brink pub. Just below it on the roughly 200 metres contour shelf lies the Harvelin Park housing estate. From here walkers can enjoy an easy 30-minute walk to the Pike. Many fell races visit the Pike, primarily those organised by Todmorden Harriers including the Noonstone, Hebden Bridge, Shepherd's Skyline and the Stoodley Pike Fell race. The Pennine Way (Britain's first National Trail, opened in 1965) passes Stoodley Pike.

    Stoodley Pike Monument can be easily seen on the horizon, when one stands in front of Beacon Hill, in Halifax, West Yorkshire. In the last couple of years the entrance to the tower has been re-paved and a seat has been provided to the southwest of the monument.

  • We're Surrounded by Occult Monuments
  • Pyramid at the entrance to Worcestershire County Council, Spetchley Road, Worcester
  • Masonic Cemetery: Some Are More Equal Than Others in Death(VIDEO)
  • War memorials disguise and help protect freemason monoliths as in Milford Haven

    Like dogs they mark their territory with phallic symbols and obelisks.
    This one on Hamilton Terrace, Milford Haven, England SA73 3JN
    Mass media finally get round to exposing freemason criminals
    How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

    Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

    Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”. The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society. Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.

    The political establishment and much of the media often dismiss such ideas as the work of conspiracy theorists. However, Operation Tiberius is the second secret police report revealed by The Independent in the last six months to highlight the possible issue. Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests. Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation.

    However, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action. In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night. The Independent revealed last week that Operation Tiberius found that organised crime syndicates such as the Adams family and the gang led by David Hunt were able to infiltrate the Met “at will”.

    Asked to comment on the Tiberius report, a spokesman for Scotland Yard said: “The Metropolitan Police Service will not tolerate any behaviour by our officers and staff which could damage the trust placed in police by the public. “We are determined to pursue corruption in all its forms and with all possible vigour.”

  • Here is the very bastard that engineers the theft of ALL our lives
    hitler duke of kent


    While the ruling mafia use terrorism as the excuse to spy , or in effect stealing our lives and our private and personal thoughts the very bastard behind every last one of those thefts and a terrorist threat in its own right is the Dukey Kunt. He controls the 5 million+ strong terrorist gang of freemasons who head ALL the spy agencies across the globe that are monitoring our every thought , word and deed under the guise its in our best interests.

    This creepy satanic bastard acts on the orders of the richest despot on the planet . No one else across the globe has more power thanks to her satanic coven of lackeys who have sold their soul to her monstrous despotic regime to get a place at the trough of masonic madness and the hope of a step up the ladder of evil that promotes them WELL above of their station as can be seen by the psychopathic lunatics positioned in every key area of government , law and policing. We have a bunch of nutcases who are trying to justify the vast theft of our private data for their own self enrichment and to prop up the most wicked murderous despotic regime that has ever existed and the biggest terrorist mafia that has ever reigned with an iron fist right across the planet.

    Freemasonry is the evil that binds all of the sick and sinister plots that are being masterminded daily to give them the excuse for ever more control . Creating the problems that then allows the mass exploitation of the sheeple who are struggling to waken from the hypnotic slumber these evil bastards and their controlled media have duped billions into for way to long. There is growing dissent across the planet and in every nation larger and larger groups are uniting against an evil force that is so arrogant in its plans it imagines in its insanity that it will continue ad infinitum. But their failure to harness and control the new technology is their downfall and now their ivory towers are sitting on shaky ground as their diabolical plans unfold thanks to the likes of Ed Snowden more and more of those plans are being exposed like never before .

    We cannot let this monster provide the legal framework to persecute those who stand up and warn us exactly about what we have known for a very long time that we are being herded like sheeple into an enormous pen for the pleasure and opulent lifestyle of the few with their masonic herdsmen the satanic force that is stopping the vast majority of the world's population from breaking free.

  • Royal parasite PRINCE Philip denies claims he is a Nazi (No room for the tacky medals on his lapel)
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