• Zionist propaganda merchant Danny Cohen, BBC director of television, defends his HUGE salary
  • Why is the BBC Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune? BBC stashes sum away in investment portfolio instead of handing it out
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Mysterious deaths at the BBC
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • BBC FOI request regarding their report on begging and homelessness

    Please provide the following information under FOI legislation and within the 20 working days

    With regard BBC report at regarding an FOI request made by the BBC to British police on begging and homelessness.

    1. Provide the total amount paid in salaries per year from BBC licence payers money to the department that made that FOI request?

    2. Please provide which BBC editorial head sanctioned that FOI request and his or her salary?

  • Petition: End the BBC Licence Fee
    Push for an immediate common's debate on the future of the television licence.

    Why is this important?

    There's been considerable public dissatisfaction for quite some time:
    - In 2013, 70% stated that the BBC licence fee should be abolished or cut according to an ICM poll for The Sunday Telegraph.
    - The Magistrates' Association has been calling for the decriminalisation of TV licence evasion for nearly 20 years, concerned that evaders are punished disproportionately.
    - Up to 50 MP's demanded recently an urgent Government review of BBC funding

    I resent having to pay for the BBC for the following reasons:

    Unique funding or daylight robbery?
    - The BBC has long advertised with phrases such as "thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded" however should that unique way been seen as a positive. Surely it is questionable that a non-government entity should be entirely funded by tax that they are independently allowed to, first, claim and, second, collect.
    - The licence fee forces people to pay for self-funded services, such as itv, channel 4 and so on.

    Heavy-handed bullying:
    - Its business model relies upon fear of criminal sanctions to achieve success: you cannot go to prison for non-payment of your licence fee, but you can be jailed for not paying a fine.
    - The BBC sends out almost 100,000 letters every working day threatening viewers with £1,000 fines unless they pay the TV licence fee. (They have posted 47million letters demanding payment in the past two years.)
    - More than 3,000 a week appeared before the Magistrates Courts in 2012, accused of watching television without a valid licence.
    - Licence fee evasion makes up around one ninth of all cases prosecuted in magistrate courts.
    - Of the approximately 180,000 prosecuted, 164,932 have been convicted and fined in 2012.
    - in 2012, 50 people were imprisoned, up from 30 in 2009. Of those, 49 were given a sentence of less than three months; one person was given a sentence of somewhere between three and six months.

    Burden on the poor:
    - The licence fee represents a much higher proportion of income for poor households
    - According to a National Audit Office report from 2002: "Areas with high evasion rates are most likely to have a higher than average proportion of younger people, low income households, and students and single parent families, and a high level of County Court judgments 50 per cent above the national average".
    - by forbidding all tv programs to non-licence payers, it prevents poor people to enjoy a hobby that's virtually free or it criminalises them, in particular women with children living on welfare.

    The licence fee gives an unfair advantage to one broadcaster:
    - Itv has a total external revenue of £2,590 million
    - Channel 4's total revenue is £908 million a year.
    - UKTV (owning Dave, yesterday, etc) had £265 million in revenue.
    - In comparison, the BBC has a total income of £5,066 million of which £3,726 million comes from licence fees.

    Outdated system:
    - The BBC has been funded by the licence fee since 1923.
    - The current TV licence fee started in 1946
    - TV licence might have been relevant when TV was in its infancy. Nowadays, it's not. Many channels offer quality programs funded by advertising.

    How it works:
    - The licence fee is classified as a tax since In January 2006.
    - It cost each house with a TV the sum of 40p a day. In context of austerity, this is actually quite a lot.
    - The Licence fee has been frozen at its 2010 level of £145.50 until 31st March 2017
    - Free TV licences are available for households with a member aged over 75 and are Licences are half price for the legally blind. Those aged over 60 and in residential care homes can get Accommodation for Residential Care licences for £7.50 a year.

    It doesn't have to be this way:
    - Canada, United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Monaco and Spain don't have TV licence fees. Presumably its national TV is paid by taxes, in which case it's paid proportionally to each individual's income.

    A need of control has been expressed many times:
    A BBC funded by the public needs a democratic mandate, not just the votes of a few people who enjoy nature programmes.

    Although it hasn't arisen as an issue yet, the nature of the licence fee as a tax could lead to the BBC being manipulated by the government in power with the threat of withholding funds if information damaging to that government was made public. Evidence of this kind of manipulation has already been seen in the run up to the 2015 election and the proposed leader's debates.

