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    Britain's psychiatric gulags
    We have been exposing for decades the misuse of Britain's mental health acts to incarcerate dissenters

    The great mental health betrayal: Inquiry slams ‘appalling’ unlawful detention of tens of thousands of vulnerable people

    Tens of thousands of vulnerable people are being unlawfully detained in care homes and hospitals across England and Wales, according to a damning House of Lords inquiry which concludes that legislation created to protect people with mental health conditions – including dementia and autism – has failed.

    After a nine-month inquiry during which more than 60 witnesses were questioned and more than 200 written submissions received, the report concludes that vulnerable people are being let down by social workers, healthcare professionals and other carers, many of whom are often not aware of the law or how it should be enforced. The starkest failure highlighted by the Lords was that tens of thousands of people are being wrongly “deprived of their liberty” in care homes and hospitals. In 2011, The Independent highlighted one such case, that of Steven Neary, a young autistic man who was taken away from his father by Hillingdon Council and detained for a year. A High Court judge ruled that the council had acted illegally and allowed Steven to go home.

    The Lords inquiry was examining the impact of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which is meant to “empower, protect and support people who lack mental capacity” by assessing whether vulnerable adults can make their own decisions and ensuring that others are acting in their best interests if they cannot. Hospitals and care homes are meant to apply to the local authority to obtain a Deprivation of Liberty Safeguard (DoLS) if they want to keep someone under constant observation – but human rights group Liberty told the inquiry that many do not, with the result that “thousands, if not tens of thousands, are being de facto detained unlawfully”.

    The inquiry heard that some local authorities have wrongly been declaring potentially mentally incapacitated people well, to avoid taking responsibility for them. Lord Hardie QC, chairman of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 Committee, told The Independent it was “appalling” that the Act was not being implemented and suggested scrapping DoLS entirely and starting again. “In some cases the safeguards are being wilfully used to oppress individuals and to force decisions upon them, regardless of what actions may be in their best interests,” he said. He added that before he started his inquiry, he had “no concept of the size of the problem we’re facing… Parliament decided people should be empowered and the failure to implement this Act is the failure to protect vulnerable individuals; to give them equivalent rights to you and me. It’s important to get this right now. Statistics show we have an ageing population and the number of people suffering from dementia is going to increase exponentially.”

    The Committee also called for the creation of an independent body to be given responsibility for the Act in order to “drive forward vital changes in practice”. Labour’s shadow Public Health minister, Luciana Berger, told The Independent that the failure to abide by the Act was a “betrayal” that leaves “the most vulnerable people in society at even greater risk. It’s making their lives harder, not easier.”

    She added: “Individuals won empowering rights and recognition with this legislation – it’s frightful that safeguards are not being observed. Labour takes the Lords’ report seriously, and calls on ministers to respond with all urgency. Ministers, who have cut the number of officials at the Ministry of Justice, and cut mental health services, must answer the charge that they are now dragging their feet over improvements to the Mental Capacity Act.” The Court of Protection, which was set up at the same time as the Act to make major life decisions on behalf of those deemed to lack capacity, was also criticised by the report. It was said to be “remote, inaccessible and not well understood,” according to some submissions. Others highlighted barriers to entering the court, limited legal aid and delays in getting cases heard. District Judge Elizabeth Batten told the Committee that her staff’s workload had increased by 25 per cent since 2009, while staffing in London was reduced by 30 per cent. “We acknowledge that we have had real problems,” she said.

    Jeremy Hughes, chief executive of the Alzheimer’s Society, said it was “deeply concerning” that the Act was not working “given that it is intended to protect those most vulnerable in society, including those with dementia”. Alison Cobb, senior policy and campaigns officer at the mental health charity Mind, said she hoped the report “marks a turning point in the implementation of the Act and that we see significant and swift progress from here”. The Care and Support minister, Norman Lamb, said: “I share the concern expressed in this report. It is completely unacceptable to unlawfully deprive vulnerable people of their rights.” He added that he is “absolutely committed to making sure that the Mental Capacity Act is used properly to protect everyone receiving care and support” and was examining how the “Care Quality Commission can strengthen their inspection regime so that we have a zero tolerance of unlawful deprivation of liberty”.

