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    Gardeners discover bag of ISIS flags in northern Israel
    isis flag Gardeners in the Israeli city of Nazareth Illit discovered a bag containing about 25 ISIS flags.

    Israel Police have opened an investigation into the discovery of the flags on Tuesday in an industrial area of northern Israeli city. The possession of materials from the jihadist group was outlawed in Israel several weeks ago. “When something like this is discovered in the heart of a Jewish city, it needs to light up many warning signs,” Nazareth Illit Mayor Alex Gadalkin told Ynet.

    In late September, a 24-year-old Arab-Israeli from Kfar Kana who was suspected of being associated with ISIS was arrested and questioned. Earlier in the month, another Arab-Israeli was arrested for allegedly traveling to Syria and training with ISIS. Contact with the group also was made illegal.

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  • Israeli intelligence veterans refuse to serve in Palestinian territories
    Forty-three veterans of one of Israel’s most secretive military intelligence units – many of them still active reservists – have signed a public letter refusing to serve in operations involving the occupied Palestinian territories because of the widespread surveillance of innocent residents.

    The signatories include officers, former instructors and senior NCOs from the country’s equivalent of America’s NSA or Britain’s GCHQ, known as Unit 8200 – or in Hebrew as Yehida Shmoneh-Matayim. They allege that the “all-encompassing” intelligence the unit gathers on Palestinians – much of it concerning innocent people – is used for “political persecution” and to create divisions in Palestinian society. The largest intelligence unit in the Israeli military, Unit 8200 intercepts electronic communications including email, phone calls and social media in addition to targeting military and diplomatic traffic.

    The signatories say, however, that a large part of their work was unrelated to Israel’s security or defence, but appeared designed to perpetuate the occupation by “infiltrating” and “controlling” all aspects of Palestinian life. Written in uncompromising language the letter states: “We, veterans of Unit 8200, reserve soldiers both past and present, declare that we refuse to take part in actions against Palestinians and refuse to continue serving as tools in deepening the military control over the Occupied Territories.” They add: “The Palestinian population under military rule is completely exposed to espionage and surveillance by Israeli intelligence. It is used for political persecution and to create divisions within Palestinian society by recruiting collaborators and driving parts of Palestinian society against itself. In many cases, intelligence prevents defendants from receiving a fair trial in military courts, as the evidence against them is not revealed.”

    Accompanying the letter – published in the Israeli media on Friday, and organised several months before the recent Gaza war – are a series of testimonies provided by the signatories to Yedioth Ahronoth and shared with the Guardian. A common complaint, made in both the testimonies and in interviews given by some of the signatories, including to the Guardian this week, is that some of the activities the soldiers were asked to engage in had more in common with the intelligence services of oppressive regimes than of a democracy.

    Among allegations made in the statements are that:

    • A significant proportion of the unit’s Palestinian objectives “are innocent people unconnected to any military activity. They interest the unit for other reasons, usually without having the slightest idea that they’re intelligence targets.” According to the testimonies those targets were not treated any differently from terrorists.

    • Personnel were instructed to keep any damaging details of Palestinians’ lives they came across, including information on sexual preferences, infidelities, financial problems or family illnesses that could be “used to extort/blackmail the person and turn them into a collaborator”.

    • Former members claim some intelligence gathered by the unit was not collected in the service of the Israeli state but in pursuit of the “agendas” of individual Israeli politicians. In one incident, for which no details have been provided, one signatory recalls: “Regarding one project in particular, many of us were shocked as we were exposed to it. Clearly it was not something we as soldiers were supposed to do. The information was almost directly transferred to political players and not to other sections of the security system.”

    • Unit members swapped intercepts they gathered involving “sex talk” for their own entertainment.

    The letter has been sent to the chief of staff of Israel’s armed forces and also the head of military intelligence. Unit 8200 is one of the most prestigious in the Israeli public’s mind, with many who serve in it going on to high-flying jobs after their military service, many in Israel’s hi-tech sector. According to an article this year in Haaretz, former unit members include a supreme court justice, the director general of the finance ministry, an internationally successful author, the chief executive of one of Israel’s largest accountancy firms and the economy ministry’s chief scientist.

    Operating a signals interception base, the unit is also at the front of Israel’s cyberwar capabilities. According to some reports – never confirmed – it was involved in developing the Stuxnet virus used to attack Iran’s nuclear programme. Most of those who signed the letter have served in the unit in the last decade – as recently as three years ago in full-time military service – with the majority still on the active reserve list, meaning they can be called up at any time. All of those who spoke said they were “highly motivated” to join the unit and had volunteered to serve extra time in it beyond their national service.

