echelon In a sleepy suburb on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Margaret Newsham is attempting to lead a normal life away from the days where she worked at a giant listening station at RAF base Menwith Hill in Yorkshire, England. Despite this, she is unable to escape her past.

She sleeps with a loaded gun under her bed and is protected by her 120-pound German shepherd, who is trained to guard and attack. At any time, certain factions in the NSA and the CIA may attempt to silence her for her role in the most extensive espionage network on earth, capable of tapping into millions of phone calls an hour: project ECHELON. Mrs. Newsham was an employee for Lockheed Martin, the largest munitions suppliers to the US military and intelligence agencies, the NSA and CIA. Newsham says: “It is almost impossible to tell the difference between NSA agents and civilians employed by Lockheed Martin, Ford and IBM. The borderlines are very vague. I had one of the highest security classifications which required the approval of the CIA, the NSA, the Navy and the Air Force. The approval included both a lie detector test, and an expanded personal history test in which my family and acquaintances were discretely checked by the security agency.”

For her part, Newsham was regretful for the part she played in spying on politicians and ordinary people: “On the day at Menwith Hill when I realized in earnest how utterly wrong it was, I was sitting with one of the many ‘translators’. He was an expert in languages like Russian, Chinese and Japanese. Suddenly he asked me if I wanted to listen in on a conversation taking place in the US at an office in the US Senate Building. Then I clearly heard a southern American dialect I thought I had heard before.” “Who is that?” I asked the translator who told me that it was Republican senator Strom Thurmond. ‘Oh my gosh!’ I thought. We’re not only spying on other countries, but also on our own citizens. That’s when I realized in earnest that what we were doing had nothing to do with national security interests of the US.”

And US Senator Thurmond is just the tip of the iceberg. In 1983, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher asked that government ministers who had challenged her on policy issues be placed under electronic surveillance, although it wasn’t until 2000 that former Canadian secret service insider Mike Frost blew the whistle: “[Thatcher] had two ministers that she said ‘…weren’t onside,’” says Frost. “[She] wanted to find out, not what these ministers were saying, but what they were thinking.” Ever since investigative journalist Duncan Campbell first exposed ECHELON’s existence in 1988, various other ex-intelligence service employees have broken their silence on the network’s activities. Former NSA man Wayne Madsen claimed his former employers held hundreds of pages of information on Princess Diana. The surveillance network was also involved in international economic espionage and could well spy on NGO’s like Amnesty International and Greenpeace. All these informants seem to agree on one thing. This was electronic spying for the 21st Century, capable of listening in on the most confidential contents of people’s lives.


At least ten ECHELON stations operate around the world, and the network has the capacity to monitor huge volumes of international fax, phone and Internet communications. It operates on behalf of five states signed up to the UK-USA Security Agreement: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. No phone call you’ve made or text message you’ve sent is ultimately safe from their electronic eavesdropping. ECHELON is able to intercept and inspect the contents of communications via a global network of satellite stations and monitoring centres that capture radio, satellite, microwave, cellular and fibre optic traffic. It can automatically sift out flagged keywords and flagged addresses from masses of sent information. Says Margaret Newsham: “Even then, ECHELON was very big and sophisticated. As early as 1979 we could track a specific person and zoom in on his phone conversation while he was communicating. Since our satellites could in 1984 film a postage stamp lying on the ground, it is almost impossible to imagine how all-encompassing the system must be today.”

“I just think of ECHELON as a great vacuum cleaner in the sky which sucks everything up,” says ex-Canadian intelligence insider Mike Frost. “We just get to look at the goodies.” Mass surveillance is nothing new. After the interception of short-wave radio communications from great distances during WWII came new opportunities afforded by satellite technology. Now, of course, we live in an age of fibre optics, with over 99 percent of voice and data traffic transmitted via this medium. Yet while fibre optics appear harder to access, they’re far from failsafe. Long-distance cables can be tapped even at submarine levels and intercept equipment placed where fibre optic communications are switched between networks, meaning emails could easily be hijacked.

Ascension Island

In 1996 Nicky Hager, in his book Secret Power, claimed that a remote location in the South Atlantic, Ascension Island, was the secret location for a station that represented a missing piece in the ECHELON puzzle. Installing a station on this volcanic outcrop would have completed the international intelligence 1990s network – a lucky seventh station to help intercept communications in the southern hemisphere, alongside newly added stations in New Zealand and Australia. Several ground stations are key to ECHELON’s global communications network, among them Menwith Hill, Sugar Hill government communications station in West Virginia, Pine Gap in Australia, and New Zealand’s communications bureau GCSB Waihopai. Canada, Japan, the UK, Australia and various states in the US are also known sites for other stations. Then of course there is less known likelihood of a station on Ascension Island. Perhaps it’s worth a mission to that far-flung outpost to find out what’s going on there. You only live twice.



    gps The future and what a ruthless UK government plans for us all.

    A police force is to tag all its officers so that their movements can be tracked in a bid to improve 999 response times. Police vehicles in Norfolk are already equipped with trackers which reveal their exact location in the force control room. The Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS) came into operation this week and means that for the first time the force can accurately map all of its units. Trackers have also been fitted to individual police radios and will be activated later this year to allow controllers to monitor the position of every frontline officer.

    Norfolk Constabulary says the system will allow officers to respond on foot more easily and will provide protection when they are dealing with dangerous incidents. Combined with equipment which pinpoints the locations of 999 callers, the system will allow the force to home in on "shouts" to within yards. The technology also lets operators "filter" a map showing the location of its vehicles and constables to reveal only those with the skills needed for a specific incident. This will allow the force, for example, to location a woman officer trained to deal with the victim of a sexual assault. So far 150 vehicles, including response teams, crime scene investigators, road police, armed response units, dog handlers and unmarked vehicles have been fitted with the equipment at a cost of £72,000.

    Paul Hart, who is in charge of the initiative, said: "We can see the location of each vehicle, which direction it's travelling in and what speed it's travelling at. "The system also provides an estimated response coverage area for each vehicle including speed limits, the nature of individual roads and geographical obstacles such as rivers. If a vehicle is closest as the crow flies, it is not necessarily the best able to respond. "We can combine this with our knowledge of weather conditions, such as snow or rain, or special events, like football matches, which may cause delays.

    "Once the person location system is running we will have a huge wealth of resources available to us on just one screen and will be able to filter it to highlight which units are most relevant to each situation." The system was introduced after the force closed 29 of its 35 response stations. However, Chief Constable Ian McPherson said the move should improve coverage as vehicles spend more time on patrol. Until now police vehicles were allocated call signs that meant they could not leave a specific sector without permission. The force claims that when the people location system is activated it will have the most advanced tracker system in the country.


    spamhaus The Spamhaus Project is a secretive self appointed censoring agent on the internet. They claim to be purely ensuring that spam does not clog it up but at the same time anything that goes out across the net and is seen as a threat to the establishment and its New World Order is forcibly removed . We have been aware for many years of web hosters removing websites that go against the corporate media .