    A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “We welcome the Select Committee’s report. This is an important piece of legislation but we recognise more needs to be done make sure it is more widely understood. The Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health will consider the House of Lords’ report in detail and we will publish a full response in due course.”

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    Tory assassins the DWP and ATOS trigger coma in mentally ill woman
    Psychological torture of the seriously ill is all part of the master plan of the fascist nazi-like tory agenda

    Government workers pursue mentally-ill woman in COMA to see if she is 'fit to work'

    A mentally-ill woman in a coma is allegedly being pursued by government workers to assess her fitness to work. Sheila Holt, who is bipolar, had been receiving income support - but was sectioned under the Mental Health Act last month after becoming terrified when the payments were removed, her family claim.

    Now, the 47-year-old woman from Rochdale, Greater Manchester, has been sent a letter by government-contracted healthcare company ATOS to find out whether she can gain employment. Her family claim Ms Holt became terrified and suffered a breakdown when her benefits were withdrawn, before having a heart attack. They say she has been in a coma for more than a month. But ATOS - which is used by the Department for Work and Pensions to assess those suitable for work under a benefits provision shake-up - now wants to assess her fitness to work. Her family said a long-standing mental health disorder has meant she has never worked. Her case has now been taken up by Labour’s Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who has visited her in hospital.

    He said the Government’s welfare reforms and the controversial Work Capability Assessment handled by ATOS were being ‘bulldozed through in an incompetent and insensitive way’. Mr Danczuk added that Ms Holt had recently come off psychiatric treatment and been pushed onto the work programme, despite her family arguing that she could not work because of her mental illness. He said: ‘From day one the approach by the Department of Work and Pensions has been clumsy and horribly misguided.

    'I accept reform is not easy. But there has to be a smarter and more compassionate way of differentiating between those that cannot work and those that do not want to work. 'I am in favour of welfare reform but trying to bulldoze through changes in a reckless and insensitive way is not the right way to go about it.’ The MP said he feared Ms Holt’s experience was being repeated elsewhere in the country.

    Ms Holt’s father Kenneth, who released the photograph published by MailOnline of his daughter in a coma, said her prognosis ‘was not good’ - but vowed that he would not give up hope of her regaining consciousness. He said: ‘We feel the coalition’s changes to the welfare system are grossly unfair to a section of the community with mental health issues.’ Atos Healthcare spokesperson said: 'Our thoughts are with the family of Ms Holt at this difficult time and we are sorry for any further distress caused.

    'When an application for benefit is made we receive a referral from the Department for Work and Pensions will automatically issue the standardised ESA50 claim form so that a claim for benefit can be made. 'Where we know of a change in circumstances either through the DWP or the family we will return the referral to the Department and not send any correspondence.'

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    david coupe And this from royal arse kissing Harmsworth's hypocritical rag that promotes the tory state assassins IDS, ATOS and DWP as moral guardians instead of the murdering scum they really are

    Bedridden farmer suffering from diabetes had benefits cut and told he was fit to work... then was refused reassessment when diagnosed with terminal cancer

    David Coupe lost his £50 a week payment after he was ruled fit to work. Farmer, 57, was ill with injured back, diabetes, ulcers and heart condition

    He was then diagnosed with cancer and given just weeks to live.
    Mr Coupe tried to appeal the decision but died before it could be overturned.
    Wife Lyn, 57, vows to fight in husband's name so other families don't suffer.
    Prime Minister David Cameron said he would personally look into 'sad' case.

    A farmer left housebound by a back injury and painful ulcers before dying from cancer was stripped of his incapacity benefit by Government assessors who ruled he was fit to work.

    Despite being in constant pain, David Coupe lost his £50 a week payment, leaving his family reliant on friends and family for handouts, and unable to afford to heat their home. Although the 57-year-old tried to appeal the ruling by Atos, the private company behind fitness-to-work tests, he was told it would take a year.