    Although there have been “refusenik” letters before – most famously more than a decade ago when a group of reserve pilots refused to participate in targeted assassinations – such detailed complaints from within Israel’s intelligence services are highly unusual. Three of those involved, two sergeants and a captain who gave interviews to the Guardian and a handful of other foreign media before the letter was released this week, were at pains to make clear they were not interested in disclosing state secrets. They had engaged a high-profile lawyer to avoid breaking Israeli law – including by identifying themselves in public. Copies of the letter sent to their unit commander, however, use their full names. Those involved said they were proud of some of the work they had done, which they believed had contributed to Israel’s security.

    In their interviews, they described a culture of impunity where soldiers were actively discouraged in training lessons from questioning the legality of orders, and of being deliberately misled by commanders about the circumstances of a case in which one member of their unit refused to cooperate in the bombing of a building with civilians in it in retaliation for an attack in Israel. They added that there were in effect “no rules” governing which Palestinians could be targeted and that the only restraint on their intelligence gathering in the occupied territories was “resources”. “In intelligence – in Israel intelligence regarding Palestinians – they don’t really have rights,” said Nadav, 26, a sergeant, who is now a philosophy and literature student in Tel Aviv. “Nobody asks that question. It’s not [like] Israeli citizens, where if you want to gather information about them you need to go to court.”

    He said: “The intelligence gathering about Palestinians is not clean. When you rule a population that does not have political rights, laws like we have, [then] the nature of this regime of ruling over people, especially when you do it for many years, [is that] it forces you to take control or infiltrate every aspect of their life.” “D”, a 29-year-old captain who served for eight years, added: “[That] question is one of the messages that we feel it is very important to get across mostly to the Israeli public. “That is a very common misconception about intelligence … when we were enlisting in the military [we thought] our job is going to be minimising violence, minimising loss of lives, and that made the moral side of it feel much easier.”

    He added: “What the IDF does in the occupied territories is rule another people. One of the things you need to do is defend yourself from them, but you also need to oppress the population. “You need to weaken the politics. You need to strengthen and deepen your control of Palestinian society so that the [Israeli] state can remain [there] in the long term. We can’t talk about specifics … [but] intelligence is used to apply pressure to people to make them cooperate with Israel. “It’s important to say, the reason I decided to refuse – and I decided to refuse long before the recent [Gaza] operation. It was when I realised that what I was doing was the same job that the intelligence services of every undemocratic regime are doing.

    “This realisation was what made me [realise] personally that I’m part of this large mechanism that is trying to defend or perpetuate its presence in the occupied territories.” The last major refusenik episode in Israel to grab the public’s attention was in 2002 when 27 reserve pilots published a letter refusing to fly assassination sorties over Gaza after 14 civilians, including children, were killed alongside Salah Shehade, the leader of Hamas’s military wing, in a bombing. Nadav made a reference to the killing – and the outcry that surrounded it. “When you look at what happened this summer, when building after building were destroyed and the inhabitants and hundreds of innocent people were killed and no one raised an eyebrow, as opposed to just one decade ago when the killing of a family of a commander of Hamas shocked people. It was a huge story in Israel.”

    Replying to the refusenik letter and the allegations, a spokesman for the Israel Defence Forces criticised the soldiers for making their complaints public, and attempted to cast doubt on the claims. “The intelligence corps has no record that the specific violations in the letter ever took place. Immediately turning to the press instead of to their officers or relevant authorities is suspicious and raises doubts as to the seriousness of the claims. “Regarding claims of harm caused to civilians, the IDF maintains a rigorous process which takes into account civilian presence before authorising strikes against targets.”

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    EU Delegation: Israel has committed genocide VIDEO

    These members of the European Parliament are calling on the European Union to break diplomatic ties with Israel and implement sanctions against the country because of the war crimes it has committed against the people of Palestine. The delegation of 13 MEPs has just returned to Brussels from the Middle East and played a video to journalists showing a Palestinian child dying in the back of an ambulance. The delegation describes what Israel has done to the people of Gaza as genocide. The 50-day Israeli war on Gaza left thousands dead and tens of thousands wounded.
    Israel to take 400 hectares of West Bank land VIDEO
    Israel Confirms They Are Stealing More Land From Palestinians In The West Bank VIDEO
    Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission Against The State of Israel
    The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal (Tribunal) reconvened on 20 November 2013 to hear two charges against Amos Yaron (first Defendant) and the State of Israel (second Defendant). The first Defendant was charged with war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide, whilst the second Defendant was charged with the crime of genocide and war crimes.

    The charge against the first Defendant is as follows –

    “The Defendant Amos Yaron perpetrated War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, and Genocide in his capacity as the Commanding Israeli General in military control of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Israeli occupied Lebanon in September of 1982 when he 1 knowingly facilitated and permitted the large-scale Massacre of the Residents of those two camps in violation of the Hague Regulations on Land Warfare of 1907; the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949; the 1948 Genocide Convention; the Nuremberg Charter (1945), the Nuremberg Judgment (1946), and the Nuremberg Principles (1950); customary international law, jus cogens, the Laws of War, and International Humanitarian Law”

    The charge against the second Defendant is as follows –

    “From 1948 and continuing to date the State of Israel (hereafter ‘the Defendant’) carried out against the Palestinian people a series of acts namely killing, causing serious bodily harm and deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction.

