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  • Freemason run councils giving homeless people 'meaningless advice' (Councils and their staff treating homeless people in ways that are dismissive and at times discriminatory. This is the most serious issue facing Britain but you would never guess from the complicit media)
  • If you're black your more likely to be homeless in London

  • Reaching Out to the Homeless
    More details to follow on our funding of a homeless campaign which will include a documentary and assistance to the homeless.

    ----- Original Message -----

    From: INCODA Management
    Sent: Monday, June 29, 2015 7:30 PM

    We humbly thank you and your Organization for the generous contribution to our Reaching Out to the Homeless campaign. We are honored to help our homeless throughout the communities and in the nation by doing our part at improving and enriching their lives.

    We will keep everyone posted with updates throughout. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and protect your Organization and it's members as you share information and empower our people with knowledge.

    Thank you again for your generous support towards helping us help our homeless.


    India Wilson
    INCODA Management
    Reaching Out to the Homeless Documentary VIDEO
    Poor in the USA a homeless men documentary VIDEO

  • Zimbabwe’s trillion-dollar note: We have handed out 100's of these notes to the homeless
  • Dion homeless in Chicago's tent city VIDEO
    UK homelessness rises 54% since 2010 VIDEO

  • The United Nations has confirmed that the UK tory scum's austerity policies breach the UK’s
    international human rights obligations(Is that why Cameron is so anxious to give up his Prime Minister's salary?)
  • 1,075 a DAY made homeless after evictions double thanks to tory scum's draconian welfare cuts
    More than 22,300 private renters were evicted by bailiffs in the last 12 months - that’s 1,075 people per day ending up on the street.

    This is almost double the figure from the same period five years ago at 11,338 households.

    Shelter says every day it hears from families facing the devastation of losing their home and the charity is struggling to keep up with demand. Shelter Chief Executive, Campbell Robb, said: “The figures are a painful reminder of the catastrophic impact welfare cuts and our drought of affordable homes are having on thousands of people in England.

    “We are extremely worried that short-sighted plans in the government’s Housing Bill will further shrink the numbers of genuinely affordable homes and make things even worse. “The government can’t continue to ignore the root cause of the crisis and the ordinary families most affected by it.”

    Paying rent should always be your priority. Don’t ignore letters or phone calls, you might hope will sort themselves out, they won’t. It’s important you read everything you receive from your landlord. If you’re struggling with your housing don’t wait until it is too late to seek help. Get free, confidential advice from Shelter at or by calling its helpline on 0808 800 4444. You can get free help with debt repayment worries from your local Citizens Advice or the National DebtHelpline on 0808 808 4000.

  • Charlie's 1st day homeless in Staten island VIDEO
    Tiny Houses For The Homeless in Los Angeles VIDEO
    Number of homeless people has risen in Los Angeles VIDEO
    French cops are scum strip searching homeless man with no legs VIDEO
    Over 8,000,000 Britons struggling to put food on the table VIDEO
    Joseph homeless in Toronto VIDEO
    Homeless numbers in Los Angeles up by 6% (American dream?) VIDEO
    Over one million Britons living in poverty VIDEO
    Hypocritical Harmsworth's Daily Rat exposes USA homelessness while backing UK's vile tory policies

    Daily Rat tries to suggest some sort of compassion for America's homeless when Harmsworth promotes Britain's vile tory mafia whose policies are making thousands homeless in the UK while turning a blind eye to vast tax dodging by their rich backers. America's dream is in fact a nightmare for millions who don't matter to their political elite. Meantime their military industrial complex and NASA get $trillions to warmonger and manufacture vast space junk.

    The other side of Tinseltown: Moving pictures show how 'riverside living' has a different meaning in America's homeless capital

    There are an estimated 44,000 homeless people living in Los Angeles according to a recent survey into the problem
    Hundreds risk their lives by living on the bed of the Los Angeles River or in an equally-dangerous storm drain
    City officials want to eliminate homelessness within the next decade according to an ambitious new plan

    Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is now known by a more sombre sobriquet - the homeless capital of America.

    Living in the shadow of the world famous Hollywood sign, some 44,000 people survive without a proper home, many sleeping in cars, tents or in makeshift shacks. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the down-and-out population has increased by as much as 20 per cent. Authorities have declared a state of emergency and are seeking $100million to deal with the crisis. Many of the homeless live along the banks of the Los Angeles River, which flows from the San Fernando Valley to Long Beach, over a distance of almost 48 miles.

    A major cluster of homeless live in Downtown LA, hiding under bridges or sleeping along railway lines. An estimated 800 people live in LA's riverbeds and storm drains, who are at risk when the river floods. The concrete-lined river is often used as a set for Hollywood blockbusters.

    Earlier this year, the City announced a 10-year plan adopted by with the ambitious goal of ending LA's growing homelessness, includes hiring social workers, offering quality housing and building permanent housing. In addition, Los Angeles County supervisors also agreed to release $100 million over several years ($42 million in the first 12 months) toward housing the homeless. Homelessness is 'the most serious humanitarian crisis confronting our county today,' said county CEO Sachi Hamai.

    Plans for funding the initiatives still must be adopted, with the city of Los Angeles scheduled to vote on its budget in April. City Councilman Jose Huizar, who co-chairs the Homelessness and Poverty Committee, acknowledged that a series of past plans to reduce homelessness had failed. Between 2013 and 2015, the number of homeless in Los Angeles County soared by 12.4 per cent, with the percent of those living in the street or in their car -- without access to emergency shelter -- soaring by 85 per cent.

    Of the 44,000 homeless people living in the county, some 29,000 or two-thirds, sleep in the streets, tents or their cars, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. The 2008-2009 economic crisis took a hefty toll on Californians, while housing inflation has drastically limited affordable options. In addition, many homeless opt to live in Los Angeles due to its mild weather and social services, notably near Skid Row, where some 5,000 homeless live.

    By comparison, the homeless population in New York, America's largest metropolis, is larger at 57,000 people, but 95 percent of them live in shelters or temporary housing funded by local authorities and the state. Los Angeles County spends around $1 billion a year on medical, psychiatric and social welfare care for its homeless, not including police expenditures. 'A real bed is much less expensive than a jail bed or a hospital bed,' Phil Ansell, director of the county's Homeless Initiative, told the Los Angeles City Council.

    ferne park

    Ferne Park where Daily Rat boss Jonathan Harmsworth resides when he is not cruising the globe with his fathers inherited wealth while his press lackeys smear the peasants as scroungers for and on behalf of the tory mafia.

  • Homeless in California’s redwoods - the 'land of the lost'
    Amid the towering redwoods north of San Francisco, there is a forest trail littered with clothing – T-shirts, bras, shoes. It leads to a clearing where a primitive fence made of branches encloses a tent and a jumble of dirty belongings. Toni Lynn Evans, barefoot and with the traces of purple varnish on her toenails, emerges. “I call it the plateau, the land of the lost,” she said of the backcountry she calls home.