    In August Mr Coupe was diagnosed with cancer and given just weeks to live. Although he tried to bring the appeal forward the request was refused. Mr Coupe's health rapidly deteriorated and he lost both his sight and hearing before dying earlier this month with his family at his bedside. His funeral will be held today.

    Now Mr Coupe's wife Lyn has vowed to overturn the decision, with the backing of Labour MP Dennis Skinner - who highlighted the case to the House of Commons, describing Atos as 'unfit for purpose' and a 'heartless monster'. Prime Minister David Cameron has also said he would personally look into the "desperately sad" case. Mr Coupe was assessed as fit to work in December last year, despite the fact he was seriously ill with diabetes, a heart condition and a badly injured back, which had left him in serious pain and unable to work for the last 24 years. The former farmer and butcher from Calow, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire had also been rendered housebound by ulcerated legs.

    'Atos decided he was capable of limited employment and his benefit was cut, which left us with just £71 a week,' said Mrs Coupe, also 57. 'He was called to the Job Centre late last year.They just took his blood pressure. They never checked his back or asked about his diabetes and the ulcers he had on his legs. 'The computer told them he hadn’t worked for 24 years. He had damaged his back working on a farm and his health deteriorated.

    'He worked long hours on the farm. He would leave at 5am and some days I would not see him again until 11pm. He was devastated when he was unable to carry on working.' Mrs Coupe said that the benefit cut had left the couple needing to borrow money from their friends and family. 'I was borrowing money off everybody,' said the mother-of one. 'We couldn’t afford to put the heating on last winter so we sat with with blankets round us.'

    'David appealed against the ruling but was told a decision would take almost a year but he didn’t have a year. A short while later he was diagnosed with cancer and given just a few weeks to live. 'He was dying and he just kept saying "I wish I could win this case before I die" but he didn’t. 'He got a rare form of cancer which took his sight and his hearing before he died.

    'His doctors and specialist nurses wrote to the firm but never received a reply. Five weeks before David died I contacted Atos. 'I told them my husband didn’t have long to live but they wouldn’t bring the appeal forward.' Mrs Coupe said that two weeks before her husband's death, on October 11, the Department for Work and Pensions had awarded him a Disability Living Allowance of £134.40 a week because of his illness. 'He was deemed fit for work yet the DWP admitted he needed constant care because of his cancer,' she said. Mrs Coupe described her husband as a 'much-loved man who would do anything for anyone'.

    She added: 'All David wanted to do was stay alive long enough to see them pay back the money he was entitled to. Sadly he didn’t live long enough. 'I’m bitter about what they did and I won’t let it rest. Other people can’t suffer like we did. David died waiting for an appeal.' Colin Hampton, co-ordinator at the Derbyshire Unemployed Workers' Centre, said: 'There should be a complete overhaul of the system.'

    A spokesman for Atos called it a 'terribly sad case', but said the Department for Work makes benefit decisions and manages the appeals process. A DWP spokesman said: 'Our sympathy goes out to the family of Mr Coupe during what is obviously a difficult time. 'A decision on whether someone is well enough to work is taken following a thorough assessment and after consideration of all the supporting medical evidence we are given.'

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    Heartbroken dad blames ConDem's benefit assassins ATOS and DWP for driving ill son to commit suicide
    The Tory/ Libdem bastards are psychologically murdering vulnerable citizens through the persecution campaigns instigated by ATOS and DWP. Hitler's spirit is alive and well in the hallowed walls of Downing Street.

    DAVID Barr, 28, threw himself from the Forth Road Bridge just weeks after finding out that his employment and support allowance would be withdrawn because assessor ruled that he was fit to work.

    A HEARTBROKEN dad has blamed benefits axemen for driving his ill son to suicide weeks after being told his money was being stopped.

    David Barr, 28, threw himself from the Forth Road Bridge after learning the decision to stop his benefit had been upheld. An Atos assessor had ruled David was fit to work despite being on anti-psychotic sedatives, sleeping tablets and antidepressants. His condition was recorded on a medical assessment as “anxiety and depression”. But his dad David snr, 57, said he had a host of problems including sleeplessness, memory loss and paranoia – and believes he may have been a schizophrenic.