    The conduct of the Defendant was carried out with the intention of destroying in whole or in part the Palestinian people.

    These acts were carried out as part of a manifest pattern of similar conduct against the Palestinian people.

    These acts were carried out by the Defendant through the instrumentality of its representatives and agents including those listed in Appendices 1 and 2.

    Such conduct constitutes the Crime of Genocide under international law including the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide 1948 (‘the Genocide Convention’) in particular Article II and punishable under Article III of the said Convention. It also constitutes the crime of genocide as stipulated in Article 10 of the Charter of the Kuala Lumpur Foundation to Criminalise War.

    Such conduct by the Defendant as an occupying power also violates customary international law as embodied in the Hague Convention of 1907 Respecting the Laws and Customs of War on Land, and the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949.

    Such conduct also constitutes War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity under international law.”

    The charges (together with the particulars of the charges) had been duly served on the Defendants, and were read in open court by the Registrar as these proceedings commenced.

    Neither Defendant was present in these proceedings, but both were represented by the Amicus Curiae-Defence Team.

    9. Verdict

    After considering the evidence adduced by the Prosecution and submissions by both the Prosecution and the Amicus Curiae-Defence Team on behalf of the two Defendants, the Tribunal is satisfied, beyond reasonable doubt, that the First Defendant, Amos Yaron, is guilty of Crimes Against Humanity and Genocide and the Second Defendant, the State of Israel is guilty of Genocide.

    10. Orders

    10.1 The Tribunal orders that reparations commensurate with the irreparable harm and injury, pain and suffering undergone by the Complainant War Crime Victims be paid to them. While it is constantly mindful of its stature as merely a tribunal of conscience with no real power of enforcement, this Tribunal finds that the witnesses in this case are entitled ex justitia to the payment of reparations by the two convicted parties. It is the Tribunal’s hope that armed with the Findings of this Tribunal, the witnesses (victims in this case) will, in the near future, find a state or an international judicial entity able and willing to exercise jurisdiction and to enforce the verdict of this Tribunal against the two convicted parties. The Tribunal’s award of reparations shall be submitted to the War Crimes Commission to facilitate the deter

  • No let up as Israel's zionist psychopathic murderers pummel Gaza again VIDEO
    The Third Temple and Plans for "Greater Israel"
    greater israel

    After a recent visit to the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, Steve Thomas wonders if Jewish prophesies of world government aren't already being realized.

    by Steve Thomas (

    Earlier this month I visited the TEMPLE INSTITUTE, in the Old City of Jerusalem, in the Jewish Quarter.

    We were given a guided tour and shown priestly robes for the 'kohanim' (priests) and a collection of replica temple vessels that have been recreated in preparation for a newly rebuilt Jerusalem Temple. They have collected a considerable amount of gold to fund the operation. They said they expect God to divinely remove the Dome of the Rock by earthquake or war in order to clear the ground. The following implements (or images of them) were on display, made from the correct wood and metal, overlaid with gold in many instances: a showbread table and various trumpets, bowls, breastplates and sacrifice offering implements for the replica 'Holy of Holies' and altar.

    We were told that a Jewish man, alive today, born of the Davidic lineage, Torah observant, will be presented as the Messiah of Israel and the world. He will be identified by his victorious intervention in war on their behalf, leading Israel to military victory - either by his priestly intervention, or actual involvement - they seemed a little vague on this. I asked what the general vision was for the nation of Israel under their anticipated Messiah. I was told that Israel will be awakened to the Messiah by a reappearance, or mystical intervention (?) of Elijah in some form, identifying him as a son of David. Then the nation will come into it's promised inheritance, and rule the nations from Zion. That the Gentile nations will not be obliged to keep full Torah, but obedience to the Seven Noahide Laws would be required of non-Jewish people. Here the Chabad organization proclaim this doctrine. They believe that people of other religions will move to "monotheism" and be therefore able to accept "Universal Jewish Morality" as an overarching global law.


    This morning this came through my FB newsfeed, projectinG the future boundaries of national Jewish Israel Evidently, the land, presently under the territorial sovereign control of various surrounding nations, would need to be acquired by Israel in the near future to make this possible - namely, significant parts of: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan. Lebanon, Egypt, and Palestinian territories. Interestingly, these are the very locations where trouble and strife are presently erupting.