    Dozens more tents, hidden among the trees and clinging to muddy hillsides, dot the landscape in and around the bucolic resort town of Guerneville. Some 240 people are thought to be homeless in a region with a population of about 12,000, according to the county, meaning that the per capita rate is more than 10 times the US average. They have built semi-permanent communities, clearing paths and carving steps into the slopes. They use batteries for power, propane tanks for heat and cooking. Would they prefer to be elsewhere? “I won’t live in a city,” Evans said. “People age faster there. If you ever look at the people down in San Francisco, a 19-year-old looks 35. Up here, you’ll see a 35-year-old look 19.” Her term for it: “the shitty city”. Homelessness is commonly regarded as an urban ill, but less than half of the US homeless population lives in the country’s biggest cities. In tiny communities such as Guerneville and its rural surrounds, the scale of the problem can be overwhelming.

    Evans, 54, has pale skin, bright blue eyes, sipping primly from a bottle of whiskey mixed with beer, she gave a tour, first of her former, rat-infested campsite near the river. “A couple little tiny ones would curl up behind me under my blankets, under my butt, to sleep,” she said. “Over there we don’t have no rats.” After taking a few drags on a cigarette, she tapped it into an ashtray that she carried around and balanced on logs. Vanishing into the trees for a while, she reappeared with a blind dog on a leash; it did its business in the ivy, which Evans left there. She explained the lack of shoes or socks: “My feet get too hot.”

    Born in San Francisco, Evans used to work as a housekeeper and in restaurants and has been homeless since about 2012, after her mother died and the home they shared went into foreclosure. One day, she says, she found herself standing in the driveway surrounded by all the furnishings. Much of it was stolen: computer, stereo, a box containing her mother’s ashes. She has had a mini-stroke and experiences memory loss. “I’m really tired. I’m more tired than I should be for my age,” she said. “I will not survive another winter, that’s for sure.” Once a logging town, Guerneville draws visitors seeking a dose of small-town Americana. Its main street has ice cream shops and galleries. The river is perfect for swimming and inner-tubing. But soaring property prices and a tight market mean that those on the bottom income rungs, as well as the unstable, are in a precarious position. Most of the homeless are said to have previously been housed in the area, their numbers relatively unchanged since the beginning of the recession.

    Although some locals are angry about the state of affairs, many are generous with food and other necessities. In the winter months, the homeless can take shelter in the town veterans hall where they can make a bed for themselves on the hardwood floor. And there are plans to build a facility combining a year-round, 30-bed shelter, a medical center and services including, among other things, substance-abuse counselling and computer access – astonishing for a place that seems so out-of-the-way. But with only limited space, the project, while much-needed, is not an immediate fix. Mark Emmett, who founded the Guerneville Community Alliance, which has a focus on local homelessness, first visited some of the encampments last year. “You take a 20ft by 20ft area that’s full of bicycles, car batteries – it’s almost complete sensory overload, and you have people basically living in squalor,” he said. “It’s just something that you don’t see in America.”

    However confounding the situation, residents’ concerns are often practical and focused on the byproducts of lives lived in the open: plastic bags, food packaging, human waste. In 2014, a man named Chris Brokate, who runs a janitorial business, began leading cleanups. This year alone he says he has helped carry out more than 60,000 pounds of trash.

    Brokate recently drove to a spot known as Cosy Cove, a steep, thin strip of hillside between the road and the river. The scattered tents are all but invisible to passing cars, deep in the shade of redwoods so lofty that their crowns cannot be discerned. A man missing many teeth named Nicolai Lisiukoff popped up, asked for some trash bags, and led Brokate back along the precarious path. “This is our winter home,” Lisiukoff said, gesturing to some tents that were halfway down, out of the way of floods. He stopped at another perched high above the river, a few feet from the edge. Despite the netting that had been installed, one false step would mean a tumble into the current. His girlfriend, Barbara Tribett, sat on a camper chair. There was a stove, pans that they cleaned with river water, a mug rack leaning in the dirt. Mold, rats and ticks were a nuisance, they said.

    “Where and what you guys do with your bathroom,” Brokate began, delicately, “let’s start talking about how we can make that situation better.” Tribett said she used double-bags. “Kenny’s hole was right there,” she added, referring to another resident and pointing to an indentation a few feet from their encampment.

    “That’s too close to the river,” Brokate said. Not least because sunbathers on the other bank could be glimpsed through the leaves. Lisiukoff said he was indifferent as to whether he remained living in the understory. Evans, meanwhile, hopes to escape. Sitting inside her tent, she carefully cleaned her face with wet wipes and smiled. A large butterfly flashed through the sunshine and above her tumbledown habitation. “You should come back when I got a good a day,” she said. “A hair and makeup day.”

  • Walt homeless on the streets of San Jose VIDEO
    Hawaii politician gets beaten by homeless people years after destroying their belongings with sledgehammer

    This politician's hard-hitting homelessness plan seems to have hit him back.

    Hawaii state Rep. Tom Brower (D.-Ala Moana, Waikiki), is infamous for smashing homeless peoples’ possessions with a sledgehammer in 2013, allegedly was assaulted by a homeless horde as he filmed them outside a children's museum Monday afternoon. “They ganged up on one man and he was taken to the hospital,” Department of Public Safety Toni Schwartz told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, not directly naming Brower. Brower was filming a homeless encampment near the Children’s Discovery Center museum, and the people there asked him to stop, the paper reported. They then allegedly stole his camera and assaulted him, punching him repeatedly and leaving him with a concussion and two swollen eyes.

    The pummeled pol was treated and released from a trauma hospital, Hawaii News Now reported. His beatdown is being investigated as a felony assault. Brower made mainland headlines in 2013 when he started literally taking a sledgehammer to Hawaii’s homelessness problem. With the tool in hand, he roamed the streets of the Aloha State, which has one of the U.S.'s highest homelessness rates, and smashed the shopping carts and debris left behind by the less fortunate.

    Brower, who has represented his district since 2006, told local media he considered that crusade a more “practical” approach to clean streets than attempting to pass laws. Several weeks and dozens of destroyed carts later, he let the hammer fall.

    “The point that I was trying to make has been made,” he told the Star-Advertiser at the time. “It’s time to put down the sledgehammer.” Daily News calls and emails to Brower were not immediately returned.

  • My Homelessness: The misery of life on the streets of London VIDEO
    Hollywood actress helps the homeless VIDEO
    Private landlords get £9billion a year to house people with housing benefits
    Landlords are exploiting legal loopholes to make millions off housing benefits while providing sub-standard and dangerous accommodation, an investigation has revealed.

    More than 200 individual landlords across the country have collected more than £1million each in housing benefits over the last three years, Monday’s Dispatches will show. The programme, airing on Channel 4, investigates how private landlords are now the fastest growing provider of accommodation for housing benefit tenants, receiving £9billion a year from public funds.

    Although many landlords provide good homes, the investigation finds that some are still collecting money from the taxpayer while placing people in dangerous accommodation. One scheme exploited by landlords in London sees them convert hundreds of houses into properties containing multiple tiny units, each with a small shower room and basic cooking facilities. This means that they can claim a higher rate of housing benefit than if they were renting out a fully shared property.