    David was assessed in May. In June, the Department of Work and Pensions told him he was fit to work – and his employment and support allowance was being withdrawn. In an appeal letter, David wrote: “I disagree with your decision that I am fit for work. I have serious mental health problems that prevent me from doing everyday tasks which means I cannot work at this moment in time. “I did try and explain this to the medical examiner.” He was informed on July 17 of the DWP’s final say – they backed the Atos recommendation.

    On the evening of Friday, August 23, he got a bus to the bridge, walked to the middle and jumped. He was recovered from the water but died in hospital that night. David snr, of Leven, Fife, said: “He needed 15 points to ‘pass’ the test and get his benefits but he only got six. I know the difficulties he had – he should have got 106 points. “The assessment is ridiculous. They said David was fit for work but, in fact, he was fit for hospital.

    “I’m in no doubt this matter was the final straw. I would say they are 90 per cent to blame for him taking his life. He’d just had enough. “I wish we could have got him checked out, even sectioned if necessary, and placed in a hospital where he could have received proper assessment and care.” “I just hope something can be done so no one else has to go through this.

    “We are devastated by our son’s death. David’s mum is in hospital and hasn’t eaten since David died. She is completely broken by this.” David jnr worked cleaning buses for three years until 2011. His dad says his son could not cope with the routine of holding down a job. He said his son was placed on strong medication last year but said his mental health had worsened.

    David snr added: “He would claim people were trying to poison him but it was all in his head. He thought the police were following him.” David’s assessment summary states: “Mr Barr has a mental health problem. He takes triple medication...He reports self harm in the past. “He reports he attempted an overdose six weeks ago but he would not say what he took. He reports he has had no thoughts of suicide since.

    “The evidence overall suggests that he is not at substantial risk.” David snr is in the process of complaining to the DWP.

    The DWP and Atos sent their sympathies to David’s family. A DWP spokeswoman said: “Through a series of independent reviews and by working with medical experts and charities, we have considerably improved the work capability assessment process since 2010.” An Atos spokeswoman said: “We do everything we can to minimise people’s anxiety during the work capability assessment process and will continue to strive for improvement in this area.” Scottish Labour welfare spokeswoman Jackie Baillie said: “It’s not the first time vulnerable people with health issues have been incorrectly assessed by Atos and it’s clear that the system needs reformed.”

  • Cannabis a wonder drug that the compliant mass media wages war against VIDEO
    Richie Parker born without arms became a designer for Hendrick Motorsports VIDEO
    Spreading Virus Threatens Entire World! VIDEO
    Researchers Link Weight Gain To Changes In Personality
    fat belly

    Click image for full article


    1. If you can't give up beer drink 0% lager that has only a fraction of the calories of full strength lager. Becks Blue and Bavaria 0% are ideal.

    2. Don't use sugar in cereal a fine powdered granulated sweetener like sucralose is low calorie. Its hardly noticeable in cereal but has an aftertaste in tea and coffee. Tate and Lyle do a combination sugar and Stevia mix that has 50% less calories and you only need one teaspoon instead of two.

    3. Try and avoid snacks with high fat and sugar content. Dont give them up completely but cut down the amount gradually .

    4. If your sedentary you need to do some exercise without killing yourself especially if your excessively overweight.

    5. Buy a cheap bike or exercise bike and do at least half hour runs daily or every other day to get started and the weight will definitely start to drop off.

    6. Don't start doing anything strenuous until you build up some stamina and gradually increase the time spent off the couch. Works wonders for your mental state . Winter can make the whole weight loss harder so you have to make a bigger effort to avoid the bad habits.


  • Are 'alarming' calorie rates in restaurants ruining your diet? How the fat in one meal is nearly 90% of recommended daily intake
  • Inside an abattoir: from carcass to burger VIDEO
    Prof Bill Heald one of the world's most brilliant cancer surgeons VIDEO

    Professor R.J.Heald

    Prof. Heald has been personally responsible for saving ten of thousands of lives due to his world renowned surgical techniques. Anyone who has any worries about possible bowel cancer symptoms should pay heed to his advice as he has achieved remarkable success in curing this form of cancer. Please consider a donation to his cancer research facility as his ground breaking work might in the future save you or a family members life.