    We knew that there was some mechanism behind all of this as we had been attacked many times and forced to move our articles to multiple servers to avoid them getting lost. This latest attack gives us proof that the server was attacked by Spamhaus and the server was completely stripped of all websites using it to feed information out onto the net.

    Spamhaus (The Spamhaus Project Ltd.) is a non-profit corporation limited by guarantee with its Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and Registered Office in London, United Kingdom.
    The Spamhaus Project Ltd. 18 Avenue Louis Casai CH-1209 Geneva
    The Spamhaus Project Ltd. 26 York Street London W1U 6PZ

    spamhaus FULL SIZE IMAGE


  • Get stopped by the TSA the airport branch of Homeland Security

    spamhaus Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

    American citizens think, wrongly, that the internet is a place where they can somewhat freely express their opinions about social issues important to them. But they are dead wrong - for there is an internet company, based in London, England that continuously monitors internet traffic - and if that company, or any of its members, or its customers, don't like what an American is saying on the internet, they can, and will, shut down that person's access to the internet.
    Surprised? Don't be.

    Controlling internet access, and preventing "free speech" is a despot's dream come true - for it has been the internet, for some time now, that has provided the means for social activists on important issues to communicate, not only with each other, but with the media and the public. The internet has, basically, changed the way people communicate worldwide. Everyone knows that, on the internet, you can type out a message to someone, "CC" it to any number of friends at all corners of the Earth, and in seconds you can get responses. But that's over. Those social activists are being identified by a British company called Spamhaus for its customers, and barriers and blocking devices are being put in place to block communication between activists, groups, and the American public. So far, Spamhaus has taken sides on several issues, and despite the fact that the US is a "free speech" nation, Spamhaus openly states on its website "we don't care what US laws say..."

    How are they able to do that?

    In 2003 the people of the United States, in their infinite wisdom, decided to do something about the internet problem of SPAM (unsolicited commercial email) - so the US legislature passed the Can-Spam act of 2003. In that law, and you can read your copy at, the legislature clearly defined what SPAM is, and what it is not, and set rules for legal broadcasting of commercial email advertising (and, it IS legal - providing the law is followed). The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was given the enforcement job, and was required to establish specific rules & regulations further defining the Can-Spam law. On the FTC website there is clear language about that Can-Spam law. It says, for instance, that "this law is not intended to regulate, or limit, free speech..." Spamhaus, though, ignores the "will of the people" of the United States, and has openly declared war on any, and all, that THEY, using their own over-zealous, and anti-free-speech definition, decide are "spammers." Spamhaus operates a so-called Spam Blocking List (SBL), and makes it available to unknowing Internet Service Providers (ISP) companies to use to block access to customers of the ISPs

    Spamhaus's website list the top-ten CRIMINAL spammers, for instance, in obvious defamation - for anyone who sends out bulk email in the US, acting under the rules laid down by the Can-Spam Act of 2003 is labeled, by Spamhaus as a "criminal." In addition, Spamhaus listed ten major corporations as the worst "spammers" - including MCI, SBC, Comcast, Yahoo, and six others, because those providers allow their customers to operate under Can-Spam laws.. Publicly labeling someone as a "criminal" is clearly legal "defamation." But limiting "free speech," and who can broadcast "political speech," in the US is a new wrinkle. If your email messages are not getting where you send them, or you find out through other means that you are not getting emails sent to you about vital social issues, you can review Spamhaus's strange tirades at Call your ISP and see if they use these people, and ask them if they've reviewed Spamhaus's policies, lately.

    How did we find out about this?

    The last time we broadcast we had about 25% rejects - the emails came back from certain ISPs and jammed our network - so we traced the problem, thinking something went wrong with the software. Nope, it wasn't the software. We traced it to Spamhaus, who, on their website referred anyone asking questions to two "quackbuster" websites. The Spamhaus US Representative(?), named John Blasik, has an interesting record, both criminal and otherwise. His photo, below, copied off another website is a message to all Americans.

    blasik Spamhaus claims to operate out of the United Kingdom, and believes this gives them protection from a lawsuit in the United States. As a matter of fact, Spamhaus is not just Steve Linford (a UK resident), but John Blasik (aka John Reid). a resident of Palm Bay, Florida USA.

    "John Reid" is actually John Blasik. What follows is information taken from public records.
    John Blasik, 4615 Tree Ridge Ln NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905-4658, Tel. 321-951-7718
    Employer and Address: Intersil Corporation, 2401 Palm Bay Road, Palm Bay, FL 32905 TEL: (321) 724-7000, 1-888-468-3774

    Personal E-Mail :

    In conclusion...

    Obviously we are monitoring Spamhaus's activities. We're told that Spamhaus, and their network, are pretty much ineffectual, and are an embarrassment to the REAL anti-spam people - those actually trying to stop spam on the internet - and we can certainly see why. In the mean time, we'll assess the damage they might do, and we are issuing this warning to others to watch out for their clearly anti-American activities.

    As one University professor said about Spamhaus's activities:
    With only 18 volunteers, Spamhaus’ operations are, naturally, almost entirely automated, thereby depriving a blacklisted party any real recourse, notice, or review. This is a very troubling proposition, considering the degree to which e-mail is relied on by any business from sole proprietors to multinationals. Consider the frustration and loss of business that can result if a sole proprietor import exporter’s e-mail is completely blacked out (Spamhaus does not notify the alleged spammer at all. Rather the blacklisted e-mail must be lucky enough to spot the error message referencing Spamhaus in its e-mail client.)

    Today, e-mail is a basic utility like water, electricity, and heat. It must be treated like a basic utility to assure that it is not summarily interrupted. Verizon and ConEd would not simply be able to turn off your phone service and heat without some kind of notification with some explanation of the basis and the process to rectify the problem. The law has evolved in most developed nations to assure that process is a key element in the administration of utilities. In this early phase of the spam war, critical thought must be invested before simply allowing third party entities to take matters into their own hands. While I applaud Spamhaus’ motivation, the potential for abuse and gross miscalculation is too severe to do otherwise.

    Stay tuned...
    Tim Bolen - Health Freedom Advocate

  • SOURCE including Blasiks criminal history
  • Tim Bolen Vs. Spamhaus: The Story of the Man

    spamhaus Our groups websites have been attacked over many years and have recently been given evidence by a web host who is behind these malicious attacks.

    We had our site hosted at

    They had been attacked about a week ago and have recently issued a NOTICE and warning about who is behind this.

    Here is the following message which can be viewed at the above web address

    Your website is down
    To our users,

    This is no longer servers maintenance message. Your website has been shut down by Spamhaus - a gang of international criminals. You are wondering why this happened. Well, Spamhaus is operated by big corporations and these people want small companies like you and us out of the Internet business. They donate money to them for doing so. They say all your hardwork is bullshit and spam.You can read more about this gang here.