    Papers have hinted that "thousands of Top Gear fans who signed a petition demanding Jeremy Clarkson be reinstated are now threatening not to pay their TV licence fee in protest." I am one of them.
    I think it's particularly relevant to address this now as this issue needs to be debated by the government before 2017, but more so because of the "Fracas", which brings the BBC's responsibility towards the general public to the forefront.

  • BBC FOI request on TV licence enforcement
  • BBC Freedom of Information request VIDEO

    Noel Edmonds stating he cancelled his TV licence and REFUSES to pay for one

    TO BBC Freedom of Information section

    19 July 2015

    Please provide the following information under FOI legislation and within the 20 working days

    1. Former BBC presenter Noel Edmonds has made it clear on national TV including the BBC itself that he cancelled his TV licence and refuses to pay for a BBC licence. The following clip shows the very comments he made on the BBC captured HERE

    What action has been taken by the BBC against Noel Edmonds that is being taken against thousands of ordinary people every year for refusing to pay for a BBC TV licence?

    2.Year on year please provide how many people have been JAILED for refusing to pay for a BBC TV licence?

    BBC plays the victim card for three nasty regimes

    Zionists claim they are victims of the worldwide goyim
    Feminists / lesbians claim they are victims of heterosexual men
    Homosexuals claim they are victims of heterosexual men

    The very warped agenda of the BBC can be seen clearly in the above three examples. Those at the very top of the BBC controlling its output are freemasons, zionists, feminists and homosexuals in some cases a multi faceted conglomerate of the above pushing a very twisted agenda that continually blames heterosexual men for their psychopathic view that they are ALL victims.

    What VICTIM status does is allow the establishment to claim power and control over those the BBC accuse of being the instigators of a three victim network of ranting lunatics that the freemason / zionists will happily fulfill as the overlords making tyrannical laws that strip men of their lives.

    Victim status promoted by the BBC gives these three special interest groups priority over virtually everything men require to sustain a decent quality of life. The masonic scum who want control of ALL men not part of their creepy satanic cult use victim hood as an excuse to rob and persecute men while lining their evil masonic coffers with trillions stolen from men unaware of the complicity of these groups given platforms regularly on the BBC.

    Very few get a platform to counter their devious tendencies that are blatantly obvious as an establishment propaganda machine that has seen children en masse being stolen into care homes to satisfy the paedo network inside the BBC that was headed by top masonic satanist Jimmy Savile. The same evil bastard that ranted endlessly about the royal parasites at every opportunity on his BBC pulpit.

  • Why is the BBC Children In Need sitting on a £90million fortune? BBC stashes sum away in investment portfolio instead of handing it out
  • Make no mistake -- the BBC will NOT like this video (VIDEO)
  • Mysterious deaths at the BBC
  • Murdered Jill Dando raised alarm about ‘paedo ring at BBC’
  • Draconian nature of the BBC licence regime(VIDEO)
  • Paedo protecting BBC's vicious MALE apartheid style propaganda VIDEO
    Paedo protecting BBC struggle to remove their tongue from the royal arse VIDEO
    BBC TV Licensing thugs harassing and defrauding yet another elderly pensioner 76yo David Ambrose VIDEO
    BBC platforms for whinging 'victim status' feminists like Julia Gillard VIDEO
    Lawyer controlled BBC pushing the mortgage scams VIDEO

    from Old French mort gage (“death pledge”)

    A special form of secured loan where the purpose of the loan must be specified to the lender, to purchase assets that must be fixed (not movable) property such as a house or piece of farm land.

    A fixed asset ensures it can be seized with ease by the crooks pushing these loans like the crooked bankers and building societies along with the crooked judges and lawyers only to happy to relieve you of those FIXED assets that they can steal with total impunity.

    This is a centuries old racket that needs CULLED. They force you to pay for 25 years into the bank vaults for a house that takes weeks to build and then you have to be extremely lucky not to have some issue that ensures they can thieve your home back especially the Divorce Industrial Complex that has been finely tuned to give them ALL the excuses they need to kick you out into the street.

    Ask any man about home ownership that ended up homeless thanks to the evil bastards who have organised the biggest most lucrative corrupt scam on the planet. Many who end up DEAD trying to fight the masonic gangsters who control these evil schemes pushed over the edge by the psychological games they play with anyone who is deluded into believing they OWN property.
    BBC Norman Smith calls Nigel Farage a CUNT VIDEO
    Male presenters disappear from feminist run BBC Breakfast News
    BBC hacked by ISIS? VIDEO
    The BBC Paedo Protection Racket Run By Satanic Freemasons VIDEO
    Have the BBC finally learnt their lesson over Jimmy Savile? VIDEO
    Crimes That Shook Britain Jimmy Saville VIDEO
    Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?