  • Holby actor Ben Richards, 41, reveals shock at being diagnosed with bowel cancer and says he was a 'total bloke' who ignored the symptoms
  • Frequently asked questions about bowel cancer
  • Pelican cancer research donate
  • Psychiatry's Deadliest Scam VIDEO

    Proud disabled hero Mary's despair at cruel cuts to Independent Living Fund

    Mary Laver was a Games Maker volunteer and carried the Olympic torch but now she is contemplating a hunger strike

    Last summer, when Mary Laver carried the Olympic torch along Newcastle’s New Bridge Street buoyed up by the cheers and applause of the crowds lining the route, it was as a British hero. The former RAF servicewoman has rheumatoid arthritis so severe that she cannot walk or use her hands. But in 2009, Mary’s journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats in her electric wheelchair – to raise money for The Royal British Legion – made it into the ­Guinness Book of ­World Records.

    Last year, she was even one of the Games Makers who made London 2012 the People’s ­Olympics – camping with her carers and a battery-powered hoist to lower her on to a stretcher where she slept each night. Today, sitting in that same wheelchair in the conservatory of her home in a suburb of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, instead of thinking up new, positive challenges, Mary is contemplating a hunger strike. “I’m not sure what else to do,” the 65-year-old says. “I am thinking about begging David Cameron to stop and think about what he’s doing. I’ve never begged for anything in my life.”

    Her voice shakes as she considers a third option. “I’ve heard of disabled people talking about going to Switzerland to end it all,” she says, quietly. “Because with the cuts, they fear their lives won’t be worth living any more.” Mary needs round-the-clock care. “I can’t even scratch my nose without support,” she says. At the moment, 46 hours a week of that care comes from the Independent Living Fund – a special pot of money aimed at helping severely ­disabled people live independent lives. The Government is shutting down the fund, which is already closed to new applicants.

    From 2015, Mary and 18,500 other severely disabled recipients will have to ask for help from councils already making cuts to social care. “I am absolutely petrified,” says Mary, who is divorced and lives alone. “We are very scared people. We don’t understand why the Government is treating us like criminals when we haven’t committed any crime.” One of the very first recipients of the ILF 25 years ago, Mary is also a one-woman advert for the fund’s ­empowering ethos. A former RAF driver and senior aircraftwoman, she was first diagnosed with severe ­rheumatoid arthritis in 1988.

    “The Independent Living Fund helped me get my quality of life back,” she says. “It has let me be a relatively normal person that just happens to be in a wheelchair.” Her carer Jackie describes the hardship Mary went through to be a Games Maker. “She slept on a stretcher inside a tent and had to be lifted on to it using a hoist that we had to recharge every night at the campsite,” she says. . “The wheelchair had to be recharged every day as well. "It took two hours by public transport to the Olympics and the same back every day. “If we can do that, we can do anything.”

    Mary laughs that it was worth every minute. “The whole time I was at the Games I never felt disabled. I took my Olympic torch along and it was held by so many children the gold paint has come off.” Now, she can’t stop thinking about all the things she can’t do. “If I lose those 46 hours a week, I will be back to just basic care,” she says. “I’m going to be in prison in my own home. It will be like a life sentence. I can’t use my hands at all. "I have kick switches for my doors, but I can’t open my front gate. I can’t feed, I can’t drink, I can’t use the toilet, take a bath, use the telephone.

    “My arms are bent. I’ve had knee and elbow replacements. I have glaucoma in my right eye. I’ve got a hearing aid. Rheumatoid arthritis affects the muscles and there are muscles everywhere.” Her greatest fear is that she will have to give up her Jack Russells, Jack and Molly. “With only basic care I’d have to find a new home for them. I don’t know if I can live with that.” The move to abolish the ILF has shocked even hardened activists.

