Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

"All courts involved in this matter to cease and desist all actions until such time as this matter is brought before a LAWFUL court, sitting in LAWFUL jurisdiction under Chapter 3 of The Constitution, and the decision to seize my property is made by 12 of my peers."

A WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS was filed in the NSW Supreme Court, Sydney, by Luciana Astolfi and Larry Mortell because they have received a NOTICE TO VACATE their home following the usual KANGAROO COURT to dispossess them when "Judge" David Davies of the NSW Supreme Court, Sydney, disregarded their inalienable RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY, disregarded their CHALLENGE TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT, rejected that the evidence they produced as to SECURITISATION was admissible, disregarded Luciana's POWER OF ATTORNEY that Larry act on her behalf, etc., etc., ..... we are all familiar with the way the BANKS and the JUDGES work their CONSPIRACY. Also, we are familiar with the way the BANKS and JUDGES use the FORCE of unintelligent "We only following orders" SHERIFFS and POLICE to ATTACK their VICTIMS by TRESPASSING and STEALING .... when the VICTIMS ask to see SEALED JUDGMENTS, NONE are produced (of course), and the UNLAWFUL SAVAGERY is carried out.

Larry and Luciana filed their NOTICE OF INTENTION TO APPEAL ..... but that does stop these CRIMINALS. The CHALLENGE TO THE JURISDICTION should have brought on a peremptory STAY OF PROCEEDINGS for a SPECIAL JURY to determine whether Larry and Luciana have the RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY ..... ie: that should have been CHECKMATE to these CRIMINALS ... but that doesn't stop them. Larry contacted WAYNE GLEW in Western Australia who suggested they file a WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS, told them the words to use, and advised that, if the Registry of the NSW Supreme Court refused to accept the WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS the to go directly to the High Court of Australia to say that this PREROGATORY WRIT has been rejected.

But (and to my amazement) the lady clerk in the Registry cheerfully stamped the 3 copies of the WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS ... and, after she realized what she had done, tried to GO BACK on what she had done and give back the documents saying they couldn't be taken by her ...... but TOO LATE!!!!!......and attached to this email is the WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS for all the world to see. Quite frankly, I thought a WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS was only used to order a "DELIVER THE BODY" of someone imprisoned to a Court for the carrying out of DUE PROCESS. But WAYNE'S method is to APPLY THE FULL FORCE of the Habeas Corpus Acts, starting in 1641 when that piece of legislation was used to ABOLISH THE STAR CHAMBER and imposed heavy penalties on anyone (especially Judges) who violated anyone's RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY, as per MAGNA CARTA .... and the words of that glorious LAW OF THE LAND certainly bears repeating, here ... and they are:

"No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land.". Larry and Luciana NEVER gave their CONSENT to be WITHOUT a JURY and the Court, therefore, NEVER had JURISDICTION. And now they will take a copy of that WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS around to the Sheriff up in Gosford and tell him to "GET LOST!"

BUT, as we know, these unintelligent "We're only following orders" thugs still do the DIRTY WORK of the THIEVING BANKSTERS irrespective of the LAW of the LAND... irrespective of the COMMON LAW. So, what will these CORPORATION THUGS do on the 12th day of APRIL, 2012?????? ... the day on the "NOTICE TO VACATE" ...... I DON'T TRUST THEM! Larry and Luciana's email address is ........... please contact them and say, "WELL DONE".

Here are the words on the WRIT of HABEAS CORPUS, again ........ do you think the Sheriffs understand English? ...... they certainly don't understand their stated and sworn-to duty that they must "Ensure that people can exercise their rights in court in safety" - which means that it is their job to arrest any Judge or Magistrate who violates anyone's RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY ....... so, you "We are only following orders" goons, read this and weep: "I Luciana Joan Astolfi File this Prerogative Writ. Orders sought: All courts involved in this matter to cease and desist all actions until such time as this matter is brought before a LAWFUL court, sitting in LAWFUL jurisdiction under Chapter 3 of The Constitution, and the decision to seize my property is made by 12 of my peers.".

Yours sincerely,
John Wilson

Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.


Note, This is blocked into Australia. I am told this site will allow you to see it.

Gents. The 'big bad guvment' took my videos down again. They do NOT want you to see this. And that's the best reason of all to spread the word! Whatever your guvment wants to censor is what you should be DEMANDING to see.

Gents, This is my so called 'court meeting' in the Australian Federal Magistrates Court in Parramatta on 2009-11-26.

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  • Lawful Notice to all members of the Houses of the Oireachtas 2012-02-24


    GO and GO QUICKLY!


    The Right of the Farmers to have a say over their land!

    The Right of the State to protect Prime Agricultural Land and State Assets!

    The Right of the State to protect its food security!

    The Right of the State to NOT exhaust Aqua Fest (Water Supplies)!

    The Right of the State to NOT pollute our Water in any way!

    The Right of the State to Safeguard Public Health AND

    The Right of the State to Retain its Commonwealth Constitutional Rights!


    There has never been a local mine rejected on environmental grounds in Queensland’s history!

    Why are farmers being forced to hand over their farms to foreign governments or to big multinational companies?

    Why can’t farmers stop these people entering their land?

    Why can’t farmers protect their beautiful soils?

    Why can’t farmers protect their precious water?

    Why are Australians up in arms about all this Coal Seam Gas Mining?

    Why have our Rights been stripped away without our Constitutional Authority?

    Aiden McLindon, Bob Katter and Karl Rackerman from

    KATTER’S AUSTRALIA PARTY & INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES are the only politician’s speaking out about it! Anna Bligh has lied and covered up damning information in regards to the 2011 Flood enquiry; in that the 2011 Queensland floods that claimed so many lives wouldn’t have happened if the Wivenhoe Dam Strategies had been properly applied. QLD Treasurer Andrew Frazer during his term in office has taken the state of Queensland into $85 Billion Dollars of debt.

    Anna Bligh & Andrew Frazer is responsible for the destruction of prime agricultural land and is prepared to sell everything and anything for a quick quid. The Gillard Labor Government is outsourcing intelligence gathering of protesters to private consultants and stealing our Commonwealth Constitutional Rights!

    The National Water Commission has argued that over 300 giga litres of water every year will be taken out of The Great Artesian Basin by foreign mining companies and they don’t have to pay a cent for it, that is 600 Sydney Harbour’s, 300,000.00 Olympic Swimming Pools and they do not have to pay one cent! The Australia Party and Fellow Freedom Fighters of Australia are fighting for Australia!