    I was personally emailed by a Jewish pioneering researcher recently, who tipped me off about the 'Oded Yinon' plan - he believes this informs present Israeli policy at the highest levels. I have no idea if this is true or not, but read it anyway, to be at least aware of its existence. I was intrigued to read that these very locations mentioned above are being (it is claimed) intentionally divided, to break up the sovereign national contiguity of those countries: I am beginning to ask whether or not this utopian plan for Israel, being purposefully planned, prayed for, funded, and implemented by Israeli and American orthodox Jewish organizations, based in Old Jerusalem, protected by Israeli soldiers and Knesset-ordained privilege, projecting a global spiritual regime under the auspices of a Jewish Messiah..... Is this the preparation for the final manifestation of antichrist? For Jesus is surely not the Messiah in view....

    Is this Jewish kingdom, intended to be something like what Christian Zionists are projecting as a MILLENNIAL KINGDOM - a kind of thousand year Third Reich or empire, (the First being under David & Solomon in the monarchy, the second following Nehemiah and Zerubbabel, under the Maccabees ending in AD70 - followed by today's cries from Masada, as Israeli troops are sworn in, of NEVER AGAIN!) This is inevitably a controversial line of questioning. Is Christian Zionism being naively drawn into this projection, by the deception of doctrines of devils - false brethren crept in unawares - what the New Testament refers to as Judaizers (Galatians 2:14) drawing the saints back under the redundant terms of the Old Covenant - building again that which YHWH himself has destroyed?!

  • Horror in Israel: 30,000 Mossad spies exposed
    Last week, the hacker organization “Anonymous,” symbolized by the famous “Guy Fawkes” mask, hacked Israel’s Mossad.

    The hack, initially exposing a hidden network of 30,000 covert operatives, some openly labeled “hitman,” came only days after Israel admitted to their 2010 act of piracy and terrorism against the Freedom Flotilla. Now the Israeli regime has filled the internet with threats against “Anonymous,” if detailed information on their terror cells is leaked.

    After all, who is better to carry out acts of terrorism than an organization with 30,000 covert operatives around the world, almost all trained in use of explosives and demolition, building IEDs, car bombs, kidnapping and assassination and with a long and very public history of, not just murdering people but getting away with it as well. Every day we see it in the news, dozens killed in Pakistan, dozens more in Iraq, Kenya, Nigeria, the covert army of 30,000, planning terror, building a dozen car bombs a day and then being able to, not just write the lies blaming others but, in most cases, direct public officials, controlled through blackmail, threats or bribery, to “respond as directed.”

    Did I forget Syria?

    The army, more correctly the “cells” exposed by Anonymous include:

    1. Direct Action: Assassins, explosives experts (for the Mossad “signature” car bombs) and kidnap/rendition teams

    2. Espionage: Made up of trained agent handlers and signals intelligence personnel, often specially trained while posing as doing their “national service,” this group runs the Pentagon and White House, makes up Congressional employees, most think tanks, AIPAC and the ADL/SPLC. Key espionage operatives are seldom Israeli. Many are Turkish, Saudi, Jordanian and even Cuban diplomats.

    3. Controlled opposition: Most obvious are the White Supremacist/Neo-Nazi groups recently exposed as being funded through Merkel’s government in Germany at the direction of the Likudist Party in Israel. Nearly every individual or organization, with few exceptions, that describes itself as “holocaust denial,” “anti-Zionist” or “historical revisionist” is now funded and directed through Israel.

    4. Thought Control: No textbook, no university chair, no broadcast executive nor any news editor is ever employed unless a member of the “30,000.” All belong, all are, not just “answerable,” but actively involved in creating cover stories to shift blame for mass killings, political assassination, economic crimes or simply to put forth a continual “drumming,” of the big lie.

    Birth by Murder

    The first major act of terrorism by Israel’s Irgun, the predecessor to the Mossad, was in 1949. America’s first Secretary of Defense, an office Chuck Hagel only recently assumed, a man under 24-hour protection against Mossad assassins even today, was James Forrestal. Forrestal was an enemy of Stalin and his inner circle of Zionists who, with the influence of Secretary of Treasury Henry Morgenthau, took control of President Truman, pushing him to back the occupation of Palestine by Communists, establishing a Soviet foothold in the Middle East under the guise of a “Jewish state.” Under the guidance of Morgenthau, one million German POWs were starved to death, Germany was de-industrialized and Stalin was allowed to move into Eastern Europe and gain de facto control of France, Italy, establish broad terror and espionage cells that spread across the world, particularly in Washington.

    When the now reviled Senator Joseph McCarthy claimed the State Department was filled with communists, he was totally correct. Bernard Baruch told Forrestal that Zionists were going to kill him. The Irgun had tried to kill British Foreign Secretary Brevin in 1946. Forrestal, though Secretary of Defense, was continually attacked by the media, Walter Winchell and Drew Pearson, the most influential columnists of the day, wrote scathing attacks against Forrestal continually.