    “It’s very clear this government is now targeting people with severe disabilities,” says Kate Belgrave of research site False Economy. Disabled People Against Cuts says the cost of abolition will be £39million – and that the £320million currently spent on helping severely disabled people through the ILF is less than a thousandth of one percent [0.004] of our GDP. It is also far cheaper than using care homes.

    “There are nearly 20,000 of us on ILF,” Mary says. “We use it to go to work, to go to university, to go to college. What’s going to happen to us? "That’s my big question. Is life going to be worth living? At the moment I don’t think it is.” To see disabled people discussing the cuts, go to www.false

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    Here's what your daily allowance actually looks like
    The drugging of children VIDEO
    Understanding the psychological harm of male circumcision
    This workshop is designed to explore the psychological harm experienced by men who have been circumcised, either as a baby, child or adult.

    This damage is often trivialised and goes unrecognised by health care professionals, family and friends, and sometimes by the individual himself. Research has shown that symptoms of PTSD are often present in circumcised men, sometimes lifelong. It can present as, or trigger, a multitude of other psychological conditions, such as OCD, agoraphobia or depression.

    The aim of the workshop is to enable counsellors to recognise the specific symptoms not always acknowledged by the client, and to help professionals provide an appropriate response. Genital Autonomy has sourced speakers from NORM-UK which is the leading specialist charity in the UK dealing with this issue. NORM-UK has an extensive archive of correspondence from damaged men but has always struggled to find counsellors who can deal appropriately with the specific harm. The Stoke-on-Trent – based counselling charity Savana has extensive knowledge of the trauma experienced by women who have been sexually abused or undergone female circumcision. Savana recognises that the psychological damage done is comparable in both sexes.

    The two charities have been working together on this issue for a couple of years. The experience gained from the partnership forms the basis of this training workshop which aims to increase awareness and to provide a training resource for interested psychotherapists and counsellors. Introductory morning sessions will feature presentations by knowledgeable speakers on topics related to non-therapeutic genital surgery.

    The early afternoon will have talks from men affected, telling of their personal experiences about the harm and lack of available sympathetic help. Following this will be an open forum discussion about the issues raised and potential responses from counsellors.

    There are many men who would benefit from a series of sessions with counsellors who are trained to deal with their particular damage. Genital Autonomy is hoping to compile a register of accredited counsellors and therapists who have attended one of our training sessions and is equipped to deal with this subject.


    Unemployment in the Eurozone is at record levels. Incomes have dropped and the next year is looking grim. The poorest will be the hardest hit. The European Union says nearly a quarter of its population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

    The United Kingdom is affected by this, along with other members of the Eurozone. The debate by the political class in Britain is less about a crisis of capitalism, but much more a crisis of national debt.

    The Neuro Revolution is a Book recommendation for victims of Neuroscience research. The video is based on the Book by the same name by author Zack Lynch. The Book describes most aspects of the changes that societies will undergo in the years to come as a consequence of the new discoveries in Neuroscience. This short video only deal with the aspects that the victims of these technologies undergo on a daily basis

    And as the UK government introduces more cuts, it's the least protected that take the biggest hit. Recent data suggests 15 percent of children regularly go without hot meals. Despite intervention from charities, things are only getting worse.

    December 7th 1994 Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Greensboro, N.C.,

    Dr Willner (a medical doctor of 40 years experience) an outspoken whistleblower of the AIDS hoax. infront of a gathering of about 30 alternative-medicine practitioners and several journalists, Willner stuck a needle in the finger of Andres, 27, a Fort Lauderdale student who says he has tested positive for HIV. Then, wincing, the 65-year-old doctor stuck himself. In 1993, Dr. Willner stunned Spain by inoculating himself with the blood of Pedro Tocino, an HIV positive hemophiliac.

    This demonstration of devotion to the truth and the Hippocratic Oath he took, nearly 40 years before, was reported on the front page of every major newspaper in Spain. His appearance on Spain's most popular television show envoked a 4 to 1 response by the viewing audience in favor of his position against the "AIDS hypothesis." When asked why he would put his life on the line to make a point, Dr. Willner replied: "I do this to put a stop to the greatest murderous fraud in medical history. By injecting myself with HIV positive blood, I am proving the point as Dr. Walter Reed did to prove the truth about yellow fever. In this way it is my hope to expose the truth about HIV in the interest of all mankind."