    What can we do now? Not much you can do but complain everywhere you can and tell this story to the others. If you have anything to tell us we can always be contacted via this contact form.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience. We will keep you updated on this page.

    Truly yours, Team


    Read the STOPHAUS blog about how these evil bastards are operating and using all sorts of tactics to shut down legitimate websites and the servers in direct conflict with FREE SPEECH. This sinister network no doubt is connected with the masonic agenda and New World Order that is being undermined by activists writing articles exposing this global tyranny,

    Also Spamhaus and its background can be found here


    Spamhaus used by the majority of the Internet's Email Service Providers, Corporations, Universities, Governments and Military networks

  • Spamhaus domain name may be suspended
  • Will Spamhaus Get Shut Down Over Dispute?
  • Secretive Spamhaus twitter pages
  • US Internet "Free Speech" Tightly Controlled by Secret Group

    nwo16 This Orwellian fascism/naziism – and the degradation of almost all public discourse

    An information, diplomatic and legal offensive is needed to break through this.

    There exists a global surveillance and monitoring system that can be used to see and hear and tamper through almost any structure with molecular/brainwave/communications-signal accuracy - and yet we are led to believe that borders are porous and rife with uncontrolled terrorist activity, weapons-smuggling, training camps, and transnational conspiracies - and that evidence, communications and data are to be trusted.


    There exists a massive, coordinated propaganda and public relations machine – that makes Goebbels look like a mere manipulative editor, and J Edgar Hoover look like a Sunday school teacher - controlling and managing the input, output and effects of most information and media worldwide. And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion.


    There exists Secret Geophysical Weapons which are being used to create earthquakes, storms, floods, fires, electrical and mechanical crashes and disasters (cars, planes, trains, ships etc.) and building and bridge collapses, killing millions of people. And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion.


    There exists Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons which are being used to cause the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, surgical mutilations, ‘mind control’, and other mental and physical mutilations on many, many thousands of people worldwide – citizens, combatants and leaders (coup-de-etats and puppet governments, literally), and serious violations of the integrity of electronic data and systems. And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion.


    In the past decade “terrorists” have killed perhaps 30,000 people – ‘The Wars on Terror’ have resulted in the deaths of well over a million people and the ongoing destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan – a veritable Moslem Holocaust - and many other brutal, brazen and extensive crimes against humanity, war crimes and serious violations of human rights and civil liberties worldwide, as the criminals pretend that the world’s most powerful surveillance and military forces can’t establish peace and stability there in 6 and 8 years respectively.


    Since 2001 these criminals have made Dirty Wars and Black Operations fomenting and prolonging conflicts and civil strife in Algeria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Bolivia causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.


    Universal human rights, transparency, the rule of law, democracy, accountability, free and open media, equal rights and opportunities, and serious, responsible, investigative and diverse public discourse etc. have been so completely violated, overridden, degraded and reduced.


    These very serious and horrendous wars and crimes - along with the other such supposedly hugely society/civilization threatening things as criminals, mental health patients including pedophiles, meteors, drunks, human diversity and freedom itself, as well as the incessant pop/tabloid circus and idiocy culture – are being used to lead us into a pseudo-scientific technologically and “medically” determined fascism/naziism – totalitarian and reductionist – i.e. nazi.

    WE ARE BEING COOPTED, FORCED AND TRICKED INTO AN ORWELLIAN FUNCTIONALIST TOTALITARIANISM – EVERYWHERE ON EARTH! - as almost all public discourses including ‘scientific’, ‘academic’ and ‘arts and culture’, and as much as 80% of ‘international news’, ‘events’ and ‘history’, have been degraded into produced and managed dramas/atrocities (i.e. wars, disasters, civil strife etc), and criminally presented as infotainment, endogenous socio-political changes, propaganda, pseudo-sciences and/or specious, tendentious or folkloric productions and discourses.

    Regarding these NWO Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Dirty Wars, Black Operations, Secret Weapons, Destruction of Democratic Institutions and Standards, Total Degradation of Media and Public Discourses, Total Degradation and Disenfranchisement of Civil Society and Institutions there is a complete ORWELLIAN/STALINIST PUBLIC INFORMATION AND INQUIRY BLACKOUT.

    It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes - and the extreme danger that these technologies, powers and tendencies pose to human rights, liberty, democracy, privacy and the mental and physical freedom, individuality, integrity, health and growth of all people – in all their “infinite?” richness, degrees, dimensions, aspects, qualities and diversity!

    Make no mistake these are the most horrendous totalitarian weapons and crimes imaginable and the people and organizations using them are mass-murdering conspirators pursuing totalitarian fundamentalist schemes.

    Beware of the brain and gene phrenologists/determinists/reductionists, and those who seek to control and reduce the range of permissible thoughts, imaginations, feelings, moods, attitudes, speech and psycho-physiologies – the would-be socio-economic, cultural AND PSYCHOLOGICAL/INTELLECTUAL/ PHYSIOLOGICAL monopolists, monoculturalists, police and prosecutors who are already literally and physically actively at work amongst us!! Both monstrously and criminally, and also far more insidiously.

    And beware of this dumbing-down, disenfranchisement, degradation and monoculturalisation caused by the paucity and total degradation of public information and discourse, and the subsequent and consequent “Fahrenheit 451-ing” of previously autonomous cultures, professions, fields of human endeavour, memories, and intelligences.


    (please see the REFERENCES below)


    Like the WWII Nazis the NWO-Nazis must answer for their crimes.


    Secret Geophysical Weapons (earthquake, floods, storms, fires, 9/11) Crimes Against Humanity in Myanmar, China, Japan, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Yemen, Turkey, Greece, USA, Central America, the Carribean, and the Pacific killing well over a million people and massive destruction. And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion. (please see the REFERENCES below)

    War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Torture using Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons to cause the most horrendous psychological tortures, rapes, sexual abuse, surgical mutilations, ‘mind control’, and other mental and physical mutilations on many, many thousands of people worldwide – citizens, combatants and leaders (coup-de-etats and puppet governments, literally). And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion. (please see the REFERENCES below)

    Dirty Wars and Black Operations fomenting and prolonging conflicts and civil strife in Algeria, Sudan, Congo, Somalia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, the Caucasus, Pakistan, India, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, China, Tibet, Cambodia, Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Bolivia causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

    Crimes Against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of well over a million people and the ongoing destruction of those countries, as the criminals pretend that the world’s most powerful surveillance and military forces can’t establish peace and stability there in 6 and 8 years respectively.

    Crimes Against Humanity using Directed Energy Weapons to cause electrical and mechanical crashes and disasters (cars, planes, trains, ships etc.), building and bridge collapses, and serious violations of the integrity of electronic data and systems killing thousands of people and causing much criminal malfeasance. And which are being used for heavy geopolitical and criminal blackmail and extortion. (please see the REFERENCES below)

    Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by other Governments, Agencies and International Organisations as there’s no genuine information or analyses about any of these crimes – at all.

