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whk A book highly recommended for extreme feminists and the BBC's domestic violence team who must outnumber all other BBC departments by 10 to 1 for the enormous amount of gender hatred imposed on British Citizens by this public broadcast propaganda machine. EVIL is NOT gender based

An anthology of stories edited by
Richard Glyn Jones

From the Florida roadside prostitute and first convicted serial killer Aileen Wuomos to the Empress poisoner of ancient Rome, this is the biggest collection of the world's most dangerous women newly revised and expanded, including: Rutn Snyder, the last woman in the US to go to the electric chair; the English multiple murderess who chopped up the bodies of children and scattered them from a plane; Rosemary West - unsuspecting dupe or cold-blooded killer, the mother who hired a killer to eliminate her daughter-in-law; Lizzie Borden - separating fact from fiction; Myra Hindley - Britain's most infamous murderess. * Revised and updated: includes a new section on Rosemary West *

First edition sold in excess of 7,000 copies *
Resurgence of interest in true crime cases
February 2002 : Paperback Top

  • Nigella Lawson faced domestic violence from domineering mother (Womens aid and Refuge not available for comment)
  • Devil woman admits attempting to murder a disabled man by stabbing him with a knife and smashing a glass over his head (Womens Aid's silence is palpable)
  • Women wising up to the feminazi fraudsters and their devious DV lies and stats (VIDEO)
  • Wife 'killed husband then kept him wrapped in plastic for 18 YEARS' – body was only found after she died
    Notice they call the murdering bitch Mrs. if it was the man they would ONLY use his surname and typical when the mass media report a murder carried out by a women

    A wife is believed to have killed her husband, wrapped his body in plastic in their garden and kept it secret for 18 years.
    The mystery skeleton found in plastic sheets in a quiet village have been identified as missing husband John Sabine last seen in 1997. His body was found last month just three weeks after his own wife Leigh Ann Sabine died aged 74 from cancer.

    Detectives investigating the grim discovery say his wife is the 'main suspect' in their probe. Mrs Sabine had carried on living in the same apartment block in Beddau, near Pontypridd, South Wales, since her husband was last seen in 1997. His body was found in plastic wrapping in the street called Trem-Y-Cwm three weeks after her death.

    Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan said: 'This is an extraordinary set of circumstances and we are working tirelessly to put together the pieces of what is a complex investigation.' Police say John Sabine, understood to have been a local fireman would now have been 85 years of age.

    Mr Sabine was never reported as a missing person despite not being seen for 18 years - and was still listed on the electoral register as living at the same house. Police later revealed the couple had 'estranged children' who did not list Mr Sabine as being missing. A spokesman said: 'Their estranged children have been located and informed. Mr Sabine was not reporteed as being missing. The circumstances of where the body was concealed is part of the ongoing investigation.'

    A police spokesman said: 'He is believed to have moved to Trem-Y-Cwm with his wife Leigh Ann Sabine in February 1997. 'DNA evidence has confirmed the identity of Mr Sabine, who was last seen in 1997. 'Mrs Sabine passed away on 30th October 2015 and is currently the main suspect in this investigation.' A post-mortem examination established John Sabine had injuries consistent with an assault. Neighbours are believed to have found the human remains in grounds at the apartment block.

    DCI Morgan said: 'We would appreciate hearing from anyone who knew John and Leigh Sabine and who may have socialised with them or met them back in 1996-1997. 'We would also appeal directly to the community in and around Trem-Y-Cwm to contact us with any information they may have in relation to the plastic wrapping that Mr Sabine was concealed in.' Police confirmed the body was lying above ground but was wrapped in plastic sheeting.

    Neighbour Violet Scott, 75, said: 'It is a complete mystery but I cannot believe the body has been there for all these years.' Ms Scott added: 'Leigh was a very talkative and outgoing woman but it is hard to comprehend what has happened. 'I didn't know her husband but I know he was a fireman and we all thought he died a dozen or so years ago.

    'It could be that she kept his body in her home and then decided to move it when she knew her own end was close. 'It was found on ground between two of the flats next to her home. I can't believe it has been there for all these years. 'Leigh could be very straightforward but it is difficult to think she could have killed someone. She had another man living for for a few years but he left - I don't know what happened to him.

    'I asked Leigh if she would ever go back to New Zealand. But she told me: 'No - I could never leave here.' Police confirmed Mrs Sabine died of cancer and her death was not being investigated by the coroner. Her funeral has already taken place. A local hairdresser, who asked not to be named, told MailOnline: 'We couldn't believe the police announcement.

    'We all knew her. She would come in here and even used to bring us presents at Christmas. We called her "Mad Leigh" because she had her funny ways. 'She had a heart of gold though. She is the last person you would expect to be accused of something like this. 'We knew she had had a husband, and that they were separated. We thought that he had gone away.