    Housing Benefit Millionaires, which airs at 8pm, examines two properties in Brent, North London, and discovers that one letting agent is collecting nearly £70,000 per year and another nearly £80,000 per year in housing benefit. One of these agents is believed to have almost 100 of these properties across the capital, earning them upwards of £2million from the taxpayer over the last three years. In an attempt to combat the housing crisis, some councils are also offering private landlords financial incentives to rent their properties to people on housing benefits.

    The Dispatches team secretly filmed one letting agent revealing that they receive between £800 and £1000 from local authorities to find rooms for housing benefit tenants. Dr Victoria Cooper, lecturer in Social Policy at the Open University, tells the programme: ‘Approximately 40 per cent of the housing benefit budget is spent on the private rented sector. ‘What we’re seeing is a redistribution of wealth and while public funds were previously spent within social housing and then used to reinvest to expand that social housing, this is no longer the case.

    ‘With the private rented sector the money isn’t redistributed and it simply goes into the pockets of private landlords.’ A group of London councils including Greenwich, Hackney, Haringey, Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark have become increasingly concerned about the loophole and have received funds from central government to investigate further. The consortium plan to inspect 1,500 letting units that attract more than £15m a year in housing benefit.

    Lawyers acting for the agents told Dispatches: ‘Our companies manage a number of properties in London and across the UK. ‘Each one is subject to the regulation of the appropriate local council, is inspected by them and subjected to independent certification generally. We have an excellent working relationship with each council.’

    They said they reject all the allegations and would ‘continue to work with local authorities to provide much needed accommodation’.

  • Ron is a disabled Vietnam veteran homeless in Boston VIDEO
    Why We Are Poor VIDEO
    Homeless man tipped into a bin lorry compactor VIDEO

  • The 'growing issue' of homeless people sleeping in bins
    (The homeless being crushed to death and abused while the
    tory scum continue the austerity scams)
  • Patrick homeless in Austin for seven years VIDEO
    Homeless protest in Nottingham over Christmas VIDEO

    The usual lies spouted by councils
    Three homeless people SUE New York City claiming cops threw out birth certificates
    Three homeless people have filed papers to sue New York City, saying police wrongly tossed a birth certificate, Social Security cards and priceless family photos into a dump truck.

    Jesus Morales and two others say they were sleeping in outside a school in Manhattan at about 5am on October 2 when police arrived, woke them, told them to move and tossed their stuff. Some said they were kicked and shoved by the officers.

    'They grabbed my clothes and threw it all in the garbage truck,' Morales, 42, said in Spanish on Monday at a news conference, attended by about a dozen homeless New Yorkers, to announce notice of the claim. Morales said he's been homeless nearly 16 years.

    'I can't even afford a room,' he said. 'We are many, and we don't have money to live here.' The notice of claim, the first step in filing a lawsuit against the city, was prepared by the New York Civil Liberties Union after they obtained security footage of the night through a Freedom of Information Law request. Attorney Alexis Karteron said their belongings weren't worth much, 'but the emotional cost is priceless'.

    A spokeswoman for the mayor said the encounter between the homeless and police involved illegal trespassing on school grounds. 'That said, we will review our protocols concerning the seizure and disposition of personal property to ensure that it can be reclaimed by its rightful owners,' spokeswoman Karen Hinton said. Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday that the city has had success in persuading some who live in the camps to accept city services.

    'Think about the encampments - settlements of people living out in the open or living under a railroad tunnel. Sleeping in the exposed air, often drug dens. This was not an acceptable way of life for those people,' he said. 'We're not going to tolerate it - for them, let alone for the communities around them. What a horrible message it sends about quality of life.' But homeless New Yorkers and advocates said they were concerned the mayor's approach is too aggressive. Linda Lewis of Picture the Homeless questioned what would happen if all 55,000 homeless citizens were sheltered.

    'Then what? There isn't enough housing for them - where do they go after shelter?' she asked. Some homeless said they preferred the streets to shelters, where they felt unsafe. An audit by the comptroller's office found too few employees oversee the nonprofit organizations that operate shelters. Meanwhile, about 50 outreach workers from three nonprofit groups canvassed Monday as part of the city's Home Stat outreach program.

    Allison McCullough of the Goddard Riverside Community Center interacted with about 10 people by midday, and one conversation was cut short when police arrested a man on an assault charge. She said connecting on the street is a challenge. 'People aren't always forthcoming,' she said. 'It can take months. It can take years.'

    She spoke with 30-year-old William Hardnet, who has been homeless since he was laid off from a cooking job at an Atlantic City casino six years ago. 'I like their program so much more because they actually come out and interact with the homeless,' he said. 'It shows that it's coming from the heart.'

    He said he prefers to sleep in a convenience store doorway than to go to a shelter. Still, he said, he plans to work with McCullough. 'I would like for someone to come with me to see how it's set up,' he said. 'I'm definitely trying to get inside this winter.'

  • Filipino children driven to the streets by crushing poverty VIDEO

    The homeless are a sign of a society that doesn’t care

    As the crowds poured out of the spell-binding Benjamin Clementine gig at St John’s Church in Hackney on Monday night, I noticed something in the corner of the churchyard. Or rather, I noticed someone, wrapped in a sleeping bag, lying on a few strips of cardboard, turning their body away from the cold. Churches may be struggling for congregations but they’re still in demand as music venues and crisis shelters, it seems.

    London has always drawn people in for music, money and warmth — but you’re rarely far from a reminder of how it can spit them out too. This particular rough sleeper was especially poignant in the light of Clementine’s performance. His songs tell of an unloved boy from Edmonton who threw his mobile phone in a bin because he couldn’t imagine anyone caring and ran away to Paris where he found his voice singing out in the Metro. After he won the Mercury Music Prize last month, that story has gained an air of inevitability, as stories often do when they’re written.

    But it makes me wonder how many voices go unheard through sheer bad luck. How many others might have, or could have, or could still, if we only listened out for them. What is certain is that the numbers of people sleeping rough keeps rising. The homelessness charity Crisis points to a 16 per cent increase in London this year, while according to Government data, there has been a 55 per cent increase nationwide since 2010. Some charities are so short of beds that they are giving out bus tickets and recommending night bus routes.

    In London, we’re becoming inured to sights that we would have recently found shocking. Not since the grim days of Cardboard City — the notorious Thatcher-era shanty town underneath the Waterloo roundabout — has the problem been so visible. (If Labour can’t be trusted with the economy, the obvious counter is that the Conservatives can’t be trusted with society.) And this is without factoring the more insidious problem of hidden homelessness: the estimated 400,000 people who are currently in hostels, B&Bs, squats and friend’s homes, conveniently ushered away from the official statistics. As Crisis warns, it’s rarely one problem that pushes people out onto the streets — there have usually been a series of problems.