    Assassination teams following Forrestal were arrested more than once but released on orders from President Truman who, in March of 1949, finally fired Forrestal over his opposition to Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Soon afterward, Forrestal was poisoned and taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital. While there, he was thrown out of a 16th story window, his body showing signs of a desperate struggle, the room in disarray. Walter Winchell, an accused Stalinist agent, called Forrestal’s death a “suicide,” a verdict certified later despite evidence to the contrary. The control of the press, likely 10,000 of the identities Anonymous accessed, seen today was “alive and well” many decades ago.

    As, decades later, the public became aware that the killings of Forrestal, the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King, even prominent American Jews like Senator Paul Wellstone and his family were Mossad operations. The Hollywoodism “spin” on the Forrestal assassination is the classic. We are told that Secretary of Defense Forrestal killed himself because his brain had been taken over by one of the aliens that crash-landed at Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

    Jeremy Kagen, producer of the 1981 film, “The Chosen,” depicting New York’s Hasidic community, is responsible for the 1994 film, “Roswell,” which implies Forrestal was murdered by aliens. We have seen it for over 60 years, if the trail leads to Tel Aviv, it must have been “little green men.”

    Is the Story Dead?

    As soon as the story hit, press assets, both “blogosphere shills” and the MSM passed on the word, “Mossad assassination teams know where to find ‘Anonymous’ and are ready to kill family members, pets, blow up neighborhoods or even shoot up another elementary school.” Those passing on the threats are guilty as co-conspirators, covering for espionage and terror groups, using terrorism to protect terrorists. Thus far, we have only seen the email accounts, a horror in itself, revealing what may only be the “tip of the iceberg.”

    What if only 5,000 of the 30,000 are “agent handlers?” Does this mean there are tens of thousands of additional “deep cover agents” armed with dirty bombs or ready to kill public officials if, let’s say, there is a threat to cut aid to Israel? Wait, isn’t this exactly what brought on 9/11?

    Gordon Duff is a Marine Vietnam veteran, a combat infantryman, and Senior Editor at Veterans Today. His career has included extensive experience in international banking along with such diverse areas as consulting on counter insurgency, defense technologies or acting as diplomatic representative for UN humanitarian and economic development efforts. Gordon Duff has traveled to over 80 nations. His articles are published around the world and translated into a number of languages. He is regularly on TV and radio, a popular and sometimes controversial guest.

  • Zionists in Israel flaunt their pleasure at mass murder in Gaza
    gaza 2014
    Israeli's protest over IDF Gaza bombing as deadly op drags on VIDEO

    In Tel Aviv, Israelis protested the continuing fighting and called for an end to the blockade on Gaza. The protest, expected to be larger, had originally been canceled by police, saying the security situation didn’t allow for a large gathering. A small minority of war opponents exists in Israel, but they complain of being silenced.
    Israel Creates ‘No Man’s Land’ in Gaza, Shrinking Strip by 40 Percent
    gaza buffer


    This narrow strip of land that used to be called “the Gaza Strip,” already one of the more densely populated places on Earth, is growing dramatically smaller. The Israeli military, relentlessly and methodically, is driving people out of the 3-kilometer (1.8 mile) buffer zone it says it needs to protect against Hamas rockets and tunnels. According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, the buffer zone eats up about 44 percent of Gaza’s territory.

    What that means on the ground is scenes of extraordinary devastation in places like the Al Shajaya district approaching Gaza’s eastern frontier, and Beit Hanoun in the north. These were crowded neighborhoods less than three weeks ago. Now they have been literally depopulated, the residents joining more than 160,000 internally displaced people in refuges and makeshift shelters. Apartment blocks are fields of rubble, and as I move through this hostile landscape the phrase that keeps ringing in my head is “scorched earth.”

    It’s not like Israel didn’t plan this. It told tens of thousands of Palestinians to flee so its air force, artillery and tanks could create this uninhabitable no-man’s land of half-standing, burned-out buildings, broken concrete and twisted metal. During a brief humanitarian ceasefire some Gazans were able to come back to get their first glimpse of the destruction this war has brought to their communities, and to sift through their demolished homes to gather clothes or other scattered bits of their past lives. But many were not even able to do that.

    When Rania Haels got within 60 feet of the debris that was once her family home in Al Shajaya on Saturday, a machine-gun on top of a nearby Israeli Merkava tank started firing. Probably these were warning shots pumped in her direction, but the 42-year-old mother of seven ran for her life. Now she stays with her family in an overcrowded parking garage in Gaza City and spends her days sitting in a public park full of refugees displaced by the Israeli push. Normally these would be festive times, the end of Ramadan is at hand and celebrations akin in spirit to Christmas festivities are beginning. But holidays have a way of intensifying tragedy. There is no place for Haels’ family to gather to give gifts and eat Palestinian sweets. There is, in fact, no place for them at all.

    “We lost our homes and so now we live in the streets,” said Haels, holding a toddler in her arms who clings to her pastel-patterned hejab. “This war has destroyed me.” She says at least she knew where her home was. Some of her neighbors could not find their homes as they walked down streets made unrecognizable by the wreckage and horrifying by the presence of death.