    'We found out she was ill and sent her a message to the hospital she was at telling her we were all thinking of her. The next day we were told she had died.' Another neighbour added: 'I've never been into her home or had her to visit me but I saw her in the street and said hello. She was always saying "hello darling", like some people talk.

    'I knew that she had come here from Australia or New Zealand. I didn't know her husband as I moved in after he was gone.' Local resident Sharon Rowlands, 42, added: 'It is terrible to think what has gone on - without any of us knowing. We had no idea there was a dead body there until police arrived.'

  • Lottery winner attacked by jealous girlfriend speaks out about 'taboo' of domestic violence against men
    Matt Myles, 28, was assaulted by fitness trainer Carla Chamberlain, 24, after he received a Snapchat message from another woman

    A lottery winner attacked by his jealous girlfriend after receiving a Snapchat message from another woman spoke about the "taboo" of domestic violence against men. Matt Myles, 28, was assaulted by fitness trainer Carla Chamberlain, 24, who hit him in the face and grabbed his testicles after a boxing day night out last year. She was found guilty of two counts of common assault by beating and one count of criminal damage by Hereford Magistrates' Court last month.

    Mr Myles told the Mail Online : "The lottery win was the most amazing thing that ever happened to me but ironically it also led to the worst thing that ever happened in my life – suffering domestic abuse at the hands of the woman I loved. "Domestic violence against men is still very much taboo or perceived as a joke but it’s no laughing matter for the victim."

    Mr Myles, who is 6ft tall compared to Miss Chamberlain’s 5ft 7in, said the attack had left him feeling "vulnerable" and "knocked my confidence" After scooping £1million in the Euromillions in April last year, Mr Myles went on a celebratory round-the-world trip where he says he 'slept with 87 women'. On his return, he got back together with his former partner Chamberlain.

    The couple decided to "make another go" of the relationship but trouble flared following a night out. On their way back to Mr Myles's home, Chamberlain saw he had received a Snapchat message from another woman. She raged "various expletives" and said "she would get her own back" by hitting him in the face and scratching his neck.

    Mr Myles said: ‘Carla said, “Why the **** are you getting pictures from her? I bet she sends you more than that.” "She’d just had huge, acrylic glittery nails done and she scratched my face. "I told her to get off and then she punched me in the face.’

    The lottery winner is now in a new relationship with air hostess Tasha Dodds. Figures show a third of domestic violence victims are male.(Bullshit stats not taking into account the deranged psychopaths that womens aid never recognise)

    Mark Brooks, chairman of the ManKind Initiative which helps these victims, said: "Domestic abuse against men remains one of Britain’s last great taboos. "Many men won’t get help because they fear they won’t be believed or they’ll be laughed at. In reality when they do come forward they are taken seriously."

  • List of abuse by women
  • Mother jailed for crushing baby
  • Woman stabbed ex-partner in back
  • Woman jailed for hiring assassin to kill partner
  • Daughter, 21, is accused of mum’s murder
  • Mother suspected of stabbing children was suffering from post-natal depression
  • Woman jailed for battering her grandmother to death with a spade while she lay in bed
  • Wife who stabbed councillor over affair is spared from jail after he pleads with judge
  • 'Black widow' grandmother faces police probe into deaths of her FIVE ex-husbands
  • Bully boss gets comeuppance she is jailed for company theft
  • Wife's 'drugs curry murder plot'
  • Wife and lover guilty of murder
  • Wife didn't lift a finger after stabbing
  • Woman is charged over stab death
  • Woman admits killing her children
  • Melissa Friedrich internet black widow
  • Shirley Turner murders husband and son
  • Mormon women Carrington& Keable abuse kids
  • Dorothy Evans 81 granny from hell
  • Gemma Fennelly methadone killed son
  • Carla Street policewoman attacks shopper
  • Eunice Spry foster mother abuser
  • Canadas child murderers
  • Violent women video's
  • Discrimination in sentencing women
  • The truth about violent women
  • Yvette Luffman arranged husbands execution
  • Maria Marchese hate campaign
  • The Cloud Cuckooland of Radical Feminism
  • 'Sadistic' foster mother jailed for 14 years
  • Domestic violence promoter in fraud probe
  • Baby shake woman avoids jail term
  • 2 Kids Locked In Closet To Live With Fathers
  • Warren Farrell and Erin Pizzey VIDEO
    ‘Black widow’ millionairess arrested after death of her SEVENTH partner in suspected cyanide poisoning
    A millionairess has been arrested on suspicion of poisoning her husband with cyanide, as it emerged he was her seventh partner to have dropped dead in two decades.

    Chisako Kakehi, 67, has been the beneficiary of a combined 800million yen (£4.3million) in insurance money and other assets received after the deaths of her seven exes. If she is found to have been behind the deaths of her partners, she will become the latest example in Japan of a 'black widow', named for the female spider that devours its mate after coupling. Husband number four Isao Kakehi fell sick suddenly at home and was confirmed dead at a hospital in December last year, less than two months after the couple married. A post-mortem examination found highly toxic cyanide compounds in his blood.