    I got a sense of this when I finally got talking to one of the guys who sleeps on my street. I came home to find him on my doorstep having a beer. I was a little irritated at first, since I’m often kicking away half-empty cans in the morning. “Have you ever noticed any litter around where we sit?” Someone gave him the can, he said, and if he drank it on the main street, he’d just get abuse. As it was, he had to contend with enough idiots kicking him, or pissing on his sleeping bag, or stealing his few belongings.

    His story was litany of bad luck. His partner had been sectioned, leaving him to bring up their children alone. He was a skilled tradesman but he’d suffered health issues of his own. He had spent the past two years trying to gain employment but couldn’t without an address. “I’m sorry to keep going on, we don’t speak to a lot of people, so when we do it all comes out,” he said.

    These cases aren’t inevitable. They’re an indictment of a society. And for what it’s worth, when I came out the next morning, the street was immaculate.

  • UK's housing crisis reaches epic proportions VIDEO
    Los Angeles declares "shelter crisis" to aid homeless people VIDEO
    What's Wrong (with Homeless Services) and How Do We Fix It! VIDEO
    Youth homelessness figure eight times higher than tory filth government admits
    136,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 in England and Wales sought emergency housing in the past year

    The full extent of youth homelessness is more than eight times higher than the Government admits, according to a new report.

    Some 136,000 young people aged between 16 and 24 in England and Wales sought emergency housing in the past year. The figure is based on an analysis by the Centrepoint charity of 275 Freedom of Information responses from local authorities. In stark contrast, only 16,000 young people were officially classed as “statutory homeless” – which would mean councils had a legal duty to house them – according to the report.

    Worryingly, some 30,000 of those seeking help were turned away with little if any support. And as many as 90,000 were only offered support such as family mediation, to help them stay at home, or debt advice. This means the vast majority of those going for help are not getting the full assistance they’d be entitled to if they were officially accepted as being homeless.

    “The most alarming aspect to these findings is that it is very likely they are a significant underestimate – many of the local authorities where youth homelessness is most prevalent did not respond to our Freedom of Information requests,” said Gaia Marcus, who runs Centrepoint’s youth homelessness databank. Failures to assess the majority of young people in need of help mean some of the most vulnerable could miss out on the help to which they could be legally entitled, leaving them at risk, campaigners warn.

    Only 40 per cent of young people in England were given an assessment to determine their eligibility for emergency housing in 2014, while in Wales fewer than two-thirds (60 per cent) were assessed.

    The most alarming aspect to these findings is that it is very likely they are a significant underestimate

    Gaia Marcus, Centrepoint

    “A timely intervention in the lives of homeless young people enables them to achieve their potential in education, training or work. Unfortunately, too many young people are being failed at the first opportunity. It’s critical that central government provides sufficient funding to meet the true level of need,” said Ms Marcus.

    “Each young person facing homelessness deserves to be given a thorough assessment to determine the help they need. “No young person should be abandoned to dangerous situations at home or on the street.” The Government needs to change the way it reports homelessness figures; all young people going for help should be assessed for their needs; and more funding is needed to enable councils to deal with the problem, says the report.

    This comes amid warnings of a growing housing crisis. It emerged last month that homelessness has risen 40 per cent in five years, with more than 55,000 households accepted as homeless by their local council last year, according to the latest official statistics. The number of homeless families living in temporary accommodation in England stands at 50,750, the highest since 2008. Greg Clark, the Communities Secretary, warned in July that young people are being “exiled” from their local areas to “find a home that they can afford”.

    In a statement, a government spokesman dismissed the report’s findings: “Centrepoint’s analysis is misleading and based on anecdotal evidence.” However, Matt Downie, director of policy at the Crisis homelessness charity, commented: “Our own research shows that when homeless people go to their council for help, all too often they are turned away to sleep on the streets.”

    Peter Box, the Local Government Association’s housing spokesman, warned: “A chronic shortage of affordable housing and 40 per cent cuts to council budgets over the past five years means councils are facing real difficulties in finding emergency care for all homeless people.” And Roger Harding, director of policy at Shelter, added: “It’s utterly shocking that any young person with nowhere to go would be turned away when they ask for help. But, sadly, our deepening housing crisis means this is becoming all too common.”

  • webutation

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    statistics stats

    By Country
    New Zealand
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa

    he cares foundation

    nick vujicic

    second wind cottages

    churches action for the homeless

    cure blindness

    dublin homeless

    dublin homeless


    New York homeless



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    expose corruption


    stop the nwo
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  • Britain's evil bastards

  • Why are we being told so many lies?

  • Fear of homelessness: How freemasons control

  • Masonic met in multiple cover ups of establishment homopaedo's (VIDEO)

  • Tough decisions? How Britain's vile political mafia put the peasants in their place

    Tory scum's 'Benefit sanctions harmed my mental health'(VIDEO)

    Vile Harmsworth rag's massive overdose of royalist bullshit

    Why you'll never see a homeless freemason

    Compassion: something the political mafia lack

    Freemasons: Apemen posturing

    Zionist / masonic global smear campaigns: A licence to plunder

    Britain run by disturbed psychopaths masquerading as a goverment

    Richard Desmond(Express) and the Barclay Brothers(Telegraph) promote top UK despot

    Why do the BBC select a homosexual to produce BBC Breakfast?

    Google translate and Youtube embedding used to stifle alternative reporting

    BBC always have an excuse to avoid answering FOI requests

    Feminist extremism used to procure boys for the homopaedo legal mafia

    BBC FOI request regarding their report on begging and homelessness

    BBC plays the victim card for three nasty regimes


    What the fuck is going on with the mass media transgender propaganda?

    What the fuck is going on when tory donors are getting government contracts?

    Family court war zones

    Leaving Las Vegas

    Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?

    How to become the richest man in the world
    25 June 2015 20:02

    BBC's vicious MALE apartheid style propaganda
    25 June 2015 16:41

    BBC struggle to remove their tongue from the royal arse
    25 June 2015 16:41

    Zionist / masonic global smear campaigns: A licence to plunder
    23 June 2015 15:53

    Britain run by disturbed psychopaths masquerading as a goverment
    23 June 2015 01:59

    Michael Mansfield QC on UK cop brutality under Thatcher during the miners strike
    13 June 2015 00:39

    The domestic violence ruse that's costing men trillions
    12 June 2015 20:51

    Brutal beatings took place at boys 'CARE' homes
    10 June 2015 15:32

    Lawyer controlled BBC pushing the mortgage scams
    09 June 2015 13:26

    Divorce Industrial Complex tries to tighten its grip to appease golddiggers
    09 June 2015 13:25

    What the fuck is going on with the mass media transgender propaganda?
    07 June 2015 04:19

    What the fuck is going on when tory donors are getting government contracts?
    02 June 2015 21:17

    Leaving Las Vegas
    31 May 2015 16:25

    Family court war zones
    31 May 2015 15:40

    Lawyers behind the mass psychological trauma of men
    18 May 2015 22:06

    Who are the REAL scroungers?
    12 May 2015 15:02

    Decent compassionate British citizens won't tolerate anymore evil tory murder and mayhem
    10 May 2015 14:51