    Active Criminal Complicity in all of the above crimes by the Media Monopolies and “professionals” as there’s no genuine information or analyses about any of these crimes – at all. (please see the REFERENCES below)

    WE ARE BEING COOPTED AND FORCED AND TRICKED INTO AN ORWELLIAN FUNCTIONALIST TOTALITARIANISM – EVERYWHERE ON EARTH! - as almost all public discourses including ‘scientific’, ‘academic’ and ‘arts and culture’, and as much as 80% of ‘international news’, ‘events’ and ‘history’, have been degraded into produced and managed dramas/atrocities (i.e. wars, disasters, civil strife etc), and criminally presented as infotainment, endogenous socio-political changes, propaganda, pseudo-sciences and/or specious, tendentious or folkloric productions and discourses.

    Regarding these NWO Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, Dirty Wars, Black Operations, Secret Weapons, Destruction of Democratic Institutions and Standards, Total Degradation of Media and Public Discourses, Total Degradation and Disenfranchisement of Civil Society and Institutions there is a complete ORWELLIAN/STALINIST PUBLIC INFORMATION AND INQUIRY BLACKOUT.

    It is our responsibility to record and alert the world to these horrendous crimes - and the extreme danger that these technologies, powers and tendencies pose to human rights, liberty, democracy, privacy and the mental and physical freedom, individuality, integrity, health and growth of all people – in all their “infinite?” richness, degrees, dimensions, aspects, qualities and diversity!

    Make no mistake these are the most horrendous totalitarian weapons and crimes imaginable and the people and organizations using them are mass-murdering conspirators pursuing totalitarian fundamentalist schemes.

    Beware of this dumbing-down, disenfranchisement, degradation and monoculturalisation caused by the paucity and total degradation of public information and discourse, and the subsequent and consequent “Fahrenheit 451-ing” of previously autonomous cultures, professions, fields of human endeavour, memories, and intelligences.


    stasi Stasi HQ UK... where details of all your journeys are secretly logged and kept for a decade

    This anonymous office building on a business park near Heathrow Airport is where the Government has begun monitoring millions of British holidaymakers using its controversial new 'terrorist detector' database. The top-secret computer system - tied into the airlines' ticketing network - makes judgments about travel habits and passengers' friends and family to decide if they are a security risk. Like something from a science-fiction film, the Home Office has designed it to spot a 'criminal' or terrorist before they have done anything wrong. The building's address is, some might say sinisterly, called Status Park 4.

    But the intrusiveness of the system at the heart of Government's so-called 'e-Borders' scheme has provoked such fury among civil liberties campaigners that some consider it akin to a modern-day Stasi headquarters. All the information passengers give to travel agents, including home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, passport details and the names of family members, is shared with an unknown number of Government agencies for 'analysis' and stored for up to ten years. But even as the 'profiling' system goes live, its reliability is being called into question.

    An internal Home Office document obtained by The Mail on Sunday reveals that during testing one 'potential suspect' turned out to be an airline passenger with a spinal injury flying into Britain with his nurse. 'Suspect' requests likely to cause innocent holidaymakers to get 'red flags' as potential terrorists include ordering a vegetarian meal, asking for an over-wing seat and travelling with a foreign-born husband or wife. The system will also 'red flag' passengers buying a one-way ticket and making a last-minute reservation and those with a history of booking tickets and not showing up for the flights. A previous history of travel to the Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Iran will also trigger an alarm, as will those with a record of sponsoring an immigrant from any of these countries.

    Starting during the Easter holiday rush, millions of people will be checked by the new National Border Targeting Centre (NBTC). By the end of the year the NBTC, which is recruiting 250 staff, will have been relocated to another office near Manchester Airport and will be analysing the movements of 120million UK travellers. Initially it will target airlines but will be expanded to check passengers on ferries and trains, including some journeys within the UK. At the heart of the system is a highly classified computer algorithm designed to pick out people to be searched, questioned by security staff or barred from flying.

    An internal Home Office Border and Immigration Agency document explains how Britain's new system will work. Written by Tim Rymer, head of the Joint Border Operations Centre, the forerunner to the new NBTC, it explains how it will use 'Passenger Name Record' (PNR) information given when travellers buy a ticket. The document, written in March last year after a trial examining 30million passengers, reveals: 'PNR is checked against profiles of behavioural patterns which indicate risk activity.

    'Profiles are run to identify behaviour, not to identify individuals, and are based on evidence and intelligence.' Mr Rymer revealed that the information secured from the airlines for e-Borders would then also be available to other unnamed Government departments and held for up to ten years. He wrote: 'E-Borders acts as a single window for carriers to provide data to Government.' The system is bound to cause concerns about the handling of confidential personal data. But Mr Rymer reported that he was 'confident our use of PNR data is proportionate and complies with robust data-protection safeguards'.

    Intending to show how his team double-checked the computerised suspect reports, Mr Rymer admitted: 'Profiling identified a potential suspect; however further examination of his booking details revealed that the passenger was suffering from a spinal injury and was being escorted by a nurse. 'In this way the PNR information enabled the passenger to be eliminated from the profile match.' Others flagged up then eliminated as suspects included travellers with comments on their bookings including: 'Please treat passenger with sensitivity - death in the family' or 'Wheelchair requested - broken leg'. The system was originally designed to identify suspect freight shipments.

    Until now international no-fly lists have been based on painstaking intelligence and people's criminal records. But the Border and Immigration Agency's new 'rule-based targeting' system works by building up a complete picture of passengers' travel history and the detailed information they give to airlines and travel agencies when booking a flight. It compares these answers and requests to other government databases and also shares the information with other countries around the world. The computer then makes value judgments about whether peculiar decisions and requests fit its secret terrorist or criminal profiles. In the United States, where the Department of Homeland Security has been running a similar system for several years, people with a poor driving record have been subjected to further checks.

    The American system has also been criticised for awarding so-called 'terrorism points' to passengers depending on their level of 'suspicious' travel activity. The Home Office argues the e-Borders system will 'transform our border control to ensure greater security, effectiveness and efficiency'. 'To do so,' the department says, 'we will make full use of the latest technology to provide a way of collecting and analysing information on everyone who travels to or from the United Kingdom.' But the UK system, and others across Europe that all share their passenger data, are facing increasing criticism.

    The EU's Home Affairs Committee is currently carrying out an inquiry examining whether the use of profiling, particularly when it focuses on particular ethnic groups, is illegal. In searching for terrorists, and flagging people who have travelled to the Middle East or Pakistan, the system is likely to pick out a high proportion of Muslims. In its initial report the EU committee says using this data is against EU regulations and the practice is leading to a lack of trust in law enforcement and the fear of discrimination. It adds that it is 'concerned [the] system providing for the collection of personal data of passengers travelling to the EU could provide a basis for profiling...on the basis of race or ethnicity'. And the EU report continues: 'Repeated concerns raised by the [European] Parliament in connection with racial, ethnic and behavioural profiling in the context of data protection, law-enforcement co-operation, exchange of data and intelligence, aviation and transport security, immigration and border management and anti-discrimination measures have not so far been adequately addressed.'


    observe They are used to walking the beat to deter crime but the police may soon be asked to cover every nook and cranny of their patch — to locate and record the presence of every CCTV camera. Senior officers want several forces to count the cameras in an attempt to provide an accurate figure of the number across the entire country.