    That came after the September death of a 75-year-old boyfriend, who fell suddenly ill after the couple ate together at a restaurant, Jiji Press reported. Kakehi's dalliance with death began in 1994 when her first husband passed away at the age of 54. In 2006 her second husband, whom she had met through a dating agency, died of a stroke aged 69, while the third marriage ended in 2008 with the death of her 75-year-old partner, Jiji said. A boyfriend, believed to have been suffering from some form of cancer, died a year later, and in 2012 her then-fiance met his fate after collapsing while riding a motorbike. Traces of cyanide were detected in his body, media reports said.

    Kakehi was arrested on Wednesday by police in Kyoto on suspicion of murdering her latest husband. She has denied any involvement in his death. Lonely hearts killer: In 2012 Kanae Kijima was sentenced to hang for murdering three men - aged 41, 53 and 80 - she met through internet dating sites Police are now working on the theory that she may have been behind the deaths of at least some of the other six.

    'We can't say how many now... Given their advanced age, we have to proceed carefully to judge whether their deaths were actually the result of foul play or not,' the investigator told AFP by phone. Questioned by reporters earlier this year, former bank worker Kakehi protested her innocence. 'If people suspect murder, I'd find it easier to bite my tongue off and die,' she told reporters in March.

    Jiji Press quoted her as saying in an earlier interview that she was 'doomed by fate' to suffer a series of deaths among those close to her, and protesting that she had no access to poison. Japan has seen several 'black widow' multiple murderesses in recent years. In 2012 Kanae Kijima was sentenced to hang for the murders of three men, aged 41, 53 and 80, whom she met through internet dating sites.

    Kijima, who was at one time a paid-for mistress, poisoned her victims with carbon monoxide by burning charcoal briquettes after drugging them with sleeping tablets. She is in jail awaiting the outcome of an appeal to the supreme court. Another woman, fomer bar hostess Miyuki Ueta, is also waiting on the outcome of a supreme court appeal against a death sentence for the killing of two men.

  • Connecticut Woman Charged in Murder-for-Hire On Husband Faces Trial VIDEO
    Domestic violence prank shows men get laughed at when attacked by women VIDEO
    The weaker sex? as Beyonce's sister attacks Jay Z in lift VIDEO

    Womens aid were NOT available for comment.
    Domestic violence a good distraction for a murdering tory government

    If only the BBC were as vigilant about their presenters abusing children as their DV propaganda

    The tory henchwomen witch Theresa May was ranting this morning on every TV station and with comments in all the complicit gutter press about domestic violence. Now this is getting like a long playing gramophone record that NEVER stops with the mass media and TV stations only to happy to carry the propaganda spouted, not by a government interested in the protection of women, but to distract attention away from their own murderous campaigns triggered by the tory assassins ATOS and DWP. This follows the exposure this very week of a severely mentally ill female who committed suicide just after being refused the most basic welfare help thanks to the ConDem draconian clamp down on those payments made to the most vulnerable sections of society.

    Now this isn't the FIRST death of a female thanks to the psychological torture metted out by the tories assassins she is only one of thousands of women alongside thousands more men who have died after being put through the work capability assessment program manufactured by a ruthless murdering regime that cares little about the sick and disabled and more about cutting the welfare bill for the ruling toffy nose scum and filth that masquerades as some sort of government. The same government that voted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that have seen thousands of women and children murdered on behalf of the ruling mafia.

    Now we are not condoning violence as if the freemason cops were doing their job properly and using the normal criminal laws any man or woman committing violence would be properly tried before a jury and convicted. But NO domestic violence is a very special type of law that only applies to men about to be stripped of all their worldly possessions and especially their children in NO jury secret court hearings before a freemason judge.

    If the paedo protecting BBC spent as much time on stopping their presenters from abusing children as they do on pedalling feminist lies children would not be taken into care and targeted by BBC predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile . So the question is 'What is the motive behind the continued pumping out of the gender hate campaigns of smearing men as the abusers and ALL women as the victims?' The sinister agenda of the ruling parasites knows no bounds as it is those very men they smear that will have to come together to stop the feminist / freemason / zionist agenda that continues unabated. The BBC itself totally controlled by the judges and lawyers who are behind the promotion of the laws they use as an excuse to relieve men of billions and estates the length and breadth of the UK aided and abetted by the police who turn a blind eye to their brothers domestic violence while targeting men with malicious allegations manufactured by the legal aid funded lawyers and their gold digging clients. This is sinister at its extreme.