    Jeremy Clarkson on public sector strikes The One Show - November 30th 2011 claiming they should all be shot

    Clarkson is the stereotypical BBC presenter sitting in his opulent surroundings of Chipping Norton, paid by the British TV licence payers and neighbours with the Prime Minister David Cameron and former Murdoch Moll Rebekah Brooks and yards from Chipping Norton golfing set and Evenlode Lodge 6535 top freemason haunt that dominates all proceedings in and around the upper class twats who think buying a house in that area makes them UNTOUCHABLE.

    Clarkson has been seen cruising around on a jetski emblazoned with masonic emblems so there is NO DENYING he is one of them and happy to shove it in peoples faces and the MAIN reason he is , despite endless distasteful statements, still working for the BBC or at least until the latest disciplinary hearing is settled.

    The deluded followers of Clarkson seem to think it is Clarkson who makes the show rather than the show made Clarkson who has been allowed to provide the tory fascists with endless back up when, during the nurses strike Clarkson suggested in a BBC interview they should be hauled out into the street in front of their families and shot. Now for anyone with any modicum of humanity to hear such extremes from a bastard, who like Jimmy Savile lived the high life on the millions the BBC paid him to ponce across the globe living a life of opulence while smearing , on behalf of his well heeled tory / masonic pals in Chipping Norton at the peasants as if they are not worthy.

    Clarkson is there as a reinforcer to the nasty bastards running the country to line the pockets of the few and like Savile, who ranted endlessly about Thatcher and the Queen, Clarkson is there with his endless innuendo's to back up the fascist scum who have been allowed to shit on the peasants from a great height as the scumbag drives away into the sunset with his luxury car paid by the very peasants Clarkson is allowed to sneer at, at every opportunity he can. Long overdue the boot but for the freemasons running the BBC giving him carte blanche to ridicule anyone who he thinks he can brush away like bullshit from his well heeled boots, also paid for by the peasants.

  • Tory scumbag Cameron backs his right wing fascist pal Clarkson who are part of the Chipping Norton toff club
  • Who's who in the Chipping Norton middle class toff cabal?
  • Chipping Norton Evenlode Lodge 6535
  • How close are Cameron, Jeremy Clarkson and Rebekah Brooks really?
  • The Chipping Norton Set (and the Prime Ministers Tools for Global Tyranny & Economic Grand Larceny)
  • Clarkson and the Banbury rotary club
  • Jeremy Clarkson Is A Knob says his co presenter May(VIDEO)
  • Clarkson kisses Cameron's tory arse visiting 10 Downing Street

  • Jeremy Clarkson protected by his lodge buddies at Chipping Norton for to long?
  • Feminist BBC gives platform to bleating Indian feminist (ALL women victims of bad men) VIDEO
    BBC's big mouth upper class arrogant racist twat Clarkson suspended VIDEO
    BBC's latest logo
    BBC TV Licensing GOON told too "fuck off " VIDEO
    BBC TV Licence Solicitor Threatens Guy For Filming In Public VIDEO
    BBC TV Licence goons refuse to say who they are! VIDEO
    BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile's historic abuse at Stoke Mandeville hospital VIDEO

  • Jimmy Savile: Senior staff at Stoke Mandeville Hospital 'knew about abuse of young patients at hands of DJ'
  • Savile victims WILL get compensation - but less than they hoped as judge orders that lawyers must be paid first (The very law society bastards who protected him while he was alive will now gain from his death)
  • Just 22 out of 58 payout claims against Jimmy Savile have been accepted amid warnings that his estate may be swallowed up by lawyers... leaving nothing for genuine victims
  • Every time a reporter tried to investigate Savile his lawyers were very prompt in threatening aggressive legal action
  • Savile said he had a legal team on standby and would simply threaten anyone accusing him with libel
  • The end of the vile BBC TV licence fee is on the horizon VIDEO
    Zionist run BBC and parliament want anti-Israeli ASBO's for anyone who disagrees with Gaza holocaust VIDEO

  • Criticism of Israel = Anti-Semitism
  • If only the zionist run BBC were as sympathetic to Israel's Gaza holocaust VIDEO
    BBC promote the mark of the beast VIDEO
    Femi BBC promote political mafia's 'special' treatment for female criminals VIDEO
    Holocaust fest on BBC breakfast this morning