    The desert of demolition only becomes more vast as I get closer to the Israeli border. Rashid al Delo and his 11 children were, like Haels, blocked by Israeli machine-gun fire when they tried to return to their home near the bombed-out Wafa Hospital in Al Shajaya. But despite the dire reality, al Delo, who used to work in Israel but has been unemployed these last 15 years, is determined to salvage his life. “We will rebuild Gaza again and again, despite the force of the Israelis,” he said with confidence as he stood below the Gaza City apartment that belongs to his in-laws and houses, now, 30 members of their extended family.

    In Beit Hanoun the systematic destruction mirrors Al Shajaya. I walk past old men and teenagers trying to lift cinderblocks and slabs of stucco with their bare hands, sometimes in search of a mattress and other times in search of a relative. The desert of demolition only becomes more vast as I get closer to the Israeli border. Individually razed homes and stores give way to gray and white plains of obliterated walls with hills of contorted iron bars and broken-up slabs. Here the bodies are hidden under the new landscape and it will take more than a brief pause in fighting to unearth the gruesome extent of the town’s suffering. “Scorched earth,” historically, means destroying land to deprive the encroaching enemy of its use. Israelis shy away from using the phrase to describe what they are doing because, in Israel, it brings to mind the strategy of the Nazi retreat from Russia at the end of the Second World War.

    According to Hebrew University political scientist and longtime analyst of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Yaron Ezrahi, with or without the phrase, the idea does have a certain logic. Ezrahi says there is a military and political calculation behind this devastation. Some in the Israeli government believe it will create enough Palestinian suffering so that Gazans will rise up against Hamas or force the leaders to come to terms with Israel when they come out of hiding. But that is an assumption that greatly underestimates the resolve of Gazans to see an end to their seven years of Israeli blockade and rid themselves of the Israeli presence that controls the strip like guards positioned around a prison yard.

    At the same time, said Ezrahi, the practice of systematically flattening neighborhoods is focused on saving the lives of Israeli soldiers, who might otherwise be more exposed to hit-and-run attacks. “Israel is more sensitive than any other country in the West to the death of its soldiers,” said Ezrahi. “The death of [Palestinian] civilians is a moral crisis but is without political impact.”

  • Zionist Israel's brutal takeover of Palestinian land
    "People Will Look At Israel As A Country They Simply Can NOT Live With!" James Zogby VIDEO
    "Persecution" Gives Zionists Moral Impunity

    With Israel committing atrocities daily in Gaza, I am reminded of when I was living in Jerusalem in Feb 1973. Israel shot down a Libyan passenger jet. The Israeli reaction to world condemnation helped me decide to leave.
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    On February 21, 1973, Israel shot down a Libyan passenger jet, LN 114, bound from Tripoli to Cairo that had lost its way in a sandstorm and flew into the Sinai, occupied by Israel. The pilot, a French national, had realized the error and had turned back to Cairo. 113 passengers and crew were murdered in cold blood.

    At the time, I was a 23-year-old would-be immigrant, living in Kyriat Hayovel, a suburb of Jerusalem. The ensuing spectacle of crude Zionist rationalization and hand-wringing contributed to my decision to leave Israel in June. In any normal country, guilt would have been acknowledged. The official that gave the order would have been court-martialed and compensation would have been paid. But Israelis cannot admit an error. "The whole world is against us," my Hebrew language teacher bemoaned.

    Golda Meir raised the spectacle of a Kamikaze strike on an Israeli city. Except the airliner was headed back to Cairo when it was shot down. The Jerusalem Post said the French pilot was not licensed to fly the plane. Except it turned out he was. An American company ripped up a contract in protest. The Israelis replied it was only a tender. The well known Israeli commentator Ephraim Kishon wrote an article under the heading: "Sorrow Yes; Apologies No"

    "We are proud of our air force. And it isn't the planes we're proud of but the young engaging human faces of our pilots. And we shake the hand of that sad man, who with a lump in his throat and a pain in his stomach, gave the order which it was his duty to give...The world is bound to view us as we view ourselves, and if one apologizes, it figures one has done wrong. We should look straight into their blue eyes and tell them: under the same mysterious circumstances we shall fire on it and shoot it down again and again." Another commentator blamed the Arabs for staining the record of the IDF "through their [Arab] inefficiency." He attributed world reaction to "anti Semitic tendencies abroad and a double standard of morality." Finally, a third commentator rationalized that the rear engines broke lose on impact and mowed their way through the passenger compartment: "Had the plane not been a Boeing 727 with engines in rear, the disaster might not have occurred."