    All of the newspapers and tv stations listed below are run and controlled by the law society who have a vested interest in ensuring their lawyer lackeys have the excuse to relieve men of everything they own and why there is an utter onslaught from a compliant media that dares not to cross these evil bastards for fear of being hit with a massive libel claim that would finish them off or even lose the advertising they get from the properties stolen from men accused of domestic violence. As the age old saying goes 'Shout at your spouse and lose your house'

  • Atos atrocity: Mental health watchdog demands change in law after woman commits suicide over benefits cut
  • Paedo protecting BBC pedals government/ legal mafia DV propaganda
  • Daily Hate pedalling tory government's DV propaganda
  • Daily Mirror pedalling tory government's DV propaganda
  • Guardian pedalling tory government's DV propaganda
  • Daily Express pedalling feminist DV propaganda
  • Daily Telegraph a rare occasion when MEN are considered DV victims by the gutter press
  • Freemason cops must have been protecting a brother when women complains of domestic violence and is called a fucking slag and bitch
  • Woman killed herself after benefits cuts left her terrified she would lose her home
  • Atos quits government contract to assess benefit claimants as Department for Work and Pensions shambles continues
  • DJ Jimmy Savile abused children at 21 institutions in England
  • Atos quitting lucrative Tory government contract to assess whether benefit claimants in Britain are fit to work (and behind the mass murder of the victims of this scheme)
  • Probe into claims Jimmy Savile abused victims in 20 schools and children's homes
  • Woman admits murdering a male friend in a frenzied attack at her home in Glasgow
    Yet freemason cops will only tell women about alleged abusive partners using Clare's law (England and Wales) as if women are above the law. While man hating feminists Womens Aid totally ignore the fact women often kill but reports are muted in the gutter press for good reason.Their form of thievery couldn't then be justified

    Danielle Watson admits murdering friend Edward Bennett

    Edward Bennett was found dead at Watson's flat in Glasgow

    A woman has admitted murdering a friend in a frenzied attack at her home in Glasgow. Danielle Watson, 29, left her 49-year-old neighbour Edward Bennett with black eyes, bleeding on the brain, 18 rib fractures and broken bones in his neck. During the attack in November last year, she also strangled Mr Bennett with a scarf and rammed scouring pads down his throat, blocking his windpipe. Watson faces a mandatory life term when she is sentenced next month.

    The High Court in Glasgow heard that the murder took place in Watson's home in Crowlin Crescent, in the Cranhill area of the city, on 6 or 7 November. During the attack, Watson, who is slightly-built and under 5ft tall, also stamped on father-of-four Mr Bennett, leaving impressions of her footprints visible on his body.

    "I know I am a violent person, but I didn't think I was capable of being this violent”
    Danielle Watson

    Advocate depute Leanne Cross, prosecuting, said: "A post-mortem examination revealed evidence of severe blunt traumatic injury to multiple body regions, including the neck, chest, back and his airways were blocked as two sponges or scourers were found tightly placed within his throat area." The court heard that in the early hours of 7 November, Watson texted her cousin saying: "I need sum where 2 run just now I've done summit awful."

    When she was asked what she had done she replied: "Murder." At about 08:15, while Mr Bennett lay dead in her living room, Watson was caught on CCTV footage at a shop in Cranhill chatting and laughing with staff as she bought cigarettes and a lighter.

    Previous convictions

    Watson then returned to her flat and confessed on the phone to her parents that she had murdered someone and he was lying on her living room floor. Minutes later she took a taxi to her aunt's house. As soon as she got in the door she said, referring to the black scarf she was wearing: "I'm going to take that off my neck, I strangled him with that." Ms Cross said that Watson told her parents, who arrived at her aunt's house, that she had strangled him "because he got fresh with me".

    When she was arrested, Watson later told police: "I know I am a violent person, but I didn't think I was capable of being this violent." The court heard that she has a number of previous convictions in both Scotland and England, including crimes of violence.

    Solicitor advocate Murray Macara, defending, said: "One of the main reasons Miss Watson has taken the step of pleading guilty at this stage is to spare the family the ordeal of a trial. Though that will be of scant consolation to them." Judge Lord Turnbull deferred sentence on Watson until next month, when he will decide the minimum term she must serve before she can apply for parole.

  • Clare's law a licence for masons to intrude on every man's life
  • Feminist/freemason law violent men: A woman’s right to know (How about the reverse?)
  • How a freemason / feminist / homo / murdering tory government uses public money to smear men VIDEO

    The murdering tory government with their state assassins ATOS and DWP have killed thousands yet they have the audacity to use public money to smear men once again as abusers. These are the same evil bastards that voted for wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed thousands of women and children. They have no moral right to preach their evil gender bashing to the population.
    High Court Judge: Don't always believe claims of domestic violence
    justice parker Judicial mafia finally get around to admitting the truth about smear tactics by golddigging wives in divorce and instigated by their crooked legal aid funded lawyers who make a killing from the lies and deceit.

    A High Court judge yesterday warned social workers that they should not automatically believe allegations of domestic violence.