    Labor Governments have gone broke under disgraceful economic mismanagement in Australia and in the state of Queensland; where the QLD Treasurer Andrew Frazer is some wet behind the ears; NEVER had a job; 32 year old; who’s claim to fame is that he’s asking the people of Mount Coot-tha to support him when he’s taken QLD into $85 Billion Dollars of debt. The mined salt and holding ponds of these multibillion dollar mining companies contain dangerous toxins.

    Floods in South East QLD; has spread thousands of tonnes of salt and toxic waste into our river systems and has swamped prime farming land. Prime Farmland is being plundered, our river system is being polluted, our Aqua Fests (Water Supplies) are being exhausted and Public Health is at Risk! Aiden McLindon and his team and Independent Candidates have been the lone outspoken voices to put a stop to Coal Seam Gas Mining on Prime Farmland and they need your vote to put a stop to it!

    Spoken by: Alan Jones - Authorised by: Lyn Bennetts "The Freedom Fighters of Australia" Placing your God given Rights back in the hands of The Sovereign People of Australia!

    Please do your bit for this election, print off the attached two sided document and letterbox drop them all over Australia. Distribute them mainly in the Mount Coot-tha electorate held by Andrew Frazer. Mt Coot-tha Electorate - Brisbane Qld encompasses Petrie Terrace, Paddington, Red Hill, Milton, Auchenflower, Bardon, Rainworth, Toowong and part of Kelvin Grove - this electorate is an inner-city seat and The South Brisbane Electorate held by Anna Bligh, South Brisbane Electorate encompasses suburbs in Brisbane's inner-south, stretching from East Brisbane to West End, and south to Fairfield. Parts of Greenslopes and Coorparoo are also located in the electorate, but every Queenslander needs to know about this. We need your help to spread the word so even if you don't live in QLD; send this to everyone you know, because they may know people in QLD and everyone needs to know what is happening here; to prevent it from happening all over Australia!

    Thank you Kind Regards

    Lyn Bennetts Together We Will Make a Difference!

    Correspondence to: Address: 19 Elm Place, North Rocks, NSW 2151 Email:

    Office bearers: Chairman: John Wilson Treasurer: Anthony Wilson. Secretary: Michael Gallagher

    1 February 2012

    Dear Fellow Freedom Fighter,


    After all: “People are destroyed for the lack of knowledge” ( Hosea 4: 6) and, not forgetting: “If people don’t know how to govern themselves, then educate them” (Thomas Jefferson)……. and countless other gems of incisiveness.


    We must now make our move…. and to move we must GROW. We must increase the Membership of the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY because our goal is the PRIMARY OBJECTIVE upon which hangs DEMOCRACY and all the LAWS within. “UNLESS BY THE LAWFUL JUDGMENT OF HIS EQUALS” there is NO JUSTICE FOR ALL. The Constitution of the Australian Common Law Party confirms that maxim in “3. PARTY AIMS & OBJECTIVES” because (a) Truth is the mother of Justice; (b) Justice is the protection of rights and the punishment of wrongs; (c) Freedom is everyone's God-given birthright; and (d) Democracy is the Sovereignty of the People.

    We need a minimum of 600 Members for Registration for Federal Elections …. so that is our target. I am putting together a “RECRUITMENT KIT” for you to use to you go about spreading the word of our JUST CAUSE. It is comprised of: (i) a copy of the Party's Constitution; (ii) copies of the 4-leaflet; (iii) copies of the Application for Membership Form; (iv) a very special DVD made by Rena Iliades that is a must-show to potential members; (v) the plastic business cards for each new member (please say how many you want); (vi) copies of a leaflet alerting to the conspiratorial imposition of slavery through Australian Courts; (vii) an assortment of other leaflets all saying that, no matter what the wrong is, Common Law Trial by Jury is the solution by judging the facts and the law. Please let me know if you want a kit and I will post one to you.

    There are many ways to be involved in this project – for example: (i) gather some friends for a barbeque and, at the appropriate time, show the video and let discussion flow from then; (ii) book a local hall and hold a Public Meeting with, again, showing the video and have an open forum so that People can express themselves – but always bring the discussions back to the Aims & Objectives of the A.C.L.P.; (iii) print more of the leaflets and letter-box them in your town or suburb; etc., etc. However you do it, the message is to be kept it SIMPLE, ie: the ONE & ONLY SYSTEM to REMEDY ANY WRONG is to exercise our SOVEREIGNTY, ie: our “ultimate authority to make and impose laws”, to govern ourselves in own country and control our own destiny. Again, if you choose to help in this RECRUITMENT DRIVE, then please reply in writing or call me on 0401 413 650.

    The Australian “Government”, through Telstra, etc., are blocking my emails – which (along with all the other tactics being used) follows Mahatma Gandhi’s formula of “At first, they will ignore you; then they will laugh at you; then they will fight you; and then you will win”. This year of 2012 is the time for that victory over the Enemies of Liberty (whom the Compte de Chamberlain once called the Enemies of Mankind) - while keeping in mind that we really ought to “love one’s enemy” if we, ourselves, are “to do right”. The sole reason for the existence of the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY is to educate the People (and particularly, the servants of the People such as the Judges, Police, etc.) that we are Free Men who have those Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Thomas Jefferson wrote of in the “Declaration of Independence” when they found it necessary to rise up against oppression.

    Be an ACTIVIST for FREEDOM and let Australians everywhere know of the AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW PARTY!

    Yours sincerely,

    John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

    PS: Donations to: Australian Common Law Party, c/- The Bendigo Bank at Parramatta, where the particulars are: BSB: 633-000 Account No: 143521896.

    PPS: The AUSTRALIAN COMMON LAW FOUNDATION was created on Monday the 2nd day of January 2012 as a “Community Foundation” to receive tax-deductible donations but the Office of Fair Trading refuses to allow the words “LAW” and “FOUNDATION”…. which is inconsistent with their allowing the NSW LAW SOCIETY to operate the “LAW AND JUSTICE FOUNDATION” to receive tax-deductible donations. Comment: I wonder if the Bureaucrats see the advocacy of COMMON LAW as a threat to their Empire?

    Protesters trap Gillard and Abbott

    About 200 protesters trapped Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott in a Canberra restaurant before police arrived to clear a passage for the pair. The protesters, from the nearby Aboriginal tent embassy, banged on the three glass sides of The Lobby restaurant chanting "shame" and "racist". Ms Gillard and Mr Abbott had just spoken at a ceremony for the inaugural national emergency medals.

    At least 50 police, including the riot squad, were called to the scene shortly after 2.30pm (AEDT). The two leaders, protected by police and security officers, escaped out a side door after about 20 minutes. The Prime Minister stumbled as she was rushed to an awaiting vehicle, lost a shoe in the chaos and was helped up by police who were confronted by the protesters.