    Anyone who watched BBC Breakfast this morning would be noting that more than 50% of the time on air was dedicated to the Holocaust, conveniently 70 years ago and just as mounting pressure is being centred on the zionist Israeli murdering gangsters now up for criminal war crimes at the International Criminal Court (we will wait and see the outcome from that DEN of iniquity). Its a pity the BBC were not as vigilant exposing the paedo's in their midst, the Israeli zionist mafia operating inside the BBC (via head honcho Danny Cohen) who deliberately downplay the GAZA holocaust survivors who time and again, after each blitz by Israeli mass murderers, seem to get away with , by the West's media anyway , as if it was a minor skirmish and not the total obliteration of the infrastructure of Gaza that their people depend on.

    The Bitch Broadcasting Cunts also pump out the most VILE man hating feminazi shite to allow the zionist / freemasons who control Britain's courts to line their pockets with the spoils of men who face the divorce holocaust where most of the legislation has been conjured up by the likes of jewish lawyer and Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan who it is claimed was part of a homopaedo network abusing and murdering young boys at a sordid Westminster paedo ring in London.

    The BBC are a monster using our licence money to get away with MURDER. Presenting issues clearly to distort news and divert the attention of the sheeple away from those behind the most vile persecution campaigns on the planet. They are an evil blot on the landscape, not only in Britain, but across the rest of the world where there sordid psychopathic programs are brainwashing the sheeple overseas who think the sun shines from the royal arse thanks to the most horrific sickly sweet deference and veneration shown to the biggest gangsters on the planet.

  • Zionists Capitalise on Auschwitz Anniversary
  • Thatcher's zionist hatchetman Leon Brittan abused children at Westminster VIP homopaedo parties victim told cops
  • Netanyahu in smear campaign against ICC (The zionists have no need to worry when their freemason lackeys run and control the International Criminal Court who have ignored the ethnic culling of the sick and disabled in Britain by the tory terrorists assassins ATOS and DWP)(VIDEO)
  • Families of victims of Gaza war welcome ICC probe into Israel war crimes (VIDEO)
  • Netanyahu: ICC decision to probe war crimes 'absurd' (VIDEO)
  • If jewish claims of persecution are correct why are they coincidentally some of the richest in the world?
  • French Jews rap Israel over Paris attacks (VIDEO)
  • ‘F**k her': Furious Louise Mensch attacks the Queen and David Cameron over tyrant King Abdullah tributes
  • Royal parasite and his political lackey fly to Saudi amid growing row over British royals flag tributes to murdering tyrant Abdullah and the beheading of innocent citizens
  • Jewish lawyer and Thatcher henchman Leon Brittan faced cop quiz over claims he was at homopaedo VIP parties where boys were abused
  • 'Sex slave' lawyers to serve papers on royal parasite at Washington embassy after claiming he refused to accept letter asking to testify on oath
  • Royal parasite's flags at half mast and fawning praise for a King Abdullah 'loved by his people' sparks furious backlash over rule which saw 'death by stoning' for adultery and regular beheadings
  • Vile Savile and buddy abused for decades thanks to their freemason cop pals
    Police say sorry for ignoring the ‘worst kept secret in Scarborough’

    Suspected child abusers Jimmy Savile and Peter Jaconelli could have been captured 30 years ago, had police listened to their victims at the time. That is the frank admission of North Yorkshire Police, with the force now confessing that it was told about the abuse decades ago – but decided not to do anything about it.

    The force has now offered a full apology to the duo’s victims, after a report found there was “overwhelming” evidence to say they were guilty of dozens of ?serious sexual offences - including rape. A report on Operation Hibiscus reveals that ice cream magnate Jaconelli carried out a four-decade campaign of abuse in Scarborough, and along with Savile, would have been arrested if still alive.

    But with Jaconelli’s offending believed to have gone on until a year before his death in 1999, it means the police’s decision not to pursue the initial complaints let him continue abusing children for at least another decade. “His crimes were the worst kept secret in Scarborough,” said an anonymous Scarborough man, who worked for the ice cream man at his seafront parlour as a teenage boy. “It’s unbelievable that so many people could know what was going on, yet the police have clearly just turned a blind eye.”

    He claims that while none of his friends ever admitted to being abused by Jaconelli, the obese judo expert would “brush” himself against boys and grope them. “It wasn’t nice at all, but the boys were paid really well and they would just joke about it.”