    Parents in a broken marriage can 'rewrite history in their own minds' when they make accusations against each other, Mrs Justice Parker said. The judge condemned a mother of three boys who had accused their father of violence. In reality, Mrs Justice Parker said, the woman had herself been violent towards the boys.

    She had manipulated her 15-year-old son, turned him against his father, and encouraged him to act as ‘a knight in shining armour’ on her behalf. The ruling overturned the advice of social workers that the children should spend Christmas with their mother. Instead, the judge ordered that the 15-year-old should go to his grandmother while the younger boys stay with their father.

    Mrs Justice Parker said that social workers had uncritically accepted allegations of violence the mother made against the father. They had also ignored his evidence which showed she was very emotionally troubled. The mother had shown physical violence to the children and had inappropriately allowed her eldest son to become her confidante and to discipline his brothers. He had even sent ‘disturbing’ texts urging them to resist contact with their father.

    The judge said: ‘Parents who obstruct the relationship with either mother or father are inflicting untold damage on their children and it’s about time the professionals truly understood this.’ She said social workers had not taken into account the degree of parental manipulation in the case and the danger represented to the younger children from the power given to their 15-year-old brother. ‘I am in no doubt that he feels he needs to fight his mother’s corner on contact,’ the judge said. ‘I don’t think that he is developing as he should under her influence and in her home. ‘I cannot trust him to co-operate and I think it’s doing him harm.

    ‘At his age, he should be regarding both of his parents as out of touch and useless – rather than siding with one against the other,’ she said. ‘The extent to which he has become a knight in shining armour for his mother is truly concerning.’ The couple, who married in the mid-1990s, were both intelligent and articulate but their inconsistent parenting had led to the eldest boy showing some extraordinarily violent behaviour. He was the ‘carrier for the toxic emotions in this family’, the judge said. ‘It is my view that the ascertainable wishes and feelings of these boys have been demonstrated. They are more than happy to be with their father and may feel some relief being out of the maelstrom.’

    She added: ‘I regard parental manipulation of children, of which I distressingly see an enormous amount, as exceptionally harmful.’ Mrs Justice Parker said she was in no doubt that the mother’s record was such that she should not currently have contact with the two younger boys. ‘Much as I would like to give these boys Christmas as they believe they want it, it is unsafe for them to spend Christmas Day with their mother and her family,’ she said. The judge ruled that they should live with their father until the case returned to court, while the older boy should live with his grandmother and only see his mother under supervision.

    Mrs Justice Parker said she was not suggesting the father was an angel, but that he was genuinely concerned for the boys, had a more objective view of what was in their best interests, and far more empathy than the mother. She added: ‘I take domestic violence extremely seriously. It is a terrible social evil when it exists. But not all allegations of domestic violence and abuse are true and at the end of a stormy and difficult marriage as this has been between the parents of the children, it is very easy for parents to re-write history in their own minds.’

  • Judge who wants to 'let the light in' made head of secret court: Reshuffle comes after series of scandals over its decisions
  • Clare's law a licence for masons to intrude on every man's life
    clare wood This utter nonsense dredged up by radical feminists, the legal mafia and enforced by masonic cops shows the lengths these evil bastards will go to infiltrate the lives of ordinary men under the guise of protecting women. This is the BIGGEST gross intrusion into a mans privacy when anyone can state they are a girlfriend of a man and find intimate details of his life through information gleaned by freemason cops.

    This is the same ploy used in divorce to smear men and give the legal mafia the excuse to strip men bare stealing their homes, assets and children. As if ALL men are bad and ALL women are angels and a total breach of human rights and prejudiced under the guise of protecting women. The evil bastards that have conjured this up only to happy to support wars in foreign countries where women en masse are being murdered like Iraq. Why aren't the legal and political mafia planning to give similar information about mothers who have murdered their children to anyone who considers them a threat to their kids lives in and around schools and play areas?

    "Clare's Law", which enables women to check the police record of a new boyfriend, will be expanded to cover all of England and Wales.

    It has been piloted in Greater Manchester, Wiltshire, Nottinghamshire and Gwent since September 2012. The policy is named after Clare Wood, who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend George Appleton at her Salford home in February 2009. She was unaware of his history of violence against women. The law is expected to take effect across England and Wales in March.

    'Escape if necessary'

    Home Secretary Theresa May, who will issue a statement to the House of Commons later, told the Sun there had been "considerable confusion" up until now about what police could tell women about a man's violent past. "Clare's Law provides people with the information they need to escape an abusive situation before it ends in tragedy," she said. "The national scheme will ensure that more people can make informed decisions about their relationship and escape if necessary. "This is an important step towards ensuring we do better by women like Clare Wood in the future."