    There had been false reports that the Prime Minister had been tackled. Ms Gillard's office confirmed she slipped as she was leaving the building. Protesters chased their car down the road, banging on its roof and bonnet. Police formed a cordon across the road to let the vehicle get away while eight indigenous women sat on the road facing them. The embassy is celebrating a 40-year milestone with a three-day "Corroboree for Sovereignty" with thousands of indigenous Australians travelling to Canberra for the occasion.

    Tensions boiled over on Thursday afternoon following comments Mr Abbott made in Sydney earlier in the day. Mr Abbott said he understood why the tent embassy was set up "all those years ago". "I think a lot has changed for the better since then," he told reporters.

    "I think the indigenous people of Australia can be very proud of the respect in which they are held by every Australian. "I think a lot has changed since then, and I think it probably is time to move on from that." For many Aboriginal people Australia Day is considered Invasion Day.

  • Gillard runs the gauntlet of protesters in Canberra

  • Magna Carta
    ASUNDER means "apart or widely separated".

    "let no man put asunder"??????.......and yet that's exactly how the so-called FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA operates. "What therefore :God hath yoked together" is being "put asunder" WITHOUT GOD being consulted BECAUSE there are NO JURIES in the so-called FAMILY COURTS OF AUSTRALIA. NO JURIES means that there is NO PRAYER of "SO HELP ME GOD" offered up by the JURORS when they swear their OATH.

    It's all part of the comprehensive STRATEGY to ENSLAVE us and DESTROY us through our LACK OF KNOWLEDGE and our "deaf, dumb and blind" ACCEPTANCE of the POWER of the JUDICIARY as they "advance their noiseless step across the field of jurisdiction like a thief", as Thomas Jefferson foretold "a germ of the destruction of our nation" would be. DEVALUING MARRIAGE is a key component in the BATTLE PLAN of the BANKSTERS and their NWO partners such as the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" as they go about their campaign to "subvert and extirpate (our) laws and liberties" (Bill of Rights 1689).

    This word, "ASUNDER", has a double-barrelled effect.

    1. there is the straight-up dictionary meaning of the whole word, ie: to take apart, and

    2. when one breaks the word into "AS" and "UNDER", one can see that, instead of MARRIAGE being UNDER GOD's LAW, it is being placed UNDER STATUTE LAW, which is BUREAUCRACY with such Acts of Parliament as the "FAMILY LAW ACT 1975" which created the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

    The FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA is undoubtedly the most WICKED of all the "places where Justice is (supposed to be) administered"...... the MISERY and DEPRIVATION caused is astronomical with such statistics as "5 - 7 suicides a week by non-custodial fathers". There are NO JURIES in the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA.

    They are there purely as "tribunals" to ADMINISTER Acts of Parliament that are the most INIQUITOUS applications of FASCIST DOCTRINE ever conceived by INHUMAN MINDS pretending to be "conciliatory". Therefore, MARRIAGE is denigrated to the level of COMMERCE with ADMIRALTY LAW prevailing.

    And so, the DENIAL of TRIAL BY JURY marches relentlessly along. When we FORGET GOD, HE WILL FORGET US. What do we do?

    Firstly, we WAKE UP.

    Secondly, we print up the PUBLIC NOTICE by the squillions, distribute them far and wide, and USE THEM in the Courts .... EVERY Court.....the FAMILY COURT OF AUSTRALIA and EVERY COURT in Australia.

    This firmly PROCLAIMS that we will not be satisfied with anything less than what we are entitled to and what we are COMMANDED to do - which is to LOVE GOD and LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR AS OURSELVES.

    John Wilson. Chairman, Australian Common Law Party
    PS: Merry Christmas to All.
    brian wightman Introducing Brian Wightman ( ) who is the 35 year old Tasmanian Attorney General, Minister for Justice, and Minister for Environment, Parks & Heritage.

    This young man, with his whole life in front of him, is now in the HOT SEAT because of what happened in the Court of Petty Sessions at Devonport on Friday the 9th of December, 2011 when Constable Steven Andrew Jones tried to prosecute Mark Elvin Sharman for "assaulting Stephen Craig Karpeles a public officer in the execution of his duty by hitting him in the chest and shoulder area with his chest", under section 34B of the Police Offences Act 1935 that carries "a penalty not exceeding 25 penalty units or (-) imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months" ... which Mark strongly denies.

    I flew down to Tasmania, the day before, and Mark and I put together 4 documents, in readiness for the appointed time to appear in court. Those documents were: (a) a PUBLIC NOTICE; (b) a CHALLENGE TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT; (c) a 78B NOTICE OF A CONSTITUTIONAL MATTER; and (d) an AFFIDAVIT.We went into the township of Devonport and posted the 78B NOTICES to all the Attorney-Generals around Australia (which is correct procedure) and had the AFFIDAVIT witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. On the Friday morning, I rehearsed Mark as to what to say and do when he was called forward by the Magistrate ..... which Mark did superbly and kept his cool, at all times.

    When Mark was called forward he said, "I have four documents to give you. The first is a PUBLIC NOTICE which says Australia is a Common Law Jurisdiction and I have the Right to Trial by Jury. The second is a CHALLENGE TO THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT and the third is a copy of the 78B NOTICE which I have already posted to all the Attorney Generals. And this is an AFFIDAVIT for when I have my Trial by Jury." Hopefully, it won't be too long before we get the Court Transcript because what Magistrate Michael Brett did was quite incredible. He said he would not deal with the matter until the afternoon and told Mark to come back at 2:15 PM. The mind-blowingly arrogant and contemptuous-of-the-law thing he did was to say to (I'm not sure who... maybe his assistant or the clerk or the security person) "Collect those papers and dispose of them.". That is astounding! .... a so-called Magistrate ordering the DESTRUCTION OF DOCUMENTS PRESENTED IN COURT which INCLUDED and AFFIDAVIT signed by a Justice of the Peace.

    In the CRIMES ACT 1914 (Cth) section 39 "Destroying evidence" carries a penalty of 5 years imprisonment. The CRIMES ACT 1900 (NSW) section 138 "Stealing, destroying etc records of any court or public office" carries a penalty of 7 years imprisonment.