    Election 2015: David Cameron A Licence to Kill
    08 May 2015 16:15

    The evil mind of zionism
    06 May 2015 13:48

    Tory scumbag Cameron has NO ANSWER to deaths from draconian cuts
    04 May 2015 13:42

    'Shoot to Kill' policy is NOT something any decent society should tolerate
    29 April 2015 14:53

    Election 2015: 'Abuse of men for profit' political parties
    29 April 2015 13:49

    America's black population facing the same as South Africans
    25 April 2015 13:10

    Youtube celebrate 10 years of censorship
    24 April 2015 13:09

    Tory election propaganda
    23 April 2015 19:09

    Crown challenged on failure to bring to trial homopaedo jewish lawyer, lord Greville Janner
    21 April 2015 23:55

    Tory psychopath Cameron defends ATOS / DWP mass murdering sanction system
    21 April 2015 04:27

    American cops killing en masse being used to trigger black revolt?
    20 April 2015 13:19

    Why have Youtube pulled so many video's about flight MH370?
    19 April 2015 18:26

    Nicola Sturgeon Scotland's toxic troll
    18 April 2015 14:08

    Male suicide the biggest killer of men under 50
    14 April 2015 18:04

    UK Election 2015: Major political parties all pushing the zionist / freemason agenda
    13 April 2015 15:24

    Don't get on a plane with a pilot whose wife is divorcing him
    05 April 2015 01:20

    So just how evil is Britain?
    02 April 2015 13:18

    Hypocritical zionist BBC and their dodgy election polls
    30 March 2015 19:18

    UK zionist / freemasons playing the two party election ruse
    30 March 2015 18:33

    Is James Bond the ultimate illuminati symbol?
    30 March 2015 16:57

    Airlines so obsessed with terrorism they forgot their own employees were a risk
    29 March 2015 16:09

    Mental health and the death of 150
    27 March 2015 13:25

    Lufthansa response to co-pilot deliberately flying Germanwings plane into mountain
    26 March 2015 20:22

    Budget day and the deluded psychopathic killers
    19 March 2015 11:14

    Official Secrets Act used to threaten whistleblowers over VIP homopaedo ring
    17 March 2015 14:22

    British establishment conspired to protect their VIP homopaedo ring
    17 March 2015 14:03

    Freemason cops still threatening victims of VIP homopaedo ring
    17 March 2015 14:03

    Britain's top mason cops protected homopaedo's within their own ranks
    17 March 2015 13:13

    Divorce terrorism
    16 March 2015 14:25

    Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?
    15 March 2015 14:50

    Tough upbringing? NOTHING compares with the murderous scum running the world
    13 March 2015 14:21

    Family court judge suspended for refusing to allow homosexuals to adopt child
    12 March 2015 19:51

    Freemason run GCHQ a law unto themselves
    12 March 2015 15:21

    Guy gets onto roof of the Houses of Parliament
    08 March 2015 16:04

    Controlled media continue to play down royal parasites massive wealth
    08 March 2015 15:59

    British zionists react to Israeli Apartheid Week 2015
    07 March 2015 22:26

    Jewish National Front (FUND) promotes jewish artists
    07 March 2015 22:25

    British councils pushing the homosexual adoption agenda
    05 March 2015 17:25

    Wars a great distraction from the global law society terrorists
    02 March 2015 18:08

    Lawyer / feminist / freemason controlled SNP erase dads from family life
    26 February 2015 14:58

    Lawyers protected BBC paedo Savile now he's dead they want JUSTICE
    26 February 2015 14:04

    Madonna falls onto her little satanic helpers at the Brits 2015 (Just as she sings the old freemason chant 'Makes me feel like I was born again')
    26 February 2015 12:07

    The end of the vile BBC TV licence fee is on the horizon
    26 February 2015 12:06

    BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile's historic abuse at Stoke Mandeville hospital
    26 February 2015 12:05

    The jewish lawyer MP's Rifkind / Straw affair
    24 February 2015 16:36

    A zionist / freemason press, radio and TV
    24 February 2015 13:25

    BBC: Zionist Peter Pomerantsev on Russian paranoia of zionist / masonic conspiracy
    20 February 2015 14:10

    Zionist BBC claims Putin 'paranoid' about a fascist, zionist, CIA, masonic conspiracy
    20 February 2015 14:09

    If only the zionist run BBC were as sympathetic to Israel's Gaza holocaust
    09 February 2015 14:13

    Zionist run BBC and parliament want anti-Israeli ASBO's for anyone who disagrees with Gaza holocaust
    09 February 2015 14:12

    Julian Assange and Prince Andrew: The them and us laws
    08 February 2015 15:45

    Power of the masons - Myth or a Menace?
    05 February 2015 14:29

    BBC promote the mark of the beast
    30 January 2015 18:55

    Femi BBC promote political mafia's 'special' treatment for female criminals
    29 January 2015 15:10

    BBC interviewee claims women should not be made to look victims of men
    29 January 2015 13:15

    Holocaust fest on BBC breakfast this morning
    27 January 2015 14:42

    Terrorism has been around long before the internet
    14 January 2015 10:18

    If jewish claims of persecution are correct why are they coincidentally some of the richest in the world?
    14 January 2015 10:18

    The repercussions of the west waging terror across the Middle East
    11 January 2014 12:48

    Hypocritical controlled media use Paris shooting to raise the 'freedom of speech' issue
    08 January 2014 07:48

    Paedo royal parasite only the tip of an enormous iceberg
    06 January 2014 11:48

    A world where those who work the hardest get paid the least
    23 December 2014 11:41

    American public no longer trust the cops who don't protect
    23 December 2014 09:57

    Freemason conspiracy behind 96 Hillsborough deaths
    18 December 2014 19:44

    Savile, Jaconelli and the masonic cops who let them abuse
    18 December 2014 19:43

    BBC feminazi claptrap from Clegg's lawyer / feminist wife pre-election
    16 December 2014 10:39

    Cops give TOP PRIORITY to claims of terrorist threats and bank robberies but try to get them to protect you
    15 December 2014 09:26

    Domestic abuse industry gives feminists / legal mafia the excuse to entitlement
    14 December 2014 08:11

    Freemason run councils bully and corruptly extort money from drivers
    12 December 2014 09:57

    A den of homopaedo's operated inside Britain's boy scouts
    11 December 2014 19:13

    Why did Daily Mail rewrite article on FREEMASON divorce?
    10 December 2014 11:35

    Child protection cops let homopaedo doctor continue abuse despite warnings
    01 December 2014 18:38

    Jimmy Saville: Is This Your fucking perverted life
    30 November 2014 12:41

    Hypocritical BBC encourage using facebook/twitter while warning about data dangers
    28 November 2014 08:43

    The homopaedo warmongers pushing feminazi domestic abuse campaigns
    24 November 2014 09:15

    If only the BBC were as vigilant about their paedo presenters as they are about feminist propaganda
    21 November 2014 09:33

    Perceived threats: How UK's masonic cops, politicians,legal mafia and media distract our attention
    20 November 2014 15:06