  • Feminist/freemason law violent men: A woman’s right to know (How about the reverse?)
  • Stalking laws, as far as the feminist run BBC are concerned ONLY applies to the protection of women
  • Why are so many ruthless murdering mothers now being reported in the compliant media?
    amanda hutton Amanda Hutton branded by her father as "evil"

    It isn't just by accident a whole glut of articles are appearing in a normally heavily feminist leaning mass media. It is that men are now able to access alternatives ways of knowing just what the hell is going on in their country. For decades the media have been complying with a legal mafia hell bent on suppressing the reporting of mothers who have brutally killed their children. WHY????????

    Freemasons embedded in the judiciary have been employing the 'BAD' men scenario to have the excuse to take mens assets and property and the regular reporting of 'BAD' women would undermine the smear campaigns designed to give these evil bastards the excuse to remove everything including their children from the protection of 'GOOD' fathers. Men have seen golddiggers run riot in court getting everything they wanted given to them on a plate so the CROWN's crooked judges and lawyers can help themselves to men estates. in many cases using women who are either EVIL or are mentally disturbed as can be seen by the recent Washington scare were a women suffering from post partum (post natal) depression mounted the barriers next to the White House and was shot dead.

    This has been going on for years a whole army of women who are either twisted enough to brutally murder their children or who are in the advanced stages of serious mental illness . Men have had to sit back and watch as these women are provided with all the support as men are pushed out of the lives of their children and are made homeless and penniless to satisfy the endless greed of the monsters now running family courts for their own and the states self enrichment.

  • Hamzah Khan starved to death by mother Amanda Hutton, jury decides
  • Amanda Hutton's dad brands his daughter "evil": 'Can she even be a part of the human race?'
  • Ruthless mothers treatment of her dead son (when women are bad they are pure evil)
  • Bradford mother ‘starved tot to death and kept body for two years’ (A deathly silence from Womens aid and feminists)
  • South African mother accused of plotting to kill sons
  • Sara Ege was jailed for a minimum of 17 years at Cardiff Crown Court for murdering her son Yaseen Ege
  • Melanie Stevens killed two sons and herself
  • Angela Vane detained in psychiatric unit for killing son
  • Russian officials accuse American woman of murdering her adopted Russian son
  • Dental hygienist who rammed her car into White House barrier 'suffered from postpartum depression'
  • Womens aid supporter MSP Bill Walker guilty of domestic violence
    The bastards that smear men as abusers are the biggest abusers of all

    A member of the Scottish Parliament has been found guilty of a string of domestic abuse charges.

    Bill Walker was convicted of attacking three former wives and a step-daughter between 1967 and 1995. The 71-year-old, from Alloa, had denied 23 charges of assault and one breach of the peace, but was found guilty of all charges at Edinburgh Sheriff Court. Walker, who will be sentenced next month, has been urged to stand down as the independent MSP for Dunfermline.

    He had been elected in 2011 as an SNP MSP, but was suspended by the party after the allegations emerged. Walker was later expelled, but continued as an independent. He will be sentenced on 20 September, but would only be disqualified as an MSP if he was jailed for more than a year. First Minister Alex Salmond joined opposition members calling for Walker to stand down. Mr Salmond said he was "not fit to be a public representative".

    "Walker was expelled from the SNP in April 2012, and his conviction by a court of law reinforces his expulsion," he said. Delivering her verdict, Sheriff Kathrine Mackie said: "There was evidence showing the accused to be controlling, domineering, demeaning and belittling towards the three complainers, his former wives. "The evidence also showed him to be untrustworthy, disloyal and unfaithful towards others including his present wife."

    She said that however unacceptable that behaviour was, it did not amount to a criminal offence. Bur she added that the complaint against the accused was not that he behaved abusively but that he committed criminal offences of assault on 23 occasions.

    Air rifle

    Sheriff Mackie said she found all the Crown witnesses, in particular the three principal complainers (the ex-wives), to be credible and reliable. Walker was found guilty of assault at addresses in Edinburgh, Stirling, Midlothian and Alloa, and one charge of breaching the peace. Sheriff Mackie, who heard the case without a jury, found Walker guilty of assaulting his first wife Maureen Traquair on three separate occasions in the 1960s and 1980s.

    On one occasion, he punched her in the face in the run-up to their wedding day in January 1967, giving her a black eye. The MSP was further found to have assaulted his second wife Anne Gruber 15 times at various addresses in Edinburgh and Midlothian between 1978 and 1984. He also brandished an air rifle at her house, committing a breach of the peace, the court found.

    The politician was convicted of four assaults on his third wife Diana Walker, three of which involved slapping or punching her on the face. The attacks happened between June 1988 and January 1995. Walker was also found guilty of assaulting Mrs Gruber's daughter Anne Louise Paterson by repeatedly striking her on the head with a saucepan in 1978, injuring her. He claimed he acted in self-defence after being assaulted by his stepdaughter, who was then 16.

    The MSP's behaviour was described by the prosecution as being "violent, domineering, controlling and relentless" over decades. He engaged in "systematic physical and emotional abuse" towards the women over a prolonged period of time, they said.