    (I haven't yet found the offence in Tasmanian legislation... but it must be there, somewhere). There are a multitude of offences this "Magistrate" Michael Brett committed on that day ... and he MUST BE CHARGED WITH THOSE OFFENCES. When we came back at 2:15 PM, Michael Brett was a bit better behaved and, when Mark again CHALLENGED THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT, he actually asked to read Mark's copy of the CHALLENGE document because the first copies Mark had tabled were DISPOSED OF. When he read it, he handed it to the Police Prosecutor who also read it before handing it back to Mark. Neither of the them said anything and Michael Brett continued on with his KANGAROO COURT .... a "Kangaroo Court is a court which acts unfairly or dishonestly or disregards legal rights or disregards legal procedures".

    "Magistrate" M. Brett allowed the Police Prosecutor to put Stephen Craig Karpeles in the Witness Box and tell his story. Then Michael Brett asked Mark if he wanted to cross-examine Stephen Craig Karpeles and Mark said, "The AFFIDAVIT I gave you this morning contains the basis of my defence to go to a Jury. I do not consent to Summary Jurisdiction."... in fact Mark said, "I do not consent to Summary Jurisdiction" every time Michael Brett spoke to him. Of course, "Magistrate" M. Brett didn't have Mark's AFFIDAVIT, did he!?

    "Magistrate" M. Brett then proceeded to say he found Mark "Guilty" and then went into dialogue with the Police Prosecutor as to setting a date for "Sentencing". When Michael Brett asked Mark about a suitable date, Mark said it had to fit in with the treatment he was receiving..... I was sitting next to Mark in the Public Gallery part of the Court and said, very audibly, "He is receiving CHEMOTHERAPY.". I should say that Mark's voice, all the way through the charade, was soft and weak, as one would expect from this seriously ill man, but he stood his ground at the "Bar Table", in the morning, and, in the afternoon, from the Public Gallery. A date of (I think) 27th January 2012 was set.

    So, we left the courtroom and, when we went to lodge an Appeal in the Registry of the Devonport Court, we were told we had to go to Burnie to do that ... so, we got into Ray Escobar's car and (observing the speed limits) drove to Burnie and put in the initiating form for the Appeal to the Supreme Court of Tasmania on "ALL GROUNDS". The lady, there, gave mark a date of 30 January 2012 to be at the Burnie Court House for a video-link to the Supreme Court in Hobart. She also said she would contact the Devonport Court to "have the files sent over". So, that's the happenings in Tassie.

    NOW, because I'm sending this email to Brian Wightman MP, Attorney-General of Tasmania, and attaching copies of those 4 documents, we'll see what he is going to do. Of course, he must CHARGE MICHAEL BRETT with many, many offences from Commonwealth and State CRIMES ACTS. It's only right that this young man, Brian Wightman, should be allowed to perform his DUTY OF CARE to protect the People of Tasmania and the rest of our Nation so that they "can exercise their rights in court in safety" (as, also, is the duty of the Sheriffs, incidentally).

    So, we'll give Brian Wightman a chance to investigate the Devonport Affair and lay his charges against Michael Brett ..... but that won't take long.

    Yours sincerely,John Wilson
    Chairman, Australian Common Law Party
    I think we all agree.... THIS IS WAR .... the long-predicted WAR between the BANKS and the PEOPLE ... and it's been going on for some time, under our noses...... but, now, "It's on, for young and old!"
    I believe that the STRATEGY of MAHATMA GANDHI is still the ONLY way to go. Remember.... "At first, they will ignore you. Then they will laugh at you. Then they will fight you. And then you will win." ALSO, we are to keep in mind ED HOWDERSHELT's "There are four boxes to be used in defence of liberty: soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order.”

    So, where are we, at the moment?

    1. The ENEMY, i.e.: the BANKSTERS, totally IGNORE any Soap-boxing, such as letters-of-protest, marching up and down and occupying streets, etc.

    2. The ENEMY have total control of the Parliaments... therefore, they, again, IGNORE and DISREGARD the Ballot box as any threat to them.

    3. The ENEMY have total control over the Courts where their co-conspirators, the Judges, conduct their STAR CHAMBERS and,to them, TRIAL BY JURY is a JOKE.

    All of which means that they are now LAUGHING at us. Are they FIGHTING us, too?

    Most definitely, they are FIGHTING us! They are using what ought to be OUR Sheriffs, OUR Police and OUR Armed Forces AGAINST US in the streets and in the Courtrooms. Should we FIGHT BACK?????

    Did MAHATMA GANDHI resort to the 4th "box in defence of liberty"? ..... NO, he did not............and NEITHER should we. JESUS didn't - because He knew that JUDGMENT DAY would take care of these evil fiends. But for us mere mortals, we can't wait that long.

    But BEWARE! If we open "the ammo box", that's exactly what the BANKSTERS want because they are MASTERS OF SAVAGERY and will delight in KILLING us. NO. We've got to HANG IN THERE pursuing the JURY BOX with FULLY INFORMED JURIES - because we outnumber the BANKSTERS and even their ARMIES of brainless THUGS. All we need to do is PERSIST and DEMAND ... and DEMAND and PERSIST, in getting the RULE OF LAW to operate in thousands and thousands of Courtrooms across this COMMONWEALTH OF OURS.

    This CAMPAIGN is to be conducted using the PUBLIC NOTICE (attached) as our DECLARATION OF LIBERTY and our NOTICE OF INTENTION to RESTORE JUSTICE and IMPRISON TRAITORS. I urge all FREEDOM FIGHTERS to arm themselves with handfuls of PUBLIC NOTICES and spread them far-and-wide across this "sun-burnt country"... in front of Court Houses, into letterboxes, at railway and bus stations, at shopping centres, and in the pubs and clubs. Please print as many of the PUBLIC NOTICES as you can because it's as Thomas Jefferson said, "If the people don't know how to govern themselves, then educate them." Right now, the BANKSTERS are LAUGHING at us. But we can SILENCE them with ONE PIECE OF PAPER.

    John Wilson Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    Which country? Let's start with AUSTRALIA .... because AUSTRALIANS are a GLOBAL JOKE.... a PUSH-OVER.

    A "GLOBAL JOKE" is how Australia's BANKING system was described because Australians accept VARIABLE INTEREST RATES as the terms of loan contracts .... which is about as asinine as asinine gets. When they are told that "variable interest rates render a contract void for uncertainty", Australians, because their I.Q.levels are lower than the belly of a Blue Tongue Lizard, fail to understand what that means .... plus they fail to recognize even the most blatant of lies they are told, such as: "But you signed it and that makes it legal." and "Oh yes, but the certainty is the uncertainty."

    I kid you not!

    Therefore, Australians are so gullible ... so easily conned .... so stupid - they'll believe any cock-and-bull story put their way dressed up as an "ACT OF PARLIAMENT". The results always are that the BANKSTERS do whatever they like ..... they create money out of thin air ....... they have Australian "Judges" rubber stamp any Foreclosures without hint of the lawful Judgments of JURIES ..... etc. The BANKSTERS are exactly what they are.......THEY ARE THIEVES who "only come to steal and kill and destroy" (John 10: 10).