    Did America's freemason cops protect 'Boule' member Bill Cosby's from his predatory rape crimes?
    20 November 2014 14:38

    Blatant BBC gender bias during report on cops under reporting crime
    18 November 2014 08:46

    The Script think kissing the royal arse is cool
    16 November 2014 11:52

    BBC sucking up to the world's top freemason's wife
    16 November 2014 11:52

    Mass media's homosexual agenda helped protect homopaedo agenda
    14 November 2014 09:06

    High level British establishment cover up of abuse
    12 November 2014 09:26

    Dossiers on British establishment abuse being destroyed
    11 November 2014 13:37

    Why do the royal mafia spend so much time mourning the war dead?
    08 November 2014 09:11

    New GCHQ boss wants internet mafia to continue kissing his arse
    04 November 2014 10:10

    Feminist mouthpiece Annie Lennox on the feminazi tshirt produced in a sweat shop
    03 November 2014 10:17

    There are lies, damn lies and the tory tax stats
    03 November 2014 08:48

    Tory scum fail twice to install a cover up legal lackey on abuse inquiry
    03 November 2014 06:29

    Masonic psychopaths brutal attacks on men when ex-wives cry wolf
    30 October 2014 09:58

    Vulnerable kids treated despicably by UK's rogue mason cops
    28 October 2014 10:45

    Singing freemason Burns Auld Lang Syne is a masonic ruse
    27 October 2014 08:53

    UK political mafia used to take the heat off the real controllers
    24 October 2014 11:11

    Paedo protecting BBC a mouthpiece for Yorkshire's masonic cops
    24 October 2014 09:57

    The lengths the sick psychotic masonic cops will go with their devious stasi tactics
    24 October 2014 07:55

    Micky Flanagan on BBC's top predatory paedo Jimmy Savile
    23 October 2014 13:58

    UK establishment pick ANOTHER establishment law society woolf for abuse inquiry
    23 October 2014 00:08

    Companies and government agencies financing and pushing a homosexual agenda
    22 October 2014 16:20

    Former detective confirms freemasons criminalising UK justice system
    11 October 2014 10:34

    11 October 2014 09:41

    UK's masonic establishment protected jewish homopaedo teacher for over two years
    01 October 2014 10:25

    Tory bastards want to punish the poor again for the mistakes of the banking rich
    01 October 2014 09:36

    Big lottery funds massive discrimination against men
    30 September 2014 07:27

    The lunatics really are running the asylum
    30 September 2014 04:48

    Cameron and Obama claim they want to CONFRONT evil
    28 September 2014 11:34

    Salmond eyes up new castle for his future empire
    17 September 2014 10:25

    A stark choice for Scotland
    10 September 2014 12:53

    NATO: Keep your eyes on the Middle East and you'll MISS what's happening at home
    06 September 2014 11:24

    Britain's pseudo left of centre party for the sheeple to view as some alternative to tory madmen
    03 September 2014 11:08

    The Scottish Independence vote is a masonic ruse
    27 August 2014 10:37

    Massive increase in false bogeymen as freemasons exposed as biggest global threat
    22 August 2014 07:55

    The lawlessness of the law
    18 August 2014 16:36

    Crooked freemason judges, lawyers and cops behind massive property theft in Britain
    17 August 2014 08:44

    The royals global network of glorification
    11 August 2014 13:14

    What is the end result of Ed Snowden's whistleblowing?
    08 August 2014 06:36

    The revenue gathering streams of bastard freemasonry
    04 August 2014 11:14

    Homosexuals and their vile paedo networks
    02 August 2014 10:38

    Property contracts and the multi trillion dollar sting
    01 August 2014 18:13

    Royal parasites behind global spying by GCHQ and MI5
    30 July 2014 20:38

    The advocates of the 'Rule of law' don't abide by the law
    29 July 2014 00:00

    Lottery funds massive discrimination against men
    25 July 2014 01:04

    Their idea of terrorism is to stifle ANY reaction to their psychopathic induced wars
    24 July 2014 13:21

    Carried along on a wave of sporting lunacy
    23 July 2014 10:11

    The psychopaths the state employs for their tyrannical control
    20 July 2014 17:45

    Mass arrest of 660 British paedo's included ex-cops
    16 July 2014 14:35

    Zionists march in London for Israel
    16 July 2014 13:26

    London's £15,000,000,000 projects that are crippling the rest of the UK
    15 July 2014 12:31

    UK establishment lackey Butler Sloss forced out of abuse inquiry
    14 July 2014 14:23

    Zionist freemason global stasi spy network
    11 July 2014 10:35

    Butler Sloss exposed by along with freemason judges House of Lords 3 March 2010
    10 July 2014 18:39

    Murdering tory scum turn UK from police state into stasi spying state
    10 July 2014 15:19

    Clegg comments on Westminster homopaedo ring exposures
    08 July 2014 18:50

    British Home Office behind cover up of elite homopaedo network in the UK parliament
    08 July 2014 18:49

    The easiest way to lose money gamble on property
    03 July 2014 17:45

    Gabriel a beautiful little child surviving on the streets of Nice France
    29 June 2014 00:46

    One group of terrorists that are getting away with murder
    24 June 2014 11:36

    Report from the mean streets of opulent Nice in France
    21 June 2014 11:39

    Why most stately homes in Britain have a checkered (past) entrance
    08 June 2014 14:06

    Fear of homelessness a powerful tool of the ruling mafia
    04 June 2014 12:40

    How rogue lawyers have been protected by the legal mafia
    04 June 2014 09:21

    Cayman Islands where the freemasons stash their stolen loot
    02 June 2014 14:17

    Queen gives Churchill the funny handshake
    25 May 2014 11:54

    BBC's dodgy camera's capture the masonic monolith in Glasgow Green
    24 May 2014 23:39

    No end to the lawyers billion dollar honey pot legal aid
    22 May 2014 14:21

    Scottish independence under the SNP a freemason ruse
    22 May 2014 12:09

    How to eliminate the illuminated
    13 May 2014 11:31

    Savile's homopaedo pal Jaconelli to be stripped of honors
    12 May 2014 09:31

    Lawyer conspiracy to steal everything you have and to make you a slave
    11 May 2014 00:51

    Freemasons protection network
    10 May 2014 09:49

    Gutter press barons demonization of the poor
    04 May 2014 08:21

    A united gutter press that hides a murdering perverted regime
    02 May 2014 07:21

    Freemason run Britain made perverts like Max Clifford untouchable
    29 April 2014 14:51

    Here is what the deluded tory scum and filth think is some sort of recovery
    29 April 2014 14:42

    Royal parasites behind tax dodging in their crown colonies
    28 April 2014 10:35

    How do lawyers REALLY make money?
    27 April 2014 14:37

    Is a dangerous woman planning to divorce you?
    27 April 2014 09:27

    Britain's dark forces
    22 April 2014 21:20

    Divorce, instant homelessness and depression
    17 April 2014 14:02

    No equal rights for fathers
    17 April 2014 10:28

    Zionists in bed with Mossad
    12 April 2014 08:37

    Psychopaths control the divorce industrial complex
    07 April 2014 10:03

    Pensmore: Illuminati's Armageddon House
    06 April 2014 13:28

    No austerity for the British judges living the highlife
    02 April 2014 11:36

    The question is 'How many fathers would leave their sons in the care of homosexuals?'
    31 March 2014 12:03