    The exercise comes amid claims that the proliferation of CCTV cameras is turning Britain into a surveillance society. Yet it has emerged that one of the figures most frequently used to justify the claim — that there are 4.2 million cameras — is an estimate based on a survey of only two streets in London seven years ago. The mapping exercise would allow police to find out how many cameras are working and capable of providing images of a high enough standard to identify suspected criminals.





  • Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK - A brief guide for street photographers.

    Know your rights when you're out with your camera.

    Despite the law being clear on a citizen's rights to freely take pictures in public places (with a few restrictions) there is growing evidence of the police, police community support officers (PCSOs), security guards and general jobsworths failing to respect the rights of photographers going about their lawful business.


    sensecam SenseCam is a wearable digital camera that is designed to take photographs passively, without user intervention, while it is being worn. Unlike a regular digital camera or a cameraphone, SenseCam does not have a viewfinder or a display that can be used to frame photos. Instead, it is fitted with a wide-angle (fish-eye) lens that maximizes its field-of-view. This ensures that nearly everything in the wearer’s view is captured by the camera, which is important because a regular wearable camera would likely produce many uninteresting images.

    SenseCam also contains a number of different electronic sensors. These include light-intensity and light-color sensors, a passive infrared (body heat) detector, a temperature sensor, and a multiple-axis accelerometer.

    observe Face scanners being introduced in schools to speed up pupil registration and queues for canteen lunches sparked a 'Big Brother' row today. New infra-red facial recognition systems - similar to those increasingly used at passport controls - are able to scan children's faces as they approach the school entrance. They can also recognise pupils as they buy school dinners in cashless canteens or borrow books from the library, while also providing protection from unwanted visitors.

    Aurora, the biometric firm which has developed the system, will begin trials of its product in St Neots Community College, Cambridgeshire next week. The school will initially use the technology to help them identify late-comers. But the use of facial recognition systems in schools merely for administrative convenience was condemned by campaigners, who attacked Big Brother-style surveillance and warned about the risk to pupils of identity theft.

    Aurora will also showcase the system at the Bett education technology show in London next week to gauge teachers' reactions. It says it is 'hopeful' of a positive response since the system is 'ultra-fast', can verify an identity in 1.5 seconds and is more accurate than a human. Schools using the technology would first take an infra-red photograph of students which would be stored on a secure system, possibly alongside their names. Students approaching the recognition device, which can be attached to a wall or positioned on a desk, can be identified from up to a metre away. Their faces are scanned using an invisible infra-red light.

    Paul Coase, Aurora's sales and marketing manager, said: 'The data is stored on a school managed and controlled server. 'At St Neots it is incredibly secure and it's encrypted. That is pretty standard across local authorities and schools. 'The kind of data that's stored is a grainy infra-red image of a student. The image is stored as an encrypted biometric template. As it's encrypted, it's almost impossible to extract any information from.' Schools have previously experimented with fingerprint scanners and even radio transponder chips embedded in school uniforms but the new system goes further.

    Official guidance to schools says they do not have to seek parental consent before introducing biometric systems although heads should ensure they 'normally involve' parents in decisions to introduce the technology. But campaigners said facial recognition technology was appropriate to protect national security - not to issue children with library books or check their absenteeism. David Clouter, of the pressure group Leave Them Kids Alone, branded the development 'appalling' and warned that children could in future be vulnerable to identity fraud.

    'It is alarming that this information will be stored on school systems,' he said. 'There's no way a school could have the level of security of the passport office. That would cost millions and schools would not have the budget. 'If the data itself is ever compromised, that's it - you can't rewind and get a new face or get new fingerprints. 'If children get used to presenting fingerprints or looking into something, they will do it for trivial situations, and all these things help a Big Brother state and could lead to all databases about you being tied into one place.'

    He added: 'All these things tend to make our schools more impersonal. Whatever happened to the teacher at the gates saying "where's little Johnny?"' The Venerable Bede School in Sunderland installed an iris scanner in 2003 but removed it a year later because it sometimes failed to recognise students and slowed lunch queues. Fingerprint schemes are growing in popularity, however.

    The increasing use of biometric technology by schools comes at a time of growing concern over the safe storage of personal data following a string of security breaches. Personal details of more than a million bank customers were found last year on a computer sold on eBay. The month before, a computer memory stick containing the personal details of 127,000 prisoners and high-risk offenders including rapists and murderers was lost by an employee of a private contractor working for the Home Office. In November 2007, two computer discs holding bank details and National Insurance numbers of 25 million child benefit claimants got lost in the post.


    id card What's Our National Identity?

    Oracle's Larry Ellison and Harvard's Allen Dershowitz have been all over the media recently pitching a National ID Card. One poll indicates 70% public support for the notion. Most critics of a National Identity Card mention Hitler, police stops, and personal privacy to argue against the proposal. Those are good reasons to oppose a National ID Card, but they miss the idea's worst features.

    Proponents of a National I.D. Card have a responsibility to tell us exactly what the system will do to day-to-day life in America. They are unlikely to do so because most thoughtful Americans would be alarmed at the prospect.

    A National I.D. card is *not* really about identity.

    It is about authorization. A modern National I.D. System will:

    * Require Americans to obtain federal government authorization to travel, work, rent or buy housing, obtain medical care, use financial services, and make many purchases.

    * This federal authorization could be denied for many reasons including database errors, a suspicious transaction profile, being a deadbeat parent, failure to pay taxes or fines, and any other social control measures Congress wishes to hang on the system.

    * The system will almost certainly create an outlaw class - as large as 10 to 20% of the population - cut off from "normal" life in America. This class will include political refuseniks as well as those whose behavior has caused the system's software to deny their transactions. This outlaw class will sustain the underground economy for the use of future terrorists (and ordinary criminals).

    These effects are easy to predict because they've already happened on a lesser scale.

    Previous National I.D. proposals covered such activities as travel, work authorization, national health care, and licensing of drivers. All of these proposed systems were meant to deny access to air travel, work, medical care, and driving to those who were not authorized for these activities. The events of September 11th mean that many more transactions will require a National I.D. It is likely that the I.D. will be required for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, Rx drugs, firearms, ammunition, knives, fertilizer, flying lessons, or any other goods or services the government considers dangerous. Additionally, in order to track the movement of potential terrorists, the New Improved National I.D. Card will have to control all transportation including car rentals and purchases, accommodations and financial services. A large chunk of our lives.