    Not being content with that, the same MODUS OPERANDI is applied to STEALING THE EARTH, itself ... and, by that I mean TAKING THE LAND and all that is in it.


    1. Have "Acts of Parliament" put in place that STRIP the PEOPLE of the RIGHT TO PROPERTY, and

    2. Make sure that the "Judges" DENY PEOPLE the RIGHT to a fully informed JURY.

    So what if there is a legal Maxim that says, "When someone owns land they own everything above it to an indefinite height and everything below to an indefinite depth."? ...... simply spin a line that "Oh no. What is under your land really belongs to THE CROWN*. You are only a TENANT on that land and you must obey every statute and by-law made by any Parliament and/or Council."

    I kid you not!

    [ * re: THE CROWN. Isn't it rather funny/suspicious, when one sees all this corporatization going on and the "granting of mining licences" with "5 year exemptions from paying royalties", etc., while Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland answers letters from someone like David Walter by saying, "If you don't collect this whining drivel, we're going to throw it in the trash can."(or words to that effect)?

    This is how I started a recent email to a fellow up in Queensland who is in the Dalby Magistrates Court, today:


    To: Drew Hutton,
    Lock the Gate Alliance,

    A SLAVE is a person whose CONSENT is IMMATERIAL.

    A SLAVE is a person who has NO RIGHT to PROPERTY.

    A SLAVE is a person who has NO RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY."

    He was on the radio, this morning, on the Alan Jones program on 2GB. One positive note was that he and Alan Jones were using the word, "land-owner", rather than "land-holder" ... and that is good. Drew Hutton said the court case may go on for several days...... in a Magistrates Court????? ..... WITHOUT A JURY??????

    Now is the opportunity for a bit of STRAIGHT TALKING.

    1. Why does Drew Hutton tell this Magistrate, "Listen here, Charlie. This is TOO IMPORTANT to entrust it to anyone inferior to WE THE PEOPLE. It's gotta go to TRIAL BY JURY. So, tell the Sheriff to get out the rolls and start assembling some JURORS."?

    2. Why does someone tell these Coal Seam Gas Mining Companies to "RACK OFF. This is MY LAND and I OWN what is under MY LAND."?

    3. Why does someone tell the POLICE, "DON'T TRESPASS on MY LAND."?

    ........ but, we're talking about Australians, here ...... they've been getting the "Mushroom Treatment" for so long, commonsense (let alone Common Right) is quite beyond them.

    Otherwise, it's a case of "HOW YOU STEAL A COUNTRY".

    John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    (.... holding on to a belief that "While there's life, there's hope.")
    Devonport Magistrates Court Friday the 9th of December 2011 at 10:00 am

    On Friday the 9th of December 2011 at 10:00 am one of our members fronts the Devonport Magistrates Court on a trumped up charge. Dr. John Wilson will be in attendance from N.S.W. to act as a McKenzie’s friend and represent Mark at the trial. We of course will demand trial by jury, which is our constitutional right.


    Trial by jury

    The trial on indictment of any offence against any law of the Commonwealth shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be held in the State where the offence was committed, and if the offence was not committed within any State the trial shall be held at such place or places as the Parliament prescribes. The magistrate will then deny us our right to trial by jury and we will then challenge the jurisdiction of the court. If the magistrate still fails to grant us the peremptory stay until the jurisdiction is determined by a SPECIAL JURY, i.e.: a Jury will decide if you have the Right to Trial by Jury. “No one can judge in their own cause”- i.e.: no Judge/s can determine the Jurisdiction of the Court. If the magistrate continues to not recognise the Common Law then we may invoke a citizen’s arrest under Article 61 of the Magna Carta Legal Rebellion for the treasonous actions of the Magistrate. We are demanding this trial be by jury in a Common Law Court jurisdiction.

    Failing to do this, the magistrate leaves himself wide open for a possible citizens arrest. The sentence for treason or sedition is life imprisonment. Under the Commonwealth Criminal Code treason has two aspects. Section 80.1 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 treason (s. 24), treachery (s. 24 AA) and sabotage (s. 24 AB). Please note that if you do attend the court that under no circumstances do you rise from your seat when asked to do so by the clerk of the court when the magistrate enters the court. By doing so you automatically give the magistrate jurisdiction in the illegal Admiralty/Kangaroo Court system. If you are ordered to leave the court and you have done nothing wrong then just remain calmly in your seat. It is your Common Law right to do so. If anyone touches you then they can be charged with assault. This may be a fiery case. All in all it will be a very interesting time.

    We hope the magistrate follows the real law. We will give him every opportunity to do so.

    We hope that "Bravehearts" will back us on the day?

    “Save Our Families”

    Kindest Regards,

    Ray Escobar President
    Juries Against Illegal Laws Inc.
    6/12 / 2011

    Juries Against Illegal Laws Inc. 166 Henry Street Launceston Tasmania 7250
    Phone: +613 64731423 Email:
    Twitter: @JAILTasmania

  • Juries Against Illegal Laws Inc. HERE

  • Drew Hutton arrest at Tara 29-3-11 (Coal Seam Gas) (VIDEO)

    This, of course, is only to be expected.

    OCCUPY SYDNEY, like all the other OCCUPY RALLIES around the world, are targeting CORPORATE GREED and, therefore, the "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" (featured in the Bill of Rights 1689) will do the bidding of their employers, the "1%", with the BANKSTERS at the top of that heap. Yesterday, I went along to Hyde Park to attend one of OCCUPY SYDNEY's "General Assemblies", at which they discuss issues pertaining to the movement, to hand around A5 yellow cards which I had printed at Officeworks on the way to catch the train to get into the city. This card flushed out a few of the sneaky characters who reacted badly when they read to message on the card by saying "This is rubbish." and "Not interested." or simply glaring at me and giving me back the card that said:-


    The DUTY of a POLICE OFFICER is to PRESERVE the QUEEN'S PEACE. If you are not DISTURBING the PEACE, they have NO RIGHT to interfere with your PEACEFUL PROTEST.

    The Sydney City Council is NOT LOCAL GOVERNMENT and cannot make bylaws ... it is a CORPORATION. LOCAL GOVERNMENT was ABOLISHED and NOT TO BE ESTABLISHED by the 1988 REFERENDUM.