    His comments mirror those made by former Scarborough councillor Geoff Evans, who was one of the first to break their ?silence over the former Mayor’s deviant ways. And since a TV expose on the duo, which police deem the “catalyst” for the wave of allegations against Jaconelli. the police have received 37 allegations from 35 different victims. The vast majority involve Jaconelli alone, although there are two “shared” victims.

    In an interview with The Scarborough News, Assistant Chief Constable Paul Kennedy said while he is aware rumours circulated around Scarborough for years, nobody else has so far been reported to police involving abuse. However, while apologising to the victims his force ignored decades earlier, he said North Yorkshire Police will now “listen intently” to anybody who comes forward with any information about abuse. “It’s quite clear that as a result of our investigation, in the past, of all the victims that have stepped forward, in a small number of case, there were missed opportunities when victims of crime tried to report crimes to the police they were clearly not listened to and clearly not investigated as thoroughly as they could be.

    “What I can say is that we did miss opportunities in the past in the region of 30 years ago and to those people who did try and make those reports, on behalf of North Yorkshire Police, I’m so sorry that we did miss those opportunities.” Ultimately, the decision to prosecute the pair would have been in the hands of the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). The police also state that both Savile and Jaconelli may have disputed the allegations when interviewed.

    But Assistant Chief Constable Kennedy feels the stack of evidence against both is “so significant and overwhelming”, both would have faced the possibility of standing in court together to give both them –and their victims – their day in court. However, with Jaconelli’s death 15 years ago, and Savile’s in 2012, any hope of their victims seeing justice was cruelly dashed. “It is a matter of great regret that, from the outset of the investigation, there was no prospect of true justice being achieved as the suspects are deceased,” added Mr Kennedy.

    “However, I hope the victims have gained a measure of closure from knowing that matters have now been investigated as fully as possible.” But now woman responsible for keeping North Yorkshire Police in line has accused the force of “failing” Jaconelli’s and Savile’s victims. Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan took aim after the report on Operation Hibiscus highlighted the full extent of the duo’s decades of abuse in the region.

    And the elected crime tsar adds that those 35 victims have been forced to live in misery, after the police failed to act upon initial complaints. “It is clear that historically, North Yorkshire Police failed these victims,” said Mrs Mulligan.

    But she added: “Whilst it is not possible to turn back the clock, I am confident that under the leadership of Chief Constable Dave Jones, who has come to North Yorkshire from elsewhere, any historical issues will be properly dealt with. “Indeed the Chief Constable has referred the force to the IPCC on two separate occasions, one of which was then referred back to the force and the other we await the Independent Police Complaints Commission’s (IPCC) conclusions.” The IPCC is currently probing about how the force dealt to complaints two years ago relating to Jaconelli and Savile’s offending.

    It self-refereed itself in April to the commissions, and follows another investigation which found there was evidence of organisational failure regarding the Savile case, although the force was cleared of misconduct. And Mrs Mulligan added: “Looking at North Yorkshire Police now, I am certain that the service has changed and believe this is demonstrated by their actions today. “Moreover, in October I commissioned a formal ‘health check’ into how North Yorkshire Police currently investigates child sexual abuse and exploitation.

    “This was a comprehensive review, and whilst a number of actions were identified, I am satisfied that the force has been able, for some time now, to respond effectively and immediately to allegations of abuse.” And she warned that with more victims likely to come forward, it’s vital the police have the right safeguards in place to help them. “It is crucial that the police and specialist support services for victims are both in place, ready and able to respond,” she said.

    “Whilst no service is perfect, I do feel able to reassure the public that North Yorkshire Police is today in a strong position to act as is needed and expected.” And following the last IPCC report, which highlighted flaws with the force, Assistant Chief Constable Kennedy said the force was continuing to take a “proactive” approach to tackling historical sexual abuse. cases.

    He added: “Whilst there were failings to report some relevant information, there is no evidence to suggest North Yorkshire Police failed in its responsibility to support Operation Yewtree, the national investigation concerning Savile. He added: “The public should be able to trust in its police service, and we are doing everything we can to be open and transparent about how we are dealing with historic sexual abuse cases whilst respecting the privacy of victims.”

  • Paedo doctor abused at same hospital as BBC paedo Jimmy Savile VIDEO

  • Paedo doctor Michael Salmon guilty of indecent assaults at Stoke Mandeville hospital
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