    When you present your National I.D. to complete a transaction, you will actually be asking the Federal Government for its permission. It converts most significant transactions that you make from private ones to public ones. It creates a government license for all jobs, all travel, all medical care, and many purchases. This is a profoundly troubling departure from American traditions.

    Beyond federal licensing there are all the reasons that the system will reject your proposed transaction. A National I.D. System can't control terrorists or illegals unless it uses software based on credit card fraud detection software to block suspicious transaction and then deny the use of the I.D. Card and notify the appropriate authorities. To understand how this will work, you have to understand how modern credit card software works. A credit card authorization system performs a large number of checks to decide whether or not to authorize a proposed transaction. First, it checks to see if the card is in the system, has not been reported stolen, and has adequate credit for the transaction. But then it goes further. It checks the customer's transaction history, it checks the exact nature of recent transactions and of the proposed transaction to see how they fit the customer's profile and the profile of fraudulent transactions that it has stored in its system. It then produces a "score" which it uses to determine whether or not to authorize the transaction. This is real "profiling".

    But even if you are you, the I.D. card is valid, and your transactions aren't suspicious; your right to travel, work, and buy will still likely be blocked by social control measures added by Congress or the administrative bureaucracy. We know that this will happen because that is exactly what *has* happened with drivers licenses. A drivers license once meant that your state considered you a safe driver. Today, you can be denied a license for failing to pay child support, failure to pay traffic and other fines (including library fines), being a non-resident alien, and for hundreds of other "offenses". State legislatures could not resist the temptation to leverage the drivers license system to control their populations. Their actions were based on the idea that "driving is a privilege not a right." The future abuse of the National I.D. Card will be based on the idea that "living is a privilege not a right."

    When your National I.D. Card is denied (for whatever reason), you will find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation. But you will not be alone. In America today, some 20% of the population does not use credit cards or bank accounts because they are unwilling or unable to perform the financial management tasks necessary to maintain such accounts. Similarly, the National I.D. card will produce a population of political or life-style refuseniks who will or cannot use it. Such populations do not disappear. They continue to survive as best they can and support a robust underground economy with its well-known negative effects on tax collection, obedience to law, and social cohesion. As convenient as a National I.D. card seems for law enforcement, it is an un-American notion. It comes from a political system explicitly rejected by those men who founded this country. The English language has a word for a system in which the central government of a country must authorize in advance all of its citizen's activities. That word is totalitarian.

    by Duncan Frissell

    His Social Security card reads "For Social Security and tax purposes--not for identification."

  • Smith to unveil airport I.D. scheme
  • BIG BROTHER: 'Black box' will store all traffic on Net

    alton towers Theme park visitors can be tagged.

    The scheme aims to deter crime and help find lost children. Visitors to Alton Towers could soon be tagged and tracked by cameras in a new system to video their entire day that could also tighten security. The Staffordshire theme park will offer entrants wrist bands containing tiny Radio Frequency Identification chips.

    Guests would be watched as they use the park and will be filmed on rides, which the creators say would also cut crime. At the end of the day they would then be given the option to buy the footage in a personalised DVD. Alton Towers said work is still being carried out on its system but it could be available next year. Experts at Venue Solutions, the firm behind the project, say the tags can also be used to track lost children and cut crime such as break-ins and vandalism. The system called Your Day could also be introduced to Busch Gardens in Florida, and Disneyland Paris. Al Page, from Your Day, said: "It will involve cameras being strategically placed along the paths of rides and at prime photo-opportunity locations.

    Security 'secondary'

    "The cameras will be used to track and video park visitors while they experience the park's attractions." But Liz Greenwood, from Alton Towers, said the security aspect was secondary as the wristbands would not be compulsory. "If people don't want to take part that is their choice," she said. "Only the people who opt into the scheme will be filmed so if a child is lost, for instance, the system will only track the child if his/her parents have opted in."


    ozzie flag AUSTRALIA will join China in implementing mandatory censoring of the internet under plans put forward by the Federal Government. The revelations emerge as US tech giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, and a coalition of human rights and other groups unveiled a code of conduct aimed at safeguarding online freedom of speech and privacy.

    The government has declared it will not let internet users opt out of the proposed national internet filter. The plan was first created as a way to child and adult content, but could be extended to include controversial websites on euthanasia or anorexia. Communications minister Stephen Conroy revealed the mandatory censorship to the Senate estimates committee as the Global Network Initiative, bringing together leading companies, human rights organisations, academics and investors, committed the technology firms to "protect the freedom of expression and privacy rights of their users".

    Mr Conroy said trials were yet to be carried out, but "we are talking about mandatory blocking, where possible, of illegal material." The net nanny proposal was originally going to allow Australians who wanted uncensored access to the web the option of contacting their internet service provider to be excluded from the service. Human Rights Watch has condemned internet censorship, and argued to the US Senate "there is a real danger of a Virtual Curtain dividing the internet, much as the Iron Curtain did during the Cold War, because some governments fear the potential of the internet, (and) want to control it"

    Groups including the System Administrators Guild of Australia and Electronic Frontiers Australia have attacked the proposal, saying it would unfairly restrict Australians' access to the web, slow internet speeds and raise the price of internet access. EFA board member Colin Jacobs said it would have little effect on illegal internet content, including child pornography, as it would not cover file-sharing networks. "If the Government would actually come out and say we're only targeting child pornography it would be a different debate," he said.

    The technology companies' move, which follows criticism that the companies were assisting censorship of the internet in nations such as China, requires them to narrowly interpret government requests for information or censorship and to fight to minimise cooperation. The initiative provides a systematic approach to "work together in resisting efforts by governments that seek to enlist companies in acts of censorship and surveillance that violate international standards", the participants said. In a statement, Yahoo co-founder and chief executive Jerry Yang welcomed the new code of conduct.

    "These principles provide a valuable roadmap for companies like Yahoo operating in markets where freedom of expression and privacy are unfairly restricted," he said. "Yahoo was founded on the belief that promoting access to information can enrich people's lives, and the principles we unveil today reflect our determination that our actions match our values around the world." Yahoo was thrust into the forefront of the online rights issue after the Californian company helped Chinese police identify cyber dissidents whose supposed crime was expressing their views online.

    China exercises strict control over the internet, blocking sites linked to Chinese dissidents, the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement, the Tibetan government-in-exile and those with information on the 1989 Tiananmen massacre. A number of US companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, Google and Yahoo, have been hauled before the US Congress in recent years and accused of complicity in building the "Great Firewall of China". The Australian Christian Lobby, however, has welcomed the proposals.

    Managing director Jim Wallace said the measures were needed.

    "The need to prevent access to illegal hard-core material must be placed above the industry's desire for unfettered access," Mr Wallace said.


    iplus Ever seen one of these in your local area or similar? Free internet use in the middle of the street?

    Noticable they are positioned outside Post Offices and shopping centres? Look closer and you will notice the webcam just above the screen.

    Councils putting these up all over the place at KEY locations and that webcam can be controlled at a distance when not being used for internet service. When do councils provide these type of FREE services if not for ulterior motives.