    Martin Place is a PUBLIC PLACE and belongs to the PEOPLE. The POLICE have NO RIGHT to ORDER YOU to do anything or to TAKE YOUR PROPERTY. They have NO RIGHT to ASSAULT YOU and to ARREST YOU. If you are ARRESTED, then YOU HAVE the RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY in any action. NO COURT can proceed summarily WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT to be without a JURY. This is your INALIENABLE RIGHT.

    "The purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes" - Lord Thomas Denning. OCCUPY SYDNEY is a JUST CAUSE.

    Your fingerprints and photograph are YOUR PROPERTY and are STOLEN, if taken WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. OCCUPY THE COURTS.


    The young lady organizing the "LEGAL TEAM" is called "Wennie" and the firm of lawyers "helping" the OCCUPIERS who have been arrested and charged by the NSW POLICE FORCE is the MARSDEN.LAW GROUP, Suite 1, 1st Floor, 154 Elizabeth Street, Sydney, where John Adam ( ) is the "Managing Partner". This coming Saturday morning at 11:00 am in Hyde Park, there will be an OCCUPY SYDNEY Legal Workshop to discuss the court actions for the arrestees which will be taking place over the next few weeks. Naturally, I will attend that session to further the cause of our COMMON LAW RIGHTS - which, as we all know, LAWYERS REJECT. I have asked to be able to talk with the lawyers "representing" those arrested - but Wennie does not think that will be possible.

    Also, I would like to talk to the charged guys and gals, themselves .... perhaps that will happen on Saturday.


    This is of the utmost importance..........COMMON LAW is the LAW of the 99%........ if they don't know THEIR LAW, then they are DEAF, DUMB and BLIND ...... if they don't know THEIR LAW, then they are SLAVES .... which is exactly how the 1% want them to be, especially the BANKS and the JUDGES. AND the fight to educate the OCCUPY SYDNEY activists "is on for young and old" .... I have already been with them a couple of times to do a "workshop" and talk individually to them... one chap used his camera to do a video which he has put on YouTube in 5 parts, beginning with

    The "evil counsellors, judges and ministers" and I "are locked in mortal combat" over "the hearts and minds" of the OCCUPY SYDNEY boys and girls Yes, BOYS AND GIRLS, because that's who they are.... they are the PRESENT GENERATION that NOAM CHOMSKY praised for their stepping forward in this JUST CAUSE ... see Noam Chomsky on the website.

    This OCCUPY movement, here and around the world, is a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY to RESURRECTION the RULE OF LAW to ACHIEVE JUSTICE FOR ALL .... and the Banks and Judges know it. Wouldn't it be simply fantastic if we could awaken the CONSCIENCES of men and women in the LEGAL PROFESSION and have them COME OVER TO OUR SIDE????? Wouldn't it be amazing if we could dispense with that familiar cry of "WOE TO YOU LAWYERS!" and say to them "JOIN WITH US, YOU LAWYERS!"

    ..... there's got to be some amongst them who are praying for a chance to "DO RIGHT". ..... all they have to do is DEMAND TRIAL BY JURY for their clients.

    Yours sincerely, John Wilson.
    Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

    jury The FIRST question is: "WHOSE COURTS ARE THEY?"

    Do the COURTS of Australia (or any other DEMOCRACY) belong to the PEOPLE, being the 99%, or are they the domain of an OLIGARCHY, being the 1%? The SECOND question is: "DO WE SIMPLY WANT TO GET OURSELVES OUT OF THEIR COURTS ..... or DO WE WANT TO GET THEM OUT OF OUR COURTS?" By resorting to various plans of action, such as "NO CONTRACT - NO OBLIGATION" and "I AM NOT A LEGAL FICTION" and other seemingly clever schemes, that is, in fact, ABANDONING OUR COURTS TO THE ENEMY. .... and I'm sure they would be really rather pleased by those piddling wins to a piddling number of PEOPLE

    .... because it not only leaves them in power but cements that power to be absolute. There's an old saying that goes: "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.".

    ... therefore, when our enemy (the BANKING CARTEL) see PEOPLE pursuing campaigns that do nothing but consolidate their Jurisdictional TAKE OVER of the Courts, they give each other a wink and a nudge and say, "That'll do just fine!" Admittedly, it is by far the HARDER PATH to outright CHALLENGE THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT - and topple their EVIL EMPIRE, once-and-for-all.

    ..... but quite frankly, a FREE MAN, who wants to DEFEND HIS RIGHTS, only has the JURY BOX left as the LAST civilized BOX IN THE DEFENCE OF LIBERTY! By abandoning the COURTS of our country to the agents of the METASTASISING CORPORATIONS, we are handing over the keys to TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. ..... we do this. TO OUR ETERNAL SHAME!!!!!

    How can we face our forefathers who fought and died for these values? How can we face our children who we assign into SLAVERY?

    Yours sincerely, John Wilson.Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

    PS: Go to

    Yesterday, the 5th of November 2011, OCCUPY SYDNEY re-assembled in Martin Place, Sydney and the NSW POLICE FORCE acted unlawfully to assault and arrest some of the protesters. What ought to happen is that a PROSECUTION be laid against the NSW POLICE FORCE because WE the PEOPLE are protected by our inalienable RIGHTS .. with Magna Carta's "No free man shall be taken indeed imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him, unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land," setting the standard.

    This PROSECUTION is filed in the SUPREME COURT OF NSW with one or more of those assaulted as the Prosecutors and naming the NSW POLICE FORCE (A.B.N. 43 408 613 180), the COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SYDNEY (A.B.N. 22 636 550 790) and the STATE OF NEW SOUTH WALES as the First, Second and Third Defendants. I have attached an example of such a SUMMONS .... the accompanying AFFIDAVITS are straight-forward, too. I am very happy to help with the legal rights and legal procedures. We just need the victims to step forward. Of course, there must be TRIAL BY JURY.

    From this TRIAL, I would like to see a JURY order that there be a permanent OCCUPY SYDNEY INFORMATION BOOTH paid for by the Defendants and constructed in Martin Place. "The purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes." (Lord Thomas Denning) .... and here is the opportunity to realize those objectives.

    John Wilson. Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.

    PS: Go to


    Alan Jones delivers the speech that every man, woman and child in Australia needs to hear at this crucial junction in our history. Are we going to sit back and allow mining companies and the Governments that support them to destroy our water, our food, our health, our land, our communities and everything we hold dear about Australian life? This is a battle we did not ask for but one we can not afford to lose. Protecting our nation's clean water is everyone's responsibility and its misuse is our greatest single threat. Start shouting, marching and acting NOW people - BEFORE our beautiful nation is sold out from under us and transformed into a toxic foreign-owned gasfield. The stakes could not be higher..