    Domestic violence a good distraction for a murdering tory government
    27 March 2014 16:32

    The derisory FOI responses from a freemason controlled Scottish Parliament
    21 March 2014 10:52

    Lawyer controlled BBC not happy about Youtube copies of lawyer abuse evidence
    17 March 2014 10:07

    Court of Protection used by corrupt judges, lawyers, social workers to assets strip the elderly
    17 March 2014 10:03

    Malaysian opposition leader who exposed jewish control maybe behind missing airline conspiracy
    16 March 2014 11:12

    War memorials disguise and help protect freemason monoliths as in Milford Haven
    15 March 2014 00:06

    Toerag Cameron kisses the zionist Israeli arse big time
    14 March 2014 22:08

    Tim Berners-Lee on internet spying
    12 March 2014 11:22

    Apple's laughable 1984 advert
    08 March 2014 11:51

    The Scottish Parliament show how they avoid Freedom of Information requests
    06 March 2014 09:19

    Oscar Pistorius goes on trial for murder so how the fuck is he still out on bail?
    03 March 2014 10:05

    Labour's feminist witch Hatemen , NCCL and Paedo protection
    28 February 2014 21:18

    Labour feminist witch Harriet Harman's sinister agenda
    28 February 2014 21:18

    Labour feminist / lawyer Hatemen denies protecting paedo agenda
    28 February 2014 21:17

    Men will not be preached to by homosexuals and zion feminists on morality
    28 February 2014 21:14

    Royal parasite gives Merkel the funny handshake
    28 February 2014 21:14

    Homopaedo gets 8 years for abusing young boys
    28 February 2014 21:13

    How a freemason / feminist / homo / murdering tory government uses public money to smear men
    28 February 2014 17:40

    Long before Hitler came along jews were being attacked in British cities. Why????
    28 February 2014 09:32

    Don't believe the law society terrorists on prenups (VIDEO)
    27 February 2014 09:21

    Deposed Ukrainian tyrant v UK's royal despot
    24 February 2014 19:19

    Who are the most dangerous parasites on the planet?
    18 February 2014 10:31

    More shambolic nonsense by the UK's judicial mafia
    16 February 2014 09:20

    Heterosexuals bombarded with satanic homosexual propaganda
    07 February 2014 09:34

    So how many more crimes are the freemasons covering up?
    31 January 2014 14:06

    Here is the very bastard that engineers the theft of ALL our lives
    26 January 2014 10:59

    Google's fascist tendencies
    25 January 2014 09:43

    BBC's Outrageous promotion of homosexuals marrying and adopting children
    23 January 2014 09:41

    Mass Media or Gutter Press masonic controlled v Internet news uncontrolled
    23 January 2014 09:40

    More devious domestic violence propaganda from the paedo protecting BBC
    22 January 2014 10:32

    Mass media finally get round to exposing freemason criminals
    14 January 2014 10:43

    Corrupt cops and sheriffs involved with freemasons
    14 January 2014 10:42

    Wealth and the rise of arrogance and greed
    11 January 2014 11:19

    Britain's Eton v Peasant divide
    10 January 2014 10:21

    Capitalist system depends on property theft to advance an agenda
    01 January 2013 07:48

    Gerald Martinez on how to become the richest man in the world
    24 December 2013 22:38

    A letter to the Daily Racket over man's suicide
    24 December 2013 10:42

    BBC relegate men to talking about one subject
    24 December 2013 09:26

    A woman's view as to why men are deserting Western women for Asian women
    23 December 2013 11:06

    Why is this evil fucker so rich?
    20 December 2013 10:00

    Freemason menace: whores for their satanic masters
    15 December 2013 09:54

    Masonic menace and compliance
    14 December 2013 23:18

    Fathers rights campaigner Brian McKerrow accused of threatening BBC reporter
    13 December 2013 14:05

    Masonic menace on the road
    11 December 2013 09:13

    Bailiff warning notice
    09 December 2013 11:08

    South African freemasonry expanded into accepting black initiates in 1977
    09 December 2013 11:08

    Masonic menace: Levels of persecution
    06 December 2013 09:03

    The rantings of a psychopath
    05 December 2013 13:53

    Clutha bar crash helicopter FINALLY removed
    02 December 2013 15:21

    Freemasonry menace behind mass suicide of men in Britain
    02 December 2013 09:44

    Health and Safety RAT behind failings of recovery of victims of cop helicopter crash
    01 December 2013 21:55

    Emergency services a help or a hindrance at cop helicopter crash site?
    01 December 2013 21:54

    Nasty sick psychopaths concocted a system of data collection
    26 November 2013 11:15

    Rockets the new phallic symbols of the ruling psychopaths
    24 November 2013 15:28

    BBC's Naga Munchetty and her weird illuminati 'ALL SEEING EYE' dress
    23 November 2013 08:20

    Law society mafia control BBC output
    22 November 2013 15:44

    Divorcing men and masonic persecution
    15 November 2013 09:47

    Danger to men from global terrorist attacks
    12 November 2013 08:22

    Is this why freemasons are obsessed with 33 degrees?
    11 November 2013 13:20

    What percentage of articles do the media rats have to dedicate to royalist stories?
    11 November 2013 12:05

    Only psychopaths believe nuclear power is safe
    10 November 2013 09:48

    Amazon still have Jimmy Savile 'Stranger Danger' book for sale
    08 November 2013 12:27

    Glasgow Central station a hot bed for the freemason's OTT cctv spy systems
    08 November 2013 11:54

    Masonic tie wearer
    08 November 2013 11:49

    NAzionists getting right to the centre of power in the Houses of Parliament
    08 November 2013 11:48

    Britain's three freemason spymasters dragged into the spotlight
    07 November 2013 13:54

    Despots and their POWER dressing
    06 November 2013 11:02

    The Law Society: The biggest terrorists of all
    04 November 2013 08:58

    World War Z(ionist) review
    03 November 2013 12:04

    Russell Brand attacked by the gutter press
    03 November 2013 12:07

    Lou Reed just one more zionist who was provided with a world platform
    01 November 2013 11:14

    NSA Illuminati Memorial wall
    27 October 2013 21:10

    For fear of endlessly repeating ourselves
    19 October 2013 11:17

    Why are so many ruthless murdering mothers now being reported in the compliant media?
    04 October 2013 08:30

    Who's really behind the global money supply?
    30 September 2013 14:16

    Sinister use and abuse of ANPR camera's
    25 September 2013 12:37

    What are the freemasons running the GMC trying to hide?
    24 September 2013 11:04

    22 September 2013 13:08

    The biggest mafia on the planet are the legal / masonic mafia
    21 September 2013 13:12

    Freemasons in Perth, Western Australia. Infiltration of the Police and Parliament
    20 September 2013 09:40