    UK councils are acting more like the stasi using every and any means to monitor and control local residents .

  • iplus multipoint


  • For anyone who stills chants the same "I have done thing wrong so I have nothing to fear" quote fail to understand history and what the future of ever increasing state monitoring will lead to.

    The British and American press in the 60's were publishing how Russia using the KGB were monitoring their citizens and trying to suggest the UK and USA was much better for not doing so. What are these two countries doing now using their ever more sophisticated high tech surveillance toys? This video gives some idea of the hidden dangers of the the oppressive use of this technology supposedly against the threat of terror.The terrorists we should most be concerned about are in Westminster and the White House.



    A German art project could help the British avoid the oppressive proliferation of surveillance cameras in their country. The I-R.A.S.C is simple, consisting of a circle of infra-red LEDs mounted on a headband. The infra red is invisible to The Man, but will cause CCTV cameras to flare out over the face of the wearer, obscuring his identity and making this the digital equivalent of a hooded sweatshirt.

    This is not a production unit, but given that you'd only need a hat, a battery and a few LEDs, you could easily knock one up in the garage


    phonetap Officials from the top of Government to lowly council officers will be given unprecedented powers to access details of every phone call in Britain under laws coming into force tomorrow. The new rules compel phone companies to retain information, however private, about all landline and mobile calls, and make them available to some 795 public bodies and quangos. The move, enacted by the personal decree of Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, will give police and security services a right they have long demanded: to delve at will into the phone records of British citizens and businesses.

    The Government will be given access to details of every phone call in Britain. But the same powers will also be handed to the tax authorities, 475 local councils, and a host of other organisations, including the Food Standards Agency, the Department of Health, the Immigration Service, the Gaming Board and the Charity Commission. The initiative, formulated in the wake of the Madrid and London terrorist attacks of 2004 and 2005, was put forward as a vital tool in the fight against terrorism. However, civil liberties campaigners say the new powers amount to a 'free for all' for the State snooping on its citizens.

    And they angrily questioned why the records were being made available to so many organisations. Similar provisions are being brought in across Europe, but under much tighter regulation. In Britain, say critics, private and sensitive information will inevitably fall into the wrong hands. Records will detail precisely what calls are made, their time and duration, and the name and address of the registered user of the phone. The files will even reveal where people are when they made mobile phone calls. By knowing which mast transmitted the signal, officials will be able to pinpoint the source of a call to within a few feet. This can even be used to track someone's route if, for example, they make a call from a moving car. Files will also be kept on the sending and receipt of text messages.

    By 2009 the Government plans to extend the rules to cover internet use: the websites we have visited, the people we have emailed and phone calls made over the net. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has spearheaded the move to give police and security services access to the phone records of British citizens and businesses. The new laws will make it a legal requirement for phone companies to keep records for at least a year, and to make them available to the authorities. Until now, companies have been reluctant to allow unfettered access to their files, citing data protection laws, although they have had a voluntary arrangement with law enforcement agencies since 2003. Many of the organisations granted access to the records already have systems allowing them to search phone-call databases over a computer link without needing staff at the phone company to intervene.

    Police requests for phone records will need the approval of a superintendent or inspector, while council officials must get permission from the authority's assistant chief officer. Thousands of staff in other agencies will be legally entitled to retrieve the records once the request is approved by a senior official. The new measures were implemented after the Home Secretary signed a 'statutory instrument' on July 26. The process allows the Government to alter laws without a full act of Parliament. The move was nodded through the House of Lords two days earlier without a debate. It puts into UK law a European Directive aimed at the 'investigation, detection and prosecution of serious crime'. But the British law allows the information to be used much more widely to combat all crimes, however minor.

    The huge number of organisations allowed to access this data was attacked by Liberty, the civil liberties campaign group. Other organisations allowed to see the data include the Royal Navy Regulating Branch, the Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary, the Department of Trade and Industry, NHS Trusts, ambulance and fire services, the Department of Transport and the Department for the Environment. A spokesman for Liberty said: 'Hundreds of bodies have been given the power to look at this highly sensitive information. It is yet another example of how greater and greater access is being given to information on our movements with little debate and little public accountability. 'It is a free for all. There is a lack of oversight of how and why public bodies are using these records. There is no public record of what they are using this information for.'

    Tony Bunyan, of civil liberties group Statewatch, said: 'The retention of everyone's communications data is a momentous decision, one that should not be slipped through Parliament without anyone noticing.' Last year, the voluntary arrangement allowed 439,000 searches of phone records. But the Government brought in legislation because the industry did not routinely keep all the information it wanted. Different authorities will have different levels of access to the systems. Police and intelligence services will be able to see more detailed information than local authorities. And officials at NHS Trusts and ambulance and fire services can obtain the records only in rare cases when, for example, they are trying to save a patient's life. The new system will be overseen by the Interception of Communications Commissioner, who also ensures security and intelligence services' phone taps are legal.

    The commissioner, Sir Paul Kennedy, reports to the Prime Minister and already carries out random inspections of some agencies legally allowed to see phone records under the existing voluntary scheme. Last year inspectors visited 22 councils already making 'significant' use of their powers' to access phone records. A report said the results were 'variable', but within the law. Privacy watchdog the Information Commissioner, which has responsibly for protecting personal information and policing the Data Protection Act had virtually no role in the new laws. A spokeswoman said its only function was to ensure 'data security' at the phone companies, adding: 'We have no oversight role over the release of this information.'

    The Home Office said there were safeguards to ensure the new law was being used properly. Every authority had a nominated senior member of staff who was legally responsible for the use the phone data was put to, 'the integrity of the process' and for 'reporting errors'. A spokesman said: 'The most detailed level of data can be accessed only by law enforcement agencies such as the police. More basic access is available to local authority bodies such as trading standards and environmental health who can only use these powers to prevent and detect crime.'

    A spokesman for the Local Government Association, which represents councils across England and Wales, said: 'Councils would only use these powers in circumstances such as benefit fraud, when the taxpayer is being ripped off for many thousands of pounds.' He added that it was 'very unlikely' the powers would be used against non-payers of council tax or for parking fines 'as the sums involved are not sufficient to justify the use of this sort of information or the costs involved in applying it'.

  • Source
  • Are you bugged?

  • CCTV in addicts’ homes to protect children
  • Cameras in addicts’ homes may save young lives
  • To protect our children(like the Nazi's?)
  • George Orwell, Big Brother is watching your house
  • Warning over 'big brother' data risk
  • Has Big Brother taken over our security?

    wakeup Do you feel free and safe walking down any High Street with CCTV spying on your every move? FREEDOM is about having your rights and privacy respected .It is for the individual to decide whether they want to live their life under the cloud of a network of spy cameras. That choice has been taken away by the New World Order gangsters that are so paranoid that they have to ensure the citizens they control are monitored every step they take.