    Let us rise up, put an end to this insanity, turn a new page in our history and live a sustainable existence we can feel good about - a life that respects ourselves, each other and this beautiful land we are so blessed to be custodians of. Dont wait. Act NOW people. More info available at and other websites
    Dear Fellow Freedom Fighters,

    Re: Alan Jones at the National Press Club telling of the stealing, killing and destroying caused by Coal Seam Gas Mining companies.

    Why is it happening?

    Because Australians are FOOLS.

    Some farmers are LOCKING THEIR GATES in a puerile attempt to "do something".... but they are FOOLS..... and the thieves are laughing at them. Similarly, Australians OCCUPYING SYDNEY and OCCUPYING MELBOURNE are FOOLS ..... and Australians being foreclosed upon are FOOLS. Anyone who does not know and does not enforce the RULE OF LAW that TRIAL BY JURY IS GUARANTEED FOR EVER and “NO FREE MAN SHALL BE TAKEN OR IMPRISONED, OR EXILED OR OUTLAWED, OR DISPOSSESSED, OR DESTROYED IN ANY WAY, NOR SHALL WE PASS OVER HIM NOR SEND OVER HIM, UNLESS BY THE LAWFUL JUDGMENT OF HIS EQUALS WHICH IS THE LAND OF THE LAND.” – Magna Carta 1215, is a FOOL.

    The thieves and traitors, ie: the BANKS and JUDGES, are laughing at these SLAVES who are too foolish to know they are SLAVES. "Evil counsellors, judges and ministers" are indeed "subverting and extirpating (our) laws and liberties" - Bill of Rights 1689. They are doing it easily because Australians are FOOLS who trust these "evil counsellors, judges and ministers".

    Instead of going to COURT and demanding their RIGHT to "the lawful judgment of their equals", these SLAVES wave their banners and sob into their beer. Why didn't Alan Jones tell the National Press Club that FREE MEN have the RIGHT to "the lawful judgment of their equals" and that "trial by jury is the only anchor yet imagined by man that can hold a government to the principles of its constitution" and that "the purpose of a court in a civilized society is the vindication of men's rights and the enforcement of just causes" and that "a germ of the destruction of our nation lies in the power of the judiciary, an irresponsible body working by day and night, advancing its noiseless step across the field of jurisdiction like a thief" and that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" and that "they shall grow not old".......? Yes, do watch Alan Jones on that video ... and ask yourself "AM I A FREE MAN OR A SLAVE?"...... and ask Alan Jones, "WHY AREN'T YOU ADVISING PEOPLE TO DEFEND THEIR RIGHTS IN THEIR OWN COMMON LAW COURTS?"

    We don't want bloodshed.

    ONLY by "the lawful judgments of our equals" can we avoid the situation where "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion. The people cannot be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented, in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions, it is lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. ... And what country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time, that this people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to the facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure." (Thomas Jefferson, again). OCCUPY SYDNEY??? .....LOCK THE GATE??? ....... SURE, ENOUGH!


    John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    They are all OFFICERS .... and all SERVANTS of the PEOPLE. They can do NOTHING to any FREE MAN without the CONSENT of the FREE MAN. Whatever they do, without the unanimous and lawful JUDGMENT of a JURY, is UNLAWFUL.

    They CANNOT arrest you, imprison you, exile you, outlaw you, dispossess you, or destroy you in any way. They CANNOT come onto your land or enter your home. They CANNOT take anything that is your's - such as your fingerprints, your photograph, your breath, your blood, your DNA, your camera, your tent, your sign, etc., etc.

    They CANNOT taser you, or hit you with a baton, or grab you and drag you. They CANNOT convict you or judge any part of any case where you are a party to that case. They CANNOT order you to do anything.

    BECAUSE: "No free man shall be taken or imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land." - Magna Carta 1215 which guarantees us our RIGHTS. An ACT of PARLIAMENT is only STATUTE LAW that is made "for the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth" through various OFFICES created by the PARLIAMENT. PEOPLE are NOT created by the PARLIAMENT ... and, therefore, NOT governed by PARLIAMENT.

    PEOPLE are created by PEOPLE ... and, therefore, PEOPLE govern THEMSELVES. In a DEMOCRACY, SOVEREIGNTY lies with the PEOPLE. The LAW of the People, by the People and for the People is COMMON LAW which is made and imposed by the unanimous and lawful Judgments of JURIES.

    "Common law doth control Acts of Parliament and adjudges them when against common right to be void." - Lord Edward Coke. COMMON LAW OVERRULES STATUTE LAW. Thomas Jefferson said: "If people don't know how to govern themselves, then educate them."


    A SLAVE is a person whose CONSENT is IMMATERIAL.


    The RULE OF LAW is: " 1. The supremacy of law. 2. A feature attributed to the UK constitution by Professor Dicey (Law of the Constitution, 1885). It embodied three concepts: the absolute predominance of regular law, so that the government has no arbitrary authority over the citizen; the equal subjection of all (including officials) to the ordinary law administered by the ordinary courts; and the fact that the citizen’s personal freedoms are formulated and protected by the ordinary law rather than by abstract constitutional declarations”. - Oxford Reference, A Dictionary of Law, Oxford University Press. A COURT is "a place where JUSTICE is administered". JUSTICE is "the protection of RIGHTS and the punishment of wrongs".

    JUDGES and POLICE, who VIOLATE Magna Carta, commit PERJURY and SERIOUS OFFENCES. FREE MEN are NOT SLAVES - only when they know their RIGHTS and DEFEND their RIGHTS.

    John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.


    Are you the ENFORCERS of their TYRANNY?

    If you are, you are equally TREASONOUS.

    Is this what you want for your children?

    Australia is a COMMON LAW JURISDICTION and every COURT is a COMMON LAW COURT where FREE MEN can exercise their inalienable RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY in any action. "No FREE MAN shall be taken or imprisoned, or exiled or outlawed, or dispossessed, or destroyed in any way, nor shall we pass over him nor send over him unless by the lawful judgment of his equals which is the law of the land" is the RULE OF LAW in Australia. A COURT is a place where JUSTICE is administered... and JUSTICE is the PROTECTION of RIGHTS and the PUNISHMENT of WRONGS.

    The PEOPLE'S absolute and imperative RIGHT in the DEFENCE OF LIBERTY is the RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY. When the PEOPLE'S RIGHT to TRIAL BY JURY is DENIED, their FREEDOM is DENIED ....... the PEOPLE are held to be SLAVES. "Give me Liberty or give me Death" was the cry of the American War of Independence ... it is still the PASSIONATE CRY of FREE MEN!