    Israel has no monopoly on this kind of pig headed behavior. In 1988, when the US shot down an Iranian passenger jet killing 290, including 66 children, George H.W. Bush said: "I will never apologize for the United States -- I don't care what the facts are... I'm not an apologize-for-America kind of guy." But the US is controlled by the same folks as Israel. Now, to the consternation of the world, including some Jews, Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. Why don't they pick on someone their own size? Someone who also has an air force, not pea shooters. Someone who doesn't have a blank cheque from the US Treasury. Zionists are brainwashed to think the world is against them for no reason. That is not true. They are hated because of their deeds. Judaism is a racist creed. See the Talmud. Zionists think Arabs are subhuman.

    Throughout history, Illuminati Jews have taken over, politically, culturally and economically, every country that gave them refuge, often using a Gentile traitor class of Freemasons as proxies. (See YouTube "Thanks Jews!") Zionist Jews are an important instrument, along with Freemasonry, in the establishment by the Illuminati Jewish banking cartel of a satanic New World Order. Hitler was put into power by this cartel in order to force Jews to establish Israel and to destroy Germany. The only way Zionist Jews (and Freemasons) can rehabilitate themselves and rejoin the human race is to renounce this role.


    Afterthought: Imagine if instead of bombing Gaza, Israel said, "We refuse to kill civilians, especially innocent women and children. We will not respond to Hamas provocations unless there we see serious casualties or devastation from their popguns." If Israel took this course, Imagine the respect Israel would get for its restraint, that would redound on Jews worldwide.

  • Jews Stage Massive Anti-War Protests In Tel Aviv, New York and Elsewhere
    Jews against gaza murders

    Opposing Israeli Policy Does Not Make One a “Self-Hating Jew”

    A huge anti-war protest is being held tonight by Jews in Tel Aviv Jews and Palestinians have been holding anti-war protests throughout Israel, but the mainstream media has refused to cover them. Jews also protested against the Gaza war in New York City yesterday.

    Anti-war protests have also been held in other cities throughout the world. Indeed, many Jews oppose Israeli treatment of the Palestinians:

  • All 6 Former Israeli Security Chiefs Slam Occupation of Palestine
  • Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories 2000-2010
  • Holocaust Survivors Criticize Israeli Policy Towards Palestinians

  • Well-known sports writer Dave Zirin tweets:
  • “Israel’s actions are antithetical to everything I was taught in Hebrew School, and yet they did this in my name. Silence isn’t an option.“

  • Postscript: Many devoutly religious Jews oppose Zionism. So opposing an Israeli policy does not make anti-Semitic … or a “self-hating Jew“.

    And we salute Israeli's protesting against the war, especially since dissent may subject them to death threats.

  • Israel is Hated for Flattering Reasons
    Israeli snipers boast on Twitter of slaughtering Palestinian children but Zionists say world revulsion is due to the "Divine role Jews play in history." The evidence suggests a less flattering role.

    Zionists are congenitally incapable of admitting they are wrong. Why? Zionism is a product of Cabalism (Illuminism.) Cabalists have reinvented the world in their own image, and objective truth has no place in it.

    by Henry Makow Ph.D.

    If they discovered they were widely disliked, normal people would engage in self examination. They might even change their ways. But Zionists don't do this because they are not normal. They think they are "hated" for possessing some very admirable qualities. This is evident from Dennis Prager's recent article, "Why Do People Hate Israel?"

    Prager begins by asking why, with so many the injustices elsewhere, the world targets its criticisms at Israel, which is "among the most humane and free countries on the planet. Moreover, it is the only country in the world that is threatened with annihilation." Funny, I missed that. It's funny that when they are pounding Gaza into oblivion, Zionists claim they are threatened with "annihilation." Prager continues: "Why... is the world preoccupied with 600-some Palestinians [now 1400 killed, 8000 injured] killed as a direct result of their firing thousands of missiles in order to kill as many Israelis as possible?"

    Perhaps it's because only a couple of Israeli civilians have actually been harmed? While most of the Palestinian casualties have been civilians? Israel is one of the foremost military powers in the world. It is in no danger. This is like a thug pummeling an old lady. It offends our natural sense of justice.

    No, Prager explains. Criticism is due to the "leftist" bias against Western countries. "Israel is rich, strong and Western; the Palestinians are poor, weak and non-Western." What happened to the Jewish tradition of championing the underdog? Only when the underdog is not under their feet.


    Prager says the other reason Israel is hated is because it is Jewish and Jews are the Chosen people: "As hard as it is for modern, rational and irreligious people to accept, Israel's Jewishness is a primary reason for the hatred of it. Ironically, this fact -- just as with the fixation on the Jew before Israel's existence -- confirms for this observer the divine role the Jew plays in history. Few Jews are aware of their role, and even fewer want it. But, other than the influence of the left, there is no other explanation for all the animosity toward Israel." You see, actual Zionist behavior has nothing to do with the hatred Israel inspires. For example, the head of a UN school where women and children were sheltering gave their GPS coordinates to the IDF 17 times, yet the IDF destroyed the school anyway, killing sixteen people and injuring 160 others. The UN official broke down in tears on TV. Wounded babies have died because Israel bombed the power plant and cut off power to their incubators.