    It doesn't matter that some people think surveillance will cure crime and stop terrorism.This is a system of control that ignores the fact that there are large numbers of individuals that are finding the mushrooming CCTV network ,operated by the NWO goons ,is making them more and more uncomfortable as there is now less and less areas of towns and cities free of the spies watching our every move. This is a racket ,like defence,for the purveyors of this system of spying that requires massive infrastructure ,in the purchase ,the construction,the maintenance and control .The cost of the cable network alone runs into billions without including the costly maintenance of those cables when damaged.Anyone who wants to know the real reason for this seismic shift in surveillance should watch the film THE SKULLS

    A network of secret society control ,were the members have their phone tapped,CCTV watching their every move to ensure they stick strictly to allegiances and oaths that protect the self appointed rich elite in the USA.Bush ,Clinton ,Kerry and many other presidents have all been enrolled in Yales Skull and Bones secret society that taps candidates and buys their loyalties before they go on to become the leaders of the industrialized network that only THEY can head.

    The monitoring ensures any straying from sworn oaths can be captured for use in the blackmail technique that controls their loyalties to the hidden powers that ruthlessly rule the USA.A self- appointed elite who have for centuries ruled with an iron fist over the rights and freedoms of American citizens unaware of the devil worshipping cult that creates monsters ,like Bush ,to ravage countries across the globe in their wars against terrorism.A terrorism created by them for the billion dollar defence and surveillance industry that uses up more American dollars than any other ,controlled entirely by bonesmen.

    Our groups along with others throughout the world say to these evil bastards that enough is enough as we grow in numbers ,while helping to re-educate those who have yet to see THE LIGHT .We are throwing down the gauntlet to the mobsters who are supposed to serve the people NOT ENSLAVE them.Technology has given mankind the first chance to BREAK this centuries old cycle of CONTROL.They are waking up to the fact that we can no longer be continually brainwashed using their media network that has lied to us for so long.The reality is that we are no longer going to tolerate this enormous intrusion into our lives ,our homes and families.

    Their days are numbered ,the systems they have used to deviously manipulate us and enslave us have been beaten by the same technology and no matter how much they try and stifle dissent with their spying tools they can NEVER stifle mans right to freedoms that do not include the plans for their master race and their New World Order.We must ALL join the resistance movement against the 1984 world they have planned for future generations,we owe that to our children.



  • The F.B.I. and we are sure secret services around the world are now not only able to track your movements using cellphone technology but now they can switch on the microphone to bug your conversations.Even switching the phone OFF wont stop your MOBILE phone being used to listen into your conversations.This video gives some ideas as to how to find out if your mobile is bugged.Fox news have been running a similar warnings so we should all be pretty cautious as to who might want to install a system throughout the mobile network and can we trust mobile phone companies ?


    speedcam They have been demolished with diggers, destroyed by fire and even blown up with explosives by angry motorists. Now a speed camera billed as the toughest in the world has been designed in an attempt to repel vandals. The device towers 13ft above the road and features strengthened glass as well as a fire-resistant body and a stiffened steel base. It is fitted with smoke and vibration sensors which can detect an attack.

    If someone does try to damage the camera, it triggers an alarm at the nearest police station and automatically downloads all its vital digital photographic data back to base so that no evidence is lost. The camera's enforcement technology is just as hi-tech. It can monitor four lanes of traffic at once, take front and rear facing images and, unlike the UK's current fixed speed cameras, can patrol both sides of the road simultaneously.

    The IDEE machine - it stands for Innovative Digital Enforcement Environment - is already in use in Holland. According to the car magazine Auto Express, the Dutch manufacturer is hoping to bring it to the UK. Mat Watson, news and features editor of Auto Express, said: "We've spoken to the maker and have found out they are keen to sell it across the rest of Europe including Britain. "This would be done through their UK operation.




  • Interesting developments in tagging and tracking commodities .However the NWO madmen plan to do the same with humans with microchips so small you wont even know you have them on you. Like in clothing you have purchased.

    Secret tagging without our knowledge and without our consent is the next moves by those who seek to enslave us all . The future use of technology should be to enhance the world we live in NOT to abuse our privacy and freedoms which will be the next step in this sinister agenda.


    cctv Britain, already one of the most snooped-upon nations on Earth, is about to become a nation of snoopers.

    A network of citizen crimewatchers will be given the chance of winning up to £1,000 by monitoring CCTV security cameras over the internet. The cameras’ owners will pay a fee to have users watch the footage. The scheme, Internet Eyes, is being promoted as a game and is expected to go “live” next month with a test run in Stratford-upon-Avon. Subscribers will be able to register free and will be given up to four cameras to monitor.

    Eventually the consortium behind the idea hopes to have internet users around the world focused on Britain’s 4.2 million security cameras, waiting to see and report a crime in return for cash prizes. The project has already attracted criticism from civil liberties groups, which claim it could turn Britain into a “snoopers’ paradise”. They fear nosey neighbours could spy on homeowners putting the wrong rubbish in their bins and report motorists for the most minor misdemeanours.

    In addition to camera footage, the Internet Eyes website will also feature a rogues’ gallery of criminals along with a list of their offences and which internet user helped to catch them. Tony Morgan, who set up the site, said: “This could turn out to be the best crime prevention weapon there’s ever been. I wanted to combine the serious business of stopping crime with the incentive of winning money. “There are over four million CCTV cameras and only one in a thousand is watched. This way cameras will be watched 24 hours a day.”

    Subscribers will try to collect points by monitoring cameras in real time. If they see anything suspicious, they will click a button to send a still picture and text message to the camera’s owner. The owner will then send a feedback e-mail to the person reporting the incident, indicating whether there has been a crime or suspected crime. Users will be awarded one point for spotting a suspected crime and three if they see an actual crime. They can also lose points if the camera operator decides that the alert was not a crime.

    Charles Farrier, the director of the pressure group No CCTV, said: “It is an appalling idea for a game and will create a snoopers’ paradise. "It is something which should be nipped in the bud. It will not only encourage a dangerous spying mentality, but also could lead to dangerous civil rights abuses. “What if a group of racists decide to send alerts every time a black person is seen on screen, and what’s stopping criminals using the cameras to scope out where to commit crimes?”

    James Woodward, head of the technical team of Internet Eyes, said that safeguards, including a ban on players who sent three incorrect alerts, would prevent the game being abused. For privacy reasons, users will not know the location of cameras.

    “Whoever has a CCTV camera, be it the police, local authorities or business or homeowners, can sign up to have their cameras watched. We hope to include police cameras very soon,” Woodward said. The scheme will initially use CCTV cameras in shops and businesses in Stratford-upon-Avon but hopes to include cameras across the country by the end of the year, before going worldwide next year.

    Britain is one of the world’s most monitored societies, with one camera per fourteen people. It has 20 per cent of the world’s CCTV cameras, but only one per cent of the global population. In August, an internal report by the Metropolitan Police disclosed that just one crime was being solved for every thousand of London’s estimated one million surveillance cameras.