    Sunday newspaper

    Walker maintained his innocence and alleged he was the victim of a smear campaign and that his ex-wives colluded to accuse him of domestic violence. He told the court he felt hurt and betrayed after allegations against him emerged in a Sunday newspaper in March last year, and said his second and third wives had been "trying to score some points". He suggested his third wife was motivated by jealousy after being "a bit miffed" that he had won an election.

    But, in the words of prosecutor Les Brown, Walker's "violent and abusive" past "finally caught up" with him in court. His conduct towards all three ex-wives had four similarities, the Crown said - controlling behaviour, uncontrollable bursts of temper, violent conduct and unprovoked and inexplicable assaults.

    Black eye

    The first witness, Ms Traquair, 66, told court she had to wear concealer on their wedding day to hide the black eye Walker had given her two weeks before. The MSP's first wife said he punched her in the eye during an argument a few weeks before their big day in Edinburgh in January 1967. A wedding photograph was said to have shown the black eye he had given her. Russel McPhate, Walker's solicitor said: "Mr Walker is obviously disappointed to be convicted of all the charges today.

    "The verdicts, in particularly the comments of the sheriff, will be very carefully considered. "In the meantime, he'd like to thank his wife, his family, his colleagues, his staff and his friends, who have supported him throughout this ordeal, which of course has lasted since March last year and is not over yet."

  • Full article here


    This is freemasonry working at its extreme when vile bastards that fund men haters like Womens aid with lavish amounts of public money are themselves the biggest abusers of women. These scum are NOT interested in the protection of women ONLY the fleecing of men using widespread abuse allegations that ratchets up the legal aid bill for crooked lawyers and the rent boy perverts like Douglas Haggarty at the legal aid board who approve their fraud.

    A Dunfermline MSP has praised the work of Fife Women’s Aid after the organisation received a large sum of funding.

    Fife Women’s Aid has received a grant of almost £400,000 to help domestic abuse sufferers along the road from victim to survivor. Welcoming the news, Dunfermline SNP MSP Bill Walker said: “Congratulations to Ruth Thomson and everyone at Fife Women’s Aid. They do brilliant work, and it’s great to see significant funding supporting their service, enabling them to keep aiding abused women in Dunfermline and Fife. “This funding will help around 1700 Fife sufferers of domestic abuse, over five years. Evidence suggests early intervention can lead to a 60 per cent reduction in future occurrences of domestic abuse, so this funding is welcome news indeed.”

    The Becoming a Survivor grant, of £399,170, is part of the Big Lottery Fund’s Investing in Communities ‘Transitions’ awards, which aim to tackle disadvantages and address inequalities during life transition periods. The grant will support the Domestic Abuse Advocacy Service, which will enable Fife Women’s Aid to offer advocacy services to domestic abuse sufferers in Fife. The project aims to meet the complex needs of abuse sufferers, improve victim well-being, give early access to emotional and practical support, and help abuse suffers to live safely in the homes of their choice.

  • Bill Walker MSP wife beater and alleged rapist backed money for Womens Aid(VIDEO)
  • Unbelievable audacity of MSP Bill Walker who brutalized ex-wives and now accused of rape
  • Man hating Womens aid supporter and financer MSP Bill Walker is an abuser and alleged rapist
  • SNP MSP Domestic violence supporter who welcomed cash injection for Women's Aid suspended over claims he hit three former wives and teenage step-daughter
  • Womens aid supporter MSP axed on claims he battered three wives
  • American woman in plot to murder husband VIDEO

    And the cops would still arrest him for domestic violence

  • Feminist/freemason law violent men: A woman’s right to know (How about the reverse?)
    MOST men don't need to think twice when their wives ask them for sex.

    But one Brazilian man is glad he turned his missus down after he accused her of trying to poison him to death with her vagina. According to reports, the 43-year-old man's wife asked him to perform oral sex on her, but he didn't go through with it. He apparently noticed a strange smell coming from her private parts and took her to hospital.

    Once there, she said she was in pain and tests were carried out which found that she had allegedly placed a lethal amount of poison in the region - enough to kill her and her husband. The man's wife has now been treated for the poison while her hubby is said to be planning to sue her for attempted murder.

    No charges have so far been made.



  • Mass arrests by masonic controlled masked MET cops in domestic violence clampdown (Why are they dressed in RIOT gear?)
  • Wife finds husband beaten to death in Ealing flat (No sign of the MET's masonic cops when a MAN is being murdered as they are to busy with their DV racket rounding up 264 men on bumped up charges)
  • London's property price rises go hand in glove with freemason met's DV riot raids against men

    Authorities in Camden are investigating an unspeakable crime. They say a woman decapitated a toddler then killed herself. Investigators say Chevonne Thomas, 33, called 9-1-1, and while it’s unclear what was said during that call, dispatchers alerted police that her son was in trouble.