    Couldn't this be the reason people hate Israel? Seeing Israelis celebrate this slaughter? 87% of Israelis support Netanyahu's actions. No, Israel's critics must be "anti-Semites." What about penning 1.6 million people in an open air concentration camp after stealing their property?

    In its paranoia, the Zionists likely provoked the latest confrontation by killing those teenagers themselves and then launching a crackdown on Palestinians. The false flag always has been their MO. Israel does not want peace. It wants land. So periodically, it "mows the lawn," cutting back the Palestinian ability to resist. But, no, this is not the reason they are hated. Nor are Zionists hated for serving the Illuminati bankers, buying all the politicians and media, and taking over the governments of the West.

    Canadians, Americans, French, British, Germans, Australians now all need "national homelands." The Zionists have taken control of theirs. I'm glad Dennis Prager set me straight. I was under the delusion that Zionists were hated for helping to start every major war in the 20th century and setting us up for World War Three in the Ukraine. No, Zionists are hated because Jews are God's Chosen People.


    Prager says people are trying to annihilate Israel. Isn't it the other way round? I'm sure the NeoCons and Mossad are partly responsible for the murder-mayhem in Libya, Syria, Iraq and the Ukraine. Baruch Levy's famous 1879 prophesy in a letter to Karl Marx is coming true.

    "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this new world order, the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition.

    The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands" - La Revue de Paris

    I don't think the majority of Jews, or even Zionists are privy to this larger agenda. They are easier to manipulate if they believe they're hated for a host of flattering reasons as Prager says. Some Jews are standing up and disassociating from this agenda. But are they enough to escape the hatred Zionists are engendering?

  • How Many Children Has Hamas Killed? ZERO! How Many Has Israel Killed? Over 400 VIDEO
    Zionist sympathy for the devil
    Zionist sympathy for the devil
    We have to free the Palestinians and hold Israel to account for their war crimes VIDEO
    Palestinians fight with Israeli security forces at West Bank VIDEO
    Rabbi Dovid Weiss: Zionism has created 'rivers of blood' VIDEO
    It Is Netanyahu And His Army Of War Criminals That Continue To Target Defenseless Civilians! VIDEO
    Netanyahu: The Palestinians Are Forcing Us To Murder Their Babies!(6,000,000 again) VIDEO

  • 'That does look tragic': IDF spokesman on killing 4 children on Gaza beach VIDEO
    You Have A Very Interesting Theory About Israel Wanting Hamas To Stay in Power In Gaza VIDEO
    Israel Dropped More Than 1000 Tonnes Of Explosives On Most Densely Populated Area On Earth! VIDEO
    Palestinian protesters clash with IDF VIDEO
    15 Year Old American Boy Beaten By Israeli Soldiers Released From Jail On House Arrest VIDEO
    CCTV shows moment Palestinian boy is kidnapped before being killed VIDEO

    Video shows the moment 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir was bundled into a car in Jerusalem - only to be found dead hours later

    Dramatic new footage has emerged that may show the moment when an Arab youth was abducted from the streets of an East Jerusalem neighbourhood before later being found murdered. The 10-minute video, shot from a CCTV security camera, shows 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir being approached by two men and then forcibly pushed into a car, relatives believe. While images in the film are indistinct, the Abu Khdeir family say they provide vital evidence of his abduction before his body was found burned in a Jerusalem forest in what they believe was a revenge killing by Right-wing Israelis in retribution for the abduction and murder of three Jewish teenagers, suspected to be the work of Palestinian militants.

    The video - shot from a camera inside a shop across the street from where Mohammed is believed to have been sitting - shows what appears to be a light coloured car drive past a row of shops in the Shuafat neigbourhood. Although his outline is hard to determine in the video, the teenager's relatives say he is sitting on the steps outside one shop. The car then reverses up the street and out of the frame before two men are seen approaching the area on foot where he is believed to have been sitting and appearing to start a conversation. The vehicle then reappears and stops at the place where the two men are, before driving forward slightly. It then reverses again to the original spot.

    A few moments later, a struggle appears to ensue - ending in the group quickly getting into the car, which then speeds off through a set of traffic lights. The Abu Khdeir family shared the video - which is believed not to have been seen by police - with The Telegraph and other media organisations on Thursday. Israeli police have removed two other pieces of CCTV footage which relatives say shows Mohammed's abduction from different angles.
    Global political establishment step back while Israel pounds Gaza again VIDEO
    I Don't Hear Sympathy For The Palestinians Who Were Murdered By The Israeli Army! VIDEO
    Israel bullying Gaza once again (As world leaders let them get away with murder) VIDEO

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