    Are you the ENFORCERS of TYRANNY ...... or are you the GUARDIANS of LIBERTY?

    THIS IS WAR taking place in OUR COURTS........ and the BANKS and the JUDGES are the ENEMIES of the PEOPLE.


    Yours sincerely, John Wilson.

    Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    alan jones Traitor Alan Jones shows his true colours

    This morning, on radio station 2GB, Alan Jones, the highest profile radio personality in Australia, whom many believe is fighting for the "Aussie battler", showed his true colours as a snake - masquerading as a champion of the innocent and defenceless. He is an out-and-out enemy of us all, who is working for the New World Order Fascists - bent on enslaving us. All this hype he is churning out to distract us and lead us away from protecting our Rights, ourselves and our families by protesting against the Carbon Tax and the Coal Seal Gas, is all a contrived act.

    This morning, at 8:50 AM, Thursday the 19th of October 2011, Alan Jones said:-

    "We all accept that we don't own what is under our land. It belongs to the community."

    This statement goes with when he told me, on air, "Forget Trial by Jury, John. Forget it."

    Alan Jones is the enemy of all Free Men.

    He denies that we have the Right to Property and the Right to Trial by Jury. "When someone owns land, they own everything above it to an indefinite height and everything below it to an indefinite depth".. a legal maxim that has been confirmed innumerable times .... but is disregarded by tyrants and thieves. Acts of Parliament dismissive of this basic human Right to Property are nothing less than Licences to Steal, orchestrated by thieves and traitors ..... being the Banks, of course.

    Alan Jones rejection of our Right to Trial by Jury fits the role of the most evil of traitors ... because they know that "The only defence against tyranny is trial by jury." Alan Jones's strategy is to make a lot of noise in true super hypocritical fashion ... and try to fool the People. I openly Challenge Alan Jones to a live radio or television debate with the topic being "Alan Jones: Con Artist and Traitor".

    Alan Jones won't allow me to speak on air, I know,.... and making this Challenge in this email will also be ignored.... so, why do it? Simply because, when I heard him, this morning, all I could think of was: "You low-life creep! You have all these people phoning in and praising you "for all the wonderful things you do" and saying, "We want you as Prime Minister" and all that guff, while you stab them in the back."

    Last week at the Gunnedah Town Hall, when I tried to tell the farmers at Gunnedah about their Right to Property, Alan Jones (from the podium) interrupted me and shut me down... he wasn't going to allow me to educate those farmers whose farms are being poisoned ... to tell them about "the only anchor that can hold a government to the principles of its constitution" ..... NO-O-O-O-O..... Alan Jones was having none of that! So, come on, Alan Jones......... you and me ..... live and unedited ... for all to hear and judge, for themselves!

    Yours sincerely, John Wilson.

    The CIVIL UPRISINGS happening around the world to protest against the INJUSTICES caused by WALL STREET and the MONEY MASTERS are definitely necessary........BUT UNLESS we TAKE BACK OUR COURTS, all the noise and effort will fade away - SIGNIFYING NOTHING. And, in OUR COURTS, some FREEDOM FIGHTERS are beginning about the long-overdue LAWFUL REBELLION.

    The TACTICS are simple and LAWFUL;-

    (1) take along the attached PUBLIC NOTICE HERE proclaiming COMMON LAW JURISDICTION and hand it around... especially to the Judge or Magistrate who, typically, deny TRIAL BY JURY.

    (2) when these characters commit this FELONY, we CHALLENGE THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT both orally and with the CHALLENGE document, itself HERE .

    This is causing distress to these individuals who are DENYING US OUR RIGHTS.... and they are reacting violently by shouting "I'm not having any of this rubbish in my Court" (etc) .... and, as happened to Lael Welsh in Queensland's Redcliffe Magistrate's Court, yesterday, when Lael (very calmly and politely) repeated that he was a FREE MAN and entitled to the LAWFUL JUDGMENT of his EQUALS, the Magistrate shouted louder and louder, had Lael arrested and taken to the cells. Upon returning to the Court an hour later, Lael was kept in the glass-enclosed "dock" accompanied by two shaved-headed uniformed thugs. The middle aged male Magistrate had regained some composure and tried to conduct the typical Kangaroo Court to "issue Orders" ... but Lael would not back down from insisting that he was a FREE MAN and he DID NOT CONSENT to anything the Magistrate tried to impose or to anything the over-weight female Police Prosecutor said. After another 30 minutes of this theatre, the "Magistrate" adjourned the matter to December 5. Lael was taken back to the cells and released, a further hour after that. OCCUPY THE STREETS????..... why not?...... but the REAL POWER comes from OCCUPYING THE COURTS!!!!

    Attached is a leaflet called "COURTS ARE GOVERNMENT"....... so, if PEOPLE are to restore TRUTH, JUSTICE, FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY, there is ONLY ONE CIVILIZED path to follow .... and that takes us into OUR COURTS and we have TRIAL BY JURY BY OUR EQUALS .... and THAT is how we exercise OUR SOVEREIGNTY. "WE WILL NOT BE SLAVES AGAIN"

    Yours sincerely,
    John Wilson.
    Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.
    jury box Tomorrow, Saturday the 8th of October, at the Blacktown R.S.L. Club in Second Avenue, Blacktown, in the western suburbs of Sydney, I will be lead-off speaker at the Sydney Forum at 9:30 AM. Be there or be square!

    Today, I rolled up at a "No Carbon Tax" Rally at the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a short march to Kirribilli House which is the Sydney residence of the Prime Minister. I don't think the obnoxious creature was there ....... but the Rally was an enjoyable outing, with one fellow, in particular, doing an excellent job of orchestrating the protest with a loud speaker, plenty of the usual banners plus the obligatory black coffin and a sign saying "R.I.P. DEMOCRACY".

    This is your typical 1st Box in Defence of Liberty... the SOAP BOX.

    The M.C. led the chant of "What do we want?"... "An Election'......"When do we want it"...."Now"......etc An Election is the 2nd Box in Defence of Liberty... the BALLOT BOX. Both of these boxes are completely ineffective, as reality shows.

    Therefore, the only civilized course to follow takes us to the 3rd Box in Defence of Liberty... the JURY BOX. And that is the focus of my talk, tomorrow. Educating a People, when the Media are determined to sabotage any efforts to do good, is nigh-on impossible ... in fact, it is impossible.

    But "Never Surrender" is what one's conscience tells one ... so, on with the motley! Anyone wanting a CD of the basic content of my talk to the Sydney Forum, let me have a postal address and a few dollars for postage.

    John Wilson, Chairman, Australian Common Law Party.