    Jason Laughlin, spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor’s office, says when police arrived at the home along the 1400 block of Kaighns Avenue they found the headless body of Thomas’ two-year-old son, Zharee. “Meanwhile, a woman inside the home was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher while police were outside forming a perimeter,” Laughlin said. ”Ultimately, she stabbed herself in the neck and she also died.” Laughlin says the boy’s head had been placed in the freezer.
    Caroline Collinge Charlotte Collinge: 'Charlotte the Harlot' lured two men home on promise of sex to murder husband for £1 million

    A woman and two men she met in a pub have been found guilty of the murder of her husband, a 'generous and caring' father who died after suffering more than 40 injuries in a savage attack. Nottingham Crown Court heard that Charlotte Collinge, 45, took Stephen Shreeves, 40, and Kelvin Dale, 27, back to her home on the promise of sex, to kill her husband of 14 years, Clifford Collinge. Mr Collinge was found dead on the kitchen floor of the couple’s home in Mansfield, Notts, with 46 separate injuries.

    Prosecutor Peter Joyce QC told the court that a clamp had been used to attack 61-year-old Mr Collinge, who was found lying dead, surrounded by a pool of blood, in the house on Sandy Lane on October 8 last year. Following a four-week trial, a jury of five women and seven men found Collinge, Shreeves and Dale guilty of Mr Collinge’s murder. A fourth man, Robert Proud, 36, was cleared of the charge. The packed public gallery in the courtroom erupted in tears and cries of 'Oh God' as the jury returned its verdicts for each of the defendants.

    Many people sobbed as Mr Joyce read a statement to the court from 16-year-old Cristal, the daughter of Mr Collinge and his wife. Miss Collinge, a student, described her father as 'generous and caring' and said they had done everything together, and her father had meant the world to her. 'He was my hero in every way,' she said. 'He was everything to me. In one night I lost my father, my mother, my home, my pets and all my belongings. How do you tell someone how it feels to lose your whole world in one go?'

    During the trial Mr Joyce told the court that the couple, who had been together for 17 years in total, had a rocky relationship peppered with break-ups and reconciliations, and divorce had been discussed. Collinge was arrested at the scene after claiming she returned home to find her husband on the floor, jurors heard. Giving evidence to the court, Shreeves said he had never met Collinge before the night of the murder and she had started flirting with him as soon as he arrived at the pub.

    He said he was aware of Collinge’s reputation and that she had the nickname Charlotte the harlot. He said there were rumours that she took men back to her house and had sex with them while her husband watched. During the night, Shreeves and Dale, who both denied Mr Collinge’s murder, snorted cocaine in the toilets of the bar and drank a number of pints.

    He said Mrs Collinge invited them back to her house for sex and told them no one was at home. 'She behaved very sexually towards everyone. Someone said if you buy her half a lager she’ll do anything, so I bought her two, to laughter from the group we were with,' he said. On approaching her house, Collinge had said she hated her husband and had asked them if they knew anyone who could kill him, Shreeves said.

    In police interview, he also told officers she had said: 'I want him dead.' He said: 'We just laughed but then the penny started to drop that she was a little bit more dangerous than we first thought. I thought it was a set-up, a f****** honeytrap or something.' Among his many injuries, wealthy Mr Collinge suffered a head injury, fractured ribs and a collapsed lung.

    The court heard that in the event of Mr Collinge passing away, his estate would be split between his wife and two children, Julie Bowles, 34, by his first marriage, and Crystal, 16, who was his and Charlotte Collinge’s daughter. Collinge would have got the £400,000 marital home, a cash payment of £250,000, all of his belongings and half of future rents from other properties he owned.

    All three defendants showed little emotion as the jury returned its guilty verdicts. They were remained in custody as the case was adjourned for sentencing on July 31.

    shazia johnston The old myth spun by womens aid that ALL women need protected from us bad men goes silent everytime another women is charged and jailed for murder. We have collected a huge dossier of women killers that proves the crooked judges, lawyers and cops who support such nonsense are freemasons out to steal a mans life from him using vile allegations and smearing.

    Shazia Johnston jailed for killing lover Lisa-Ann Quigley in Kirkcaldy

    Shazia Johnston Shazia Johnston stabbed a knife into the heart of Lisa Ann Quigley in her Fife home A mother who stabbed her lover to death after she was taunted for being a "mummy's girl" has been jailed for nine years.

    Shazia Johnston was found guilty last month of stabbing a knife into the heart of Lisa Ann Quigley, 30, at her Kirkcaldy home on 11 October 2011. Johnston was convicted of culpable homicide while under provocation.

    She had been accused of murder, but was found guilty of the lesser charge after a trial at the High Court in Glasgow. Johnston said she lashed out to stop an attack on her and her toddler son, but she had no injuries. The court was told during the trial that the couple had a turbulent relationship, including claims that Miss Quigley thought Johnston was cheating on her with men.

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