    He tested negative multiple times he died of a heart attack 6 months later 15th April 1995

    As the natural world dies around us, what will take its place? Planetary engineering includes bioremediation measures to bring us genetically engineered trees and crops. And what of humans themselves? How are we being transformed from the inside out?

    Presented at Conspiracy Con 2011, this 1 hour power point presentation by Sofia Smallstorm introduces primary and scientific findings hidden in the muffles of mainstream alternative media. People around the world are observing aerosol spraying (also called "chemtrials") and strange man-made clouds. White skies filter sunlight as trees around the country sicken and die. Soil and water tests high for heavy metals, and artificial fibres fall on us from the sky. Is aerosol spraying only about experimenting with weather? What do the self-replicating fibres found in Morgellons patients signify? Why are engineered materials being found in airborne environmental samples?

    All this suggests a planetary engineering program that is affecting and targeting all living things. Synthetic biology is science's most exciting new frontier, combining genetics, robotics and nano-technology with artificial intelligence, hybridizing natural forms and engineering tissues beyond our wildest dreams. The technology explosion is skyrocketing, and artificial intelligence will soon surpass our own capabilities. How will our world be organized then? WIll we turn ourselves over to machines? Or will we have become technological hybrids ourselves?

    People around the world are noticing that our planet's weather is dramatically changing. They are also beginning to notice the long lingering trails left behind airplanes that have lead millions to accept the reality of chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Could there be a connection between the trails and our severe weather? While there are many agendas associated with these damaging programs, evidence is now abundant which proves that geoengineering can be used to control weather. In this documentary you will learn how the aerosols being sprayed into our sky are used in conjunction with other technologies to control our weather.

    While geoengineers maintain that their models are only for the mitigation of global warming, it is now clear that they can be used as a way to consolidate an enormous amount of both monetary and political power into the hands of a few by the leverage that weather control gives certain corporations over the Earth's natural systems. This of course, is being done at the expense of every living thing on the planet.
    useful useless

    Britain stinks , no amount of media propaganda at the Olympia mania or royalist madness can hide the vile despotic regime whose evil tentacles slither right across the length and breadth of a nation under a blood thirsty mafia. All the pomp and ceremony is a smokescreen for the world to suggest somehow the Brits live under a sun drenched paradise of justice, morality and righteousness . But it is actually a stinking sewer of fraud, corruption and vast abuse of the peasants by the scum and filth that masquerade as some sort of democracy .

    If you are USEFUL to them they will use and abuse you until you are squeezed of every last drop of your energy through Her Majesty's tax henchmen , or through Her Majesty's judicial henchmen , or through a myriad of complex schemes that produce only one outcome that props up the richest despot on the planet and the thousands of masonic henchmen that eat from her trough and hand picked and then embedded in every powerful position across the landscape of Britain. Spying and persecuting anyone who does not conform to their vile control network.

    However if you are, in their eyes anyway, a USELESS eater your life will be so much worse as you are seen as a drain on the vast resources they have accumulated and every and all means are used to ensure you become as little a burden as possible on their vast empire. Your life will become a constant battle to survive the devious and dangerous schemes to ensure that if you suddenly become ill and assumed all those years they have been fleecing you to pay for a safety blanket in ill health every dirty trick in the book will be used to avoid the obligations they promised at the start of your life enslaved to the ruling mafia's scams.

    A government that has been groomed at Eton to have a pathological hatred of the poor and peasantry while ensuring they serve and show loyalty to only ONE master at the utter expense of everybody else not part of Her Majesty's mafia. Now the Olympic charade is over the sheeple will get back to their mundane lives serving the HM machine that continues to ride roughshod over all their lives but who are blinded by the propaganda machines that work endlessly 24 hours a day to ensure the sheeple are kept in their rightful place, serving the most vile regime on the planet.

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