    Freemasons on Australian TV
    20 September 2013 09:39

    The tax dodging billionaire scumbag behind the vile 'Daily Mail'
    19 September 2013 15:02

    Freemason controlled media at its very worst
    19 September 2013 10:26

    CCTV at all incidents where cops use firearms
    17 September 2013 22:49

    How freemason cops are a danger to the public
    17 September 2013 22:48

    Nixon would have avoided impeachment using the same excuses as Obama
    17 September 2013 00:56

    BBC now under total control of extreme feminism
    12 September 2013 09:47

    The political mafia's that will say anything to get into power
    10 September 2013 10:56

    Homopaedophilia hides behind gay rights and hate crime legislation
    08 September 2013 23:24

    A fathers influence v masonic tyranny
    07 September 2013 09:15

    Judges and lawyers will be jailed for family court corruption
    05 September 2013 08:21

    Laws aren't legal if they are administered by a cabal of freemasons
    04 September 2013 12:13

    Old freemason grandmaster and his flock perving at lapdancers
    04 September 2013 10:51

    Police Raid 'Drug Fueled Orgy' At Masonic Temple
    03 September 2013 08:23

    Freemasons are the only REAL terrorists MEN need to worry about
    01 September 2013 10:13

    Syria and the hypocrites who forget the Iraq war
    30 August 2013 09:56

    Lunatics running America's asylum
    28 August 2013 19:40

    The Law Society: A global masonic pariah
    25 August 2013 10:26

    Channel 4 exposed freemasons involved in Welsh child abuse scandal
    21 August 2013 11:26

    Warning: Global freemason controlled property monopoly in progress
    21 August 2013 09:56

    Glenn Greenwald a nice jewish homosexual exposing government hacking or something else?
    20 August 2013 10:51

    The real centre for the world's global terrorists and spies
    20 August 2013 10:25

    BBC now run almost entirely by feminist psycho's
    16 August 2013 09:55

    Freemasonry a global stasi
    15 August 2013 23:57

    Google remove masons from their maps
    15 August 2013 10:05

    The power of the STATE is the excessive power of its hand picked judges
    13 August 2013 13:44

    Captured Audiences
    09 August 2013 10:15

    London city's henchmen ritual of kissing the right royal arse
    07 August 2013 09:55

    They're protecting the system not the people
    06 August 2013 09:45

    Unbelievable wickedness of tory assassins ATOS and DWP
    03 August 2013 22:39

    Jessi Malay another zionist / freemason music moll
    31 July 2013 12:40

    Media run by homosexuals, feminists, freemasons and zionists
    31 July 2013 11:33

    Feminasty get LADS mags pulled from the shelves
    29 July 2013 09:18

    It is totally unacceptable for the peasants to tolerate the uber rich austerity scams
    28 July 2013 11:49

    Wonga the hidden tory agenda
    28 July 2013 09:26

    The fuckers who spy can never be trusted
    26 July 2013 10:09

    Royal sprog named after pub
    24 July 2013 23:35

    Obama's: Wait 'Til We Get Home!
    24 July 2013 14:27

    Royal mint getting minted with new sprog tacky trinkets
    23 July 2013 11:33

    BBC only promote royal ass kissing press baron newspapers
    23 July 2013 11:32

    The gullible British sheeple that fall for the Royal charade
    23 July 2013 09:37

    Why the BBC promote Twitter and Facebook
    20 July 2013 17:58

    Savile's masonic burial
    19 July 2013 22:10

    We are being royally brainwashed by five of her key press lackeys
    18 July 2013 14:23

    Breaking the law society property monopoly
    17 July 2013 09:51

    Why are they letting this seriously flawed aircraft fly?
    12 July 2013 22:41

    There are MEN and then there are freemasons
    05 July 2013 11:42

    Tory bedroom tax causing massive debts, evictions and homelessness
    02 July 2013 00:13

    UK's masonic cops getting away with absolute murder
    01 July 2013 10:54

    Ruling parasites endless fleecing of the peasants
    28 June 2013 23:18

    Masonic cops exposed like never before
    25 June 2013 13:42

    Masonic met cops smear and spy on family of murder victim Stephen Lawrence
    24 June 2013 16:04

    ECHR run just like how UK judges run British courts
    24 June 2013 13:24

    How much public money is being spent by the UK and USA spying on its people?
    24 June 2013 10:43

    Kidon a mossad murdering cell
    21 June 2013 10:01

    Book Of Secrets - Freemasons
    20 June 2013 15:02

    Freemasonry Unmasked by Former 32° Freemason
    20 June 2013 15:02

    Area 51 America's Book Of Secrets
    20 June 2013 15:01

    Did Michael Jackson indoctrinate his kids into satanism before his death?
    19 June 2013 12:31

    Warning psychopaths in charge
    19 June 2013 12:05

    BBC's aggressive marketing of the royal parasitic brand even during the weather
    05 June 2013 10:16

    Six million jews 1915 - 1938
    04 June 2013 15:49

    Why are ex-soldiers being left homeless and penniless?
    04 June 2013 13:27

    Deranged media's pathological obsession with the royal parasites
    04 June 2013 10:40

    Homosexual judges destroying heterosexual fathers in secret family courts
    02 June 2013 00:16

    Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 2
    31 May 2013 11:08

    Masonry, by a 90th degree Mason! 1
    31 May 2013 11:08

    Worst time to change laws is after a terrorist attack
    31 May 2013 09:48

    British foreign policy behind radicalisation
    31 May 2013 10:26

    Brave soldier Joe Glenton jailed for standing up against Afghan war
    31 May 2013 10:12

    The scale of Savile abuse protected by the British establishment
    31 May 2013 09:56

    A deception that they care
    27 May 2013 13:18

    The royal parasites far from humble
    27 May 2013 12:27

    A dead soldier then the usual suspects
    25 May 2013 06:16

    Boy Scouts Of America Ends Ban On homosexual Scouts!
    24 May 2013 09:54

    American boy scouts protected homopaedo's for decades
    24 May 2013 09:52

    Cullinane v UK blocking of welfare payments
    23 May 2013 15:52

    Patrick Cullinane's life was ruined by the Inland Revenue 10 years ago(2003)
    23 May 2013 15:24

    Atos an arm of the DWP: mass murderers by another name
    23 May 2013 06:31

    The monstrous state cover up of Ms Seven v Gossage and nine others
    22 May 2013 07:06

    Tory said voters would think they had 'lost the plot' letting freemasons conduct marriages
    21 May 2013 18:34

    33 degree freemason haunt 10 Duke Street St. James
    21 May 2013 18:11

    Spamhaus the biggest internet censor
    21 May 2013 18:11

    The Crown Corporation
    20 May 2013 23:17

    Guy gets battered by two females (And the cops would still arrest him for domestic violence)
    20 May 2013 14:11

    June Sarpong on conspiracy theories and working with Jesse Ventura
    19 May 2013 11:41

    The extortionate cost of divorce (Many men pay with their lives)
    18 May 2013 23:19